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Geomicrobiology Fifth Edition

Author : Henry Lutz Ehrlich
ISBN : 0849379075
Genre : Science
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Uncovers the Key Role Microbes Play in the Transformation of Oxidizable and Reducible Minerals Many areas of geomicrobial processes are receiving serious attention from microbiologists, specifically the role microbes play in the formation and degradation of minerals and fossil fuels and elemental cycling. Most notably, the latest research finds that microbes have a more direct impact on the transformation of oxidizable and reducible minerals than was previously believed. Following in the footsteps of its prior editions, Geomicrobiology, Fifth Edition serves as an introduction to this globally pertinent field and as an up-to-date reference reflecting recent groundbreaking advances. Includes an Array of Detailed Illustrations Authored by two of the leading authorities in the field, this book illuminates the processes by which bacteria catalyze geomicrobial reactions. Generously laden with tables, graphics, diagrams, photographs, and illustrations, this all-encompassing reference examines the geomicrobial aspects of a wide range of minerals, including aluminum- and arsenic-containing minerals, and various fossil fuels. Examines Geomicrobial Interactions with: Silicon Phosphorus Nitrogen Arsenic Polonium Plutonium Manganese Antimony Chromium Molybdenum Vanadium Uranium Iron One of life’s great mysteries is how it sustains itself even in seemingly inhospitable environments, such as the deep subsurface. The authors anticipate that as mechanistic molecular approaches are increasingly applied to diverse problems in geomicrobiology, this and other fundamental puzzles will be resolved.


Author : S. K. Jain
ISBN : 9781439845103
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 61 MB
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Geomicrobiology is a combination of geology and microbiology, and includes the study of interaction of microorganisms with their environment, such as in sedimentary rocks. This is a new and rapidly-developing field that has led in the past decade to a radically-revised view of the diversity and activity of microbial life on Earth. Geomicrobiology examines the role that microbes have played in the past and are currently playing in a number of fundamental geological processes. The present book is of great importance for researchers working in the field of microbiology, biotechnology, geology and environmental biotechnology. It can be a major reference book for students as well as researchers.

Geomicrobiology Molecular And Environmental Perspective

Author : Alexander Loy
ISBN : 9048192048
Genre : Science
File Size : 79. 95 MB
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The interaction of microorganisms with geological activities results in processes influencing development of the Earth’s geo- and biospheres. In assessing these microbial functions, scientists have explored short- and longterm geological changes attributed to microorganisms and developed new approaches to evaluate the physiology of microbes including microbial interaction with the geological environment. As the field of geomicrobiology developed, it has become highly interdisciplinary and this book provides a review of the recent developments in a cross section of topics including origin of life, microbial-mineral interactions and microbial processes functioning in marine as well as terrestrial environments. A major component of this book addresses molecular techniques to evaluate microbial evolution and assess relationships of microbes in complex, natural c- munities. Recent developments in so-called ‘omics’ technologies, including (meta) genomics and (meta)proteomics, and isotope labeling methods allow new insights into the function of microbial community members and their possible geological impact. While this book summarizes current knowledge in various areas, it also reveals unresolved questions that require future investigations. Information in these chapters enhances our fundamental knowledge of geomicrobiology that contributes to the exploitation of microbial functions in mineral and environmental biotechn- ogy applications. It is our hope that this book will stimulate interest in the general field of geomicrobiology and encourage others to explore microbial processes as applied to the Earth.

Introduction To Geomicrobiology

Author : Kurt O. Konhauser
ISBN : 9781444309027
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Introduction to Geomicrobiology is a timely and comprehensive overview of how microbial life has affected Earth’s environment through time. It shows how the ubiquity of microorganisms, their high chemical reactivity, and their metabolic diversity make them a significant factor controlling the chemical composition of our planet. The following topics are covered: how microorganisms are classified, the physical constraints governing their growth, molecular approaches to studying microbial diversity, and life in extreme environments bioenergetics, microbial metabolic capabilities, and major biogeochemical pathways chemical reactivity of the cell surface, metal sorption, and the microbial role in contaminant mobility and bioremediation/biorecovery microbiological mineral formation and fossilization the function of microorganisms in mineral dissolution and oxidation, and the industrial and environmental ramifications of these processes elemental cycling in biofilms, formation of microbialites, and sediment diagenesis the events that led to the emergence of life, evolution of metabolic processes, and the diversification of the biosphere. Artwork from the book is available to instructors at

Environmental Biogeochemistry And Geomicrobiology The Terrestrial Environment

Author : Wolfgang E. Krumbein
ISBN : UOM:39015003717108
Genre : Science
File Size : 38. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Geomicrobiology And Biogeochemistry

Author : Nagina Parmar
ISBN : 9783642418372
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Over the past 4 billion years, microorganisms have contributed to shaping the earth and making it more habitable for higher forms of life. They are remarkable in their metabolic diversity and their ability to harvest energy from oxidation and reduction reactions. Research on these microbiological processes has led to the newly evolving fields of geomicrobiology and biogeochemistry, linking the geosphere and the biosphere. This volume of the Soil Biology series provides an overview of the biogeochemical processes and the microorganisms involved, with an emphasis on the industrial applications. Topics treated include aspects such as bioremediation of contaminated environments, biomining, biotechnological applications of extremophiles, subsurface petroleum microbiology, enhanced oil recovery using microbes and their products, metal extraction from soil, soil elemental cycling and plant nutrition.

Aquatic Geomicrobiology

Author : Donald E. Canfield
ISBN : 0120261472
Genre : Science
File Size : 68. 69 MB
Format : PDF
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Microbes catalyze countless chemical reactions in nature which control the chemistry of the environment. Aquatic Geomicrobiology looks at these reactions and their effect on the aquatic environments from the perspective of the microbes involved. The volume begins with three introductory chapters outlining the basic principles of microbial systematics, microbial ecology, and chemical thermodynamics. These provide a framework for exploring the microbial control of elemental cycling in the remaining chapters. Readers will learn how microbes control the cycling of elements, the structure of the microbial ecosystems involved, and what environmental factors influence the activities of microbial populations. Also available in paperback Written by international experts in the microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of aquatic systems Includes introductory chapters on microbial systematics, principles of microbial ecology, and chemical thermodynamics Contains over 1500 references

Environmental Biogeochemistry And Geomicrobiology

Author : Wolfgang E. Krumbein
ISBN : 025040219X
Genre : Biochemical cycles
File Size : 24. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Breakthroughs In Karst Geomicrobiology And Redox Geochemistry

Author : Ira Sasowsky
ISBN : 9780964025806
Genre : Science
File Size : 75. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Abstracts and Field Trip Guide for the symposium held February 16 through 19, 1994, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ehrlich S Geomicrobiology Sixth Edition

Author : Henry Lutz Ehrlich
ISBN : 9781466592414
Genre : Science
File Size : 69. 16 MB
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Advances in geomicrobiology have progressed at an accelerated pace in recent years. Ehrlich’s Geomicrobiology, Sixth Edition surveys various aspects of the field, including the microbial role in elemental cycling and in the formation and degradation of minerals and fossil fuels. Unlike the fifth edition, the sixth includes many expert contributors besides the editors, providing added depth to each topic and broadening this edition’s overall insight into geomicrobiology. The Sixth Edition Includes: Extensive revisions and updates to most chapters from the fifth edition A new chapter on terrestrial subsurface ecosystems A new chapter summarizing important principles of geomicrobiology New discussions and references on the latest findings and theories in geomicrobiology Through revisions, updates, and the introduction of new authors who are specialists on the topics covered, this new edition is the most in-depth and current overview of geomicrobiology. The research presented has applications in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, marine science, the metals industry, and more. The new breadth and scope as well as the current and developing applications which this book addresses make it a must-have source in geomicrobiology.

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