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Girl Jacked

Author : Christopher Greyson
ISBN : 1492707872
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Police Officer Jack Stratton is hiding. Hiding from the world. From pain. From the memories of losing his best friend, Chandler, in Iraq. Suffering from PTSD, and isolated from those he cares about, the last thing Jack expects to hear is his foster sister Michelle is gone – Chandler's sister. The words cut straight to his core. Although the police think she just took off, he knows Michelle would never leave those she loved behind – like he did. Now he must take action, find Michelle and bring her home... or die trying.The first novel in the Jack Stratton Mystery Collection introduces us to handsome rogue, Jack Stratton, and his dark past. With a debt of honor to his dead foster brother, Chandler, Jack's guilt drives him into a world of deception and lies. As Jack's walls begin to crumble, he must navigate the quirky characters that seep into the mystery of his foster sister's disappearance. And in the sleepy community of Darrington, like so many things in this world, nothing is as it appears to be. The hidden mysteries that often go unnoticed begin to emerge as Jack and his new unpredictable sidekick begin to turn over the rocks. Following a trail that has grown cold, Jack must tread carefully to protect his job, his family, and his own life…Christopher Greyson's novel weaves a tale full of mystery and action with humor and suspense. His unique stories and no-nonsense style of writing will take you on a page turning rollercoaster ride of emotions right up until the end.This is a stand-alone novel featuring hero Jack Stratton. Look for other books in the Jack Stratton Collection including “Jack Knifed” and "Jacks are Wild". They can be read in any order.

And Then She Was Gone

Author : Christopher Greyson
ISBN : 1683990005
Genre :
File Size : 29. 55 MB
Format : PDF
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The silhouette stood at the edge of the woods like a spider watching a fly enter its carefully crafted web. Only a few more steps and she'd be within grasp. Stacy Shaw has her whole life ahead of her. New job, new house and now she's pregnant; everything she's ever hoped for is finally coming true'but on a warm summer night on the way home from work she vanishes'. As the police race to find her, the details don't add up. Conflicting facts emerge as her story twists and turns, sending the trail spiraling in all directions. A hometown hero with a heart of gold, Jack Stratton was raised in a whorehouse by his prostitute mother, but now his life has taken a turn for the better. He's headed for a career in law enforcement when his foster mother asks him to look into the disappearance. Jack quickly gets drawn into the baffling mystery where everyone becomes a suspect'including himself. Caught between the criminals and the cops, can Jack discover the truth in time before he becomes the next victim?

Data Jack

Author : Christopher Greyson
ISBN : 151222121X
Genre : Bounty hunters
File Size : 84. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Jack Stratton's back is up against the wall. He's broke, kicked off the force, and the bounty hunting business has slowed to a trickle. With no money coming in, Jack's license to carry suspended, and no good job prospects on the horizon, Jack's got it tough. He thinks things are turning around when Replacement gets a lucrative job setting up a home data network. That is, until he discovers it's for a handsome, jet-setting software tycoon. The 'boy billionaire' as Jack begrudgingly refers to him, takes a liking to computer-savvy Alice. Jealous, Jack thinks life can't get any worse, but when the computer program the CEO invented becomes the key tool in an international data heist, things turn deadly."--Back cover.

Jack And The Giant Killer

Author : Christopher Greyson
ISBN : 1502711427
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Mayor Lewis, when you said people had nothing to fear, that pricked the killer's vanity. He's using this latest victim to send everyone a message: Be afraid. Be very afraid - of him. If you want to catch this serial killer you need to feed his ego, let people know he's right. They should be scared - no one's safe while he controls the town.

Jack Knifed

Author : Christopher Greyson
ISBN : 1683990307
Genre :
File Size : 52. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Handsome police officer Jack Stratton is the "hometown hero cop with a heart of gold." Constant nightmares have forced him to seek answers about his rough childhood and the dark secrets hidden there. With Alice (aka Replacement) by his side, Jack travels to Hope Falls to solve a murder that occurred before he was born. Everyone in the small town remembers the unsolved murder of Steven Ritter, but after 27 years, no one thought that someone would look into it-but they don't know Jack.

Human Dignity In Bioethics And Law

Author : Charles Foster
ISBN : 9781847318602
Genre : Law
File Size : 49. 68 MB
Format : PDF
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Dignity is often denounced as hopelessly amorphous or incurably theological: as feel-good philosophical window-dressing, or as the name given to whatever principles give you the answer that you think is right. This is wrong, says Charles Foster: dignity is not only an essential principle in bioethics and law; it is really the only principle. In this ambitious, paradigm-shattering but highly readable book, he argues that dignity is the only sustainable Theory of Everything in bioethics. For most problems in contemporary bioethics, existing principles such as autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, justice and professional probity can do a reasonably workmanlike job if they are all allowed to contribute appropriately. But these are second order principles, each of which traces its origins back to dignity. And when one gets to the frontiers of bioethics (such as human enhancement), dignity is the only conceivable language with which to describe and analyse the strange conceptual creatures found there. Drawing on clinical, anthropological, philosophical and legal insights, Foster provides a new lexicon and grammar of that language which is essential reading for anyone wanting to travel in the outlandish territories of bioethics, and strongly recommended for anyone wanting to travel comfortably anywhere in bioethics or medical law. 'The Beauchamp-Childress medical ethic paradigm has dominated medical ethics for four decades. It never worked very well but it was teachable, flexible, and transparent. Foster gives us a better paradigm - teachable, transparent, and plausible. Better yet a paradigm - human dignity - that is likely to make us better people, better physicians, and better care givers. Foster refocuses us on what is truly common among us as a basis for dealing with the central ethical issues of health care, patient care, and death care. This is a new reconceiving of medical ethics and everyone who cares about these matters needs to get comfortable with thinking in this refreshing new way.' Stefan Baumrin, Professor of Philosophy, City University of New York, Graduate Center, and Professor of Medical Education, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York 'Wide-ranging and erudite, Foster's book 'Takes Dignity Seriously'. Dignity is shown to be a core value in law and bioethics, foundational, a lens through which to project hard cases. It is a rare book which finds a common thread to questions as disparate as euthanasia, sado-masochism, enhancement, cloning, abortion, refusals of medical treatment by children, and numerous other areas of controversy. But this is achieved thoughtfully, entertainingly, and persuasively, in the process throwing new light on many leading cases in the UK , USA, Germany and Israel. It is bound to provoke debate, even controversy. It will be a great assignment for university seminars.' Michael Freeman FBA, Professor of English Law, UCL 'I never had any respect for the concept of human dignity. I thought it was a motherhood concept, empty of real practical import. But Foster converted me. Foster, uniquely, goes the right way round, identifying real human problems and trying to solve them, rather than starting with philosophical problems and theories and creating a concept of dignity that fits them. This is a book for people and progress. It's the best book on dignity I know.' Julian Savulescu, Uehiro Chair of Practical Ethics, University of Oxford 'This book is the perfect antidote to the unseemly polemics that have dominated recent debates about the concept of dignity in bioethics. Foster takes the notion of dignity seriously and argues that it is indispensible to deliberations about pressing issues in bioethics such as informed consent, abortion, euthanasia, cloning, enhancement, and the use of body parts. He argues that the concept is more fundamental than our concepts of autonomy, rights, and justice, and requires us to think hard about more substantive issues such as what it means to be human and what it means to flourish as a human being. He presents an excellent overview of the current literature on dignity in bioethics, usefully collecting together in one place sources from philosophy, clinical bioethics, law, international conventions, and the blogosphere. While scholarly, it is accessibly written in lucid and lively prose. Human Dignity in Bioethics and Law is a substantial contribution that moves the debate on this contentious but important issue up to the next level.' Daniel P Sulmasy, Kilbride-Clinton Professor of Medicine and Ethics, University of Chicago 'In Human Dignity in Bioethics and Law Charles Foster sets out an argument that is provocative in its simplicity: dignity is the 'bioethical theory of everything', the value by which all bioethical disputes should be adjudicated. Drawing extensively from both philosophical and legal debates, this book makes an important contribution to a central issue facing societies in the 21st Century. It

A Reason To Live

Author : Matthew Iden
ISBN : 1477829415
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the late nineties, a bad cop killed a good woman and DC Homicide detective Marty Singer got to watch as the murderer walked out of the courtroom a free man. Twelve years later, the victim's daughter comes to Marty begging for help: the killer is stalking her now. There's just one problem: Marty's retired...and he's retired because he's battling cancer. But with a second shot at the killer--and a first chance at redemption--Marty's just found "A Reason To Live."

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