gribov 85 memorial volume exploring quantum field theory proceedings of the memorial workshop devoted to the 85th birthday of v n gribov

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Gribov 85 Memorial Volume Exploring Quantum Field Theory

Author : Yuri L Dokshitzer
ISBN : 9789813141711
Genre : Science
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Vladimir Naumovich Gribov is one of the creators of modern theoretical physics. The concepts and methods that Gribov has developed in the second half of the 20th century became cornerstones of the physics of high energy hadron interactions (relativistic theory of complex angular momenta, a notion of the vacuum pole — Pomeron, effective reggeon field theory), condensed matter physics (critical phenomena), neutrino oscillations, and nuclear physics. His unmatched insights into the nature of the quantum field theory helped to elucidate, in particular, the origin of classical solutions (instantons), quantum anomalies, specific problems in quantization of non-Abelian fields (Gribov anomalies, Gribov horizon), and the role of light quarks in the color confinement phenomenon. The fifth memorial workshop which marked Gribov's 85th birthday took place at the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russia, in June 2015. Participants of the workshop who came to Chernogolovka from different parts of the world presented new results of studies of many challenging theoretical physics problems across a broad variety of topics, and shared memories about their colleague, great teacher and friend. This book is a collection of the presented talks and contributed papers, which affirm the everlasting impact of Gribov's scientific heritage upon the physics of the 21st century.

Gribov 85 Memorial Volume Exploring Quantum Field Theory Proceedings Of The Memorial Workshop Devoted To The 85th Birthday Of V N Gribov

Author : Yuri L. Dokshitzer
ISBN : 9813141697
Genre : Science
File Size : 45. 20 MB
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He seemed permanently inspired / Yu. F. Orlov -- Remembering Gribov / A. Szent-Györgyi -- Vladimir Naumovich Gribov (1930-1997) / A. Frenkel -- Vladimir Naumovich Gribov: pieces of biography / Ya. I. Azimov -- How a meeting in 1970 with Volodya turned into a very close friendship / U. Maor -- Snapshots / N. Smorodinskaya -- Gribov's role / V.V. Anisovich -- He has been with us ... / E.G. Drukarev -- A few lines about Volodya / D. Schiff -- Gribov universality of hadron cross sections at ultrahigh energies / V.V. Anisovich -- Euler-Lagrange equations for the Gribov reggeon calculus in QCD and in gravity / L.N. Lipatov -- Perturbative pomeron vertices and the conformal bootstrap / C. Ewerz -- Multipomeron theory in the Gribov approach / V.A. Abramovsky, N.V. Abramovskaya and N.V. Estigneeva -- The Gribov legacy, gauge theories and the physical S-matrix / A.R. White -- Color fluctuations in high energy hadron- and photon-nucleus collisions / L. Frankfurt and M. Strikman -- Time evolution of the anisotropies of the hydrodynamically expanding SQGP / A. Bagoly and M. Csanád -- An analytic hydrodynamical model of rotating 3D expansion in heavy-ion collisions / M.I. Nagy and T. Csörgő -- Diffraction and unitarity / I.M. Dremin -- Hadron diffractive production at ultrahigh energies and shadow effects / V.V. Anisovich, M.A. Matveev, and V.A. Nikonov -- Diffraction as a critical element in soft scattering / U. Maor -- Gribov inelastic shadowing in the dipole representation / B.Z. Kopeliovich -- Fine structure of the diffraction cone: from the ISR to the LHC / D.A. Fagundes, L. Jenkovszky, E.Q. Miranda, G. Panchieri, and P.V.R.G. Silva -- Color confinement from fluctuating topology / D.E. Kharzeev -- Instabilities of Coulomb phases and the Gribov picture of confinement / M. Asorey and A. Santagata -- On the nonlocality of the Coulomb gauge external field problem / P. Hraskó -- The temperature-dependent Yang-Mills trace anomaly as a function of the mass gap / V. Gogokhia, A. Shurgaia, and M. Vasúth -- General exact solutions for the full gluon propagator in QCD with the mass gap / V. Gogokhia and G.G. Barnaföldi -- Uncertainty relations for quantum gravity / Ya. I. Azimov -- Early formed astrophysical objects and cosmological antimatter / A.D. Dolgov -- Manifestations of the rotation and gravity of the Earth in spin physics experiments / Yu. N. Obukhov, A.J. Silenko, and O.V. Teryaev -- Testing a possible way of geometrization of the strong interaction by a Kaluza-Klein star / Sz. Karsai, P. Pósfay, G.G. Barnaföldi, and B. Lukács -- Some QCD/gravity intersections / O.V. Teryaev -- Naturalness and renormalization group in the standard model / G.B. Pivovarov -- Hyperfine splitting in muonium and positronium / M.I. Eides and V.A. Shelyuto -- Electromagnetic production of positrons and electrons in collisions of heavy nuclei / I.B. Khriplovich -- Production of quarkonia at RHIC / R. Vértesi -- Ultra-fast neutrinos: what can we learn from a false discovery? / D. Horváth -- Minimal string theory and the Douglas equation / A.A. Belavin and V.A. Belavin -- The [epsilon]-expansion for QED / L. Di Pietro, Z. Komargodski, I. Shamir, and E. Stamou -- Beta functions in chirally deformed supersymmetric sigma models in two dimensions / A. Vainshtein -- A natural extension of the conformal Lorentz group in a field theory context / A. László -- Renormalisation group determination of scalar mass bounds in a simple Yukawa-model / A. Jakovác, I. Kaposvári, and A. Patkós -- Meson and diquark condensates in the NJL model and the fermi momentum / A. Bhattacharya, R. Ghosh, and B. Chakrabarti -- Spin TQFTs and fermionic phases of matter / D. Gaiotto and A. Kapustin -- Fragmentation in the phi^3 theory and the LPHD hypothesis / K. Urmossy and J. Rak -- Twisted non-Abelian vortices / P. Forgács, Á. Lukács, and F.A. Schaposnik

Rural Poverty In Developing Countries

Author : Mahmood Hasan Khan
ISBN : 1451937725
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Reviews causes of poverty in rural areas and presents a policy framework for reducing rural poverty, including through land reform, public works programs, access to credit, physical and social infrastructure, subsidies, and transfer of technology. Identifies key elements for drafting a policy to reduce rural poverty.

Finance And Development March 2013

Author : International Monetary Fund Staff
ISBN : 1475525974
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For the latest thinking about the international financial system, monetary policy, economic development, poverty reduction, and other critical issues, subscribe to Finance & Development (F&D). This lively quarterly magazine brings you in-depth analyses of these and other subjects by the IMF’s own staff as well as by prominent international experts. Articles are written for lay readers who want to enrich their understanding of the workings of the global economy and the policies and activities of the IMF.

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