growing beyond survival a self help toolkit for managing traumatic stress second edition

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Growing Beyond Survival

Author : Elizabeth G. Vermilyea
ISBN : 1886968098
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 42. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Growing Beyond Survival

Author : Elizabeth G. Vermilyea
ISBN : 1886968225
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 76. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The revised edition of this popular and highly accessible toolkit incorporates new research about trauma and the process of healing. Complex concepts are clearly explained and the tools are organized progressively, building self-management skills in the most logical and effective sequence. Symptoms and behaviors typical of those who have traumatic stress conditions are thoroughly discussed, and strategies for managing and changing them are systematically offered and explained. Growing beyond Survival teaches a broad range of coping tools, allowing survivors of trauma to choose and use them according to their needs. It is a great workbook for use in individual therapy, in symptom management groups, and as a self-help approach.

Child Abuse And Neglect

Author : Monica L. McCoy
ISBN : 9781136322877
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 32. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Child abuse and neglect are examined in this new edition -- the latest research, what it entails, and how to recognize and report it. Federal law mandates the reporting of suspected child maltreatment by many professionals. This book will appeal to those who one day find themselves in the role of a mandated reporter. Engaging learning tools are integrated throughout: Focus on Research boxes provide an in-depth look at research or methodologies. Case Examples and Debates encourage discussion about the gray areas in the field. Legal Examples and Focus on Law sections explain judicial rulings including guides for locating relevant state statutes. Discussion questions promote dialogue and deepen understanding of the material. Bold faced key terms defined when first introduced also appear in the book's glossary. Conclusions and Definitions help students focus on the key concepts introduced in each chapter. The new edition also includes the following features: A thorough updating of the citations and state and federal laws, along with the latest statistics on incidence and prevalence based on the new National Incidence Study NIS-4. A new chapter on resiliency (Chapter 10) and more discussion of resilience in the face of maltreatment in the chapters on types of abuse (Chapters 4–9) provide a better understanding of why some children thrive despite experiencing maltreatment. New "Profiles" boxes that feature information about graduate training in child maltreatment, descriptions of jobs in the field, or biographies of people who work in the field to increase students‘ awareness of possible career opportunities. Web-based instructor resources including PowerPoints, weblinks, and a test bank with multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions. More tables, figures, and photos to better illustrate and summarize key points. New sections on child maltreatment in military families (Chapter 2), child obesity as a result of maltreatment (Chapter 5), teen "sexting" and its possible prosecution as child sexual abuse and Susan Clancy’s controversial thesis published in The Trauma Myth (Chapter 7). Updated and more case examples including recent events that captured the public’s attention such as the case of Jessica Beagley convicted of child abuse for forcing her son to ingest hot sauce and of Latrece Jones convicted of negligent homicide for failing to have her son in a car seat. The book opens with the background on child maltreatment including its history, an overview of the research, and the risk factors. Details about mandated reporting are also explored. Different forms of maltreatment – physical abuse, neglect, psychological maltreatment, sexual abuse, fetal abuse, and Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome – are then examined, along with the new chapter on resiliency. Incidence estimates and consequences for each type of maltreatment are provided. Legal issues including forensic interviewing are then reviewed. The book concludes with an example of what happens to a child after a report is filed along with suggestions for preventing child maltreatment. Intended as a text for courses in child abuse, child maltreatment, family violence, or sexual and intimate violence taught in psychology, human development, education, criminal justice, social work, sociology, women’s studies, and nursing, this book is also an invaluable resource to workers who are mandated reporters of child maltreatment and/or anyone interested in the problem.

Spiritual Survival For Law Enforcement

Author : Cary A. Friedman
ISBN : 9780976196617
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 47. 88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is designed to provide spiritual fortification for officers who are faced with a barrage of experiences in the course of their careers which challenge their most deeply held personal beliefs. It comes with exercises, tools, and insights to restore inner peace and clarity.


Author : Todd Wilson
ISBN : 9780310524267
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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More meets Christians where they’re at, acknowledging the roots of their discontent and demonstrating how to move from inspiration and desire into action. Church strategist and ministry activator Todd Wilson shows how all believers can live more abundant lives around the uniqueness of how they were made and what they are called to do. Introducing a memorable vocabulary and an easy-to-use practical framework, More equips readers to embark on a journey of discovering their unique personal calling. It enables readers to answer three of the most important and profound questions we all naturally ask. (1) “Who am I created to be?” (2) “What am I created to do?” (3) “Where am I to be best positioned to do it?” The integrated answers to these key questions—the BE-DO-GO of a person’s life—represent the core dimensions of personal calling. Inspiring and challenging, More gives readers permission and encouragement to engage in the journey God has solely for them.

A Coloring Book Of Healing Images

Author : Ellen Lacter
ISBN : 0986234044
Genre :
File Size : 49. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The images in this coloring book have been lovingly conceived and developed by the author and illustrators to bring healing to anyone who was abused as a child. The author has been observing, learning, and collecting "what works" for over 30 years. This book seeks to capture these healing approaches and tools and to share them in a fun and hope-giving medium-a coloring book. Each chapter begins with a page or two describing an aspect of healing. Next, most chapters include a list of ideas to facilitate that aspect of healing. This is followed by suggestions for creative expression. Then the coloring images are listed, each with a self-affirming intention. The next pages are a series of full-size healing images on heavy weight paper suitable for most art media. It is the hope of the author and illustrators that as the reader-artist colors these images and lingers on their meaning, all that they hold of value will be slowly digested and integrated into mind, body, and soul. Within each child abuse survivor are resources of intelligence, creativity, sensitivity, and wisdom which not only survived the abuse, but also likely developed in extraordinary ways because of the abuse. Our hope is that these messages and images will tap into these inner resources and help them realize their full potential.

Healing Sex

Author : Staci Haines
ISBN : 9781458767035
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 46. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Healing Sex is the encouraging, sex-positive guide for all women survivors of sexual assault - heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, coupled, and single - who want to delight in their own sexuality. While most books on the topic broach sexuality to reassure women that it's all right to say ''no'' to unwanted sex, Healing Sex encourages women to learn how to say ''yes'' - to their own desires and on their own terms

The Resilience Workbook

Author : Glenn R. Schiraldi
ISBN : 9781626259423
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 83. 59 MB
Format : PDF
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What is resilience, and how can you build it? In The Resilience Workbook, Glenn Schiraldi—author of The Self-Esteem Workbook—offers invaluable insight and outlines essential skills to help you bounce back from setbacks and cultivate a growth mindset. Why do some people sail through life’s storms, while others are knocked down? Resilience is the key. Resilience is the ability to recover from difficult experiences, such as death of loved one, job loss, serious illness, terrorist attacks, or even just daily stressors and challenges. Resilience is the strength of body, mind, and character that enables people to respond well to adversity. In short, resilience is the cornerstone of mental health. Combining evidence-based approaches including positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and skills for regulating stress, The Resilience Workbook will show you how to bounce back and thrive in any difficult situation. You’ll learn how to harness the power of your brain’s natural neuroplasticity; manage strong, distressing emotions; and improve mood and overall well-being. You’ll also discover powerful skills to help you prevent and recover from stress-related conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, anger, and substance abuse disorders. When the going gets tough, you need real, proven-effective skills to manage your stress and heal from setbacks. The comprehensive and practical exercises in this workbook will help you cultivate resilience, stay calm under pressure, and face all of life’s challenges.

Once A Warrior Always A Warrior

Author : Charles Hoge
ISBN : 9780762762095
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 80. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The essential handbook for anyone who has ever returned from a war zone, and their spouse, partner, or family members. Being back home can be as difficult, if not more so, than the time spent serving in a combat zone. It's with this truth that Colonel Charles W. Hoge, MD, a leading advocate for eliminating the stigma of mental health care, presents Once a Warrior—Always a Warrior, a groundbreaking resource with essential new insights for anyone who has ever returned home from a war zone. In clear practical language, Dr. Hoge explores the latest knowledge in combat stress, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury), other physiological reactions to war, and their treatment options. Recognizing that warriors and family members both change during deployment, he helps them better understand each other's experience, especially living with enduring survival skills from the combat environment that are often viewed as “symptoms” back home. The heart of this book focuses on what's necessary to successfully navigate the transition—“LANDNAV” for the home front. Once a Warrior—Always a Warrior shows how a warrior's knowledge and skills are vital for living at peace in an insane world.

Risking Connection

Author : Karen W. Saakvitne
ISBN : 188696808X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40. 4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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