haunting legacies

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Haunting Legacies

Author : Gabriele Schwab
ISBN : 9780231152570
Genre : Literary Criticism
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From mass murder to genocide, slavery to colonial suppression, acts of atrocity have lives that extend far beyond the horrific moment. They engender trauma that echoes for generations, in the experiences of those on both sides of the act. Gabriele Schwab reads these legacies in a number of narratives, primarily through the writing of postwar Germans and the descendents of Holocaust survivors. She connects their work to earlier histories of slavery and colonialism and to more recent events, such as South African Apartheid, the practice of torture after 9/11, and the "disappearances" that occurred during South American dictatorships.. SchwabÆs text includes memoirs. She also incorporates her own reminiscences of growing up in post-war Germany, mapping interlaced memories and histories as they interact in psychic life and cultural memory. Schwab concludes with a bracing look at issues of responsibility, reparation, and forgiveness across the victim/perpetrator divide. "Passionate, committed, and hard-hitting on every page, Haunting Legacies draws on an exceptional range of theoretical models and literary texts to reveal the traumatic traces of violence written in to the cultural fabric of the present day. Rigorous in its analysis but never indifferent to the real suffering permeating the objects of its investigation, Haunting Legacies marries righteous indignation with a poetic reflection on Gabriele Schwab's own history growing up in West Germany in the immediate aftermath of her country's genocidal madness."-Stuart Taberner, Leeds Humanities Research Institute "Highly Original and courageous. Schwab breaks new ground in the study of trauma and its intergenerational transmission."-Michael Levine, Rutgers University "Brilliant, fresh, and stimulating. Schwab's work considerably expands on the most recent advances in psychoanalytic and postcolonial theory and is sure to be discussed across disciplines for many years to come."-Amir Eshel, Stanford University

Remaking Jewish Sociality In Contemporary Poland

Author : Jan Jakub Lorenz
ISBN : OCLC:1064572991
Genre :
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Critical Trauma Studies

Author : Monica J. Casper
ISBN : 9781479822515
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Trauma is a universal human experience. While each person responds differently to trauma, its presence in our lives nonetheless marks a continual thread through human history and prehistory. In Critical Trauma Studies, a diverse group of writers, activists, and scholars of sociology, anthropology, literature, and cultural studies reflects on the study of trauma and how multidisciplinary approaches lend richness and a sense of deeper understanding to this burgeoning field of inquiry. The original essays within this collection cover topics such as female suicide bombers from the Chechen Republic, singing prisoners in Iranian prison camps, sexual assault and survivor advocacy, and families facing the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. As it proceeds, Critical Trauma Studies never loses sight of the way those who study trauma as an academic field, and those who experience, narrate, and remediate trauma as a personal and embodied event, inform one another. Theoretically adventurous and deeply particular, this book aims to advance trauma studies as a discipline that transcends intellectual boundaries, to be mapped but also to be unmoored from conceptual and practical imperatives. Remaining embedded in lived experiences and material realities, Critical Trauma Studies frames the field as both richly unbounded and yet clearly defined, historical, and evidence-based.

Voicing Gender

Author : Naomi Adele André
ISBN : 025321789X
Genre : Music
File Size : 46. 20 MB
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Documents the changes in approaches to gender in opera in the early 19th century.

Imaginary Ethnographies

Author : Gabriele Schwab
ISBN : 9780231159487
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 39. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Through readings of iconic figures such as the cannibal, the child, the alien, and the posthuman, Gabriele Schwab analyzes literary explorations at the boundaries of the human. Treating literature as a dynamic medium that "writes culture" -- one that makes the abstract particular and local, and situates us within the world -- Schwab pioneers a compelling approach to reading literary texts as "anthropologies of the future" that challenge habitual productions of meaning and knowledge. Schwab's study draws on anthropology, philosophy, critical theory, and psychoanalysis to trace literature's profound impact on the cultural imaginary. Following a new interpretation of Derrida's and Lévi-Strauss's famous controversy over the indigenous Nambikwara, Schwab explores the vicissitudes of "traveling literature" through novels and films that fashion a cross-cultural imaginary. She also examines the intricate links between colonialism, cannibalism, melancholia, the fate of disenfranchised children under the forces of globalization, and the intertwinement of property and personhood in the neoliberal imaginary. Schwab concludes with an exploration of discourses on the posthuman, using Samuel Beckett's "The Lost Ones" and its depiction of a future lived under the conditions of minimal life. Drawing on a wide range of theories, Schwab engages the productive intersections between literary studies and anthropology, underscoring the power of literature to shape culture, subjectivity, and life.

Fluchtst Cke

Author : Anne Michaels
ISBN : 9783827079695
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60. 25 MB
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Anne Michaels ist Dichterin. Sie hat als solche zu veröffentlichen begonnen und für ihre 1986 und 1991 erschienenen Gedichtbände «The Weight of Oranges» und «Miner's Pond» Auszeichnungen erhalten. Auch ihr erster Roman mit dem deutschen Titel «Fluchtstücke» enthält Sätze von atemberaubender lyrischer Dichte: Knappheit und Härte der Anfangsseiten ihres Romans üben beim Lesen einen Sog aus, dem man sich nicht entziehen kann: So grauenerregend die Geschichte einsetzt, man will weiterlesen, mehr über das Schicksal des Protagonisten erfahren. Der siebenjährige Jakob Beer wird Zeuge, wie im Zweiten Weltkrieg Deutsche seine Eltern, polnische Juden, erschlagen und seine ältere Schwester verschleppen. Er flieht und versteckt sich auf dem Gelände einer archäologischen Grabungsstätte. Dort wird er nach Tagen von einem griechischen Forscher gefunden und gerettet. In der Obhut dieses Mannes verbringt er seine Kindheit und Jugend auf einer griechischen Insel, später wandert er mit ihm nach Toronto aus. Jakob wird Autor, wird Dichter und versucht seine Erfahrungen auf diesem Wege zu verarbeiten. Die schrecklichen Bilder seiner Kindheit lassen ihn lange nicht los. Eine erste Ehe scheitert daran, und erst als reifer Mann findet er in der Beziehung zu einer jungen Frau zu einer Art innerer Ruhe.

Reframing The Transitional Justice Paradigm

Author : Jill Stockwell
ISBN : 9783319038537
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 75. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume explores the evolving and complex memorial consequences of state-sponsored violence in post-dictatorial Argentina. Specifically, it looks at the power and significance of personal emotions and affects in shaping memorial culture. This volume contends that we need to look beyond political and ideological contestations to a deeper level of how memorial cultures are formed and sustained. It argues that we cannot account for the politics of memory in modern-day Argentina without acknowledging and exploring the role played by individual emotions and affects in generating and shaping collective emotions and affects. Drawing from direct testimony from Argentinian women who have experienced political and physical violence, the research in this volume aims at understanding how their memories may be a different source of insight into the deep animosities within and between Argentine memorial cultures. In direct contrast to the nominally objective and universalist sensibility that traditionally has driven transitional justice endeavours, this volume examines how affective memories of trauma are a potentially disruptive power within the reconciliation paradigm—and thus affect should be taken into account when considering transitional justice. Accordingly, Cultures of Remembrance for Women in Post-Dictatorial Argentina is an excellent resource for those interested in human rights, transitional justice, clinical psychology and social work, and Latin American conflicts.

State Theory And Andean Politics

Author : Christopher Krupa
ISBN : 9780812246940
Genre : History
File Size : 61. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In the last few decades, Andean states have seen major restructuring of the organization, leadership, and reach of their governments. With these political tremors come major aftershocks, regarding both definitions and expectations: What is a state? Who or what makes it up, and where does it reside? In what capacity can the state be expected to right wrongs, raise people up, protect them from harm, maintain order, or provide public services? What are its powers and responsibilities? State Theory and Andean Politics attempts to answer these questions and more through an examination of the ongoing process of state-creation in Andean nations. Focusing on the everyday, extra-official, and frequently invisible or partially concealed permutations of rule in the lives of Andean people, the essays explore the material and cultural processes by which states come to appear as real and tangible parts of everyday life. In particular, they focus on the critical role of emotion, imagination, and fantasy in generating belief in the state, among the governed and the governing alike. This approach pushes beyond the limits of the state as conventionally understood to consider how "non-state" acts of governance intersect with official institutions of government, while never being entirely determined by them or bound to their authorizing agendas. State Theory and Andean Politics asserts that the state is not simply an institutional-bureaucratic apparatus but one of many forces vying for a claim to legitimate political dominion. Featuring an impressive array of Andeanist scholars as well as eminent state theorists Akhil Gupta and Gyanendra Pandey, State Theory and Andean Politics makes a bold and novel claim about the nature of states and state-making that deepens understanding not only of the Andes and Global South but of the world at large. Contributors: Kim Clark, Nicole Fabricant, Lesley Gill, Akhil Gupta, Christopher Krupa, David Nugent, Gyanendra Pandey, Mercedes Prieto, Maria Clemencia Ramírez, Irene Silverblatt, Karen Spalding, Winifred Tate.

Das Dunkelste Blau

Author : Tracy Chevalier
ISBN : 9783423420372
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43. 9 MB
Format : PDF
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Eine Kombination von historischem Roman, Frauenroman, Liebesgeschichte und etwas Mystik – ein Buch zum »Verschlingen«. Als die junge Amerikanerin Ella mit ihrem Mann in eine kleine Stadt in Frankreich zieht, scheint das die Erfüllung all ihrer Wünsche. Doch dann wird Ella jede Nacht von Albträumen verfolgt. Am Morgen erinnert sie sich nur an ein leuchtendes Blau und Stimmen, die einen Psalm in fremdartigem Französisch singen. Ella vertieft sich in die Geschichte ihrer Vorfahren, die nach dem Grauen der Bartholomäusnacht aus Frankreich flohen. Die Gestalt einer jungen Frau der damaligen Zeit lässt sie nicht mehr los – Isabelle du Moulin, wegen ihrer roten Haare »La Rousse« genannt und als Hexe verschrien …

Der Tod Meiner Schwester

Author : Diane Chamberlain
ISBN : 9783955761530
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Der Mord an ihrer Schwester vor über vierzig Jahren verfolgt die erfolgreiche Schriftstellerin Julienne Bauer immer noch. In einer warmen Sommernacht ertrank Isabelle im Meer vor dem Sommerhaus der Familie. An ihre eigene Rolle in jener Nacht kann sich Julie jedoch nicht mehr erinnern. Nun taucht nach so langer Zeit ein neuer Beweis dafür auf, dass damals der falsche Mann für den Mord verurteilt wurde - und Julie muss sich ihren eigenen Ängsten und Schuldgefühlen stellen, um gemeinsam mit ihrem Kindheitsfreund Ethan herauszufinden, was damals wirklich geschah. Dabei entdecken sie Familiengeheimnisse, die besser im Verborgenen geblieben wären, aber auch Gefühle füreinander, die im Licht der Wahrheit endlich aufblühen können

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