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Henry Lee S Crime Scene Handbook

Author : Henry C. Lee
ISBN : 0124408303
Genre : Law
File Size : 55. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Three forensic specialists outline a systematic approach to managing crime scenes, the starting point for every criminal investigation. This handbook outlines the latest chemical and instrumental techniques, covers new topics, and shows how to overcome the most commonly encountered problems.

Henry Lee S Crime Scene Handbook

Author : Lee Henry
ISBN : 9780080924229
Genre : Law
File Size : 21. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the two years since this text was first published, there has been a dramatic increase in awareness regarding crime scene evidence. High profile court cases as well as television shows have raised the general public's awareness of crime scene evidence and criminal investigation. New scientific technologies and breakthroughs in DNA testing and evidence collection have continued to put forensic science on the map and proved it to be a fast-growing discipline for both professionals and students alike in law enforcement, forensic, biological, and chemical sciences. The first edition introduced thousands of readers to this exciting field and helped them deal with handling and gathering crime scene evidence. This new edition also addresses this growing need by expanding on the original to raise the skill of the existing reader base while providing the introductory materials that new readers require. The book continues the tradition of the first edition in covering in detail how to manage a crime scene, collect information, search for, collect and preserve physical evidence, conduct field tests, and reconstruct the sequence of events. It outlines the latest chemical and instrumental techniques, covers new topics, and shows how to overcome the most commonly encountered problems. It also includes numerous checklists and worksheets, logic trees to help evaluate the evidence, and useful appendices including lists of crime scene equipment and manufacturers, reagent recipes, and references. Readers will find it easy to follow this systematic approach that uses proven methods. Further, there have been a number of additions to the Second Edition that reflect the changes to the legal landscape as the result of recent court cases, as well as the development of scientific tools and technology. Some of the new features include the addition of a comprehensive course Instructor's Manual for professors, three new real-world case studies, and completely updated information and references. Other updates include: Chapter 3 includes updates in legal aspects as far as the litigation & decisions since the first edition regarding the field and science - particularly legal issues relative to reconstruction. Also, added coverage is given to the insurgence of cases in identifications sections and especially fingerprints. Chapter 4 covering scene documentation includes the latest techniques as well as emerging ones including digital data (video and use of digital imaging), the collection and preservation of physical evidence, and fingerprint techniques. Additional coverage includes explanations on the use of field test and enhancement reagents. Chapters 7 and 10 include the addition of complete coverage on motor vehicle and accident reconstruction. The coverage is in-depth and includes logic trees, special scene techniques, with particular emphasis in Chapter 10 on crime scene reconstruction. A case study on a motor vehicle accident is also provided in the case studies in the back of the book. Chapter 10 also includes expanded explanation and descriptions of the various sub-disciplines in crime scene reconstruction. Numerous color photographs and illustrations Case studies in the Appendices provide real-world examples of crime scene evidence at work in solving crimes Question sections in the back of chapters provide useful starting points for classroom discussion The contributing authors share in excess of 50 years of crime scene experience Presented is a unique systematic and logical approach to crime scene processing Each chapter concludes with a troubleshooting section, listing the 10 most commonly encountered problems or mistakes Logic trees are provided for each type of crime scene

An Introduction To Crime Scene Investigation

Author : Aric W. Dutelle
ISBN : 9781284108149
Genre : Law
File Size : 56. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"An Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation" serves to eliminate warped impressions influenced by the media, and clearly identifies and explains the crime scene investigative process, components, methods, and procedures.

Rape Investigation Handbook

Author : John O. Savino
ISBN : 012386030X
Genre : Law
File Size : 89. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Rape Investigation Handbook details specific investigative and forensic processes related to sex crimes casework invaluable to those in law enforcement, the legal community, and the private sector. It takes the reader through these processes in a logical sequence, showing how investigations of rape and sexual assault can and should be conducted from start to finish. The second edition is reorganized to flow from the alleged assault to a courtroom trial. Section heads have been introduced and it includes six new chapters on sex crimes, sex trafficking, forensic victimology, eyewitness reports, rape trauma syndrome and rapist motivations. The remaining 12 chapters are entirely overhauled and in some cases completely rewritten by new, highly qualified contributors, such as "Sexual Assault Examination and Reconstruction" by Brent E. Turvey and Charla Jamerson and "Rapist Motivations" by Brent E. Turvey and Jodi Freeman. An additional appendix was added to provide current case studies. Includes six new chapters on sex crimes, sex trafficking, forensic victimology, eyewitness reports, rape trauma syndrome and rapist motivations Written in a clear, practical style, ideal for sex crime investigators including: professionals in forensic nursing, forensic laboratories, law enforcement and the legal community Authored by qualified investigators and forensic professionals with over 30 years of collective experience working cases, preparing them for court and offering testimony

Practical Crime Scene Processing And Investigation

Author : Ross M. Gardner
ISBN : 9780203507261
Genre : Law
File Size : 86. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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No two crime scenes are the same, and each scene presents a unique set of obstacles to overcome. While there is no one "right" way to handle every situation, the goal of collecting evidence while preserving its integrity remains the constant motivation of the crime scene investigator.

Practical Crime Scene Analysis And Reconstruction

Author : Ross M. Gardner
ISBN : 1420065521
Genre : Law
File Size : 28. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Crime scene reconstruction (CSR) is today’s hot topic. The immense proliferation of television, print, and electronic media directed at this area has generated significant public interest, albeit occasionally encouraging inaccurate perceptions. Practical Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction bridges the gap between perception and reality, helping readers understand the nature of the scientific method and teaching the proper application of its components. A proven methodology The book begins by recounting the history of crime scene analysis and exploring fundamental principles. Then the authors introduce their proven methodology, known as Event Analysis. This technique defines specific actions, discusses the order of those actions, and offers significant insight into determining what did or did not happen in the course of the incident under investigation. Using case studies and more than 200 color photos, the book demonstrates this method and how it can be used to explain clues that would otherwise be puzzling or ambiguous. Practical advice from the crime scene to the courtroom The authors show how to resolve significant questions that arise in the course of CSR through the use of an event analysis worksheet. The book also discusses crime scene protocol, bloodstain pattern analysis, gunshot investigation, and forensic pathology and the human body. The final chapters provide instruction on writing crime scene reports, discuss ethical issues, and give advice on courtroom presentation. Includes color photos demonstrating the science of CSR on: Superposition Timing and sequence Bloodstain analysis Ballistics Wound patterns


Author : Mark Benecke
ISBN : 3785720998
Genre : Kriminalbiologie - Kriminalfall
File Size : 62. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Practical Methods For Legal Investigations

Author : Dean A. Beers, CLI
ISBN : 1439844852
Genre : Computers
File Size : 75. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Legal investigators are responsible for providing factual evidence – as the fact finders, they are the foundation for the attorneys they work with daily. The attorney is responsible for forming and implementing the legal strategy and presenting it to the judge or jury. The legal investigator provides checks and balances to ensure that no evidence is being forced upon a theory, and that no theory is being forced upon the evidence. Practical Methods for Legal Investigations: Concepts and Protocols in Civil and Criminal Cases presents legal investigators with a step-by-step process that reveals how to methodically find and report evidence in every aspect of the investigative process. Similar to the scientific principle of using research to prove or disprove a theory, the author’s Investigative Protocol is designed to find the facts that prove or disprove criminal charges, civil allegations, or elements thereof. The book includes case studies that clearly detail how the process of the Investigative Protocol applies to every assignment of the case and to the case as a whole. Comprehensive and methodical, the system provides a map to the truth. Readers can discuss the book on the Yahoo Group Practical Methods for Legal Investigations. On March 25, 2012, Dean and Karen Beers were featured guests on Crime Time with Vito Colucci on the BusinessTalkRadio Network. Dean Beers discusses the book in a video on the CRC Press YouTube Channel.

Anatomie Der Schuld

Author : Jefferson Bass
ISBN : 3442459184
Genre :
File Size : 87. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Sex Related Homicide And Death Investigation

Author : Vernon J. Geberth
ISBN : 9781439826560
Genre : Law
File Size : 48. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Remember: Do it right the first time. You only get one chance. —Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S., 1980, Homicide and Forensic Consultant, Author of Practical Homicide Investigation®, and the Series Editor of Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigations. In Practical Homicide Investigation, renowned author and investigator Vernon J. Geberth provided thousands of law enforcement professionals with invaluable techniques for investigation of sudden and violent death. Now he shares his practical and clinical expertise related to the unique characteristics of sex-related homicide and death investigations. Renowned for being THE definitive source on these types of cases, this volume has been revised and expanded to provide additional case histories to emphasize the essential procedures and techniques on which to build a solid, prosecutable case. This comprehensive volume is an incredible compilation that exhausts the subject. Vern's remarkable experience and unmatched expertise have given him unparalleled insight into the investigation of sexually deviant crimes and the psyche of those who perpetrate violent sex related crimes. —Michigan Assistant Attorney General Donna Pendergast Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation is truly a chronicle of practical and clinical case studies, combined with invaluable investigative guidelines, that takes the reader to another level of knowledge in this unique field. It represents an accomplishment that no other author has yet achieved. — Legendary criminal profiler Robert K. Ressler, commenting on the First Edition In typical Vernon Geberth style, we do not merely read of sexual murder...We are thrust into the horror...transported to the crime scene. We live it, smell it, experience it and feel it. —From the Foreword by Larry Welch, Retired Director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation What’s New in the Second Edition: A completely revised chapter on human sexuality and sexual deviance: Research versus Reality A completely revised chapter on the Significance of Fantasy in sex-related events A completely new chapter on the infamous 30-year BTK investigation New case histories and/or research added to fourteen of the fifteen chapters New research developed from the Working Group of Human Asphyxia (WGHA) A revised chapter on Criminal Personality Profiling and Investigative Analysis An analysis of the typology of offenders and the "Signature Aspect" of specific crimes A total of 386 full-color photographs and illustrations representing an additional 126 new photos Vernon Geberth discusses the book in a video on the CRC Press YouTube channel. Vernon Geberth was recently interviewed for an article entitled, The Hunt for a Serial Killer: Revisting the Gilgo Beach Murders.

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