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High Content Screening

Author : Steven A. Haney
ISBN : 0470229853
Genre : Medical
File Size : 59. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The authoritative reference on High Content Screening (HCS) in biological and pharmaceutical research, this guide covers: the basics of HCS: examples of HCS used in biological applications and early drug discovery, emphasizing oncology and neuroscience; the use of HCS across the drug development pipeline; and data management, data analysis, and systems biology, with guidelines for using large datasets. With an accompanying CD-ROM, this is the premier reference on HCS for researchers, lab managers, and graduate students.

An Introduction To High Content Screening

Author : Steven A. Haney
ISBN : 9780470624562
Genre : Science
File Size : 65. 68 MB
Format : PDF
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Using a collaborative and interdisciplinary author base with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and academia, this book is a practical resource for high content (HC) techniques. Instructs readers on the fundamentals of high content screening (HCS) techniques Focuses on practical and widely–used techniques like image processing and multiparametric assays Breaks down HCS into individual modules for training and connects them at the end Includes a tutorial chapter that works through sample HCS assays, glossary, and detailed appendices

High Throughput Screening For Food Safety Assessment

Author : Arun K. Bhunia
ISBN : 9780857098078
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 24. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Recent advances in array-based detectors and imaging technologies have provided high throughput systems that can operate within a substantially reduced timeframe and other techniques that can detect multiple contaminants at one time. These technologies are revolutionary in terms of food safety assessment in manufacturing, and will also have a significant impact on areas such as public health and food defence. This book summarizes the latest research and applications of sensor technologies for online and high throughput screening of food. The book first introduces high throughput screening strategies and technology platforms, and discusses key issues in sample collection and preparation. The subsequent chapters are then grouped into four sections: Part I reviews biorecognition techniques; Part II covers the use of optical biosensors and hyperspectral imaging in food safety assessment; Part III focuses on electrochemical and mass-based transducers; and finally Part IV deals with the application of these safety assessment technologies in specific food products, including meat and poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables. Summarises the latest research on sensor technologies for online and high-throughput screening of food Covers high-throughput screening and the current and forecast state of rapid contaminant detection technologies Looks at the use of optical and electrochemical biosensors and hyperspectral imaging in food safety assessment and the application of these technologies in specific food products

The Molecular Basis Of Cancer

Author : John Mendelsohn
ISBN : 9780323261968
Genre : Medical
File Size : 42. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Stay current with the latest discoveries in molecular and genomic research. Sweeping revisions throughout include eight brand-new chapters on: Tumor Suppressor Genes; Inflammation and Cancer; Cancer Systems Biology: The Future; Biomarkers Assessing Risk of Cancer; Understanding and Using Information About Cancer Genomes; The Technology of Analyzing Nucleic Acids in Cancer; Molecular Abnormalities in Kidney Cancer; and Molecular Pathology.

High Throughput Screening

Author : William P. Janzen
ISBN : 9781592591800
Genre : Medical
File Size : 48. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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Since its first use in antibiotic research in the 1940s, High Throughput Screening (HTS) has evolved into a major enabling tool and methodology in the discovery of pharmaceutical, chemical, and agricultural compounds. In High Throughput Screening, leading scientists and researchers expert in molecular discovery explain the diverse technologies and key techniques used in HTS and demonstrate how they can be applied generically. Writing to create precisely the introductory guidebook they wished had been available when they started in HTS, these seasoned authors illuminate the HTS process with richly detailed tutorials on the biological techniques involved, the management of compound libraries, and the automation and engineering approaches needed. Extensive discussions provide readers with all those key elements of pharmacology, molecular biology, enzymology, and biochemistry that will ensure the identification of suitable targets and screens, and detail the technology necessary to mine millions of data points for meaningful knowledge. By presenting accounts not only of the basic principles underlying HTS technology, but also real-use cases, High Throughput Screening constitutes a highly practical introduction to HTS, even as it also provides sufficient detail to work more productively in today's lead generation laboratories.

High Throughput Formulation Development Of Biopharmaceuticals

Author : Vladimir I. Razinkov
ISBN : 9781908818768
Genre : Medical
File Size : 29. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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High Throughput Formulation Development of Biopharmaceuticals: Practical Guide to Methods and Applications provides the latest developments and information on the science of stable and safe drug product formulations, presenting a comprehensive review and detailed description of modern methodologies in the field of formulation development, a process starting with candidate and pre-formulation screening in its early development phase and then progressing to the refinement of robust formulations during commercialization in the later phases of development. The title covers topics such as experiment design, automation of sample preparation and measurements, high-throughput analytics, stress-inducing methods, statistical analysis of large amounts of formulation study data, emerging technologies, and the presentation of several case studies, along with a concluding summary. Presents applications of high-throughput methodologies to accelerate drug formulation development Provides the latest technologies in the field Includes key statistical approaches, such as design of experiment and multivariate data analysis Written by highly respected formulation development experts

High Throughput Screening In Chemical Catalysis

Author : Alfred Hagemeyer
ISBN : 9783527604302
Genre : Science
File Size : 63. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this first book to present every important aspect of this fascinating and developing field, the three editors A. Hagemeyer, P. Strasser and A. F. Volpe Jr. from Symyx Technologies have chosen a perfect mixture of distinguished, international authors from both academia and industry. Each chapter is devoted to a major topic - high-throughput experimentation methodologies, integrated combinatorial synthesis and screening workflow, and applications to chemical catalysts with an emphasis on heterogeneous catalysis, olefin polymerization and electrocatalysis for fuel cells. An indispensable source for everyone working in the field.

High Throughput Screening Methods In Toxicity Testing

Author : Pablo Steinberg
ISBN : 9781118538241
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 39 MB
Format : PDF
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Explores the benefits and limitations of the latest high-throughput screening methods With its expert coverage of high-throughput in vitro screening methods for toxicity testing, this book makes it possible for researchers to accelerate and streamline the evaluation and risk assessment of chemicals and drugs for toxicity. Moreover, it enables them to comply with the latest standards set forth by the U.S. National Research Council's "Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century: A Vision and Strategy" and the E.U.'s REACH legislation. Readers will discover a variety of state-of-the-science, high-throughput screening methods presented by a group of leading authorities in toxicology and toxicity testing. High-Throughput Screening Methods in Toxicity Testing is divided into five parts: General aspects, including predicting the toxicity potential of chemicals and drugs via high-throughput bioactivity profiling Assessing different cytotoxicity endpoints Assessing DNA damage and carcinogenesis Assessing reproductive toxicity, cardiotoxicity, and haematotoxicity Assessing drug metabolism and receptor-related toxicity Each chapter describes method principles and includes detailed information about data generation, data analysis, and applications in risk assessment. The authors not only enumerate the advantages of each high-throughput method over comparable conventional methods, but also point out the high-throughput method's limitations and potential pitfalls. In addition, the authors describe current research efforts to make high-throughput toxicity screening even more cost effective and streamlined. Throughout the book, readers will find plenty of figures and illustrations to help them understand and perform the latest high-throughput toxicity screening methods. This book is ideal for toxicologists and other researchers who need to implement high-throughput screening methods for toxicity testing in their laboratories as well as for researchers who need to evaluate the data generated by these methods.

Fluorescence Microscopy

Author : Anda Cornea
ISBN : 9780124167131
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Fluorescence Microscopy: Super-Resolution and other Novel Techniques delivers a comprehensive review of current advances in fluorescence microscopy methods as applied to biological and biomedical science. With contributions selected for clarity, utility, and reproducibility, the work provides practical tools for investigating these ground-breaking developments. Emphasizing super-resolution techniques, light sheet microscopy, sample preparation, new labels, and analysis techniques, this work keeps pace with the innovative technical advances that are increasingly vital to biological and biomedical researchers. With its extensive graphics, inter-method comparisons, and tricks and approaches not revealed in primary publications, Fluorescence Microscopy encourages readers to both understand these methods, and to adapt them to other systems. It also offers instruction on the best visualization to derive quantitative information about cell biological structure and function, delivering crucial guidance on best practices in related laboratory research. Presents a timely and comprehensive review of novel techniques in fluorescence imaging as applied to biological and biomedical research Offers insight into common challenges in implementing techniques, as well as effective solutions

Enzyme Assays

Author : Jean-Louis Reymond
ISBN : 9783527607211
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Edited by one of the leading experts in the field, this book fills the need for a book presenting the most important methods for high-throughput screenings and functional characterization of enzymes. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach, making it indispensable for all those involved in this expanding field, and reflects the major advances made over the past few years. For biochemists, analytical, organic and catalytic chemists, and biotechnologists.

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