homelessness in america 3 volumes

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Homelessness In America 3 Volumes

Author : Robert Hartmann McNamara
ISBN : 9780275995560
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 38. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Homelessness is one of the most compelling social problems in the United States. Dating from the early years in Colonial America to the current problems relating to homeless women and children, homelessness has been the topic of discussion of scholars, social activists, and policy makers. Many types of social problems are linked to homelessness, including poverty, substance abuse, foster care, and crime. As a result, unpacking the issues has proven to be a challenge for anyone interested in this topic. Homelessness in America offers an assessment of what is known about each segment of the homeless population, which contrary to conventional belief, is comprised of a wide variety of faces from many backgrounds. It explains linkages to other social issues and provides a balanced overview of homelessness in light of the varying perspectives on the topic. While much of what has been written about homelessness has come from the academic perspective, agendas often interfere with an accurate understanding of the problem. Clearly, there is a place for other types of perspectives, including those that view homelessness through political and legal lenses. These groups have provided us with a robust body of information within which we may better understand the questions relating to homelessness. McNamara has brought together the voices of these groups in order to reveal the numerous political, economic, and social constraints that beset current attempts to solve homelessness. In addition, the commonly held belief that homelessness is a result of laziness or a poor work ethic is turned on its head to reveal that homelessness is truly a multifaceted and complex issue.

Down And Out In America

Author : Peter H. Rossi
ISBN : 9780226162324
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42. 48 MB
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The most accurate and comprehensive picture of homelessness to date, this study offers a powerful explanation of its causes, proposes short- and long-term solutions, and documents the striking contrasts between the homeless of the 1950s and 1960s and the contemporary homeless population, which is younger and contains more women, children, and blacks.

Homelessness In America

Author : Kathleen Swenson Miller
ISBN : 9780789031914
Genre : Medical
File Size : 24. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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Learn how to better address the needs of the homeless The causes of homelessness are complex and varied. Homelessness in America provides an overview of the state of research on the homeless population from an occupation and societal participation perspective. This important resource explores the systems of care in which homeless services are organized, the tailoring of services to meet the needs of diverse types of homeless, the newest trends in services, and crucial funding sources. Research is comprehensively examined from an occupation-based perspective, including studies on specific issues pertaining to various homeless populations. This in-depth discussion provides a vital understanding of homelessness using a client-centered and strengths-based approach in occupational therapy. Much of the research and writings of occupational therapists who work with homeless populations has been scattered throughout various diverse publications. Homelessness in America: Perspectives, Characterizations, and Considerations for Occupational Therapy gathers into one useful volume important insights, practical strategies, and valuable research into the many challenges concerning homelessness. Various effective interventions are discussed in depth. Several leading authorities explore current issues and offer illuminating case studies, extensive reference lists, and helpful tables of funding sources. Topics in Homelessness in America include: results of an Internet-based survey of assessment tools used with the homeless a critical examination of the assumptions of who becomes homeless—and why typologies of homelessness current trends in service delivery federal organization and sources of funding for services exploratory study of occupational concerns and goals of homeless women with children study illustrating the value of the theory of Occupational Adaptation mother-toddler interactions in transitional housing the role of occupational therapy in the youth homelessness problem homeless youths' after-school and weekend time use guiding intervention by using the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) productive role involvement at Project Employ study on life skills interventions with effective recommendations much more Homelessness in America is insightful, important reading for occupational therapy educators, students, practicing occupational therapists, program directors of services to the homeless, and policymakers.

Class In America An Encyclopedia 3 Volumes

Author : Robert E. Weir
ISBN : 9780313068355
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 40. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the United States, social class ranks with gender, race, and ethnicity in determining the values, activities, political behavior, and life chances of individuals. Most scholars agree on the importance of class, although they often disagree on what it is and how it impacts Americans. This A-Z encyclopedia, the first to focus on class in the United States, surveys the breadth of class strata throughout our history, for high school students to the general public. Class is illuminated in 525 essay entries on significant people, terms, theories, programs, institutions, eras, ethnic groups, places, and much more. This useful set is an authoritative, fascinating source for in-demand information on key aspects of our culture and society and helps researchers to narrow down a broad topic. Class is revealed from angles that often intersect: through history, with entries such as Founding Fathers, the Industrial Revolution, Westward Expansion; through economics, with entries such as Dot.com Bubble, Robber Barons, Chicago School of Economics, Lottery, Wage Slaves, Economic Equal Opportunity Act, Stock Market, Inheritance Taxes, Wal-Mart, Welfare; through social indicators such as Conspicuous Consumption, the Hamptons, WASP, Homelessness, Social Climbing; through politics with entries such as Anarchism, Braceros, Heritage Foundation, Communist Party, Kennedy Family; and through culture through entries such as Country Music, The Great Gatsby, Television, and Studs Terkel. Class is also approached from ethnic, sexual, religious, educational, and regional angles. Special features include an introduction, timeline, suggested reading per entry, cross-references, reader's guide to topics, and thorough index. Sample entries: Immigration, Education, Labor Movement, Pink-Collar Workers, AFL-CIO, Strikes, Great Depression, Jacob Riis, Literature, the Rockefellers, Slavery, Music, Academia, Family, Suburbia, McMansions, Taxation, Segregation, Racism, Ivy League, Robber Barons, Philanthropists, Socialites, Religion, Welfare, the American Dream, Dot.com Millionaires, Equal Opportunity, Founding Fathers, Wage Slaves, Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Economics, Appalachia, Horse Racing, Gender, Communist Party, Country Clubs, Religion, American Indians, Conspicuous Consumption, Studs Terkel, Film, Class-Consciousness, Work Ethic, Media, Television, Puritans, Homelessness, Status Symbols, Assimilation/Melting Pot, Art, Westward Expansion, Poverty, The Great Gatsby, Stock Market, Working Poor, Gated Communities, the Hamptons, Social Climbing, Crime, Lottery, Elitism, WASP, American Dream, Noam Chomsky, Fortune Magazine

Address Unknown

Author : James Wright
ISBN : 9781351533911
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 58. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Describes the nature of homelessness, its multiple causes, and its demographic, economic, sociological, and social policy antecedents. Finding the origins of the problem to be social and political rather than economic, Wright (human relations, Tulane) outlines remedies based on existing and modified

Homelessness In America

Author : Jim Baumohl
ISBN : 0897748697
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 78. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Jonathan Kozol describes "Homeless in America" as ". . . a valuable collection of enlightened writings by those who know the challenges and realities first-hand". An authoritative work on a compelling subject, this comprehensive title offers investigative essays on key policy-related issues surrounding homelessness. It also answers hundreds of questions about the magnitude and implications of this complex social issue. Illus.

Finding Grace

Author : Lynn Blodgett
ISBN : 1601091052
Genre : Photography
File Size : 57. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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An amateur photographer from the age of 10, Lynn Blodgett studied under Andrew Eccles, a renowned photographer who was selected by The New York Times to shoot the cover of their millennium issue. Blodgett is also a businessman with a social conscience who travels the country as head of the nation's largest provider of computer-based services to state and local governments. He does extensive fundraising across the country, with the funds going to benefit local homeless shelters and projects. During his travels over the last few years, he began keeping a photographic journal of the homeless people he met, along with their stories, in every city he visited. The result is this powerful collection of words and images that show how people who go through life ignored and reviled manage to endure, often with grace and humanity, the grimmest of life's circumstances.

How To Get Rid Of Homeless

Author : Matteo Bittanti
ISBN : 1320335098
Genre :
File Size : 23. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How to get rid of homeless is a monumental project. A 600-page epic split in two volumes documenting the so-called “homeless scandal” that affected the newly released game SimCity (Maxis/Electronic Arts, 2013), How to get rid of homeless reproduces dozens of threads concerning “homelessness” that appeared in Electronic Arts’ online forum between 2012 and 2013. Matteo Bittanti collected, selected, and transcribed thousands of messages exchanged by the forum members who first experienced and then tried to “eradicate” the phenomenon of homelessness that “plagued” SimCity. From surprise to despair, from shock to resignation, these posts highlight the pitfalls of simulation, the not-so-subtle effects of ideology on game design, and the interplay between play and society, politics and entertainment. Decontextualized from their original source and reproduced on paper sans the majority of online communication hallmarks (e.g. author’s signatures, side banners, avatar pictures etc.), these textual exchanges create a peculiar narrative. Some of the dialogues’ absurdist tones evoke Ionesco’s plays. Others reveal racist and classist biases, and forcefully introduce - or, rather, reintroduce - a highly political vision that the alleged “neutral” algorithms were supposed to overcome.

Criminal Of Poverty

Author : Lisa Gray-Garcia
ISBN : 1931404070
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 63. 9 MB
Format : PDF
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A daughter’s struggle to keep her family alive, through poverty, homelessness and incarceration Eleven-year-old Lisa becomes her mother’s primary support when they face the prospect of homelessness. As Dee, a single mother, struggles with the demons of her own childhood of neglect and abuse, Lisa has to quickly assume the roles of an adult in an attempt to keep some stability in their lives. “Dee and Tiny” ultimately become underground celebrities in San Francisco, squatting in storefronts and performing the “art of homelessness.” Their story, filled with black humor and incisive analysis, illuminates the roots of poverty, the criminalization of poor families and their struggle for survival. "Criminal of Poverty lays bare the devastating effects of inheriting a life of poverty, as well the real redemption and power in finding your voice." – Michelle Tea, author of Rose of No Man's Land and Valencia "Tiny’s indomitable spirit comes to life in her amazing story of poverty and homelessness, reaching into and teaching our hearts and minds. With her flawless descriptions of the pain of living in the margins of the richest country in the world, she opens up an important window onto a reality looked upon by many but truly seen by few, augmenting our capacity for empathy and action in an area so in need of social change. Bravo Tiny, for your gift to us all! Punto!!!" – Piri Thomas, author of Down These Mean Streets

Invisible Nation

Author : Richard Schweid
ISBN : 9780520292666
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 89. 60 MB
Format : PDF
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"Every year, more than 2.5 million children are left homeless in the United States and the number of such families continues to rise annually. In every state, children are living in small quarters packed in with relatives-- in cars, in motel rooms, or in emergency shelters. In this vividly-written narrative, experienced journalist Richard Schweid takes us on a spirited journey through this "invisible nation,' giving us front-row dispatches of suffering families on the edge. Based on in-depth reporting from five major cities, Invisible Nation looks backward at the historical context of family homelessness as well as forward at what needs to be done to alleviate this widespread, although often hidden, poverty. Invisible Nation is a riveting must-read for everyone who cares about inequality, poverty and family life"--Provided by publishe

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