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How China Became Capitalist

Author : Ronald Coase
ISBN : 9781137019387
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 71. 32 MB
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How China Became Capitalist details the extraordinary, and often unanticipated, journey that China has taken over the past thirty five years in transforming itself from a closed agrarian socialist economy to an indomitable economic force in the international arena. The authors revitalise the debate around the rise of the Chinese economy through the use of primary sources, persuasively arguing that the reforms implemented by the Chinese leaders did not represent a concerted attempt to create a capitalist economy, and that it was 'marginal revolutions' that introduced the market and entrepreneurship back to China. Lessons from the West were guided by the traditional Chinese principle of 'seeking truth from facts'. By turning to capitalism, China re-embraced her own cultural roots. How China Became Capitalist challenges received wisdom about the future of the Chinese economy, warning that while China has enormous potential for further growth, the future is clouded by the government's monopoly of ideas and power. Coase and Wang argue that the development of a market for ideas – which has a long and revered tradition in China – would be integral in bringing about the Chinese dream of social harmony.

Competing Economic Paradigms In China

Author : Steven Mark Cohn
ISBN : 9781134829590
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49. 3 MB
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When the Chinese economic reforms began in 1978, Marxist economics infused all the institutions of economic theory in China, from academic departments and economics journals to government departments and economic think tanks. By the year 2000, neoclassical economics dominated these institutions and organized most economic discussion. This book explains how and why neoclassical economic theory replaced Marxist economic theory as the dominant economics paradigm in China. It rejects the idea that the rise of neoclassical theory was a triumph of reason over ideology, and instead, using a sociology of knowledge approach, links the rise of neoclassical economics to broad ideological currents and to the political-economic projects that key social groups inside and outside China wanted to enable. The book concludes with a discussion of the nature of economic theory and economics education in China today.

Whither China

Author : Senior Research Fellow Wu Jinglian
ISBN : 9780190223151
Genre :
File Size : 63. 17 MB
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How has China been able to maintain high-speed economic growth during the last thirty-plus years and successfully transform itself from a poor, backward, and developing country to become the world's second-largest economy? What are the challenges that China faces today and how will she deal with them in order to continue moving toward a truly prosperous and modern society? Standing at a crossroads today, what future direction should China choose: a free market economy or state capitalism? In a series of penetrating dialogues, Wu Jinglian, China's most celebrated and influential economist, and Ma Guochuan, chief commentator of Caijing Magazine, attempt to address the following question: "Where is China going?" This volume offers critical insights into the historical evolution of China's ongoing economic and social transformation. Strongly reflecting Professor Wu's views on the future prospects of the economic reforms, the book provides readers with a deep and lucid understanding of the social and economic issues now confronting China, analyzes their underlying causes, and examines the serious challenges to implementing further reforms. Professor Wu argues that the only way to escape the various social ills in China today is to restart the economic and political reforms, which began thirty years ago but have slowed down during the recent decade, and to move China in the direction of a market economy, the rule of law, and democracy.

The End Of Socialism

Author : James Otteson
ISBN : 9781316060759
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 70. 75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Is socialism morally superior to other systems of political economy, even if it faces practical difficulties? In The End of Socialism, James R. Otteson explores socialism as a system of political economy - that is, from the perspectives of both moral philosophy and economic theory. He examines the exact nature of the practical difficulties socialism faces, which turn out to be greater than one might initially suppose, and then asks whether the moral ideals it champions - equality, fairness, and community - are important enough to warrant attempts to overcome these difficulties nonetheless, especially in light of the alleged moral failings of capitalism. The result is an examination of the 'end of socialism', both in the sense of the moral goals it proposes and in the results of its unfolding logic.

Peace Defence And Economic Analysis

Author : Frank Blackaby
ISBN : 9781349188987
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 79. 48 MB
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The Chinese Economy

Author : International Economic Association. World Congress
ISBN : 9781137034274
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55. 82 MB
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China has enjoyed a higher growth rate for a longer period than any other nation to date, but a new consensus is emerging that China is now facing a crucial turning point. This volume is unprecedented in bringing together leading economists from China and the rest of the world to analyse the sources of economic growth, examine its changing conditions for future development, and suggest desirable policy and institutional reforms. Chapters address a wide range of issues, covering not only macro and micro economic mechanisms, but also various aspects of human resource development, environmental protection, and political impact on the economy. The contributors include F. Allen, C.Bai, D. Bloom, F. Cai, R. Freeman, D. Jorgenson, J. Lou, D. H. Perkins, C. Xu, among others.

Institutional Change And Economic Behaviour

Author : International Economic Association. World Congress
ISBN : 0230546986
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22. 94 MB
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This book explores institutional change and economic behavior through assessing instances in a range of geographical areas.

From Socialism To Capitalism

Author : J nos Kornai
ISBN : 9639776165
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 25. 5 MB
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The subjects common to the eight studies in this book are socialism, capitalism, democracy, and change of system. The studies are arranged according to the course of history. The starting point is the "classical", pre-reform socialist system (study 1). Then come the discussions about reforms that remain within the socialist system (studies 2 and 3). The second half of the book concerns the subject of the change of system (studies 4-7).

Economic Theory And Capitalist Society C1994

Author : Shigeto Tsuru
ISBN : UOM:39015032440490
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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Shigeto Tsuru has been the bridge between mainstream economics and Japanese Marxist thought. Ten years at Harvard and a key player in the post war MacArthur Administration, he was Schumpeter s personal assistant and a recognized expert on Keynes and Marx. Tsuru s collected papers are a testament no one interested in Japanese intellectuals should miss. Paul A. Samuelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US . . . a highly original work of scholarship which will be immensely appreciated. . . . this is a most welcome and timely publication. Ali Shamsavari, Economic Journal In all, this volume records a remarkable intellectual and personal odyssey and will serve as a valuable introduction to Tsuru s work. Anthony Brewer, The Manchester School . . . a volume which demonstrates the enormous intellectual debt of western economics to Japan theorists such as Shigeto Tsuru. Mark Gray, Asia Pacific Business Review Economic Theory and Capitalist Society is a collection of Shigeto Tsuru s most important essays written over the period of the past 60 years in the fields of general economic theory, development and environmental economics, and Marxian political economy. Professor Tsuru has been a leading critic of the major tenets of modern economic theory and has been credited in particular for his comparative studies of aggregate concepts, such as those of Quesnay, Keynes and Marx. Essentially an institutionalist, the author reviews the methodological significance of Marx s contribution, taking up in detail the latter s unique concept of the fetishism of commodities and discussing the relevance of Marxian methodology to the analysis of present-day capitalism. The author s critique of the fundamental equation of growth accounting developed by Robert Solow, Effects of Technology on Productivity , is one of a number of theoretical papers included in this volume. It also features a series of important essays on environmental economics which the author, as a founder of the Japanese environmental movement, has written over the past half century. This collection of key articles by one of the most distinguished Japanese economists will be welcomed by students and practitioners in the fields of institutional and radical economics, environmental economics and the history of economic thought. The volume also includes an autobiographical essay which explains the development of Professor Tsuru s thought, his education at Harvard in the 1930s and his experience of post-war Japan. The Economic Development of Modern Japan, the second volume of Shigeto Tsuru s selected essays, is also published by Edward Elgar.

Rising China In The Changing World Economy

Author : Liming Wang
ISBN : 9781136503610
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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China's rapid and sustained growth over last thirty years has propelled it to become the world's second largest economy today and potentially the largest in the foreseeable future. As one of the first major economies pulling out of recession and the last remaining major socialist country in the world today, China presents a challenge to established thinking on the essential primacy of global capitalism and the settled nature of the world system - as China becomes more integrated into the world economy and the international system, both are themselves potentially transformed as a result of China’s involvement. This book explores a wide range of issues connected with the impact of China on the global economy and the prevailing international system. Subjects covered include China’s multinationals, international acquisitions, the exchange rate, research and development and technology transfer, China’s emerging major business groupings, and small and medium sized enterprises.

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