how to be a stoic using ancient philosophy to live a modern life

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How To Be A Stoic

Author : Massimo Pigliucci
ISBN : 9780465097968
Genre : Self-Help
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In the tradition of How to Live and How Proust Can Change Your Life, a philosopher asks how ancient Stoicism can help us flourish today Whenever we worry about what to eat, how to love, or simply how to be happy, we are worrying about how to lead a good life. No goal is more elusive. In How to Be a Stoic, philosopher Massimo Pigliucci offers Stoicism, the ancient philosophy that inspired the great emperor Marcus Aurelius, as the best way to attain it. Stoicism is a pragmatic philosophy that focuses our attention on what is possible and gives us perspective on what is unimportant. By understanding Stoicism, we can learn to answer crucial questions: Should we get married or divorced? How should we handle our money in a world nearly destroyed by a financial crisis? How can we survive great personal tragedy? Whoever we are, Stoicism has something for us--and How to Be a Stoic is the essential guide.

Tranquility Parenting

Author : Brittany B. Polat
ISBN : 9781538112434
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 20. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Tranquility Parenting encourages parents to find engaged contentment as they learn to stay calm, deal with problems, reduce negative emotions, and truly enjoy being with their children. Based on an ancient Greek philosophy called Stoicism, this approach to parenting can help parents and their children discover the path to flourishing.

Meditations On Self Discipline And Failure

Author : William Ferraiolo
ISBN : 9781785355882
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 46. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A collection of meditations in the Stoic tradition. Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure provides access to the ruminations, practices, and applications of ancient Stoic philosophy as deployed by a contemporary professional philosopher with twenty five years of experience teaching, researching, and publishing articles in academic journals. Each meditation is presented in the second person, encouraging the reader to examine their struggles and failures in the pursuit of self-improvement and enlightenment.

Does Happiness Write Blank Pages On Stoicism And Artistic Creativity

Author : Piotr Stankiewicz
ISBN : 9781622734467
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 39. 52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Stoicism is coming back in a big way. Seen as a remedy for the craziness of the times we live in, it is experiencing a great surge in academic and cultural interest. Yet, can one live stoically and be a creative artist at the same time? Delving into its underlying tenets, obscure restrictions and limits of applicability, Stankiewicz critically explores Stoicism and its complex association with artistic creativity. Stoicism and artistic creativity are two great displays of the human spirit. Yet, there are multiple reasons to suspect that they are at odds with each other. Popular culture encapsulates this problem in the figure of the rational, yet emotionally remote Stoic, who achieves serenity through withdrawal, and the contrasting figure of the “cursed poet,” “tormented artist,” or simply a rock star, who lives in a whirl of creative energy, yet falls short of quietude. Is this contrast valid? Other disciplines, including psychology, have explored this problem. But it has never been done philosophically. Pioneering in its philosophical approach, this book discusses how artistic creativity and its problems of identity, expression and self-creation serve as a great testing ground for Stoicism, as well as its theoretical challenges and practical limits. Stankiewicz presents a detailed investigation into the stereotypes of Stoic life that seeks to explain the cause of Stoicism’s modern revival. This book is an essential read for anyone captivated by Stoicism’s complex allure.

A Handbook For New Stoics

Author : Massimo Pigliucci
ISBN : 9781615195343
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 44. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A pragmatic philosophy more popular than ever—here are 52 ancient lessons to help you overcome adversity and find tranquility in the modern world Stress often comes from situations that are beyond our control—such as preparing for a meeting, waiting for test results, or arguing with a loved one. But we can control our response to these everyday tensions—through the wisdom and practice of Stoicism. Stoicism is an ancient pragmatic philosophy that teaches us to step back, gain perspective, and act with intention. In A Handbook for New Stoics, renowned philosopher Massimo Pigliucci and seasoned practitioner Gregory Lopez provide 52 week-by-week lessons to help us apply timeless Stoic teachings to modern life. Whether you’re already familiar with Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, or you’re entirely new to Stoicism, this handbook will help you embrace challenges, thrive under pressure, and discover the good life!

A Guide To The Good Life

Author : William B. Irvine
ISBN : 0199792623
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 33. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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One of the great fears many of us face is that despite all our effort and striving, we will discover at the end that we have wasted our life. In A Guide to the Good Life, William B. Irvine plumbs the wisdom of Stoic philosophy, one of the most popular and successful schools of thought in ancient Rome, and shows how its insight and advice are still remarkably applicable to modern lives. In A Guide to the Good Life, Irvine offers a refreshing presentation of Stoicism, showing how this ancient philosophy can still direct us toward a better life. Using the psychological insights and the practical techniques of the Stoics, Irvine offers a roadmap for anyone seeking to avoid the feelings of chronic dissatisfaction that plague so many of us. Irvine looks at various Stoic techniques for attaining tranquility and shows how to put these techniques to work in our own life. As he does so, he describes his own experiences practicing Stoicism and offers valuable first-hand advice for anyone wishing to live better by following in the footsteps of these ancient philosophers. Readers learn how to minimize worry, how to let go of the past and focus our efforts on the things we can control, and how to deal with insults, grief, old age, and the distracting temptations of fame and fortune. We learn from Marcus Aurelius the importance of prizing only things of true value, and from Epictetus we learn how to be more content with what we have. Finally, A Guide to the Good Life shows readers how to become thoughtful observers of their own lives. If we watch ourselves as we go about our daily business and later reflect on what we saw, we can better identify the sources of distress and eventually avoid that pain in our life. By doing this, the Stoics thought, we can hope to attain a truly joyful life.

Practical Stoicism

Author : Nicholas Mayor
ISBN : 1722413344
Genre :
File Size : 77. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How would you feel, if after all hard work and striving for many precious years, you realize that you wasted your entire life? To avoid such repentence, the ancient yet effective philosophy of stoicism is the way to live the modern life. You wouldn't be the first person to explore this unique way of living, our history's greatest minds-from George Washington to Frederick the Great to Ralph Waldo Emerson, along with today's top performers including sport coaches to CEOs and celebrities-have already embraced the wisdom of the ancient Stoics. Stoicism is one of the most popular and successful schools of thought in ancient Rome, and shows how this ancient philosophy and its insight is still significant for living our modern day lives. THE PRACTICAL STOICISM is your step-by-step essential guide to teach you this ancient yet effective philosophy to help you selectively design your life full of wisdom and joy, while persevering in the face of toughest situations and adversities. This book will teach you the great wisdom of Stoic philosophers such as such as Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. This book is not merely simply explanation of the ancient philosophy, but the key emphasis of the book is to give you research supported, science backed practical and actionable tips to lead a stoic life. THE PRACTICAL STOICISM is full of examples and life-scenarios to help you understand this philosophy better, so you can face the challenges of the world in the most practical way. Here is what you will find in this book: An explanation of stoicism with its brief history, with key figures in Stoicism. Why you should become a stoic in the modern world? Learn how stoicism helps you to control emotions, improve relations and handle social anxiety and pressures. Discover how being stoic can help you improve decision making, beat procrastination, prioritize your work and get more done in less time. Get to the know the step-by-step approach with ten unique and practical steps to imbibe stoicism principles. Learn how "Counterclockwise" study shows that the way you think impacts your physical health and mind. Discover how "Control Grid" can help you analyze and handle your situations better. Learn Remes' study that shows that stress dissipates even in toughest situations, when you choose to focus on something you can control. How University of Texas Study proves that writing philosophical journal enables people to emotionally recover from any kind of hurt. Why choosing some sort of discomfort voluntarily is the core of stoicism and how modern science research supports that for living life of gratitude. Learn how to deal with destructive emotions and live joyfully. Learn useful mindfulness and meditation techniques to fast-track your journey to stoic life. Explore the best ways to improve your understanding of stoicism philosophy. THE PRACTICAL STOICISM, as the name indicates, is for the modern man to apply this ancient but effective philosophy to cope with the practical life challenges effectively and gracefully. If you are sincere about leading a life of stoic wisdom, and joy despite the harsh realities of life in the most practical way, THE PRACTICAL STOICISM is your essential and fundamental guide. Don't wait any more. Now is your time to make a difference, and design your life the way you want.

Nonsense On Stilts

Author : Massimo Pigliucci
ISBN : 9780226495996
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 76. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Why do people believe in bunk? And what causes them to embrace such pseudoscientific beliefs and practices and ignore data? Noted skeptic Massimo Pigliucci sets out to separate the fact from the fantasy in this entertaining exploration of the nature of science, the borderlands of fringe science, and nonsense on stilts. Presenting case studies on a number of controversial topics, Pigliucci cuts through the ambiguity surrounding science to look more closely at how science is conducted, disseminated, and interpreted, and what it means to our society"--Publisher description.

Science Unlimited

Author : Maarten Boudry
ISBN : 9780226498287
Genre : Science
File Size : 82. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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All too often in contemporary discourse, we hear about science overstepping its proper limits—about its brazenness, arrogance, and intellectual imperialism. The problem, critics say, is scientism: the privileging of science over all other ways of knowing. Science, they warn, cannot do or explain everything, no matter what some enthusiasts believe. In Science Unlimited?, noted philosophers of science Maarten Boudry and Massimo Pigliucci gather a diverse group of scientists, science communicators, and philosophers of science to explore the limits of science and this alleged threat of scientism. In this wide-ranging collection, contributors ask whether the term scientism in fact (or in belief) captures an interesting and important intellectual stance, and whether it is something that should alarm us. Is scientism a well-developed position about the superiority of science over all other modes of human inquiry? Or is it more a form of excessive confidence, an uncritical attitude of glowing admiration? What, if any, are its dangers? Are fears that science will marginalize the humanities and eradicate the human subject—that it will explain away emotion, free will, consciousness, and the mystery of existence—justified? Does science need to be reined in before it drives out all other disciplines and ways of knowing? Both rigorous and balanced, Science Unlimited? interrogates our use of a term that is now all but ubiquitous in a wide variety of contexts and debates. Bringing together scientists and philosophers, both friends and foes of scientism, it is a conversation long overdue.

Stoicism Introduction To The Stoic Way Of Life

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