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Author : Yann Arthus-Bertrand
ISBN : 0500292140
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One day, in Mali, Yann Arthus-Bertrand was the victim of a helicopter breakdown. While waiting for the pilot, he spent the entire day with a farmer who spoke to him, with great dignity and without complaint, of his daily life, his hopes, his fears and of his sole ambition: to feed his children. Yann was deeply marked by this encounter, by this man to whom he felt so close. This was the first of many such encounters, the outcome of which is Human. Human is a sensitive and loving portrait of mankind as a community, as a family but most importantly as individuals. It tries to answer the universal and ancient question of who we are and what we aspire to. It may reveal the dark side of the human condition, but it also sheds light on the best of it, for we all carry inside of us this will to live together in harmony.

Earth From Above Updated Edition

Author : Yann Arthus-Bertrand
ISBN : 1419722840
Genre : Photography
File Size : 68. 13 MB
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Since its original publication in 1999, Earth from Above has been a touchstone for the environmen�tal movement, selling more than three million copies worldwide. The result of multiple journeys across five continents and 60 countries, acclaimed aerial photog�rapher Yann Arthus-Bertrand created a comprehensive, unforgettable survey of our world from a spectacular vantage point. For almost two decades, Arthus-Bertrand has continued to travel and photograph the world, collecting new material that has never been published. In this updated edition, he reveals more than 100 of his new images and presents new essays on current environmental and humanitarian issues by esteemed experts, including Jane Goodall and Runa Khan. With thrilling new photography, essays, and revisions throughout, Earth from Above is an up-to-date portrait of our world that poignantly juxtaposes evidence of human�ity's impact on our home with the planet's raw beauty.

Humanity What A Story

Author : Boris Alexandre Spasov
ISBN : 9782955484661
Genre : Philosophy
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“The world that we leave to our children will depend on the children we leave to our world.” - FEDERICO MAYOR, former President of Unesco Study of the effect of Man’s activities on the environment is not exclusive to contemporary societies. It has been pondered upon by human minds since thought and philosophy have endeavoured to help him to reach his ideal. The quotations found throughout this book are a perfect illustration of this. The state of affairs that Boris Spasov portrays of our society may seem excessive at times, but if we look carefully, is it not actually closer to reality than we want to see or accept? Has technological evolution perhaps perverted the free will and intellectual autonomy of Man by making available to him “ready made thoughts”? In Humanity, What a Story, Boris Spasov walks us through our history to understand today's society. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Boris Alexandre Spasov graduated from the Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies in Paris, he was Deputy Director for Radio Caraïbes Internationale for several years. Man of the people, far from the safe comfortable ideologies and popular thinking, this book is his passionate plea for the future of humanity. EXCERPT The universe is not an organised or structured place, but neither is it uncertain, nor subject to chance or chaos. It seems reasonable to say that chaos and chance are each states of structured confusion pre-dating a certain “order”; where chaos and order are intertwined. To generate matter and its atomic mass, where complex molecules become DNA, not only must one have compatible links and an appropriate cement, but there must also be an architect, an administrator, a universal conscience, capable of making use of the tools and materials available. Then, once at maturity, one must delegate evolution to individual consciences in order to expand and diversify the creation. The synthesis reduces this to three main entities: the divine, the cosmos, and of course Man. It is from the cosmos that the human adventure takes its essence and sense, in an agenda that eludes us still. Myths, legends and religions have repeatedly pondered upon the genesis of creation. Philosophers and scientists continue to do so today in the search for results that little by little, will allow us to understand the reality to which we are subject. It suffices to penetrate to the heart of the creation of matter; the number of possible combinations, associated with the luck factor is resumed by the words of Hubert Reeves in his book Stardust: “If you were to put a monkey in front of a typewriter, the probability of the appearance of life on earth would be less than that of seeing the monkey write the complete works of Shakespeare.”

A Portrait Of A Visionary Trans Human And His Work

Author : Benjamin Katz
ISBN : 9781514410868
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83. 44 MB
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Prepare yourself for a rough ride into the end of this century. It will be dramatic, bloody, and mind-boggling. The world crisis and conflicts will deepen due to the pressure of growing populations, the scarcity of resources, pollution, and climate change. This chaos will result in some losers among them democracy, liberal humanism, and human rights. They will get their wings cut off and wont play a major role in the future to come. The winners will probably go for a new global faith and democrature, sustainable policies, upgraded humans, and trimmed-up civilization. This transformation is inevitable if we wish to grant our progenies a fair chance to prevail and evolve further beyond our semiprimitive stage. Almost all human beings consider Homo sapiens to be indispensable, but this is a plain delusion. Since there is only one thing that is certain, everything is temporary, these views show the built-in limitations of human reasoning and long-term thinking. The future of intelligent life lies beyond us!

Material World

Author : Peter Menzel
ISBN : 0871564300
Genre : Photography
File Size : 63. 42 MB
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Photographs show the homes and possessions of average families in thirty countries around the world and document each family's lifestyle

Big History

Author : Cynthia Stokes Brown
ISBN : 9781595588487
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 76 MB
Format : PDF
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Big History tells the story of the universe, from the beginning to now, by interweaving the fields of biology, geology and anthropology to offer an all-encompassing account of Earth's history. Flowing seamlessly from the birth of the universe to life on a planet inhabited by billions of people, this is a mind altering account of the fate of the Earth and of our role in this ongoing story. Featuring Cynthia Stokes Brown's paradigm-shifting movement, Big History is a seminal work written for academics, students and the layperson alike.

Portraits Of The Earth

Author : Timothy G. Feeman
ISBN : 9780821832554
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 69. 16 MB
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'Every map is a tool, a product of human effort and creativity, that represents some aspects of our world or universe...[This] course was powered by the belief that by exploring the mathematical ideas involved in creating and analyzing maps, students would see how mathematics could help them to understand and explain their world' - from the Preface. ""Portraits of the Earth"" exemplifies the AMS' mission to bring the power and vitality of mathematical thought to the nonexpert. It is designed to teach students to think logically and to analyze the technical information that they so readily encounter every day. Maps are exciting, visual tools that we encounter on a daily basis: from street maps to maps of the world accompanying news stories to geologic maps depicting the underground structure of the earth.This book explores the mathematical ideas involved in creating and analyzing maps, a topic that is rarely discussed in undergraduate courses. It is the first modern book to present the famous problem of mapping the earth in a style that is highly readable and mathematically accessible to most students. Feeman's writing is inviting to the novice, yet also interesting to readers with more mathematical experience. Through the visual context of maps and mapmaking, students will see how contemporary mathematics can help them to understand and explain the world. Topics explored are the shape and size of the earth, basic spherical geometry, and why one can't make a perfect flat map of the planet.The author discusses different attributes that maps can have and determines mathematically how to design maps that have the desired features. The distortions that arise in making world maps are quantitatively analyzed. There is an in-depth discussion on the design of numerous map projections - both historical and contemporary - as well as conformal and equal-area maps. Feeman looks at how basic map designs can be modified to produce maps with any center, and he indicates how to generalize methods to produce maps of arbitrary surfaces of revolution. Also included are end-of-chapter exercises and laboratory projects.Particularly interesting is a chapter that explains how to use MapleR add-on software to make maps from geographic data points. This book would make an excellent text for a basic undergraduate mathematics or geography course and would be especially appealing to the teacher who is interested in exciting visual applications in the classroom. It would also serve nicely as supplementary reading for a course in calculus, linear algebra, or differential geometry. Prerequisites include a solid grasp of trigonometry and basic calculus.

The Wire And Philosophy

Author : David Bzdak
ISBN : 9780812698282
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 69. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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By many accounts, HBO’s The Wire was and remains the greatest and most important television drama of all time. Conceived by writers David Simon and ex-Baltimore homicide detective Ed Burns, this five-season, sixty-episode tour de force has raised the bar for compelling, intelligent television production. With each season addressing a different arena of life in the city of Baltimore, and each season’s narratives tapping into those from previous seasons, The Wire was able to reveal the overlapping, criss-crossing, and colliding realities that shape—if not control—the people, institutions, and culture of the modern American city. The Wire and Philosophy celebrates this show’s realism as well as its intellectual and philosophical clarity. Selected philosophers who are fans of The Wire tap into these conflicts and interconnections to expose the underlying philosophical issues and assumptions and pursue questions, such as, Can cops really tell whether they are smarter than their perps? Or do they fall victim to intellectual vanity? Do individuals really have free will to resist the temptations—of gangs, of drugs, or corruption—that surround them? Is David Simon a modern-day Marx who sees capitalism leading ultimately to its own collapse, or is Baltimore’s story uniquely its own?

Life Of Earth

Author : Stanley A. Rice
ISBN : 1616142251
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 76 MB
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In this portrait of Planet Earth, biologist Stanley A. Rice discusses the evolution of the global network of life and the crucial role played by humans in determining the future of our world. Unlike most books on Earth's history, which present the story of life on our planet in terms of one chronological period after another, Rice discusses the Earth's teeming diversity in terms of pivotal evolutionary developments. Rice also discusses the role of photosynthesis in establishing and maintaining life on Earth; the evidence for ancient natural catastrophes, which caused widespread extinctions; as well as the importance of religion, the recent use of scientific reasoning in human development, and the critical role our species continues to play in the future of the planet. Human history represents only a tiny sliver of our planet's cosmic existence, a relationship Rice depicts by comparing the presence of human life on Earth (the width of a thumb) to the width of North America. But, as it happens, humans represent the most incredibly complex development and interweaving of not only sexual selection and altruism but also religion and reason---more than in any other species that has ever lived on the planet. Life of Earth, therefore, is actually an intimate story about us, and we humans are tremendously captivated by intriguing accounts of our own history. Rice's engaging approach is well designed to foster an appreciation for the scope of life on our planet and to encourage wise stewardship of the natural world on which our very survival depends.

Mismatch Why Our World No Longer Fits Our Bodies

Author : Peter Gluckman
ISBN : 9780191513121
Genre : Medical
File Size : 50. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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We have built a world that no longer fits our bodies. Our genes - selected through our evolution - and the many processes by which our development is tuned within the womb, limit our capacity to adapt to the modern urban lifestyle. There is a mismatch. We are seeing the impact of this mismatch in the explosion of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. But it also has consequences in earlier puberty and old age. Bringing together the latest scientific research in evolutionary biology, development, medicine, anthropology and ecology, Peter Gluckman and Mark Hanson, both leading medical scientists, argue that many of our problems as modern-day humans can be understood in terms of this fundamental and growing mismatch. It is an insight that we ignore at our peril.

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