hydrocarbon exploration and production 55 developments in petroleum science

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Hydrocarbon Exploration And Production

Author : Frank Jahn
ISBN : 0080568831
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production, Second Edition is a comprehensive and current introduction to the upstream industry, drawing together the many inter-disciplinary links within the industry. It presents all the major stages in the life of an oil or gas field, from gaining access to opportunity, through exploration, appraisal, development planning, production, and finally to decommissioning. It also explains the fiscal and commercial environment in which oil and gas field development takes place. The book is written for industry professionals who wish to be better informed about the basic technical and commercial methods, concepts and techniques used in the upstream oil and gas business. The authors are the founders of TRACS International, a company which has provided training and consultancy in Exploration and Production related issues for many clients world-wide since 1992. Clearly written in a concise and straightforward manner Features detailed technical illustrations to maximize learning Presents major advances in the industry, including technical methods for field evaluation and development and techniques used for managing risk within the business Developed from TRACS International course materials, discussions with clients, and material available in the public domain

Multiphase Flow Metering

Author : Gioia Falcone
ISBN : 0080558844
Genre : Science
File Size : 74. 26 MB
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Over the last two decades the development, evaluation and use of MFM systems has been a major focus for the Oil & Gas industry worldwide. Since the early 1990's, when the first commercial meters started to appear, there have been around 2,000 field applications of MFM for field allocation, production optimisation and well testing. So far, many alternative metering systems have been developed, but none of them can be referred to as generally applicable or universally accurate. Both established and novel technologies suitable to measure the flow rates of gas, oil and water in a three-phase flow are reviewed and assessed within this book. Those technologies already implemented in the various commercial meters are evaluated in terms of operational and economical advantages or shortcomings from an operator point of view. The lessons learned about the practical reliability, accuracy and use of the available technology is discussed. The book suggests where the research to develop the next generation of MFM devices will be focused in order to meet the as yet unsolved problems. The book provides a critical and independent review of the current status and future trends of MFM, supported by the authors’ strong background on multiphase flow and by practical examples. These are based on the authors’ direct experience on MFM, gained over many years of research in connection with both operators and service companies. As there are currently no books on the subject of Multiphase Flow Metering for the Oil & Gas industry, this book will fill in the gap and provide a theoretical and practical reference for professionals, academics, and students. * Written by leading scholars and industry experts of international standing * Includes strong coverage of the theoretical background, yet also provides practical examples and current developments * Provides practical reference for professionals, students and academics

Energy Potential Of The Russian Arctic Seas

Author : Alexey Piskarev
ISBN : 9780444537843
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 96 MB
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The structure of sedimentary basins of the Russian Arctic Seas is studied and illustrated by a number of maps, cross-sections and geophysical models. The calculated density models of the Earth crust illustrate the deep structure of the main blocks of the crust. Five major gas-condensate and gas fields are discovered here: three (Shtokman, Ludlov, Ledovoe) in the Barents and two (Leningrad and Rusanov) in the Kara Sea. Geological and geophysical characteristics of the Russian Arctic Sea sedimentary basins allow an estimation of their hydrocarbon potential by comparison with the known world analogues. Total potential resources of giant deposits of hydrocarbons in Russian Arctic Seas are estimated at 470 billion barrels of oil equivalent. The richest resources are the Kara Sea and Laptev Sea. Less rich is Barents Sea. The relatively smaller contribution to the overall estimation of the resources makes the resources of East-Siberian Sea and Chukchi Sea. Development the energy capacity of the continental shelf of Russia can play a stabilizing role in the dynamics of oil and gas production in the period 2010-2020. A key role in developing the capacity of the Arctic shelf oil and gas play is the innovative technology in exploration, production and management of the relevant investment projects. World offshore experience indicates that the combination of these factors is achieved through the formation of international firms and organizations. Comprehensively assesses the potential oil and gas resources in sedimentary basins within the Russian sector of the Arctic Ocean Describes the economic and legal challenges to the development of offshore fields in Russia Explores possible ways and timing to maKe these hydrocarbon resources available to the global market

Well Completion Design

Author : Jonathan Bellarby
ISBN : 0080932525
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 26. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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Completions are the conduit between hydrocarbon reservoirs and surface facilities. They are a fundamental part of any hydrocarbon field development project. The have to be designed for safely maximising the hydrocarbon recovery from the well and may have to last for many years under ever changing conditions. Issues include: connection with the reservoir rock, avoiding sand production, selecting the correct interval, pumps and other forms of artificial lift, safety and integrity, equipment selection and installation and future well interventions. * Course book based on course well completion design by TRACS International * Unique in its field: Coverage of offshore, subsea, and landbased completions in all of the major hydrocarbon basins of the world. * Full colour

Pressure Transient Formation And Well Testing

Author : Fikri J. Kuchuk
ISBN : 008093174X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65. 59 MB
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This reference presents a comprehensive description of flow through porous media and solutions to pressure diffusion problems in homogenous, layered, and heterogeneous reservoirs. It covers the fundamentals of interpretation techniques for formation tester pressure gradients, and pretests, multiprobe and packer pressure transient tests, including derivative, convolution, and pressure-rate and pressure-pressure deconvolution. Emphasis is placed on the maximum likelihood method that enables one to estimate error variances in pressure data along with the unknown formation parameters. Serves as a training manual for geologists, petrophysicists, and reservoir engineers on formation and pressure transient testing Offers interpretation techniques for immediate application in the field Provides detailed coverage of pretests, multiprobe and packer pressure transient tests, including derivative, convolution, and pressure-rate and pressure-pressure deconvolution

Sediment Provenance Studies In Hydrocarbon Exploration And Production

Author : R.A. Scott
ISBN : 9781862393707
Genre : Science
File Size : 28. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sediment provenance studies concern the origin, composition, transportation and deposition of detritus and therefore are an important part of understanding the links between basinal sedimentation, and hinterland tectonics and unroofing. Such studies can add value at many stages of hydrocarbon exploitation, from identifying regional-scale crustal affinities and sediment dispersal patterns during the earliest stages of exploration, to detailed correlation in producing reservoirs and understanding the impact of mineralogy on reservoir diagenesis. The volume showcases the wide variety of techniques available, using examples and applications from all aspects of sediment provenance research. The papers are organized into four sets around the following themes: • Overview: applications of provenance information in hydrocarbon reservoir sandstones • Provenance, diagenesis and reservoir quality • Provenance studies linking sediment to source • Looking forward: development of techniques and data handling This book is dedicated to the memory of Maria Mange and Robert A. Scott.

Correlation In Hydrocarbon Exploration

Author : John Collinson
ISBN : 9789400911499
Genre : Science
File Size : 20. 17 MB
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This book is the published record of the papers presented at a conference of the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) held in Bergen, Norway, on 3-5 October, 1988. The conference was initially proposed and promoted by the Geology and Geophysics Advisory Committee of the Norwegian Petroleum Society consisting of: A. M. Spencer (Chairman), M. Brink,J. D. Collinson, S. Hanslien, D. M. D.James, T. B. Lund, K. Messel, E. Ormaasen and G. Saeland. The programme and more detailed planning of the conference was carried out by a programme committee consisting of: J. D. Collinson (Chairman), O. Eldholm, E. Holter, D. M. D.James, H. Tykoezinski, D. Worsley and S. M. Aasheim. There were 245 participants at the meeting and 36 papers were presented as talks with a further 9 presented as posters. These proceedings are representative of the range of topics covered. The meeting was characterized by a high level of discussion which has influenced several authors in the final preparation of their written papers. These proceedings have been edi ted on behalf of the Norwegian Petroleum Society by J. D. Collinson with help from H. Tykoezinski. The editor and the organizing committee wish to thank all the referees who reviewed papers and all the authors who responded so fully and promptly to their comments. The NPF is most grateful to the University of Bergen for making available their facilities for the conference.

The Value Of Outcrop Studies In Reducing Subsurface Uncertainty And Risk In Hydrocarbon Exploration And Production

Author : M. Bowman
ISBN : 9781786201409
Genre : Science
File Size : 82. 77 MB
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This volume reviews and reappraises the value and impact of outcrop-based fieldwork in hydrocarbon exploration, appraisal, development and production. There has been a resurgence in the use and need for outcrop-based research as analogues and benchmarks for subsurface overburden and reservoir studies, and digital technologies combined with traditional methods are revolutionizing this area of field-studies.

Economic Risk In Hydrocarbon Exploration

Author : Ian Lerche
ISBN : 0080505007
Genre : Science
File Size : 54. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Economic Risk in Hydrocarbon Exploration provides a total framework for assessing the uncertainties associated with exploration risk from beginning to end. Numerous examples with accompanying microcomputer algorithms illustrate how to quantitatively approach economic risk. The text compares detailed assumptions and models of economic risk, and presents numerical examples throughout to facilitate hands-on calculations using popular spread-sheet packages on personal computers. Covers economic risk from exploration through production models Brings methods to a level where all can be done on a PC Analyzes numerical examples from the real world Removes "mystery" from how economics is done Addresses assumptions in models and shows how they influence projections

Geology Of Gas And Oil Under The Netherlands

Author : H.E. Rondeel
ISBN : 0792337492
Genre : Science
File Size : 33. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Contains 21 papers on the petroleum geology of the Netherlands, combining work by the industry, the Geological Survey and universities. The wide range of topics presented includes reservoir characterization through 3D seismic and borehole log evaluation of single oil and gas fields, as well as reviews of the hydrocarbon habitat in the West Netherlands Basin and of the regional Rotliegend facies distribution. Published in association with the Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands (KNGMG), which hosted the 1993 International Conference in the Hague of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. The papers were prepared for this conference. Audience: Staff engaged in hydrocarbon exploration and production in the North Sea area. Others who need to know about the results of this exploration and production in the Netherlands.

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