hydrogen bonding and transfer in the excited state

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Hydrogen Bonding And Transfer In The Excited State

Author : Ke-Li Han
ISBN : 1119972922
Genre : Science
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This book gives an extensive description of the state-of-the-art in research on excited-state hydrogen bonding and hydrogen transfer in recent years. Initial chapters present both the experimental and theoretical investigations on the excited-state hydrogen bonding structures and dynamics of many organic and biological chromophores. Following this, several chapters describe the influences of the excited-state hydrogen bonding on various photophysical processes and photochemical reactions, for example: hydrogen bonding effects on fluorescence emission behaviors and photoisomerization; the role of hydrogen bonding in photosynthetic water splitting; photoinduced electron transfer and solvation dynamics in room temperature ionic liquids; and hydrogen bonding barrier crossing dynamics at bio-mimicking surfaces. Finally, the book examines experimental and theoretical studies on the nature and control of excited-state hydrogen transfer in various systems. Hydrogen Bonding and Transfer in the Excited State is an essential overview of this increasingly important field of study, surveying the entire field over 2 volumes, 40 chapters and 1200 pages. It will find a place on the bookshelves of researchers in photochemistry, photobiology, photophysics, physical chemistry and chemical physics.

Ultrafast Hydrogen Bonding Dynamics And Proton Transfer Processes In The Condensed Phase

Author : Thomas Elsässer
ISBN : 9789401700597
Genre : Science
File Size : 37. 6 MB
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Hydrogen bonds represent type of molecular interaction that determines the structure and function of a large variety of molecular systems. The elementary dynamics of hydrogen bonds and related proton transfer reactions, both occurring in the ultra fast time domain between 10-14 and 10-11s, form a research topic of high current interest. In this book addressing scientists and graduate students in physics, chemistry and biology, the ultra fast dynamics of hydrogen bonds and proton transfer in the condensed phase are reviewed by leading scientists, documenting the state of the art in this exciting field from the viewpoint of theory and experiment. The nonequilibrium behavior of hydrogen-bonded liquids and intramolecular hydrogen bonds as well as photo induced hydrogen and proton transfer are covered in 7 chapters, making reference to the most recent literature.

Gases Advances In Research And Application 2011 Edition

Author :
ISBN : 9781464920639
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 51 MB
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Gases: Advances in Research and Application: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Gases. The editors have built Gases: Advances in Research and Application: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Gases in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Gases: Advances in Research and Application: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at http://www.ScholarlyEditions.com/.

Laser Induced Fluorescence Investigation Of Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding And Excited State Proton Transfer Of Anthrarufin 1 5 Dihydroxyanthraquinone In Shpol Skii Matrices

Author : Mark H. Van Benthem
ISBN : OCLC:9637120
Genre : Excited state chemistry
File Size : 56. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Author : Angelo Albini
ISBN : 9781849734370
Genre : Reference
File Size : 70. 85 MB
Format : PDF
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Compiled by teams of leading authorities this Specialist Periodical Report on Photochemistry aims to provide an annual review of photo-induced processes.

Jet Spectroscopy And Molecular Dynamics

Author : J.M. Hollas
ISBN : 0751400351
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Recent years have seen an explosion in the volume of work carried out using supersonic jets of molecules following the discovery that the technique could provide information on structure and dynamics of a very high quality otherwise impossible to obtain. Written and edited by a first class team of authors, acknowledged world leaders in their subjects, this book describes applications in detail along with analysis of data recorded and background theory. Physical chemists and chemical physicists will find this unique book an essential concentrated source of information and reference.

Advances In Chemical Physics Volume 47 Part 2

Author : Joshua Jortner
ISBN : 9780470143124
Genre : Science
File Size : 29. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Advances in Chemical Physics series provides the chemical physics and physical chemistry fields with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations of advances in every area of the discipline. Filled with cutting-edge research reported in a cohesive manner not found elsewhere in the literature, each volume of the Advances in Chemical Physics series serves as the perfect supplement to any advanced graduate class devoted to the study of chemical physics.

Non Covalent Interactions

Author : Pavel Hobza
ISBN : 9781847558534
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 5 MB
Format : PDF
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Co-authored by an experimentalist (Klaus M ller-Dethlefs ) and theoretician (Pavel Hobza), the aim of this book is to provide a general introduction into the science behind non-covalent interactions and molecular complexes using some important experimental and theoretical methods and approaches."

Conformational Analysis Of Molecules In Excited States

Author : Jacek Waluk
ISBN : 0471297070
Genre : Medical
File Size : 46. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A unique look at some of the hottest topics in photophysics and photochemistry today The study of molecules in excited states has exploded over the past decade, providing new insights into conformational changes in organic molecules and opening up research opportunities for scientists and professionals in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, and materials engineering. Using conformational analysis as a unifying concept, this important new work provides readers with a cohesive and cutting-edge overview of this fascinating and challenging field. From conformational changes accompanying photoinduced electron transfer to elementary photophysical and photochemical processes in living systems, the most representative and challenging topics are carefully gleaned from the vast literature, highlighting major conceptual problems along with the relevant experimental techniques. Authoritative, detailed contributions from both experimentalists and theoreticians include coverage of: * Conformational changes in intramolecular excited state electron transfer * Conformational aspects of excited state proton transfer * The novel topic of solute-solvent friction in chemical reactions * Mechanisms and structural aspects of exciplex formations * Conformational aspects of organic photochemistry * Calculations of excited state conformational properties

High Dilution Effects Physical And Biochemical Basis

Author : Nirmal C. Sukul
ISBN : 1402021550
Genre : Medical
File Size : 32. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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Since the subject of high dilution effects is still a subject for debate, this volume provides evidence in support of effects from control clinical studies, clinical records from veteran physicians, controlled experiments on animals and plants, and in vitro tests without any organisms (Chapter II). An overview of the methods for preparing drugs at ultra high dilution is also provided as well as the basic principles of homeopathy, which has been alleviating human suffering through the use of these drugs for several hundred years (Chapter I). Chapter III provides physical basis of high dilutions as evidence from the NMR, IR, UV and fluorescence spectra of those drugs. Since water is used as the diluents media, the structure and dynamics of water polymers in relation to high dilution are discussed in order to facilitate easy comprehension of this physical aspect, the basic principles of spectroscopy are also described. Chapter IV focuses on the mechanism of action of potentized drugs in the living system, discussing the structure of the cell, the plasma membrane, the integral proteins on the membrane, the interaction between these proteins and high dilutions and the manifestations of the therapeutic effects of high dilutions. Some aspects, peculiar to homeopathy, such as the chief miasm psora, and the literalities and time modalities of symptoms and drug action are interpreted from a scientific perspective. Chapter IV ends with a brief discussion on water structures and the origin of life to show the natural evolution of high dilution effects. The book not only helps in understanding the physical basis of high dilutions and their mechanism of action in organisms but provides many new avenues of investigation into this interdisciplinary field of science.

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