illusive identity the blurring of working class consciousness in modern western culture

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Illusive Identity

Author : Thomas J. Edward Walker
ISBN : 9780739156186
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 76 MB
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Illusive Identity is a transnational exploration of the evolution of working-class consciousness within modern Western culture. The work traces how the rise of popular culture blurred the definition and dulled the influence of class identity in Europe and the United States in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Chapters tackling changing class consciousness in Britain, Germany, Italy, and the United States offer rich insight into the movement from a traditional community-based social identity to a modern consumer-based culture; a mass culture influenced by industrialization, new social institutions, and the powerful imagery of new media. Illusive Identity vividly demonstrates the transformative impact of modernity on the laboring classes, as advertising, entertainment, and the rise of the popular press replaced traditionally shared narratives about the nature of work with a new and liberating cultural paradigm.

The Handbook Of Communication History

Author : Peter Simonson
ISBN : 9780415892599
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 29 MB
Format : PDF
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The Handbook of Communication History addresses central ideas, social practices, and media of communication as they have developed across time, cultures, and world geographical regions. It attends to both the varieties of communication in world history and the historical investigation of those forms in communication and media studies. The Handbook editors view communication as encompassing patterns, processes, and performances of social interaction, symbolic production, material exchange, institutional formation, social praxis, and discourse. As such, the history of communication cuts across social, cultural, intellectual, political, technological, institutional, and economic history. The volume examines the history of communication history; the history of ideas of communication; the history of communication media; and the history of the field of communication. Readers will explore the history of the object under consideration (relevant practices, media, and ideas), review its manifestations in different regions and cultures (comparative dimensions), and orient toward current thinking and historical research on the topic (current state of the field). As a whole, the volume gathers disparate strands of communication history into one volume, offering an accessible and panoramic view of the development of communication over time and geographical places, and providing a catalyst to further work in communication history.

European Union Non Discrimination Law

Author : Dagmar Schiek
ISBN : 9781134049325
Genre : Law
File Size : 68. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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EU equality law is multidimensional in being based on different rationales and concepts. Consequently, the concept of discrimination has become fragmented, with different instruments envisaging different scopes of protection. This raises questions as to the ability of EU law to address the situation of persons excluded on a number of grounds. This edited collection addresses the increasing complexity of European Equality Law from jurisprudential, sociological and political science perspectives. Internationally renowned researchers from Scandinavian, Continental and Central European countries and Britain analyse consequences of multiplying discrimination grounds within EU equality law, considering its multidimensionality and intersectionality. The contributors to the volume theorise the move from formal to substantive equality law and its interrelation to new forms of governance, demonstrating the specific combination of non-discrimination law with welfare state models which reveal the global implications of the European Union. The book will be of interest to academics and policy makers all over the world, in particular to those researching and studying law, political sciences and sociology with an interest in human rights, non discrimination law, contract and employment law or European studies.

Food Drink And The Written Word In Britain 1820 1945

Author : Mary Addyman
ISBN : 9781351727150
Genre : History
File Size : 38. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume explores the intersection between culinary history and literature across a period of profound social and cultural change. Split into four parts, essays focus on the relationships between eating and childhood reading in the Victorian era, the role of hunger in depicting social instability and reform, the cultivation of taste through advertising and the formation of cultural legacies through imaginative and emotional experiences of food and drink. Contributors show that studying consumption is necessary for a full understanding of class, gender, national identity and the body. The works of writers such as Elizabeth Gaskell, Edward Lear, Isabella Beeton and Bram Stoker are considered alongside advice manuals, Home Front narratives and advertising to provide an innovative work that will be of interest to scholars of social, cultural and medical history as well as literary studies.

Author : Mike Crang
ISBN : 9990601674
Genre : Human geography
File Size : 89. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Author : Edward Wadie Said
ISBN : 9776174213
Genre : East and West
File Size : 25. 53 MB
Format : PDF
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Author : سيجموند فرويد
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 69. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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لا يمكن لغير المتضلعين بقدر أو بآخر في التحليل النفسي أن يفهموه و يقدروه بحق قدره .فهو يرمي إلي مد الجسر بين الانتلوجيين و اللغويين و المختصين في الفنون و التقاليد الشعبية من جهة أولي و بين المحللين النفسيين من جهة ثانية من غير أن يقتدر مع ذلك علي أن يقوم لأي طرفين ما ينقصهما : للأولين تمرسا كافيا بالتقنية السيكولوجية الجديدة , وللثانين تحكما كافيا بالمواد التي تنتظر الإعداد و الصياغة .

Author : ماري شيلي
ISBN : 9796500295961
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 32. 16 MB
Format : PDF
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يعد مسار هذه الرواية بالتحديد أكثر تعقيدًا من غيرها، فقد طرحت شِلي فيها أفكارًا جريئة جديدة بالنسبة لعصرها عن الإبداع عندما يتخطى حدود الطبيعة، وقد تعاظَم هذا المسار واستقلَّ بشكلٍ ما عن الرواية نفسها، وصار في حَدّ ذاته نوعًا من المجاز والأسطورة شَقّ لنفسه طريقًا في الفنون الأخرى مثل السينما والمسرح والكاريكاتور والكومِكس، وصار اسم فرانكنشتاين مُرادِفًا لكل إبداع عندما يصير هوسًا يَجلِب عواقب وخيمة على المُبدِع والعالم، ومرادفًا للوحشيَّة وقد تحرَّرَت من عِقالها.

Author : ميشيل فوكو
ISBN : 9953681171
Genre :
File Size : 90. 35 MB
Format : PDF
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Author : مصطفى صفوان
ISBN : 9786144255940
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 48. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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انطلق الحراك العربي في تعبئة شعبية غير مسبوقة حرّكت كل الطاقات الحيّة المختزنة. ولكن صناعة التغيير وبناء الإنسان تتمثّل في مشروع نهضوي فعلي. +++ هنا تبرز أهمّية هذا العمل الذي يكشف بنى الاستبداد ويحلّل آلياته التي وطّدت أركانه، ليس سياسياً فقط وإنما اجتماعياً وثقافياً ولغوياً. ومن أبرز مقوّمات بنى الاستبداد التي يعالجها هذا العمل العلاقة ما بين اللغة والكتابة، وسلطات الاستبداد، وكذلك ما يمكن أن نطلق عليه تسمية اللاوعي الثقافي، على غرار اللاوعي الفردي، والذي يرسّخ علاقة الاستبداد ما بين الحاكم والشعب. +++ يتكامل لدى صفوان هم تحرير الإنسان العربي من الاستبداد مع تحرّره من الاستلاب الذي تمارسه عليه المكبوتات النفسية.

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