incarnation on the scope and depth of christology

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Author : Niels Henrick Gregersen
ISBN : 9781451469844
Genre : Religion
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This volume takes the reader on a journey from New Testament and early church views of incarnation to contemporary understandings of Christology. A prominent group of scholars explores and debates the idea of “deep incarnation”—the view that the divine incarnation in Jesus presupposes a radical embodiment that reaches into the roots of material and biological existence, as well as into the darker sides of creation. Such a wide-scope view of incarnation allows Christology to be meaningful when responding to the challenges of scientific cosmology and global religious pluralism.

Making Sense Of Jesus

Author : Francois Tolmie
ISBN : 9781928424079
Genre : Religion
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Making sense of Jesus is comprised of twelve chapters of a Christological nature, which are the result of a multidisciplinary theological research project. The aim of this book is to ascertain how, in the current cultural situation, an encounter with Jesus is determined by specific historical and personal conditions, and what the consequences of such an encounter may be. The book is divided into two parts, the first of which contains research that deals with encounters, mediated by New Testament and historical studies, while the second is dedicated to contemporary and constructive issues of a cultural, technological, moral and existential nature. The basic approach of the research, and that of this publication, is not to continue conventional Christology, but to generate new knowledge therein. In this approach, issues are raised and questions are asked which, while both inspiring and unsettling, no serious academic can afford to ignore. - Prof. C.J. Wethmar, University of the Pretoria

Christian Faith And The Earth

Author : Ernst M. Conradie
ISBN : 9780567066176
Genre : Religion
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Christianity has often been accused for being complicit in ecological destruction. In response, Christian ecotheology offers both a Christian critique of environmental destruction and an ecological critique of Christianity. It thus encourages an ecological reformation of the Christian tradition for the sake of the whole earth. This volume focuses such a dual critique on the content and significance of the Christian faith in order to confront those aspects that may undermine an environmental praxis, ethos and spirituality. Each of the essays explores one of the core Christian symbols, seeks to capture the current state of the debate in this regard, identifies emerging horizons for such an ecological reformation and invites conversation on the road ahead. This volume includes essays on the trinity, Christology, pneumatology, creation, anthropology, natural suffering, providence, sin and salvation, the nature, governance, ministries and missions of the church, eschatological consummation, a Christian ethos, the role of liturgy, religious plurality andunderlying methodological problems. It thus complements several other discourses in ecotheology on biblical hermeneutics, a retrieval of particular traditions, environmental ethics, animal studies, ecclesial praxis, Christian missions and religion and ecology. The volume captures insights emerging from a collaborative research project on 'Christian Faith and the Earth' in which more than one hundred leading ecotheologians from six continents participated since 2007. It builds on the culminating conference of this project held in Cape Town in August 2012.It extends the conversation on the road ahead through inputs from contributing authors and various respondents.

Menschwerdung Gottes

Author : Hans Küng
ISBN : 3492110495
Genre :
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The Incarnate Word

Author : John Williamson Nevin
ISBN : 9781625645227
Genre : Religion
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The Incarnate Word contains a selection of the key writings on the doctrines of Christology produced by the theologians of Mercersburg Seminary during the middle of the nineteenth century. Despite the seminary's small stature and marginal position within American religious life, these texts represent some of the most profound wrestlings with the doctrine of the person of Christ that appeared in antebellum America, engaging the latest in German theological scholarship as well as the riches of the Christian tradition. As such, they command more than mere historical interest, providing rich conversation partners for contemporary debates in Reformed Christology, and anticipating the insights of such key twentieth-century theologians as T. F. Torrance. The present critical edition carefully preserves the original texts, while providing extensive introductions, annotations, and bibliography to orient the modern reader and facilitate further scholarship. The Mercersburg Theology Study Series is an attempt to make available for the first time, in attractive, readable, and scholarly modern editions, the key writings of the nineteenth-century movement known as the Mercersburg Theology. An ambitious multi-year project, this aims to make an important contribution to the scholarly community and to the broader reading public, who can at last be properly introduced to this unique blend of American and European, Reformed and catholic theology.

Resonanzen Neurobiologie Evolution Und Theologie

Author : Markus Mühling
ISBN : 9783647570464
Genre : Religion
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Markus Mühling stellt die These auf, dass das dreieinige Leben keine Ausnahme, sondern die Bedingung der Möglichkeit der Ontologie darstellt. Unter Zuhilfenahme erkenntnistheoretischer Überlegungen entwirft er so seine Theorie der Offenbarung als Wahrnehmung. Zudem macht Mühling deutlich, dass die Theologie gut daran tut, naturwissenschaftliche Theorien zur Beantwortung ihrer drängendsten Fragen zu berücksichtigen. Denn wie sich zeigt, lassen sich theologische Probleme unter Berücksichtigung naturwissenschaftlicher Fragestellungen und Erkenntnisse besser lösen. Gleichsam weist Mühling darauf hin, dass auch die Naturwissenschaften etwas von der Theologie lernen können.

In The Shadow Of The Incarnation

Author : Peter William Martens
ISBN : 0268035113
Genre : Religion
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The early centuries of the Christian church are widely regarded as the most decisive and influential for the formation of the church's convictions about Jesus Christ. The essays in this volume offer readers a fresh orientation, and ground-breaking analyses, of the figure of Jesus in late antiquity. Written by historians and theologians who examine the thought of leading theologians, Latin and Greek, from the second through the seventh centuries, these essays honor and complement the scholarship of Brian E. Daley, Catherine F. Huisking Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. While most discussions still confine patristic Christology to its conciliar trajectory, this volume broadens our horizons. The essays gathered here explore aspects of early Christology that cannot be narrowly confined to the path marked by the ecumenical councils. The contributors locate Jesus within a rich matrix of relationships: they explore how early Christian theologians connected Jesus Christ to their other doctrinal concerns about God, the gift of salvation, and the eschaton, and they articulate how convictions about Jesus Christ informed numerous practices, including discipleship, martyrdom, scriptural interpretation, and even the practice of thinking well about Christ. "The rich diversity and wealth of information found in these essays offers an admirable reflection of the wide-ranging and depth of scholarship that has long been associated with Brian Daley's work. Considering the scope of participants in this collection; from accomplished peers to recent Ph.D. graduates, the book bears witness to the degree Fr. Daley has influenced and shaped generations of scholars. As such, this collection succeeds in honoring a man of faith who is certainly worthy of such an honor." --Daniel H. Williams, Baylor University "The essays in this volume all address in differing ways themes that arise out of the classical Christological tradition of the early Church. For a collection of essays the material is unusually well focused and the volume will make a fresh contribution to the current state of patristic scholarship on early Christian thinking about the person and work of Christ." --Robert Louis Wilken, William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of the History of Christianity, University of Virginia "Jesus' question to his disciples, 'Who do you say I am?' is the starting point of all Christian theology. In this splendid volume, more than a dozen distinguished scholars encounter that question again, in many and varied ways. Together, they provide fresh insights on the person of Jesus Christ as they reflect on the thought of the Fathers of the Church from contemporary perspectives." --Joseph T. Lienhard, S.J., Fordham University "Brian Daley belongs in the front rank of patristic scholars in the United States. It is fitting, therefore, that he be honored with this collection of essays, centering on his long-standing central concern with Christology. These essays nuance the Christological thought of key documents and figures from the second to the seventh century. They deal with not just the ontological nature of Christ but also general aspects of the faith in Christ as connected with other Christian doctrines. The distinguished list of contributors testifies to the influence of and esteem for Brian Daley. The volume is a worthy tribute to a premier patristic scholar." --Everett Ferguson, Abilene Christian University

Der Weg Jesu Christi

Author : Jürgen Moltmann
ISBN : OCLC:1041289435
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Reformation Theology For A Post Secular Age L Gstrup Prenter Wingren And The Future Of Scandinavian Creation Theology

Author : Niels Henrik Gregersen
ISBN : 9783647604589
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The movement of Scandinavian Creation Theology was shaped by its three founding figures: the philosopher K.E Løgstrup, and the systematic theologians Regin Prenter, and Gustaf Wingren. In their appeal to Martin Luther, all three of them were deeply inspired by the Danish theologian N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872), seing him as a creative mediator between Luther and contemporary Christianity. The program of Scandinavian creation theology is not a naive call for an additive theology, as if to merely say: “we need more creation.” Nor does it represent a creation theology linked to a traditional theology of the orders of creation. Rather, Scandinavian Creation Theology claims that a theological interpretation of the shared conditions of humanity is to be considered a prerequisite for any interpretation of the Christian faith in the present religious situation. This volume aims to reformulate the potentials of Scandinavian creation theology for the 21st century, arguing that Scandinavian creation theology adds significantly to the body of theological reflection on the future shape of Reformation theology. The reader will find fresh interpretations of the sources, critical elaborations, and sustained attempts to reconfigure Reformation theology for a post-secular age.

God S Human Face

Author : Cardinal Christoph Schönborn
ISBN : 9780898705140
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29. 42 MB
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This book by Bishop Christoph Schonborn, the principal editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is about the human face of God. Artists and theologians have meditated upon the mystery of God's human countenance and tried to express it. This book seeks to present the great sources of this meditation--sources which today are widely unknown, or have become foreign or obscure. These sources are above all the great masters of early Christianity. In their meditation upon Christ, Bishop Schonborn seeks the sources of the art on the Icon. The reader will find not only an engaging introduction to the meaning and beauty of Icons, but an invitation to draw closer to the One who inspired these Masters of theological expression and holy art. Includes beautiful color Icon illustrations.--taken from Amazon®.com

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