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India Macroeconomics Annual 2010

Author : Sugata Marjit
ISBN : 9788132119333
Genre : Business & Economics
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Inda Macroeconomics Annual 2010 is a collection of scholarly work that analyses contemporary macroeconomic trends using macroeconomic and statistical tools. It consists of papers that effectively link theoretical and empirical developments with specific real-world examples and problems. The volume looks into a range of economic issues such as inclusive growth, child labour and unemployment, foreign direct investment, and import prices. The first section is devoted entirely to macroeconomic issues. The emphasis of this section is on problems affecting the conditions of the economy in general. The second part consists of papers encompassing a wide range of topics such as labour, fiscal issues, banking and finance, international trade, econometrics, computational and mathematical methods.

India Macroeconomics Annual 2009

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:733728080
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This annual publication analyzes interesting macroeconomic events of contemporary India using macroeconomic and statistical tools. Its focus is on problems affecting economy in general; it no only addresses problems of the Indian economy, but also has a fairly broad perspective that would be applicable to the conditions in other countries. The first part of the volume deals with macroeconomic issues while the second part comprises academic research papers covering a wide range of topics such as labour, fiscal issues, banking and finance, international trade, econometrics, and computational and mathematical methods. Each paper studies topics relevant for developing countries through pure and applied economic theory and econometric methods.

Indian National Bibliography

Author :
ISBN : UCBK:C098765760
Genre : India
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India S Recent Macroeconomic Performance An Assessment And Way Forward

Author : Muneesh Kapur
ISBN : 9781475516838
Genre : Business & Economics
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The macroeconomic policy response in India after the North Atlantic financial crisis (NAFC) was rapid. The overshooting of the stimulus and its gradual withdrawal sowed seeds for inflationary and BoP pressures and growth slowdown, then exacerbated by domestic policy bottlenecks and volatility in international financial markets during mid-2013. Appropriate domestic oil prices and fiscal consolidation will contribute to the recovery of private sector investment. Fiscal consolidation would also facilitate a reduction in inflation, which would moderate gold imports and favorably impact real exchange rate and current account deficit.

Handbook Of Income Distribution

Author : Anthony B. Atkinson
ISBN : 9780444594761
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55. 29 MB
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What new theories, evidence, explanations, and policies have shaped our studies of income distribution in the 21st century? Editors Tony Atkinson and Francois Bourguignon assemble the expertise of leading authorities in this survey of substantive issues. In two volumes they address subjects that were not covered in Volume 1 (2000), such as education, health and experimental economics; and subjects that were covered but where there have been substantial new developments, such as the historical study of income inequality and globalization. Some chapters discuss future growth areas, such as inheritance, the links between inequality and macro-economics and finance, and the distributional implications of climate change. They also update empirical advances and major changes in the policy environment. The volumes define and organize key areas of income distribution studies Contributors focus on identifying newly developing questions and opportunities for future research The authoritative articles emphasize the ways that income mobility and inequality studies have recently gained greater political significance

Indian Economic Review

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433089088045
Genre : Economics
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India S Economy And Growth

Author : Pulin B Nayak
ISBN : 9788132104520
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55. 5 MB
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This is a collection of essays by 16 renowned Indian economists on contemporary issues linked to India’s economic development. These essays were originally presented in a conference organized to commemorate the birth centenary of Prof V K R V Rao (1908-1991), one of the foremost Indian social scientists and institution builders of the twentieth century. He was the founder of the Delhi School of Economics and the Institute of Economic Growth in Delhi and the Institute of Social and Economic Change in Bangalore.

Does The Business Environment Affect Corporate Investment In India

Author : Kiichi Tokuoka
ISBN : 9781463950255
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 54. 89 MB
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Since the global financial crisis, corporate investment has been weak in India. Sluggish corporate investment would not only moderate growth from the demand side but also constrain growth from the supply side over time. Against this background, this paper analyzes the reasons for the slowdown and discusses how India can boost corporate investment, using both macro and firm-level micro data. Analysis of macro data indicates that macroeconomic factors can largely explain corporate investment but that they do not appear to account fully for recent weak performance, suggesting a key role of the business environment in reviving corporate investment. Analysis of micro panel data suggests that improving the business environment by reducing costs of doing business, improving financial access, and developing infrastructure, could stimulate corporate investment.

World Bank South Asia Economic Update 2010

Author : World Bank
ISBN : 9780821384046
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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'The World Bank South Asia Economic Update 2010: Moving Up, Looking East' is the World Bank s comprehensive annual report on the region s economies. In this first edition, the Bank finds that South Asia s strong rebound since March 2009 is comparable to that in East Asia. Government policy, external support, resumption of private spending and global recovery are driving the rebound. Robust and timely policy interventions were, and continue to be, a key to confidence and recovery. South Asia s particular strengths and forms of global integration not the lack of it were the main factors that allowed greater resilience. As a special topic, the report examines and recommends three principal directions to reposition South Asia s trade and investment integration policies and profitably expand their domestic economies in both manufacturing and services.

Creating A Learning Society

Author : Joseph E. Stiglitz
ISBN : 9780231525541
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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It has long been recognized that most standard of living increases are associated with advances in technology, not the accumulation of capital. Yet it has also become clear that what truly separates developed from less developed countries is not just a gap in resources or output but a gap in knowledge. In fact, the pace at which developing countries grow is largely determined by the pace at which they close that gap. Therefore, how countries learn and become more productive is key to understanding how they grow and develop, especially over the long term. In Creating a Learning Society, Joseph E. Stiglitz and Bruce C. Greenwald spell out the implications of this insight for both economic theory and policy. Taking as a starting point Kenneth J. Arrow's 1962 paper "Learning by Doing," they explain why the production of knowledge differs from that of other goods and why market economies alone are typically not efficient in the production and transmission of knowledge. Closing knowledge gaps, or helping laggards learn, is central to growth and development. Combining technical economic analysis with accessible prose, Stiglitz and Greenwald provide new models of "endogenous growth," upending the received thinking about global policy and trade regimes. They show how well-designed government trade and industrial policies can help create a learning society; explain how poorly designed intellectual property regimes can retard learning; demonstrate how virtually every government policy has effects, both positive and negative, on learning; and they argue that policymakers need to be cognizant of these effects. They provocatively show why many standard policy prescriptions, especially associated with "neoliberal" doctrines focusing on static resource allocations, impede learning and explain why free trade may lead to stagnation, while broad based industrial protection and exchange rate interventions may bring benefits, not just to the industrial sector, but to the entire economy. The volume concludes with brief commentaries from Philippe Aghion and Michael Woodford, as well as from Nobel Laureates Kenneth Arrow and Robert Solow.

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