integrating art therapy and yoga therapy yoga art and the use of intention

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Integrating Art Therapy And Yoga Therapy

Author : Karen Gibbons
ISBN : 9781784500238
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 25. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This dynamic approach to therapy combines yoga and art to heal the whole person - body, mind and spirit - through the use of intention. In this practical guide art therapists will learn how to incorporate yoga poses, mudras and meditation, and yoga therapists to introduce art directives, into individual and group clinical work for a more holistic healing process. Readers will discover the parallels that exist between the two modalities, and how to use a specific intention as a framework for structuring sessions, with the aim of reaching a deeper level of healing in their clinical work. Guidelines for staying within each modality's scope of practice and working ethically are included, as well as an extensive Practice Chart, which shows how to match treatment concerns with an intention, mudra meditation, yoga poses and art activity. Ideal for art therapists looking to expand and enhance their practice, this book will also appeal to yoga therapists and teachers with an interest in art-based techniques. Although primarily meant for therapists, it is also accessible for individuals looking for self-improvement.

Complicated Grief Attachment And Art Therapy

Author : Briana MacWilliam
ISBN : 9781784504588
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 85. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This wide-ranging book on art therapy and grief provides everything an art therapist needs to feel confident in creating an effective treatment plan. It features fourteen clear-cut protocols, outlining 4-8 week curriculums for working with Complicated Grief, and explains the theory which informs the practice, including popular and evolving models such as Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Art Therapy Relational Neuroscience (ATR-N). Suitable for a variety of settings and clinical populations, the book breaks through the analytical jargon of the field and provides first-person narratives of art therapists exploring their own experiences of grief and client case studies.

Principles And Themes In Yoga Therapy

Author : James Foulkes
ISBN : 9780857011947
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 44. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Yoga has become increasingly popular in mainstream culture, with varied interpretations of how it should be taught and practiced, and increased awareness of its beneficial effects as a healing modality. As a result, yoga therapy has emerged as an effective alternative approach to health and wellness. Explaining the principles and underpinning ideas presented by the yoga therapy movement, James Foulkes identifies the methods leading to the most effective practice. Applying a principles-based approach, he explores the concept of delivering yoga therapeutically and discusses more complete ways of thinking about anatomy and the wholeness of the human being, using theories, illustrations, and case studies. Yoga therapy practitioners will learn to improve their work and more effectively support their clients.

Arts Therapists In Multidisciplinary Settings

Author : Caroline Miller
ISBN : 9781784500757
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 20. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In a multidisciplinary setting or team, competing perspectives and principles can be challenging to negotiate, but supportive working relationships and effective collaboration can ultimately lead to an enriched experience and innovative outcomes for both professionals and clients. Drawing on their diverse experiences, art, music, drama, play and dance therapists emphasise the valuable results that their respective disciplines can produce when applied in settings ranging from schools to hospices, in collaboration with behaviour therapists, teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists and other practitioners. The book provides a unique perspective on the common issues faced by arts therapists when working with other professionals and will assist arts therapists in promoting their profession to co-workers and clients.

Yoga Therapy

Author : Ellen G. Horovitz
ISBN : 9781317597896
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 70. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Yoga Therapy: Theory and Practice is a vital guidebook for any clinician or scholar looking to integrate yoga into the medical and mental health fields. Chapters are written by expert yoga therapy practitioners and offer theoretical, historical, and practice-based instruction on cutting-edge topics such as application of yoga therapy to anger management and the intersection of yoga therapy and epigenetics; many chapters also include Q&A "self-inquiries." Readers will find that Yoga Therapy is the perfect guide for practitioners looking for new techniques as well as those hoping to begin from scratch with yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapy For Stress And Anxiety

Author : Robert Butera
ISBN : 9780738746449
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 39. 17 MB
Format : PDF
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Create a personalized path to healing with this step-by-step guide to holistic change. Comprehensive and accessible no matter your skill level, Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety helps you understand what creates a stress-filled life so that you may choose a life of ease instead. Through yoga practice and the lesser-known lifestyle aspects of yoga, you will be able to face all situations from the calm perspective of the higher self. Incorporating exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, and many other tools, this guide provides effective methods for repairing areas of imbalance and identifying your needs. Learn about the five yogic paths of psychology, intellect, health, work, and relationships. Apply a variety of yoga postures for relaxation, improved attitude and sleep, self-acceptance, and more. With the transformative power of a whole-lifestyle approach, you will achieve wellness in your mind, body, and soul. Praise: “A comprehensive and extremely accessible guide for modern health. Grounded in the ancient practices, the three authors weave modern understanding into practical tools that will serve all of us far into the future.”—Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, past president of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and author of Fostering Creativity in Rehabilitation

Autobiography Of A Yogi Pb Grk

Author : Paramahansa Yogananda
ISBN : 0876121296
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Selected as "One of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the 20th Century," Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi has been translated into over 20 languages, and is regarded worldwide as a spiritual classic. It reads like an adventure story while answering questions about religion, God, existence, yoga, higher consciousness, and the challenges of daily spiritual living. It is a book for people of all faiths - anyone yearning to know what life is truly all about. Self Realization Fellowship's editions, and non others, incorporate all of the author's significant revisions to the text of the 1946 first edition.

Yoga For The Creative Soul

Author : Erin Byron
ISBN : 9780738753713
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 52. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Use the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga to Explore the Deepest Aspects of Your Creative Self Combining expressive arts and yoga therapy, Yoga for the Creative Soul is an invaluable guide to healing emotional wounds and creating a joyous life. Through drawing, writing, dancing, humming, and cooking—as well as yoga postures, meditation, relaxation, breathing, and self-inquiry—this book helps you cultivate your true intentions and live your deepest values. With helpful tips for daily practice and a quiz to support you in identifying areas of imbalance, author Erin Byron shares techniques that you can personalize to meet your specific needs. Discover how to bring color, movement, and melody into everyday moments with the five paths to self-realization: Karma, Jnana, Raja, Bhakti, and Tantra. Engaging a process of personal transformation and learning how take control of your life are gifts you can give yourself with Yoga for the Creative Soul Praise: “I’m dazzled. Yoga for the Creative Soul is more than a program or philosophy. It’s a gift, merging the tenets of ancient and yoga-based psychology with the expressive arts and personal healing . . . In this blessed book, Erin presents us with an all-inclusive path to joy.”—Cyndi Dale, author of Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras “Grab your journals, pens, crayons, and music and get ready for a dance party! Yoga for the Creative Soul is not just a book, but a companion that allows for a unique personalized experience. Erin Byron compassionately guides you on a delightful journey . . . to help unleash the creative power that is within us all.”—Shelly Prosko, PT, PYT “A DIY guide full of exceptional exercises to awaken your best and most creative self . . . Yoga for the Creative Soul will help you to gently release fear, embrace change, gather courage, and overcome your inner-perfectionist.”—Amy B. Scher, author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can “Erin Byron expertly guides you through fun-filled, creative workouts that are not only enjoyable but transformative. Encouraged by one of the exercises, I found myself happily skipping down the street, something I haven’t done in a very long time.”—Sherrie Dillard, author of Sacred Signs and Symbols “I don’t have much yoga experience, yet Yoga for the Creative Soul is written in such a way that I am excited to put its teachings into practice! More than just a book about yoga, it serves as a journey to replenish one's source of creative energy.”—Steven Tippin, MFA, MBA “Yoga for the Creative Soul is a must-read for artists of life! Each one of us is looking to live to our fullest potential and this book is a practical guide on that path.”—Robert Butera, PhD, author of Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety “In Yoga for the Creative Soul, Erin Byron unlocks the key to the creative essence which is within each and every one of us, regardless of what external form it takes. This book is a guide to the process of finding that creativity and keeping it flowing.”—Servet Hasan, author of Life in Transition: An Intuitive Guide to New Beginnings “In her new book, Yoga for the Creative Soul, author Erin Byron uses her extensive knowledge of yoga, the expressive arts, and psychotherapy to help her readers develop or release their natural creativity. This is a refreshing look at the emotional possibilities yoga can open.”—Jeanne Van Bronkhorst, author of Dreams at the Threshold “Erin Byron’s Yoga for the Creative Soul is a book that is for anyone who is interested in how to live a more creative and fulfilling life. I have had the pleasure of teaching with Erin and it is with great joy that I notice her clear teaching style has translated onto the pages of this book.”—Staffan Elgelid, PhD, PT, GCFP, C-IAYT “I am impressed with how this book provides such an immediate and practical guide to accessing our wellspring of creativity. Everyone can benefit from this accessible map to exploration and expression.”—Gary Diggins, author of Tuning the Eardrums: Listening as a Mindful Practice “Yoga for the Creative Soul is a call to delight in the transformative and liberating power of yoga by laying down the self-conscious fear-based ego and picking up the valuable art of play-driven vulnerability and authenticity, the balance between action and acceptance that can enable us to truly find and live our creative dharma, our life purpose.”—Dr. Ginger Garner, founder of the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute and author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga “I love books that give you practical tools for transformation. And this book is full of them! In it, you'll find ways to heal yourself, inspire your creativity, and manifest your desires—all while unifying mind, body, and spirit!”—Tess Whitehurst, author of The Good Energy Book “This is a masterpiece book on the creative soul, which should be an essential part of all the yoga practitioners’ and every yoga therapist’s and health care professional’s library.”—Dilip Sarkar, MD, C-IAYT, president of the board of directors of the International Association of Yoga Therapists "Yoga for the Creative Soul is an inspirational wake up call for the animating principle that we all long to express. Erin Byron shares ancient yogic concepts in a way that is both simple and profound, and offers clear insights that will illuminate the creative path for all ages and levels.”—Kristen Butera, RYT500, C-IAYT, author of Yoga Therapy “Yoga for the Creative Soul provides a treasure chest of tools for those searching to reclaim or sustain their creative efforts.”—Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, C-IAYT, editor of Fostering Creativity in Rehabilitation “This book is a gem for waking up your creative self using the principles and practice of Yoga Therapy. Accessible, inspiring and fun, it is a unique resource for artists, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to live a full, unabashed life.”—Rachel Krentzman, PT, C-IAYT, author of Yoga for a Happy Back “Erin Byron’s invitation to gently and playfully access your creative capacities demands your full attention. What a delightful thinker and writer.”—Markus G. Scott-Alexander, PhD, director of the World Arts Organization “This book takes you on a journey of understanding and connecting to that creative aspect of yourself that might have become diminished, forgotten, or lost . . . This book will help anyone searching for a reconnection to their truth, their innate creativity, and to realize their intentions.”—Marlysa Sullivan, MPT, C-IAYT, assistant professor at Maryland University of Integrative Health “This is a wonderful practical guide with a fun, creative approach to becoming unstuck. A clearly written exploration of integrating ancient wisdom and yoga practices for modern minds with the purpose of inducing the creative process that lies within us all.”—Helene Couvrette, founder and director of Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga “Is your body longing for more meaningful expression? Erin Byron gives you lovely, creative ways to discover your body and yourself more deeply.”—Deborah Sandella, PhD, RN, author of Goodbye Hurt & Pain “Erin Byron offers a unique and much-needed tool to awaken and ignite the creative fire. Heart-felt, imaginative, and highly accessible in its writing, this book is a must-have for everyone looking to dream and live in vivid color.”—Melanie Klein, co-editor of Yoga and Body Image

Art Therapy

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951P00605432J
Genre : Art therapy
File Size : 41. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Yoga Journal Presents Your Guide To Reflexology

Author : Journal Yoga
ISBN : 9781440593826
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 55. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Discover the healing art of reflexology! The healing art of reflexology uses specific thumb and finger techniques to teach the body to redirect and release the blocked energy that causes pain and illness. In Yoga Journal Presents: Your Guide to Reflexology, you'll find expert information on this therapeutic method of pressure-point massage to relieve pain, reduce stress, and heal a variety of ailments. This accessible and comprehensive guide teaches you how to: Locate the healing zones of the feet that correspond to specific organs, systems, and body parts Use thumb-walking, knuckle presses, clapping, and other techniques to balance energy flow Use reflexology to improve immunity, treat illnesses, and reduce pain Integrate reflexology into your daily routine for a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life With this informative and inspiring guide, you'll be able to use the healing power of touch to bring relief and comfort to yourself and others, while restoring balance throughout the body, mind, and spirit.

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