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James Madison

Author : Lynne Cheney
ISBN : 9780698163454
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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A major new biography of the fourth president of the United States by New York Times bestselling author Lynne Cheney Lin-Manuel Miranda's play "Hamilton" has reignited interest in the founding fathers; it features James Madison among its vibrant cast of characters. This majestic new biography of James Madison explores the astonishing story of a man of vaunted modesty who audaciously changed the world. Among the Founding Fathers, Madison was a true genius of the early republic. Outwardly reserved, Madison was the intellectual driving force behind the Constitution and crucial to its ratification. His visionary political philosophy and rationale for the union of states—so eloquently presented in The Federalist papers—helped shape the country Americans live in today. Along with Thomas Jefferson, Madison would found the first political party in the country’s history—the Democratic Republicans. As Jefferson’s secretary of state, he managed the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the United States. As president, Madison led the country in its first war under the Constitution, the War of 1812. Without precedent to guide him, he would demonstrate that a republic could defend its honor and independence—and remain a republic still. From the Hardcover edition.

James Madison A Life Reconsidered

Author : Lynne Cheney
Genre :
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Sie Schufen Amerika

Author : Joseph J. Ellis
ISBN : 3406528295
Genre :
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Der Churchill Faktor

Author : Boris Johnson
ISBN : 9783608101126
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Mit fulminanter Erzählfreude und einem pointensicheren Gespür für die erhellende Anekdote schildert Boris Johnson Leben und Charakter des bedeutendsten britischen Staatsmannes des 20. Jahrhunderts (1874 –1965). Fasziniert von der Einmaligkeit, dem Humor und Sprachwitz, dem Abenteurertum, den politischen und literarisch-künstlerischen Leistungen seines Helden, hat er eine ebenso kenntnisreiche wie hinreißende Liebeserklärung an Winston S. Churchill verfasst. Mit britischer Nonchalance zeigt Johnson, was die Jahrhundertgestalt Churchill jedem von uns heute noch bedeuten kann.

The Body Politic

Author : Lynne Cheney
ISBN : 0312979630
Genre : Fiction
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When Vice President Vandercleve dies unexpectedly, the president's staff decides to postpone the announcement for political reasons.

The Three Lives Of James Madison

Author : Noah Feldman
ISBN : 9780679643845
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 38. 7 MB
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A sweeping reexamination of the Founding Father who transformed the United States in each of his political “lives”—as a revolutionary thinker, as a partisan political strategist, and as a president Over the course of his life, James Madison changed the United States three times: First, he designed the Constitution, led the struggle for its adoption and ratification, then drafted the Bill of Rights. As an older, cannier politician he co-founded the original Republican party, setting the course of American political partisanship. Finally, having pioneered a foreign policy based on economic sanctions, he took the United States into a high-risk conflict, becoming the first wartime president and, despite the odds, winning. In The Three Lives of James Madison, Noah Feldman offers an intriguing portrait of this elusive genius and the constitutional republic he created—and how both evolved to meet unforeseen challenges. Madison hoped to eradicate partisanship yet found himself giving voice to, and institutionalizing, the political divide. Madison’s lifelong loyalty to Thomas Jefferson led to an irrevocable break with George Washington, hero of the American Revolution. Madison closely collaborated with Alexander Hamilton on the Federalist papers—yet their different visions for the United States left them enemies. Alliances defined Madison, too. The vivacious Dolley Madison used her social and political talents to win her husband new supporters in Washington—and define the diplomatic customs of the capital’s society. Madison’s relationship with James Monroe, a mixture of friendship and rivalry, shaped his presidency and the outcome of the War of 1812. We may be more familiar with other Founding Fathers, but the United States today is in many ways Madisonian in nature. Madison predicted that foreign threats would justify the curtailment of civil liberties. He feared economic inequality and the power of financial markets over politics, believing that government by the people demanded resistance to wealth. Madison was the first Founding Father to recognize the importance of public opinion, and the first to understand that the media could function as a safeguard to liberty. The Three Lives of James Madison is an illuminating biography of the man whose creativity and tenacity gave us America’s distinctive form of government. His collaborations, struggles, and contradictions define the United States to this day. Advance praise for The Three Lives of James Madison “Noah Feldman brings a scholarly rigor and a gift for narrative to this impressive account of the sprawling—and often perplexing—life of James Madison. Understanding America requires understanding this often-overlooked Founder and his long, eventful life in the arena. We are fortunate indeed that Feldman has given us such a thoughtful examination of Madison’s mind and its still-unfolding role in the story of the nation.”—Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power “James Madison is famously known as the ‘Father’ of the American Constitution. With great insight, conveyed in elegant and commanding prose, Noah Feldman gives us a rich portrait of our fourth president in all his many aspects: constitution maker, politician, partisan, friend, slaveholder, husband, president, and elder statesmen. The result is a fresh, bold, and much-needed look at a pivotal figure in American and, therefore, world history.”—Annette Gordon-Reed, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family

James Madison S Presidency

Author : Erika Wittekind
ISBN : 9781512482096
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
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By the time he became the fourth president of the United States in 1807, James Madison was already a legend. Although he was a short, slight man with a quiet voice, he had played an instrumental role in crafting the US Constitution. As president, he oversaw the country's first international conflict since the American Revolution when tensions with Great Britain led to the War of 1812. He worked to build unity among the states and to preserve many Americans' individual rightseven as larger divisions over slavery and American Indian policy simmered across the country. For a man who was notoriously shy, Madison proved a formidable commander in chief, from his internal policies to his wartime leadership.

Barack Obama

Author : David Remnick
ISBN : 382700893X
Genre :
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James Madison And Constitutional Imperfection

Author : Jeremy D. Bailey
ISBN : 9781316404799
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 22. 63 MB
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This book presents a provocative account of James Madison's political thought by focusing on Madison's lifelong encounter with the enduring problem of constitutional imperfection. In particular, it emphasizes Madison's alliance with Thomas Jefferson, liberating it from those long-standing accounts of Madisonian constitutionalism that emphasize deliberation by elites and constitutional veneration. Contrary to much of the scholarship, this book shows that Madison was aware of the limits of the inventions of political science and held a far more subtle understanding of the possibility of constitutional government than has been recognized. By repositioning Madison as closer to Jefferson and the Revolution of 1800, this book offers a reinterpretation of one of the central figures of the early republic.

Der Schelm Von Venedig

Author : Christopher Moore
ISBN : 9783641130756
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Der Hofnarr Pocket trauert um seine geliebte Cordelia, Königin von England, die vor Kurzem einem mysteriösen Fieber erlag. Vor ihrem Tod hatte sie Pocket gebeten, nach Venedig zu reisen, um die Mächtigen der Stadt von einem Krieg abzuhalten. Pocket macht sich auf den Weg, aber als er in Venedig ankommt, muss er nicht nur erfahren, dass Cordelia in Wahrheit Opfer eines Giftanschlags wurde, er wird auch noch bei lebendigem Leib in einen Keller eingemauert. Hinter alldem stecken der Senator Brabantio und der Kaufmann Antonio, die alles tun, um ihre Kriegspläne durchzusetzen. Pocket schwört Rache – wenn er sich nur erst einmal aus seinem Verlies befreien könnte ...

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