judges and judging in the history of the common law and civil law from antiquity to modern times

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Judges And Judging In The History Of The Common Law And Civil Law

Author : Paul Brand
ISBN : 9781139505574
Genre : Law
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In this collection of essays, leading legal historians address significant topics in the history of judges and judging, with comparisons not only between British, American and Commonwealth experience, but also with the judiciary in civil law countries. It is not the law itself, but the process of law-making in courts that is the focus of inquiry. Contributors describe and analyse aspects of judicial activity, in the widest possible legal and social contexts, across two millennia. The essays cover English common law, continental customary law and ius commune, and aspects of the common law system in the British Empire. The volume is innovative in its approach to legal history. None of the essays offer straight doctrinal exegesis; none take refuge in old-fashioned judicial biography. The volume is a selection of the best papers from the 18th British Legal History Conference.

Ancient Law Ancient Society

Author : Dennis P. Kehoe
ISBN : 9780472130436
Genre : History
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An engaging look at how ancient Greeks and Romans crafted laws that fit--and, in turn, changed--their worlds

Political Trials In Theory And History

Author : Jens Meierhenrich
ISBN : 9781108107655
Genre : Political Science
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From the trial of Socrates to the post-9/11 military commissions, trials have always been useful instruments of politics. Yet there is still much that we do not understand about them. Why do governments use trials to pursue political objectives, and when? What differentiates political trials from ordinary ones? Contrary to conventional wisdom, not all political trials are show trials or contrive to set up scapegoats. This volume offers a novel account of political trials that is empirically rigorous and theoretically sophisticated, linking state-of-the-art research on telling cases to a broad argument about political trials as a socio-legal phenomenon. All the contributors analyse the logic of the political in the courtroom. From archival research to participant observation, and from linguistic anthropology to game theory, the volume offers a genuinely interdisciplinary set of approaches that substantially advance existing knowledge about what political trials are, how they work, and why they matter.

Laws Lawyers And Texts

Author :
ISBN : 9789004232570
Genre : History
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This book focuses on medieval legal history. The essays discuss the birth of the Common Law, the interaction between systems of law, the evolution of the legal profession, and the operation and procedures of the Common Law in England. All these factors will ensure a warm reception of the volume by a broad range of readers.

Law Times And Journal Of Property

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32437010762827
Genre : Law
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The Irish Law Times And Solicitors Journal

Author :
ISBN : UOM:35112102822592
Genre : Law
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An Historical Introduction To Modern Civil Law

Author : Thomas Glyn Watkin
ISBN : 9781351958905
Genre : Law
File Size : 85. 77 MB
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The civil law systems of continental Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world, including Japan, share a common legal heritage derived from Roman law. However, it is an inheritance which has been modified and adapted over the centuries as a result of contact with Germanic legal concepts, the work of jurists in the mediaeval universities, the growth of the canon law of the western Church, the humanist scholarship of the Renaissance and the rationalism of the natural lawyers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This volume provides a critical appreciation of modern civilian systems by examining current rules and structures in the context of their 2,500 year development. It is not a narrative history of civil law, but an historical examination of the forces and influences which have shaped the form and the content of modern codes, as well as the legislative and judicial processes by which they are created are administered.

A Matter Of Interpretation Federal Courts And The Law

Author : Antonin Scalia
ISBN : 9781400882953
Genre : Law
File Size : 27. 37 MB
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We are all familiar with the image of the immensely clever judge who discerns the best rule of common law for the case at hand. According to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a judge like this can maneuver through earlier cases to achieve the desired aim—"distinguishing one prior case on his left, straight-arming another one on his right, high-stepping away from another precedent about to tackle him from the rear, until (bravo!) he reaches the goal—good law." But is this common-law mindset, which is appropriate in its place, suitable also in statutory and constitutional interpretation? In a witty and trenchant essay, Justice Scalia answers this question with a resounding negative. In exploring the neglected art of statutory interpretation, Scalia urges that judges resist the temptation to use legislative intention and legislative history. In his view, it is incompatible with democratic government to allow the meaning of a statute to be determined by what the judges think the lawgivers meant rather than by what the legislature actually promulgated. Eschewing the judicial lawmaking that is the essence of common law, judges should interpret statutes and regulations by focusing on the text itself. Scalia then extends this principle to constitutional law. He proposes that we abandon the notion of an everchanging Constitution and pay attention to the Constitution's original meaning. Although not subscribing to the “strict constructionism” that would prevent applying the Constitution to modern circumstances, Scalia emphatically rejects the idea that judges can properly “smuggle” in new rights or deny old rights by using the Due Process Clause, for instance. In fact, such judicial discretion might lead to the destruction of the Bill of Rights if a majority of the judges ever wished to reach that most undesirable of goals. This essay is followed by four commentaries by Professors Gordon Wood, Laurence Tribe, Mary Ann Glendon, and Ronald Dworkin, who engage Justice Scalia’s ideas about judicial interpretation from varying standpoints. In the spirit of debate, Justice Scalia responds to these critics. Featuring a new foreword that discusses Scalia’s impact, jurisprudence, and legacy, this witty and trenchant exchange illuminates the brilliance of one of the most influential legal minds of our time.

The Inter Ocean Curiosity Shop For The Year

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951000734339N
Genre : Encyclopedias and dictionaries
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The Law Dictionary

Author : Sir Thomas Edlyne Tomlins
ISBN : PRNC:32101078173208
Genre : Law
File Size : 28. 73 MB
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