landslides and engineered slopes experience theory and practice proceedings of the 12th international symposium on landslides napoli italy 12 19 june 2016

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Landslides And Engineered Slopes Experience Theory And Practice

Author : Stefano Aversa
ISBN : 9781498788076
Genre : Science
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Landslides and Engineered Slopes. Experience, Theory and Practice contains the invited lectures and all papers presented at the 12th International Symposium on Landslides, (Naples, Italy, 12-19 June 2016). The book aims to emphasize the relationship between landslides and other natural hazards. Hence, three of the main sessions focus on Volcanic-induced landslides, Earthquake-induced landslides and Weather-induced landslides respectively, while the fourth main session deals with Human-induced landslides. Some papers presented in a special session devoted to "Subareal and submarine landslide processes and hazard” and in a “Young Session” complete the books. Landslides and Engineered Slopes. Experience, Theory and Practice underlines the importance of the classic approach of modern science, which moves from experience to theory, as the basic instrument to study landslides. Experience is the key to understand the natural phenomena focusing on all the factors that play a major role. Theory is the instrument to manage the data provided by experience following a mathematical approach; this allows not only to clarify the nature and the deep causes of phenomena but mostly, to predict future and, if required, manage similar events. Practical benefits from the results of theory to protect people and man-made works. Landslides and Engineered Slopes. Experience, Theory and Practice is useful to scientists and practitioners working in the areas of rock and soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and geology.


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ISBN : 1138029882
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Landslides In Sensitive Clays

Author : Jean-Sébastien L'Heureux
ISBN : 9789400770799
Genre : Nature
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Landslides in sensitive clays represent a major hazard in the northern countries of the world such as Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and in the US state of Alaska. Past and recent examples of catastrophic landslides at e.g. Saint-Jean-Vianney in 1971, Rissa in 1979, Finneidfjord in 1996 and Kattmarka in 2009 have illustrated the great mobility of the remolded sensitive clays and their hazardous retrogressive potential. These events call for a better understanding of landslide in sensitive clay terrain to assist authorities with state-of-the-art hazard assessment methods, risk management schemes, mitigation measures and planning. During the last decades the elevated awareness regarding slope movement in sensitive clays has led to major advances in mapping techniques and development of highly sophisticated geotechnical and geophysical investigation tools. Great advances in numerical techniques dealing with progressive failure and landslide kinematic have also lead to increase understanding and predictability of landslides in sensitive clays and their consequences. This volume consists of the latest scientific research by international experts dealing with geological, geotechnical and geophysical aspects of slope failure in sensitive clays and focuses on understanding the full spectrum of challenges presented by landslides in such brittle materials.

Advancing Culture Of Living With Landslides

Author : Kyoji Sassa
ISBN : 9783319594699
Genre : Nature
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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This volume contains peer-reviewed papers from the Fourth World Landslide Forum organized by the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), the Global Promotion Committee of the International Programme on Landslides (IPL), University of Ljubljana (UL) and Geological Survey of Slovenia in Ljubljana, Slovenia from May 29 to June 2, 2017. The complete collection of papers from the Forum is published in five full-color volumes. Thisfirst volume contains the following: • Three forum lectures • Background and Content of the Sendai Partnerships 2015–2025 • Contribution from the signatory organizations of the Sendai Partnerships • Landslide Dynamics: ISDR-ICL Landslide Interactive Teaching Tools (LIT T) • Progress of the World Report on Landslides (WRL) • International Programme on Landslides (IPL): Objects, History and List of WCoE/IPL projects • UNESCO-KU-ICL UNITIWIN Network supporting IPL • Landslides: Journal of International Consortium on Landslides • International Programme on Landslides (IPL): WCoEs and IPL Projects • Landslides and Society Prof. Kyoji Sassa is the Founding President of the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL). He is Executive Director of ICL and the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal Landslides since its foundation in 2004. Prof. Matjaž Mikoš is the Forum Chair of the Fourth World Landslide Forum. He is the Vice President of International Consortium on Landslides and President of the Slovenian National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. Prof. Yueping Yin is the President of the International Consortium on Landslides and the Chairman of the Committee of Geo-Hazards Prevention of China, and the Chief Geologist of Geo-Hazard Emergency Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources, P.R. China. IPL (International Programme on Landslides) is a programme of the ICL. The programme is managed by the IPL Global Promotion Committee including ICL and ICL supporting organizations, UNESCO, WMO, FAO, UNISDR, UNU, ICSU, WFEO, IUGS and IUGG. The IPL contributes to the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction and the ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015–2025.

Landslides And Engineered Slopes

Author : Erik Brian Eberhardt
ISBN : 0415621232
Genre : Business & Economics
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Two-volume set, includes a free CD containing the full contents of the book. Landslides and Engineered Slopes: Protecting Society through Improved Understanding comprises the Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Landslides and 2nd North American Symposium on Landslides (Banff, Alberta, Canada, 2-8 June 2012). Included are thirteen keynote and invited papers, the inaugural Heim Lecture, and over 260 technical papers organized under the following themes: • Landslides and Society - Processes and Impacts • Advances in Investigation & Classification • Understanding Landslide Mechanisms • Simulating and Managing Rock Fall • New Technologies for Investigative and Performance Monitoring • Slope Stability in Practice - Engineered Slopes and Forest Management • Advanced Stability Analyses and Landslide Modelling • Evaluation and Control of Landslides - Avoidance, Prevention, and • Protection Strategies This two-volume set is intended for landslide practitioners, researchers and decision makers, to serve as a comprehensive reference, summarizing the current state-of-the-art and state-of-practice in landslide investigation, analysis and risk management as viewed by experts from Canada, the U.S. and other countries worldwide in their efforts to better protect society through improved understanding.

Landslide Science And Practice

Author : Claudio Margottini
ISBN : 9783642313103
Genre : Nature
File Size : 22. 65 MB
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This book contains peer-reviewed papers from the Second World Landslide Forum, organised by the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), that took place in September 2011. The entire material from the conference has been split into seven volumes, this one is the seventh: 1. Landslide Inventory and Susceptibility and Hazard Zoning, 2. Early Warning, Instrumentation and Monitoring, 3. Spatial Analysis and Modelling, 4. Global Environmental Change, 5. Complex Environment, 6. Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation, 7. Social and Economic Impact and Policies.

Design Guideline Basal Reinforced Piled Embankments

Author : Suzanne J.M. van Eekelen
ISBN : 9781315389783
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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A basal reinforced piled embankment consists of a reinforced embankment on a pile foundation. The reinforcement consists of one or more horizontal layers of geosynthetic reinforcement installed at the base of the embankment. A basal reinforced piled embankment can be used for the construction of a road or a railway when a traditional construction method would require too much construction time, affect vulnerable objects nearby or give too much residual settlement, making frequent maintenance necessary. This publication is a guideline (CUR226) for the design of basal reinforced piled embankments. The guideline covers the following subjects: a survey of the requirements and the basic principles for the structure as a whole; some instructions for the pile foundation and the pile caps; design rules for the embankment with the basal geosynthetic reinforcement; extensive calculation examples; finite element calculations; construction details and management and maintenance of the piled embankment. The guideline includes many practical tips. The design guideline is based on state-of-the-art Dutch research, which was conducted in cooperation with many researchers from different countries.

Early Warning For Geological Disasters

Author : Friedemann Wenzel
ISBN : 9783642122330
Genre : Science
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The past years have seen new technologies that could be utilized for early warning and real-time loss estimation. They include self-organizing sensor networks, new satellite imagery with high resolution, multi-sensor observational capacities, and crowd sourcing. From this and improved physical models, data processing and communication methodologies a significant step towards better early warning technologies has been achieved by research. At the same time, early warning systems became part of the disaster management practice for instance in Japan and Indonesia. This book marks the important point where: Research activities continue to improve early warning Experience with applications is expanding At this critical point in development of early warning for geological disasters it is timely to provide a volume that documents the state-of-the-art, provides an overview on recent developments and serves as knowledge resource for researcher and practitioners.

Geospatial Visual Analytics

Author : Raffaele de Amicis
ISBN : 9789048128990
Genre : Science
File Size : 55. 54 MB
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Access, distribution and processing of Geographic Information (GI) are basic preconditions to support strategic environmental decision-making. The heterogeneity of information on the environment today available is driving a wide number of initiatives, on both sides of the Atlantic, all advocating both the strategic role of proper management and processing of environme- related data as well as the importance of harmonized IT infrastructures designed to better monitor and manage the environment. The extremely wide range of often multidimensional environmental information made available at the global scale poses a great challenge to technologists and scientists to find extremely sophisticated yet effective ways to provide access to relevant data patterns within such a vast and highly dynamic information flow. In the past years the domain of 3D scientific visualization has developed several solutions designed for operators requiring to access results of a simulation through the use of 3D visualization that could support the understanding of an evolving phenomenon. However 3D data visualization alone does not provide model and hypothesis-making neither it provide tools to validate results. In order overcome this shortcoming, in recent years scientists have developed a discipline that combines the benefits of data mining and information visualization, which is often referred to as Visual Analytics (VA).

Slope Safety Preparedness For Impact Of Climate Change

Author : Ken Ho
ISBN : 9781315387765
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 77. 21 MB
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Many countries are increasingly threatened by major landslide disasters and fatalities due to extreme weather events which have major implications for public safety and the sustainability of infrastructure and the built environment. A further increase in such a trend could come from climate change. This book helps to fill in the gap due to the fact that landslide hazards are commonly not covered under the policy debate on climate change. The book highlights the importance of raising awareness to the challenges of landslide hazards due to climate impact. It provides a holistic frame for understanding the key issues and new tools that could be used to assess and manage the landslide risks. The book gathers contributions from 21 countries and regions in the form of national reports or summaries with respect to four key aspects: a) the methods used for evaluating changing weather and changing landslide patterns; b) the changing weather patterns; c) the changing landslide patterns and hazard scenarios; d) the applications to risk management and the formulation of adaptation measures. Recommendations are made for enhanced preparedness and resilience. Improved crisis management and areas for future work are suggested.

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