language thought and reality selected writings of benjamin lee whorf mit press

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Language Thought And Reality

Author : Benjamin Lee Whorf
ISBN : 9780262304924
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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The pioneering linguist Benjamin Whorf (1897--1941) grasped the relationship between human language and human thinking: how language can shape our innermost thoughts. His basic thesis is that our perception of the world and our ways of thinking about it are deeply influenced by the structure of the languages we speak. The writings collected in this volume include important papers on the Maya, Hopi, and Shawnee languages, as well as more general reflections on language and meaning. Whorf's ideas about the relation of language and thought have always appealed to a wide audience, but their reception in expert circles has alternated between dismissal and applause. Recently the language sciences have headed in directions that give Whorf's thinking a renewed relevance. Hence this new edition of Whorf's classic work is especially timely.The second edition includes all the writings from the first edition as well as John Carroll's original introduction, a new foreword by Stephen Levinson of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics that puts Whorf's work in historical and contemporary context, and new indexes. In addition, this edition offers Whorf's "Yale Report," an important work from Whorf's mature oeuvre.

Language Thought And Reality

Author : Benjamin Lee Whorf
ISBN : OCLC:37153651
Genre :
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Language And Thought

Author : John Bissell Carroll
ISBN : WISC:89031171382
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 50. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Theory Of Language

Author : Steven Weisler
ISBN : 0262731258
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 53. 2 MB
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In this introductory-level linguistics text, Steven E. Weisler and Slavko Milekic develop a theoretically motivated analysis of language with an emphasis on grammar construction and argumentation. They introduce the theory of language, sounds, words, sentences, and meaning, as well as language and the brain. The text is available either in hard-copy form or as a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM presents the text in a dynamic digital learning environment, engaging the user in simulations, demonstrations, hypothesis testing, and theory construction while providing a systematic introduction to linguistic theory. The electronic edition also incorporates the Tree Builder tool for construction and evaluation of phonological, metrical, and syntactic analysis of trees, as well as a word processor, various annotation mechanisms (for example, the ability to create and exchange voice and text memos), import/export capabilities that allow the exchange of different types of information, and an extensive series of interviews with such prominent figures as David Caplan, Noam Chomsky, Lyn Frazier, John Rickford, Tom Roeper, Ivan Sag, and Tom Wasow.

Psychology Of Language And Thought

Author : Robert W. Rieber
ISBN : 9781468436440
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 30. 82 MB
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The fact that one would contemplate publication of a book such as this indicates both the maturity and the growth of activity that have taken place in the field of psycholinguistics over the past few decades. More over, the fact that psycholinguists and/or scholars of the history of ideas are interested in the history of their subject clearly demonstrates that much has been accomplished, and the time is indeed ripe for the reassess ment of whence we have come. In addition, perhaps this interest in our historical past suggests that psycholinguistics is at a critical stage in its development. There are many scholars who believe that this critical stage manifests itself primarily in a search for a new paradigm. It would seem only reasonable to suggest that when members of a profession are search ing for something new, more than likely they will take time to reflect on the past in the hope that it will facilitate the fulfillment of their quest. This book as such reflects a wide-ranging search for historical roots over a millenium of research in the psychology of language and thought. Furthermore, it also reflects an attempt to open the context by introducing the broader perspectives of the history of ideas and the history of science together with their reassessment of the method of science motivated from within psychology itself.

Language And Problems Of Knowledge

Author : Noam Chomsky
ISBN : 0262530708
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 49. 38 MB
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Contains the text to five lectures given by Noam Chomsky about the nature, origins, and current concerns of the field of linguistics.

Explorations In Linguistic Relativity

Author : Martin Pütz
ISBN : 9789027237064
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 38. 97 MB
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About a century after the year Benjamin Lee Whorf (1897–1941) was born, his theory complex is still the object of keen interest to linguists. Rencently, scholars have argued that it was not his theory complex itself, but an over-simplified, reduced section taken out of context that has become known as the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis that has met with so much resistance among linguists over the last few decades. Not only did Whorf present his views much more subtly than most people would believe, but he also dealt with a great number of other issues in his work. Taking Whorf's own notion of linguistic relativity as a starting point, this volume explores the relation between language, mind and experience through its historical development, Whorf's own writing, its misinterpretations, various theoretical and methodological issues and a closer look at a few specific issues in his work.

The Bilingual Mind

Author : Aneta Pavlenko
ISBN : 9780521888424
Genre : Education
File Size : 30. 15 MB
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If languages influence the way we think, do bilinguals think differently in their respective languages? And if languages do not affect thought, why do bilinguals often perceive such influence? For many years these questions remained unanswered because the research on language and thought had focused solely on the monolingual mind. Bilinguals were either excluded from this research as 'unusual' or 'messy' subjects, or treated as representative speakers of their first languages. Only recently did bi- and multilinguals become research participants in their own right. Pavlenko considers the socio-political circumstances that led to the monolingual status quo and shows how the invisibility of bilingual participants compromised the validity and reliability of findings in the study of language and cognition. She then shifts attention to the bilingual turn in the field and examines its contributions to the understanding of the human mind.

Culture Language And Personality

Author : Edward Sapir
ISBN : 0520011163
Genre : Culture
File Size : 34. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Emotional Prosody Processing For Non Native English Speakers

Author : Halszka Kinga Bąk
ISBN : 9783319440422
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 58. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume provides the first systematic and data-driven exploration of English emotional prosody processing in the minds of non-native speakers of the language. Over the past few decades emotional prosody has attracted the interest of researchers from a variety of disciplines such as psychiatry, neuropsychology, psycholinguistics, and linguistics. Although a considerable collective body of empirical evidence exists regarding emotional prosody processing in native speakers of various languages, non-native speakers have been virtually ignored. This constitutes a knowledge gap of increasing relevance, as we approach 2050, the year when the global population of non-native speakers of English is estimated to overtake that of native speakers of the language. This volume aims to fill this gap and provide insights into how emotions are processed on multiple levels while also presenting novel methodological solutions. Crucially, Emotional Prosody Processing for Non-Native English Speakers: Towards an Integrative Emotion Paradigm begins by providing a conceptual background of emotion research, and then demonstrates a novel, workable, completely integrative paradigm for emotion research. This integrative approach reconciles theories such as the dimensional view of emotions, the standard basic emotions view, and the appraisal view of emotions. Following this theoretical section is an empirical exploration of the topic: the volume explores those views via experimental tasks. The insight into overall processing such a multiple-level approach allows a comprehensive answer to the question of how non native speakers of English process emotional prosody in their second language. By offering a critical, data-driven, integrative approach to investigating emotions in the minds of non-native English speakers, this volume is a significant and timely contribution to the literature on emotion prosody processing, bilingual research, and broadly understood emotion research.

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