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Latent Inhibition And Conditioned Attention Theory

Author : R. E. Lubow
ISBN : 0521363071
Genre : Medical
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Latent inhibition is an exquisitely simple, robust, and pervasive behavioural phenomenon - the reduced ability of an organism to learn new associations to previously inconsequential stimuli. It has been demonstrated in a variety of animals, including humans, across many different learning tasks.

Latent Inhibition

Author : Robert Lubow
ISBN : 9781139488648
Genre : Medical
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Latent inhibition is a phenomenon by which exposure to an irrelevant stimulus impedes the acquisition or expression of conditioned associations with that stimulus. Latent inhibition, an integral part of the learning process, is observed in many species. This comprehensive collection of studies of latent inhibition, from a variety of disciplines including behavioural/cognitive psychology, neuroscience and genetics, focuses on abnormal latent inhibition effects in schizophrenic patients and schizotypal normals. Amongst other things, the book addresses questions such as, is latent inhibition an acquisition or performance deficit? What is the relationship of latent inhibition to habituation, extinction, and learned irrelevance? Does reduced latent inhibition predict creativity? What are the neural substrates, pharmacology, and genetics of latent inhibition? What do latent inhibition research and theories tell us about schizophrenia? This book provides a single point of reference for neuroscience researchers, graduate students, and professionals, such as psychologists and psychiatrists.

Latent Inhibition And Its Neural Substrates

Author : Nestor Schmajuk
ISBN : 9781461508410
Genre : Psychology
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Latent Inhibition and Its Neural Substrates describes a neural network model of attentional processes during associative learning, mainly latent inhibition, and shows how variables in the model can be mapped onto different brain regions and neurotransmitters. The result is a neurophysiological model capable of generating predictions and descriptions of numerous experimental results using latent inhibition, including the effects of brain lesions, drug administration, and the combination of both. The model also explains the absence of latent inhibition in acute schizophrenia and its reinstatement by the administration of psychotropic drugs.

Latent Inhibition Effects In Psychopaths

Author : David E. Warner
ISBN : WISC:89055507495
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Latent Inhibition And Contextual Associations

Author : Martha Escobar
ISBN : OCLC:46707809
Genre : Conditioned response
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Functional Neural Networks Underlying Latent Inhibition And The Effects Of The Metabolic Enhancer Methylene Blue

Author : Frank Puga
ISBN : OCLC:688604794
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The present research reports the first comprehensive map of brain networks underlying latent inhibition learning, the first application of structural equation modeling to cytochrome oxidase data, and the first effects of methylene blue, a known metabolic enhancer, on latent inhibition. In latent inhibition, repeated exposure to a stimulus results in a latent form of learning that inhibits subsequent associations with that stimulus. As neuronal energy demand to form learned associations changes, so does the induction of the respiratory enzyme cytochrome oxidase. Therefore, cytochrome oxidase can be used as an endpoint metabolic marker of the effects of experience on regional brain metabolic capacity. Quantitative cytochrome oxidase histochemistry was used to map brain regions in mice trained on a tone-footshock fear conditioning paradigm with either tone preexposure (latent inhibition), conditioning only (acquisition), conditioning followed by tone alone (extinction), or no handling or conditioning (naïve). In normal latent inhibition, the ventral cochlear nucleus, medial geniculate, CA1 hippocampus, and perirhinal cortex showed modified metabolic capacity due to latent inhibition. Structural equation modeling was used to determine the causal influences in an anatomical network of these regions and others thought to mediate latent inhibition, including the accumbens and entorhinal cortex. An uncoupling of ascending influences between auditory regions was observed in latent inhibition. There was also a reduced influence on the accumbens from the perirhinal cortex in both latent inhibition and extinction. These results suggest a specific network with a neural mechanism of latent inhibition that involves sensory gating, as evidenced by modifications in metabolic capacity, effective connectivity between auditory regions, and reduced hippocampal influence on the accumbens. The effects of methylene blue on disrupted latent inhibition were also investigated. Reduced tone-alone presentations disrupted the latent inhibition effect and led to an increase in freezing behavior. Repeated low-dose administration of methylene blue decreased freezing levels and facilitated the disrupted latent inhibition effect. Methylene blue administration also resulted in changes in metabolic capacity in limbic and cortical regions. A unique functional neural network was found in methylene blue-restored latent inhibition that emphasized sensory gating of auditory information, attention processing, and cortical inhibition of behavior.

The Effects Of Stimulus Preexposure On Latent Inhibition In The Fathers Of Autistic Children

Author : Brian Roper
ISBN : OCLC:671195141
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