law and revolution ii the impact of the protestant reformations on the western legal tradition

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Law And Revolution Ii

Author : Harold Joseph Berman
ISBN : 0674020863
Genre : History
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Harold Berman's masterwork narrates the interaction of evolution and revolution in the development of Western law. This new volume explores two successive transformations of the Western legal tradition under the impact of the sixteenth-century German Reformation and the seventeenth-century English Revolution, with particular emphasis on Lutheran and Calvinist influences. Berman examines the far-reaching consequences of these apocalyptic political and social upheavals on the systems of legal philosophy, legal science, criminal law, civil and economic law, and social law in Germany and England and throughout Europe as a whole. Berman challenges both conventional approaches to legal history, which have neglected the religious foundations of Western legal systems, and standard social theory, which has paid insufficient attention to the communitarian dimensions of early modern economic law, including corporation law and social welfare. Clearly written and cogently argued, this long-awaited, magisterial work is a major contribution to an understanding of the relationship of law to Western belief systems.

The Impact Of The Protestant Reformations On The Western Legal Tradition

Author : Harold J. Berman
ISBN : OCLC:740763802
Genre :
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Religious Liberty In Western And Islamic Law

Author : Kristine Kalanges
ISBN : 9780199859467
Genre : Law
File Size : 22. 90 MB
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Weaves together international and comparative law, religion, international relations, comparative politics, and legal history to illuminate and address the theoretical and practical dimensions of a significant human rights problem.

Globalisation And The Western Legal Tradition

Author : David B. Goldman
ISBN : 9781139467353
Genre : Law
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What can 'globalisation' teach us about law in the Western tradition? This important new work seeks to explore that question by analysing key ideas and events in the Western legal tradition, including the Papal Revolution, the Protestant Reformations and the Enlightenment. Addressing the role of law, morality and politics, it looks at the creation of orders which offer the possibility for global harmony, in particular the United Nations and the European Union. It also considers the unification of international commercial laws in the attempt to understand Western law in a time of accelerating cultural interconnections. The title will appeal to scholars of legal history and globalisation as well as students of jurisprudence and all those trying to understand globalisation and the Western dynamic of law and authority.

Dante As Political Theorist

Author : Maria Luisa Ardizzone
ISBN : 9781527521742
Genre : History
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Dante’s Latin treatise Monarchia inscribes itself within the long medieval conflict between Pope and Emperor and the debate that opposed the theorists of theocracy to the supporters of the empire. The Monarchia, traditionally assumed to be a subversive work as its tormented reception testifies – it remained listed in the Index of Prohibited Books from 1559 to the end of the 19th century – results from the strong connection Dante emphasized between politics and ethics. The bene esse of human beings is the crucial issue that the treatise discusses since its very beginning. More than focusing on power and sovereignty, the Monarchia aims to demonstrate that the government of a single universal ruler guarantees the achievement of the natural goal of human life. The central role assigned to the Emperor discloses, in fact, the importance the poet gives to earthly happiness and to the temporal dimension of humanitas. The essays in this volume are the result of the first International Symposium of the Global Dante Project of New York, a scholarly initiative committed to the systematic study of the whole of Dante’s opus. Held in 2015 and devoted to the Monarchia, this inaugural event saw the participation of scholars from Europe and the USA who investigated Dante’s political treatise addressing diverse issues and from multiple and innovative methodological perspectives. The fertile discussion generated on that occasion and the insights it produced animate this book.

The Religious Roots Of The First Amendment

Author : Nicholas P. Miller
ISBN : 9780199942800
Genre : Religion
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Traditional understandings of the genesis of the separation of church and state rest on assumptions about "Enlightenment" and the republican ethos of citizenship. In The Religious Roots of the First Amendment, Nicholas P. Miller does not seek to dislodge that interpretation but to augment and enrich it by recovering its cultural and discursive religious contexts--specifically the discourse of Protestant dissent. He argues that commitments by certain dissenting Protestants to the right of private judgment in matters of Biblical interpretation, an outgrowth of the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, helped promote religious disestablishment in the early modern West. This movement climaxed in the disestablishment of religion in the early American colonies and nation. Miller identifies a continuous strand of this religious thought from the Protestant Reformation, across Europe, through the English Reformation, Civil War, and Restoration, into the American colonies. He examines seven key thinkers who played a major role in the development of this religious trajectory as it came to fruition in American political and legal history: William Penn, John Locke, Elisha Williams, Isaac Backus, William Livingston, John Witherspoon, and James Madison. Miller shows that the separation of church and state can be read, most persuasively, as the triumph of a particular strand of Protestant nonconformity-that which stretched back to the Puritan separatist and the Restoration sects, rather than to those, like Presbyterians, who sought to replace the "wrong" church establishment with their own, "right" one. The Religious Roots of the First Amendment contributes powerfully to the current trend among some historians to rescue the eighteenth-century clergymen and religious controversialists from the enormous condescension of posterity.

Law And Religion

Author : Jordan J. Ballor
ISBN : 9783525550748
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50. 55 MB
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The impact of the Reformations on law, jurisprudence and moral theology.

When Law And Religion Meet

Author : April L. Bogle
ISBN : 9780802862945
Genre : Law
File Size : 79. 36 MB
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Law. Religion. Do they have anything to say to each other? If so, what, and toward what end? And is the notion of productive dialogue between these two fields not surprising but essential? Long considered unlikely bedfellows at best and, at worst, outright opponents, law and religion have been meeting in significant ways, thanks to the seminal and ongoing work of Emory University??'s Center for the Study of Law and Religion (CSLR), where scholars worldwide come together for this express purpose. Neither belligerently butting heads nor cozying up for a t?te-?-t?te, representatives of these two disciplines are daring to look at the big questions that bridge their domains ? and are daring to propose ways of working together. These encounters go way beyond verbal sparring and schmoozing. Joining the ranks of law and religion professors at CSLR conferences are the leaders of major religions in the U.S. ? Judaism, Islam, and multifaceted Christianity ? along with psychologists, sociologists, biologists, and policy makers. Commemorating CSLR??'s twenty-fifth anniversary, When Law and Religion Meet traces what motivated the Center??'s beginnings, what has impelled its work over the last quarter century, and what fuels the trajectory of law and religion, both separately and together, as they continue in productive dialogue. This pithy, illustrated volume is one that a wide range of readers will want to skim, explore, and return to.

The Journal Of Markets Morality

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X030292515
Genre : Business ethics
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Foundational Texts In Modern Criminal Law

Author : Markus D Dubber
ISBN : 9780191654626
Genre : Law
File Size : 77. 85 MB
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Foundational Texts in Modern Criminal Law presents essays in which scholars from various countries and legal systems engage critically with formative texts in criminal legal thought since Hobbes. It examines the emergence of a transnational canon of criminal law by documenting its intellectual and disciplinary history and provides a snapshot of contemporary work on criminal law within that historical and comparative context. Criminal law discourse has become, and will continue to become, more international and comparative, and in this sense global: the long-standing parochialism of criminal law scholarship and doctrine is giving way to a broad exploration of the foundations of modern criminal law. The present book advances this promising scholarly and doctrinal project by making available key texts, including several not previously available in English translation, from the common law and civil law traditions, accompanied by contributions from leading representatives of both systems.

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