leadership in the crucible the korean war battles of twin tunnels and chipyong ni williams ford texas am university military history series

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Leadership In The Crucible

Author : Kenneth E. Hamburger
ISBN : 1585442321
Genre : History
File Size : 65. 15 MB
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At the pivotal battles of Twin Tunnels and Chipyong-ni in February 1951, U.N. forces met and contained large-scale attacks by Chinese forces. Colonel Paul Freeman and the larger-than-life Colonel Ralph Monclar led the American 23rd Infantry Regiment and the French Bataillon de Corée, respectively, in the fierce and dangerous battles that followed the precipitous U.N. retreat down the Korean Peninsula. In Leadership in the Crucible, Kenneth Hamburger details the actions of the units in the United Nations counteroffensive following the Chinese intervention, including routine patrols, the harrowing battle of Twin Tunnels, and the pivotal siege of Chipyong-ni. The regiment was cut off from artillery fire support and was resupplied only by parachute drops. Repeatedly attacked by superior Chinese forces during the two nights and final day of fighting, the U.N. units finally welcomed relief by the armored Tank Force Crombez of the 1st Cavalry Division. From extensive personal interviews and a careful reconstruction of the written record, Hamburger brilliantly analyzes the roles that training, cohesion, morale, logistics, and leadership play in success or failure on the front lines of limited war. He also addresses the vexing problem of when, and at what level, commanders have the right and even the responsibility to question lawful orders they believe are flawed. In this careful consideration of combat leadership at all levels, Hamburger offers his readers stories of men sustaining themselves and one another to the limits of human endurance. By thoroughly sorting out the chaos, carnage, and courage of the battles, he provides a uniquely detailed description of these two crucial battles and a well-organized discussion of unit cohesion and command that is sure to become a classic in the field of leadership studies.

Ridgway Duels For Korea

Author : Roy Edgar Appleman
ISBN : UOM:39015018891534
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 79 MB
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At the end of 1950, the UN forces in Korea had suffered a series of decisive defeats by the Chinese. They were in retreat, fleeing south, perhaps even out of Korea altogether. Eighth Army's commander, Lt. Gen. Walton H. Walker, had just died in an accident. The situation was as bleak as the wintry landscape.

High Tide In The Korean War

Author : Leo Barron
ISBN : 9780811762830
Genre : History
File Size : 82. 31 MB
Format : PDF
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By early 1951, American forces and their UN allies had been driven more than 100 miles down the Korean peninsula by the Chinese. The situation was bleak when Gen. Matthew Ridgway ordered a last stand at the village of Chipyong-ni. There a single regiment (the 23rd Infantry) of fewer than 5,000 U.S. soldiers defeated a Chinese division of 25,000 men in what has been called the Gettysburg of the Korean War.

China S Battle For Korea

Author : Xiaobing Li
ISBN : 9780253011633
Genre : History
File Size : 65. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Between November 1950 and the end of fighting in June 1953, China launched six major offensives against UN forces in Korea. The most important of these began on April 22, 1951, and was the largest Communist military operation of the war. The UN forces put up a strong defense, prevented the capture of the South Korean capital of Seoul, and finally pushed the Chinese back above the 38th parallel. After China’s defeat in this epic five-week battle, Mao Zedong and the Chinese leadership became willing to conclude the war short of total victory. China's Battle for Korea offers new perspectives on Chinese decision making, planning, and execution; the roles of command, political control, and technology; and the interaction between Beijing, Pyongyang, and Moscow, while providing valuable insight into Chinese military doctrine and the reasons for the UN’s military success.

Whatever Is Done

Author : Bridgett Henson
ISBN : 0990954218
Genre :
File Size : 55. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A fun-loving construction foreman longs for a family, but a widow doesn't want another husband. He d watched his best friend lose custody of his son Isaac. Ray Simmons protects himself from becoming a weekend dad, and avoids complicated relationships. But after meeting an orphaned boy, the fun-loving, construction foreman is tempted with the idea of fatherhood. When he s introduced to Trevor s beautiful mother, he willingly trades the women attracted to his hardhat for the lady he wants to build a home with. In memory of her loving husband, Cindy Maxwell has suffered the life of a church widow, and kept her appearance spotless for five years. When a revealed secret casts doubt on her fairytale marriage and threatens her son, she finds comfort and safety in Ray s arms. He ll move Heaven and earth to prove his love is genuine, but will consequences of sin drive them apart? Is a Father s love unconditional? Or does love forget those lost in the past? Each of these contemporary romance books have individual plots, and may be read as standalones, yet an underlying story is woven throughout this entire Christian Fiction series."

Six Walks In The Fictional Woods

Author : Umberto Eco
ISBN : 9780674503953
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 80. 28 MB
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In this exhilarating book, we accompany Umberto Eco as he explores the intricacies of fictional form and method. Using examples ranging from fairy tales and Flaubert, Poe and Mickey Spillane, Eco draws us in by means of a novelist's techniques, making us his collaborators in the creation of his text and in the investigation of some of fiction's most basic mechanisms.

Analyzing Intelligence

Author : Roger Z. George
ISBN : 9781589012394
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 87. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Drawing on the individual and collective experience of recognized intelligence experts and scholars in the field, Analyzing Intelligence provides the first comprehensive assessment of the state of intelligence analysis since 9/11. Its in-depth and balanced evaluation of more than fifty years of U.S. analysis includes a critique of why it has under-performed at times. It provides insights regarding the enduring obstacles as well as new challenges of analysis in the post-9/11 world, and suggests innovative ideas for improved analytical methods, training, and structured approaches. The book's six sections present a coherent plan for improving analysis. Early chapters examine how intelligence analysis has evolved since its origins in the mid-20th century, focusing on traditions, culture, successes, and failures. The middle sections examine how analysis supports the most senior national security and military policymakers and strategists, and how analysts must deal with the perennial challenges of collection, politicization, analytical bias, knowledge building and denial and deception. The final sections of the book propose new ways to address enduring issues in warning analysis, methodology (or "analytical tradecraft") and emerging analytic issues like homeland defense. The book suggests new forms of analytic collaboration in a global intelligence environment, and imperatives for the development of a new profession of intelligence analysis. Analyzing Intelligence is written for the national security expert who needs to understand the role of intelligence and its strengths and weaknesses. Practicing and future analysts will also find that its attention to the enduring challenges provides useful lessons-learned to guide their own efforts. The innovations section will provoke senior intelligence managers to consider major changes in the way analysis is currently organized and conducted, and the way that analysts are trained and perform.

Lone Star Stalag

Author : Michael R. Waters
ISBN : 9781603445535
Genre : History
File Size : 74. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Annotation Between 1943 and 1945 nearly fifty thousand German Prisoners of war, mostly from the German Afrika Korps, lives and worked at seventy POW camps across Texas. Camp Hearne, located on the outskirts of rural Hearne, Texas, was one of the first and largest German prisoner-of-war camps in the United States. Waters and his research teams tell the story of the five thousand German soldiers held there during World War II. The book reveals the shadow world of Nazism that existed in the camp, adding darkness to a story that is otherwise optimistic and in places humorous.

How War Began

Author : Keith F. Otterbein
ISBN : 1585443301
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 80. 24 MB
Format : PDF
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Have humans always fought and killed each other, or did they peacefully coexist until states developed? Is war an expression of human nature or an artifact of civilization? Questions about the origin and inherent motivations of warfare have long engaged philosophers, ethicists, anthropologists as they speculate on the nature of human existence. In How War Began, author Keith F. Otterbein draws on primate behavior research, archaeological research, data gathered from the Human Relations Area Files, and a career spent in research and reflection on war to argue for two separate origins. He identifies two types of military organization: one which developed two million years ago at the dawn of humankind, wherever groups of hunters met, and a second which developed some five thousand years ago, in four identifiable regions, when the first states arose and proceeded to embark upon military conquests. In carefully selected detail, Otterbein marshals the evidence for his case that warfare was possible and likely among early Homo sapiens. He argues from analogy with other primates, from Paleolithic rock art depicting wounded humans, and from rare skeletal remains with embedded weapon points to conclude that warfare existed and reached a peak in big game hunting societies. As the big game disappeared, so did warfare—only to reemerge once agricultural societies achieved a degree of political complexity that allowed the development of professional military organizations. Otterbein concludes his survey with an analysis of how despotism in both ancient and modern states spawns warfare. A definitive resource for anthropologists, social scientists and historians, How War Began is written for all who are interested in warfare and individuals who seek to understand the past and the present of humankind.

Battle For The City Of The Dead

Author : Dick Camp
ISBN : 9781610602570
Genre : History
File Size : 21. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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DIV DIVIn the spring and summer of 2004, Iraq was coming apart at the seams. Sectarian violence pitted Shiite against Sunni. American proconsul L. Paul Bremer had disbanded the Iraqi Army, placing disgruntled young men on the street without jobs or the prospect of getting one. Their anger developed into a full-blown insurgency fed by a relentless campaign by the clergy for jihad against the “occupation force.” In August, a Shiite cleric named Muqtada Al-Sadr called upon his thousands of armed followers, the Mahdi Militia, to resist the occupation. Fighting broke out in several locations, including the holy city of Najaf, the site of the largest Moslem cemetery in the world, and the Imam Ali Mosque. The U.S. forces fought in 120-degree heat through a tangle of crypts, mausoleums, and crumbling graves. The fight was brutal, pitting religious zealots against the highly motivated and disciplined U.S. Army and Marine Corps troops. It makes for a riveting account of Americans in battle./div /div

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