lean healthcare deployment and sustainability

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Lean Healthcare Deployment And Sustainability

Author : Mark L. Dean
ISBN : 9780071817714
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Best Practices for Achieving the Full Benefits of Lean in Healthcare A Doody's Core Title for 2017! Lean Healthcare Deployment and Sustainability reveals how to successfully implement Lean methodologies in a hospital, physician practice, long-termcare facility, or other healthcare setting. This strategic guide provides an organizational infrastructure and systematic approach for transforming a healthcare system into a Lean enterprise and lays out a detailed roadmap that describes the processes and tools required for implementation. The book introduces the concept of Healing Pathways, which are defined as value streams through which patients flow. This innovation enhances Lean implementation in healthcare by providing explicit recognition and improvement of the patient experience. Case studies and examples demonstrate practical applications of the concepts presented. Proven methods for sustaining Lean gains are also included. The prescriptive information in this comprehensive resource will enable you and your team to work together to achieve Lean enterprise goals and improve patient care, patient satisfaction, productivity, operational performance, and physician and team member satisfaction. Learn how to: Make the business case for Lean in healthcare Engage the senior leadership team Prepare for the Lean transformation process Plan and conduct a Lean transformation summit Ensure enterprise transformation results Standardize best practices Ensure Healing Pathway transformation results Implement Just Do It actions, Rapid Improvement Events, and Projects Use Lean to execute strategic and emerging operational objectives

Training To Deliver Integrated Care

Author : C. R. Macchi
ISBN : 9783319788500
File Size : 85. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Improving Healthcare Using Toyota Lean Production Methods

Author : Robert Chalice
ISBN : 0873897137
Genre : Medical
File Size : 44. 20 MB
Format : PDF
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What differentiates this book from other healthcare improvement books is that it is the only currently available book that presents a simple recipe of 46 lean steps for healthcare providers to reduce cost and improve quality. By taking these straightforward steps, healthcare providers can adopt the same lean methods which have enabled companies like Toyota to become so successful. The first part of the book explains cost and quality issues facing U.S. healthcare. From that understanding, the second part then teaches healthcare providers a 46-step recipe to reduce costs and improve quality by using Toyota Lean Production methods. With industry experts citing that as much as 40% of the total cost of healthcare production is attributed to wasteful processes, it is logical that reducing waste will lower costs. This is the basis of this book. Although other books have presented Toyota's lean methods, this book goes further by showing how to directly apply those successful methods to healthcare, where they are sorely needed. This book is intended to be a practical manual for healthcare providers to use to improve quality and reduce costs. It can be a multi-year strategic plan for healthcare providers to adopt. This second edition includes additional improvement steps and five new appendices of practical examples authored by renowned lean experts.

The Lean Healthcare Handbook

Author : Thomas Pyzdek
ISBN : 1981284826
Genre :
File Size : 36. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Unlike other books on Lean Healthcare, The Lean Healthcare Handbook goes beyond merely describing tools, it shows you exactly how to USE these tools to design healthcare work that is smooth, efficient, error-free and focused on patients and patient outcomes. It includes in-depth discussions of every important Lean tool, including value stream maps, takt time, spaghetti diagrams, workcell design, 5S, SMED, A3, Kanban, Kaizen and many more, all presented in the context of healthcare. For example, the book explains the importance of quick changeovers (for example, operating room or exam room changeovers) and shows you specific methods for drastically reducing changeover time. You will learn to create healthcare value streams where work flows based on the pull of customer/patient demand. You will also learn a variety of ways to continue improving after your initial Lean successes. Methods for finding the root causes of problems and implementing effective solutions are described and demonstrated. The approach taught here is based on the Toyota Production System, which has been adopted worldwide by healthcare organizations for use in clinical, non-clinical and administrative areas. The topics covered in this book are also taught in online training courses at www.pyzdekinstitute.com, where you can earn certification and recognition of your skills from an acclaimed and accredited training organization, The Pyzdek Institute.

Sustainability For Healthcare Management

Author : Carrie R. Rich
ISBN : 9780415530354
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85. 67 MB
Format : PDF
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Sustainability is not unique to health, but is a unique vehicle for promoting healthy values. This book challenges healthcare leaders to think through the implications of our decisions from fiscal, societal and environmental perspectives. It links health values with sustainability drivers in order to enlighten leadership about the value of sustainability as we move toward a new paradigm of health. The authors explore leadership priorities and link them to sustainability, through an imaginary health leader, Fred, the Chief Executive Offi cer (CEO) of Memorial Hospital, a community hospital based in the United States. Each chapter frames a leadership priority and accompanying sustainability driver through a storyline that involves the main character, Fred, and his colleagues. Practical applications featuring evidence-based sustainability accomplishments and the coordinating refl ections of renowned healthcare leaders are woven throughout the book. Every chapter includes leadership tools, illustrations and tables with tips and data to make an evidence-based case in support of health sustainability. Practical applications enhance each chapter by providing real examples of sustainability accomplishments and reflections from healthcare leaders bring such examples to life. The book includes a healthcare sustainability syllabus as well as suggested reading and teaching resources. By bringing together the key concepts of environmentally sustainable healthcare operations, this book is a unique resource to researchers, students and professionals working in health and healthcare management. Readers will also gain an appreciation for translating leadership priorities into sustainability tactics with beneficial operational outcomes.

Make Your Clinics Flow With Synchrony

Author : Dennis P. Han
ISBN : 9780873899239
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 64. 32 MB
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Synchrony is the ability of a healthcare process to control the pace of the physician process and the pace of the patient process such that the physician and patient are ready for each other at the same time, without waste or delay. When a process achieves synchrony, the patient does not wait for the doctor, nor does the doctor wait for the patient. Dr. Dennis Han is an ophthalmologist specializing in diseases of the retina at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Memorial Hospital; Aneesh Suneja is an engineer and lean consultant who worked with Dr. Han to transform his practice. With the help of Suneja, Han’s patients experienced an 85% reduction in non-value added wait times, and a corresponding 97% “top box” rating on patient satisfaction surveys (“strongly agree to recommend this doctor’s office to others”). Financially, his practice saw a 25% year-over-year increase in relative value units (RVU) production and a 41% increase in payments due to increased physician availability. If you are a physician, clinic manager, administrator, technician, or provider of health services in a clinic setting, you can use the guidelines described in this book to effect a transformation as well.

Sustaining Lean In Healthcare

Author : Michael Nelson
ISBN : 9781439840276
Genre : Medical
File Size : 84. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Among the first books to focus on physician engagement during a Lean effort, Sustaining Lean in Healthcare: Developing and Engaging Physician Leadership explains how to ensure ongoing physician participation long after the consultant leaves. Dr. Michael Nelson, an early adopter of Lean in healthcare, explains how to use these synergic tools to achieve consistently high levels of quality and clinical care outcomes. The book begins with a Lean primer that provides a firm foundation in essential Lean concepts—including value stream maps, 6S, Kanban, Heijunka, and Gemba Walks. Next, it examines how to create a physician engagement plan and covers the specific responsibilities of physician leadership through the Lean transformation. Explaining what to look for when judging success, it provides numerous examples that demonstrate how to sustain success over the long term. Complete with tips for spotting the danger signs that might indicate your plan is off course, this book details time-tested techniques and strategies for reducing waste in healthcare. It supplies a methodology for establishing shared expectations of success with your medical team early on in the process, as well as a proven framework for simultaneous Lean deployment across multiple locations. Praise for the book: In this book , Dr. Nelson draws on his forty years of medical practice and his experience as an early adopter of Lean for healthcare, to identify a crucial piece to aligning healthcare organizations for success; Physician Engagement. ... Healthcare executives and clinicians will appreciate and learn from Dr. Nelson’s insight. —Robert Iversen, Director, Accenture Management Consulting ...Instead of writing another how-to book, Mike has taken the opportunity to provide insights that are sure to help any healthcare organization sustain the impact of its Lean engagement. —Rick Malik, Worldwide Director, ValuMetrix® Services, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics ... provides realistic estimates of timelines for projects, expected satisfaction, quality, and financial paybacks, as well as the time commitments required for Lean healthcare initiatives to become durable successes. —David Mann, PhD, Principal, David Mann Lean Consulting ... simplifies and organizes the steps needed to effectively and successfully take advantage of the significant contributions Lean management can make ... . —Edward D. Martin, MD, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Martin Blanck & Associates, Inc. Lean has become a critical predictor of successful systems going forward. Sustaining Lean in Healthcare is the book to get this done. —Stephen C. Beeson MD, Author of Engaging Physicians, A Manual to Physician Partnership

Sustainable Lean

Author : Robert B. Camp
ISBN : 9781482201550
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89. 61 MB
Format : PDF
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If you’ve employed consultants and embarked on a Lean transformation only to find your efforts stall after the consultants leave, this book will teach you what you must do to stay the course over the long term. Using a compelling novel format, Sustainable Lean: The Story of a Cultural Transformation illustrates the process of implementing a sustainable Lean transformation. The book follows Jim, the plant manager of an electronics firm that has already seen its first Lean initiative fail. Jim realizes that if he doesn’t act quickly, his job and the jobs of everyone in the factory might be in jeopardy. Jim meets a Lean consultant who agrees to help him implement and sustain a new transformation. Readers follow along as Jim learns invaluable lessons that help him and his plant see costs plummet, on-time delivery reach nearly 100 percent, and defects drop by close to 80 percent. Using simple terms and an ongoing example, the book demonstrates how to use top-down metrics to identify strategic and tactical opportunities for improvement. It describes how to conduct Hoshin Kanri (strategic policy deployment). It also describes the relationship between top-down metrics, organizational accountability, the breaking down of "stovepipes," and the concept of "alignment" that comes about as the result of Hoshin Kanri. Detailing a data-driven methodology to help you set boundaries for effective decision making, this book will inspire manufacturers to achieve world-class production and efficiency standards—one factory, one business at a time.

Lean Leadership For Healthcare

Author : Ronald Bercaw
ISBN : 9781466515550
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 74. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Healthcare organizations that have already applied Lean thinking to their processes, with the diligence of effective management and strong leadership support, are now realizing the benefits of their efforts. And, many of those benefits surpass what was thought possible just a few years ago. To be successful, these organizations had to provide the leadership to arrive at their future state. Written by a Shingo Prize-winning author and Lean sensei, Lean Leadership for Healthcare: Approaches to Lean Transformation explains how to apply Lean improvement to both clinical and non-clinical processes. It presents valuable lessons learned by the author over the years of leading improvements in this complex industry and lays out a clear roadmap for initiating your Lean improvements. Illustrating the leadership behaviors required to achieve sustainable success, the book is ideal for leaders in the healthcare industry looking to initiate Lean improvements to clinical and non-clinical processes. It reviews the fundamentals of Lean and explains how to link a strategy of continuous improvement to corporate strategy to achieve operational excellence. It also describes how to mitigate the risk of failure when undergoing large-scale corporate change—including what can go wrong and how to prevent these failures. The book includes case studies that share the time-tested insights of healthcare team members and leaders. It outlines a management system for sustaining your Lean improvements and provides the Lean leadership approaches, thoughts, and visual tools you’ll need to guide your organization along the path toward world-class healthcare performance.

A Lean Guide To Transforming Healthcare

Author : Tom Zidel
ISBN : 9780873897013
Genre : Medical
File Size : 41. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is an implementation manual for lean tools and principles in a healthcare environment. Lean is a growth strategy, a survival strategy, and an improvement strategy. The goal of lean is, first and foremost, to provide value to the patient/customer, and in so doing eliminate the delays, overcrowding, and frustration associated with the existing care delivery system. Lean creates a better working environment where what is supposed to happen does happen. On time, every time. It allows clinicians to spend more of their time caring for patients and improves the quality of care these patients receive. A lean organization values its employees and encourages their involvement in organizational initiatives which, in turn, sustains hospital-wide quality improvements. The opportunities for lean in healthcare are limitless. This is not a book to be read and forgotten, nor is it meant to sit on a book shelf as another addition to an impressive but underutilized collection of how-to books. As the name implies, it is a guide; a companion to be referenced again and again as the organization moves forward with its lean transformation.

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