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Letter Of Intent In International Contracting

Author : Ekaterina Pannebakker
ISBN : 1780684495
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Letter of Intent in International Contracting provides readers with a unique point of reference on the legal effects of a letter of intent-the document frequently used in international transactions. Firstly, the book takes a fresh look at trade usages in negotiations of international contracts. It integrates the view of negotiations as strategies and tactics (well-known in business, but largely disregarded by the law) with the legal analysis. Secondly, it discusses in turn those provisions frequently used in a letter of intent and comments on them based on thorough comparative research of four jurisdictions: the Netherlands, France, England and Wales, and the United States. The discussion of French law is based on the recent reform of the French law of obligations which significantly modified the French Civil Code in 2016. At the international level, the study addresses the 1980 Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods and international soft law: UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts 2010, Principles of European Contract Law, and the Draft Common Frame of Reference. This book is a result of doctoral research conducted at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. It will be relevant to legal practitioners working in the field of international contracts, as well as to scholars and policy makers concerned with harmonization of law based on non-binding principles and business practices. Dissertation. (Series: Ius Commune Europaeum, Vol. 156) [Subject: International Law, Contract Law]

The Making Of European Private Law

Author : J. M. Smits
ISBN : 9789050951913
Genre : Law
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Over the last decade, Europe has witnessed the emergence of a vigorous debate about the need for and the feasibility of a future European ius commune in the field of private law. This book critically discusses this debate and provides a systematic overview of the various initiatives taken and describes the fragmentary European private law that already exists (by way of European directives, international conventions, etc.).

Information And Notification Duties

Author : Ilse Samoy
ISBN : 1780683537
Genre : Law
File Size : 23. 81 MB
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Technological and economical developments require contracting parties to be informed and advised: informed about the characteristics of the services or the goods they order; well advised about their choices and options; informed about the remedies that may be used against them; and well protected from the consequences of a lack of information or notification. This book analyses several aspects of these information and notification duties. It is the result of fruitful collaboration as part of the Ius Commune Research School's Contract Law and Law of Obligations research programme. Information and notification duties were the theme of a contract law workshop during the 19th Ius Commune Conference in Edinburgh in November 2014. This book contains the proceedings of that workshop, with contributions by Sanne Jansen (Leuven), Johanna Waelkens (Leuven), Johan Vannerom (Leuven), Carien de Jager (Groningen), Joasia Luzak (Amsterdam), Gerard de Vries (Amsterdam), and Mark Kawakami and Catalina Goanta (Maastricht), with an introduction by Ilse Samoy (Leuven) and Marco B.M. Loos (Amsterdam).

Investment Treaty Arbitration And Public Law

Author : Gus Van Harten
ISBN : 0199552142
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 30. 58 MB
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The recent explosion of investment treaty arbitration marks a revolutionary change in both international and public law, above all because it demonstrates how states have unwittingly privatized key powers of the courts in public law. This book outlines investment treaty arbitration as a public law system, by precisely demonstrating the significance of giving arbitrators comprehensive jurisdiction to decide regulatory disputes between business and state. In doing so, it exposes some startling consequences of transplanting rules of commercial arbitration into the regulatory sphere. First, private arbitrators can award compensation to investors in ways that go well beyond domestic systems of state liability in public law. Second, these awards can be enforced in as many as 165 countries, making them more widely enforceable than other judicial decisions in public law. Third, public law can be interpreted in private as a matter of course, without any appeal to a court to correct errors of law. The conflict between private arbitration and public law poses a serious challenge to open and accountable judging. But the critical flaw of the system - hitherto neglected - is its threat to judicial independence based on security of tenure. Under investment treaties, business claims against the state are decided by privately-contracted adjudicators, who win appointments only as more claims are brought. Thus, as the book explains, the 'judge' has a financial stake in how public law is interpreted and in the outcome of the dispute. While it is laudable to use international adjudication to resolve controversial disputes, the benefits of a global economy are no excuse for corrupting our historic tradition of independent courts.

The Law S Delay

Author : C. H. van Rhee
ISBN : 9789050953887
Genre : Law
File Size : 87. 19 MB
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Papers from a conference organised by Maastricht University Faculty of Law on 24-25 April 2003.

Towards A Unified System Of Land Burdens

Author : Bram Akkermans
ISBN : 9050955851
Genre : Law
File Size : 58. 47 MB
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This book is the result of a comparative law conference on land burdens, which was held at the University of Maastricht in 2005, under the auspices of the research school Ius Commune. This book contains the collected contributions to the conference. Most of the contributions discuss national legal systems.

The Principle Of Numerus Clausus In European Property Law

Author : Bram Akkermans
ISBN : 9050958249
Genre : Law
File Size : 65. 16 MB
Format : PDF
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In order to develop a framework that can form a basis for the development of a European property law, this book provides a comparative analysis of property law from the perspective of four European legal systems and European law, focusing on the numerus clausus principle. The book offers theoretical insights on how substantive property law, European law, and, to a certain extent, private international law intersect. The principle of numerus clausus, one of the fundamental principles of property law, is adhered to by most legal systems. In this book, an analysis of the property law systems of France, Germany, the Netherlands, and England is provided. A description is given of the content of available property rights in each of these systems, followed by an examination as to whether these rights form a closed system and whether private parties are given freedom to shape property rights, or even create new types of rights. In the last decades, property law has come under pressure to allow more party autonomy. In other words, property law has become more and more subject to pressure from contract law. Private parties attempt to draft their contracts in such a way that their contractual arrangements are given property effect. Sometimes they also attempt to make use of a property right in a way that was not foreseen by legislature or courts. As a result, rights have come into existence that are intermediary between the law of contract and the law of property. Moreover, the systems of property law are also subject to a growing influence from European legislation. The development of the internal market in the European Union increasingly forces Member States to answer the question whether and, if the answer is affirmative, in what way property rights created in another Member State should be recognized. Substantive property law intersects here. Until now, national legal systems generally resist this influence of European law and use the principle of numerous clausus as a justification. It is to be questioned whether the numerus clauses principle can still act as a guardian against the influence of foreign and European law.

Party Autonomy In International Property Law

Author : Roel Westrik
ISBN : 9783866539327
Genre : Law
File Size : 33. 47 MB
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Party autonomy is a subject that is traditionally rejected in the field of property law. Legal systems throughout Europe and most parts of the world still found their property law on the lex situs. This point of view, however, is challenged more and more. The immense intensification of worldwide trade may have turned boundaries between countries into barriers in a world that needs flexibility. This book deals with important questions concerning this problem, including: What happens to property rights related to movables and claims when borders are crossed? Do we recognize a German retention of title or an American security right? Which law will apply: the law of the country of origin, the lex situs or the law of the country of destination? How does legislation concerning financial instruments relate to the problem, and what is it all worth in insolvency situations?

Taming Ares War Interstate Law And Humanitarian Discourse In Classical Greece

Author : Emiliano J. Buis
ISBN : 9789004363823
Genre : Law
File Size : 35. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In Taming Ares Emiliano J. Buis studies the narrative foundations of the (il)legality of warfare in the classical Greek world in order to demonstrate its contribution to a better historical understanding of the international legal rules applicable to the use of force and the conduct of hostilities.

Perspectives For The Unification And Harmonisation Of Family Law In Europe

Author : Katharina Boele-Woelki
ISBN : 9789050952873
Genre : Law
File Size : 26. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Is the unification and harmonisation of (international) family law in Europe necessary? Is it feasible, desirable and possible? Reading the different contributions to this book may certainly inspire those who would like to find the right answers to these questions.

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