life extension lessons from drosophila healthy ageing and longevity

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Life Extension

Author : Alexander Vaiserman
ISBN : 9783319183268
Genre : Medical
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​This book looks at aging through research on Drosophila, the fruit fly that is one of the most widely used model organisms in bio gerontology. Work in model organisms can expand the theoretical knowledge of aging: it yields valuable insight into the molecular and cellular processes that underlie aging process, and it can perhaps provide new therapeutic targets for the treatment of age-related disorders in humans. Drosophila models have been developed for a large variety of aging-related processes and diseases, and this book provides readers with an overview of current research on the use of the Drosophila model to understand the genetic, molecular and physiological mechanisms that underlie the aging process. Themes of health span, life extension and longevity-associated genes emerge in this collation of international research on Drosophila that is of relevance to geriatrics and gerontology, animal genetics and genomics, and biomedicine. This fascinating, illustrated book will be of interest to a wide audience, ranging from academic researchers to the general reader.

Epigenetics Of Aging And Longevity

Author : Alexey Moskalev
ISBN : 9780128110836
Genre : Medical
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Epigenetics of Aging and Longevity provides an in-depth analysis of the epigenetic nature of aging and the role of epigenetic factors in mediating the link between early-life experiences and life-course health and aging. Chapters from leading international contributors explore the effect of adverse conditions in early-life that may result in disrupted epigenetic pathways, as well as the potential to correct these disrupted pathways via targeted therapeutic interventions. Intergenerational epigenetic inheritance, epigenetic drug discovery, and the role of epigenetic mechanisms in regulating specific age-associated illnesses—including cancer and cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases—are explored in detail. This book will help researchers in genomic medicine, epigenetics, and biogerontology better understand the epigenetic determinants of aging and longevity, and ultimately aid in developing therapeutics to extend the human life-span and treat age-related disease. Offers a comprehensive overview of the epigenetic nature of aging, as well as the impact of epigenetic factors on longevity and regulating age-related disease Provides readers with clinical and epidemiological evidence for the role of epigenetic mechanisms in mediating the link between early-life experiences, life-course health and aging trajectory Applies current knowledge of epigenetic regulatory pathways towards developing therapeutic interventions for age-related diseases and extending the human lifespan

Longevity Promotion Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Author : Ilia Stambler PhD
ISBN : 9781387164059
Genre : Science
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This book considers the multidisciplinary aspects of longevity promotion, from the advocacy, historical, philosophical and scientific perspectives. The first part on longevity advocacy includes examples of pro-longevity campaigns, outreach materials, frequent debates and policy suggestions. The second part on longevity history includes historical analyses of life-extensionism as a social and intellectual movement. The third part on longevity philosophy surveys the aspirations and arguments for increasing healthy longevity in the philosophical and religious traditions of ancient Greece, India, the Middle East, in particular in Islam and Judaism, and the Christian tradition. Finally, the fourth part on longevity science includes brief discussions of some of the scientific issues in life extension research. These discussions are in no way exhaustive, but are intended to simulate additional interest, consultation and study of longevity science and its social and cultural implications.

Insect Epigenetics

Author :
ISBN : 9780128118344
Genre : Science
File Size : 74. 29 MB
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Insect Epigenetics, Volume 53 provides readers with the latest interdisciplinary reviews on the topic. Updated chapters in this new release include Epigenetics in insects: Mechanisms, ecological outcomes, and evolutionary consequences, Nutrition and epigenetic change in insects, microRNAs in Drosophila insulin regulation, Epigenetic regulation of longevity in insects, Epigenetic influences on diapause, the Impact of parasites on epigenetics of their insect hosts, The molecular physiology of locust swarming behavior, The future of environmental epigenetics: insights using the clonal water-flea model, and. Epigenetics – A hidden target of insecticides. Led by volume editor Heleen Verlinden, this is an essential reference source for entomologists, zoologists, geneticists and insect chemists. Presents a comprehensive overview of environmental impacts on insect epigenetics Written by leaders in their respective areas of research Ideal resource for entomologists, zoologists, geneticists and insect chemists


Author : Mark P. Mattson
ISBN : 1607614952
Genre : Medical
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Hormesis is a poorly understood phenomenon affecting all forms of life on earth. This groundbreaking book summarizes and analyzes the various positives of hormesis in an attempt to reveal hormesis as a fundamental principle of biomedical sciences as a whole.


Author : Stuart Jay Olshansky
ISBN : 1621820807
File Size : 72. 62 MB
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Aging is one of the greatest challenges currently facing society. People are living longer than ever, but many of the later years are fraught with frailty and disease, placing enormous burden on health-care systems. Understanding the biological changes that occur during aging and developing strategies to address them are therefore urgently needed. Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine examines the biological basis of aging, strategies that may extend health span, and the societal implications of delayed aging. Contributors discuss genetic variants that accelerate or protect against aging, biochemical pathways that modulate longevity (e.g., mTOR), biological consequences of aging (e.g., decline in stem cell function), and various animal models used to study aging processes. They emphasize that age-delaying interventions will yield greater health and vitality than disease-specific treatments. Drugs that may promote health span or longevity (e.g., metformin) and efforts to prevent and treat frailty (e.g., through exercise) are explored. The authors consider the socioeconomic benefits and costs of delayed aging and also outline directions for future research and translational efforts. This volume will serve as a vital reference for all involved in the fields of geroscience and geriatric medicine, as well as anyone wishing to understand physiological processes that generate health and disease, regardless of chronological age.

The Spatiotemporal Dynamics Of Longevity Defining Cellular Processes And Its Modulation By Genetic Dietary And Pharmacological Anti Aging Interventions

Author : Vladimir I. Titorenko
ISBN : 2889190900
Genre :
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Aging of multicellular and unicellular eukaryotic organisms is a highly complex biological phenomenon that affects a plethora of processes within cells. This wide array of longevity-defining cellular processes - which are governed by an evolutionarily conserved signaling network - includes oxidative metabolism and protein synthesis in mitochondria, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, NAD+ homeostasis, amino acid biosynthesis and degradation, ammonium and amino acid uptake, ribosome biogenesis and translation, proteasomal protein degradation, nuclear DNA replication, chromatin assembly and maintenance, actin organization, apoptosis, necrosis, autophagy, protein folding, stress response, signal transduction, cell cycle, and cell growth. The focus of this Frontiers Special Topic Issue is on an important conceptual advance in our understanding of how cells integrate and control these numerous processes and how genetic, dietary and pharmacological anti-aging interventions extend longevity by altering their functional states and spatiotemporal dynamics. The Issue will highlight the various strategies used by evolutionarily diverse organisms for coordinating these longevity-defining cellular processes in space and time, critically evaluate the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying such coordination, and outline the most important unanswered questions and directions for future research in this vibrant and rapidly evolving field.

Biology Of Cognitive Aging Model Systems Technologies And Beyond

Author : Shin Murakami
ISBN : 9782889451449
Genre :
File Size : 31. 71 MB
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Welcome! We, humans, tend to experience forgetfulness when we get old. The forgetfulness may become more serious memory impairment, dementia. Presumably, we have known it for a long time, but we still do not know the mechanism behind. A normal part of forgetfulness is called age-related memory impairment (AMI), which is considered the first step towards mild cognitive impairment (MCI; transition state) and dementia (disease state). The majority of dementia is attributable to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Progression to dementia occurs at a high rate in patients with AMI. This eBook covers exciting but yet challenging field of cognitive aging. AMI is specific to neural tissues of the brain and is considered to be segmental aging. It happens not only to humans but also to a variety of species. Learning and memory are vulnerable to aging in a wide variety of model species, including worms, fruit flies, insects, snails, fishes, and rodents. Aging specifically reduces the ability to learn new information but leaves “old” memories and procedural memory intact. A comparative approach including the use of model systems seems to facilitate understanding of the molecular mechanisms that lead to AMI and AD. We advocate research on model systems. This eBook also provides the first manuscript co-authored with an AD patient to create a feedback loop from patients incorporated into research. We also included a manuscript on the semi-automated system that was inspired by such a feedback. Those may place a nice flavor to this exciting series of comparative research on cognitive aging. We hope you enjoy this eBook. Warm regards, Shin Murakami, Ph.D.

Life Extension

Author : Durk Pearson
ISBN : 0446387355
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Handbook Of Models For Human Aging

Author : P. Michael Conn
ISBN : 0080460062
Genre : Medical
File Size : 79. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Handbook of Models for Human Aging is designed as the only comprehensive work available that covers the diversity of aging models currently available. For each animal model, it presents key aspects of biology, nutrition, factors affecting life span, methods of age determination, use in research, and disadvantages/advantes of use. Chapters on comparative models take a broad sweep of age-related diseases, from Alzheimer's to joint disease, cataracts, cancer, and obesity. In addition, there is an historical overview and discussion of model availability, key methods, and ethical issues. Utilizes a multidisciplinary approach Shows tricks and approaches not available in primary publications First volume of its kind to combine both methods of study for human aging and animal models Over 200 illustrations

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