lost causes in and beyond physics

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Lost Causes In And Beyond Physics

Author : R.F. Streater
ISBN : 9783540365822
Genre : Science
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This book deals with a selection of research topics in theoretical physics that have (almost) been proven to be a dead-end or continue at least to be highly controversial. Nevertheless, small but dedicated research communities continue to work on these issues. In a series of essays this book describes their work and struggle as well as the chances of any breakthrough in these areas. It is written as both an entertainment and serious study.

Literarische Manifeste Des Naturalismus 1880 1892

Author : Erich Ruprecht
ISBN : 9783476001412
Genre : German literature
File Size : 53. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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Non Selfadjoint Operators In Quantum Physics

Author : Fabio Bagarello
ISBN : 9781118855263
Genre : Science
File Size : 25. 69 MB
Format : PDF
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A unique discussion of mathematical methods with applications to quantum mechanics Non-Selfadjoint Operators in Quantum Physics: Mathematical Aspects presents various mathematical constructions influenced by quantum mechanics and emphasizes the spectral theory of non-adjoint operators. Featuring coverage of functional analysis and algebraic methods in contemporary quantum physics, the book discusses the recent emergence of unboundedness of metric operators, which is a serious issue in the study of parity-time-symmetric quantum mechanics. The book also answers mathematical questions that are currently the subject of rigorous analysis with potentially significant physical consequences. In addition to prompting a discussion on the role of mathematical methods in the contemporary development of quantum physics, the book features: Chapter contributions written by well-known mathematical physicists who clarify numerous misunderstandings and misnomers while shedding light on new approaches in this growing area An overview of recent inventions and advances in understanding functional analytic and algebraic methods for non-selfadjoint operators as well as the use of Krein space theory and perturbation theory Rigorous support of the progress in theoretical physics of non-Hermitian systems in addition to mathematically justified applications in various domains of physics such as nuclear and particle physics and condensed matter physics An ideal reference, Non-Selfadjoint Operators in Quantum Physics: Mathematical Aspects is useful for researchers, professionals, and academics in applied mathematics and theoretical and/or applied physics who would like to expand their knowledge of classical applications of quantum tools to address problems in their research. Also a useful resource for recent and related trends, the book is appropriate as a graduate-level and/or PhD-level text for courses on quantum mechanics and mathematical models in physics.

Statistical Dynamics

Author : R. F. Streater
ISBN : 9781848162440
Genre : Science
File Size : 69. 36 MB
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How can one construct dynamical systems obeying the first and second laws of thermodynamics: mean energy is conserved and entropy increases with time? This book answers the question for classical probability (Part I) and quantum probability (Part II). A novel feature is the introduction of heat particles which supply thermal noise and represent the kinetic energy of the molecules. When applied to chemical reactions, the theory leads to the usual nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations as well as modifications of them. These can exhibit oscillations, or can converge to equilibrium.In this second edition, the text is simplified in parts and the bibliography has been expanded. The main difference is the addition of two new chapters; in the first, classical fluid dynamics is introduced. A lattice model is developed, which in the continuum limit gives us the Euler equations. The five Navier-Stokes equations are also presented, modified by a diffusion term in the continuity equation. The second addition is in the last chapter, which now includes estimation theory, both classical and quantum, using information geometry.

Mathematical Tools For Physicists

Author : Michael Grinfeld
ISBN : 9783527684274
Genre : Science
File Size : 55. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The new edition is significantly updated and expanded. This unique collection of review articles, ranging from fundamental concepts up to latest applications, contains individual contributions written by renowned experts in the relevant fields. Much attention is paid to ensuring fast access to the information, with each carefully reviewed article featuring cross-referencing, references to the most relevant publications in the field, and suggestions for further reading, both introductory as well as more specialized. While the chapters on group theory, integral transforms, Monte Carlo methods, numerical analysis, perturbation theory, and special functions are thoroughly rewritten, completely new content includes sections on commutative algebra, computational algebraic topology, differential geometry, dynamical systems, functional analysis, graph and network theory, PDEs of mathematical physics, probability theory, stochastic differential equations, and variational methods.

Emerging Quantum Technologies

Author : Erwin Brüning
ISBN : UCLA:L0099650103
Genre : Quantum theory
File Size : 23. 28 MB
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Die Ordnung Der Zeit

Author : Carlo Rovelli
ISBN : 9783644000759
Genre : Science
File Size : 50. 46 MB
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Leben wir in der Zeit oder lebt die Zeit vielleicht nur in uns? Alle theoretischen Physiker von Weltrang, die den großen und kleinen Kräften des Universums nachspüren, beschäftigen sich immer wieder mit der entscheidenden Frage, was Zeit ist. Wenn ihre großen Modelle die Zeit zur Erklärung des Elementaren nicht mehr brauchen, wie kommt es dann, dass sie für unser Leben so wichtig ist? Geht es wirklich ohne sie? Carlo Rovelli gibt in diesem Buch überraschende Antworten. Er nimmt uns mit auf eine Reise durch unsere Vorstellungen der von der Zeit und spürt ihren Regeln und Rätseln nach. Ein großes, packend geschriebenes Lese-Abenteuer, ein würdiger Nachfolger des Welt-Bestsellers "Sieben kurze Lektionen über Physik".


Author : Richard A. Muller
ISBN : 9783104038223
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 86 MB
Format : PDF
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Sie lesen jetzt das Wort »jetzt« – und schon ist es vergangen. Das flüchtige Dasein der Gegenwart hat Philosophen und Physiker vor die größten Rätsel gestellt: Was ist die Zeit? Und warum fließt sie? Generationen von Wissenschaftlern haben sich vergeblich um Antworten bemüht, einige haben es aufgegeben. Nicht so Richard A. Muller. Er hat eine Theorie der Zeit aufgestellt, die neu ist und experimentell überprüfbar. Um sie vorzustellen, erklärt er zunächst mit großem Geschick die physikalischen Grundkonzepte wie Relativität, Entropie, Verschränkung, Antimaterie und Urknall. Darauf aufbauend entfaltet er seine provozierend neue Sicht mit all ihren Folgen für die Philosophie oder die Frage nach der Willensfreiheit. Eine kraftvolle und überzeugende Vision für die Lösung des alten Rätsels der Zeit. »Muller hat einen bemerkenswert frischen und aufregenden Ansatz für die Erklärung der Zeit.« Saul Perlmutter, Physik-Nobelpreisträger »Ein provokatives und gut argumentiertes Buch über die Natur der Zeit.« Lee Smolin

Lost Causes

Author : Jason B. Jones
ISBN : UCR:31210020361174
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Foundations Of Probability And Physics 4

Author : Guillaume Adenier
ISBN : 0735403910
Genre : Computers
File Size : 30. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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All papers have been peer reviewed. This was the 4th conference arranged by ICMM on probabilistic foundations of classical and quantum physics. The first three conferences took place in 2000, 2002, and 2004. Some closely related conferences are Bohmian Mechanics 2000 and Quantum Theory: Reconsideration of Foundations 2001, 2003, and 2005. The main aim of these conferences is to understand the role that probability plays in the foundations of physics, theoretical as well as experimental, classical as well as quantum. In this conference, as well as during our previous conferences, we are glad to welcome a fruitful assembly of theoretical physicists, experimenters, mathematicians, and even philosophers interested in the foundations of probability and physics. Among important topics discussed during the conference were the probabilistic foundations of quantum mechanics, as well as the foundations of probability itself, the formation theory, quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, quantum fluctuations in relation with stochastic electrodynamics, Bohmian mechanics, measurement theory, completeness and incompleteness of quantum mechanics, macroscopic quantum systems, experiments on quantum nonlocality and locality, Bell's inequality, entanglement; philosophical problems raised by quantum mechanics, and mathematical formalism. A special session devoted to the Bayesain approach to classical and quantum probability was organized.

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