magick mayhem and mavericks the spirited history of physical chemistry

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Magick Mayhem And Mavericks

Author : Cathy Cobb
ISBN : 161614047X
Genre : Science
File Size : 69. 45 MB
Format : PDF
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When one of Randi Conway's psychotherapy patients is found dead of a gunshot wound, the investigation is turned over to Lieutenant Anthony Walker. Formerly a New York City cop, Walker now serves on the police force of an affluent community in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He lives among the privileged gentry, where he understands that appearances are often far removed from reality. This certainly proves to be true in the death of Elizabeth Knoebel, when Walker discovers that she had been keeping a private journal entitled "SEXUAL RITES". In her diary, Elizabeth was recording the explicit details of her sexual adventures with various men, many of whom were married to the women in her therapy group. Elizabeth was a predator bent on seducing and, in some instances, humiliating these men, obsessed with a perverse mission that Walker believes led to her murder. As Walker uncovers the secrets of Elizabeth's memoir, he becomes convinced that her killer is another of Randi Conway's patients. But which one?

Science And Sensibility

Author : Keith James Laidler
ISBN : 9781615927036
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 61 MB
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In Science and Sensibility, Keith J. Laidler offers an expert look at the fundamentals underlying modern scientific thought. Replete with enjoyable anecdotes, his treatise splendidly illustrates the enormous progress humankind has made in understanding the physical world. It provides a valuable overview of current methods and achievements in science. - Paul Halpern, Ph.D., author of The Great Beyond: Higher Dimensions, Parallel Universes and the Extraordinary Search for a Theory of EverythingHere is a grand tour de force of the universe - from elementary particles to quasars and black holes, from the Big Bang to the Double Helix, from plate tectonics to the theory of evolution. Professor Laidler masterfully guides you through the thorniest issues of modern science, while not shying away from many controversial issues that make the daily news. Highly informative! - Eli Maor, author of To Infinity and Beyond, e: the Story of a Number, Trigonometric Delights, and Venus in TransitScience has produced the vast information explosion that barrages us daily with data both trivial and profound. Though people seem eager to acquire more and more information, few understand what to do with it or how to integrate it into a coherent worldview. Paradoxically, as information has increased, knowledge has declined.This book is designed to provide a thorough grounding in science literacy for the general lay reader. Acclaimed science writer and chemistry professor Keith J. Laidler reviews the major contributions of the different branches of science - including biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and geology - and shows how they all lead to a unified conception of our place in the universe. He further asserts that by lifting the great veil of mystery through science, we can more fully appreciate the beauty of the universe. Although much still remains to be discovered, Laidler stresses that evidence from every field of science supports a consensus view, an elegantly logical and self-consistent picture of the formation and development of the universe and of life within it.Even more important than understanding the basic features of this scientific worldview is knowing the method by which science arrives at its conclusions. He points out that this approach to ascertaining the truth is used by judges in courts of law and by scholars in academic fields of the humanities, as well as by scientists. By learning to weigh sound evidence in an objective and unbiased fashion, we can selectively judge the information that surrounds us and integrate it into a scientific understanding, while still retaining our sense of wonder.This elegantly written and lucid explanation of science in contemporary life will not only spark an interest into the wonders of many fascinating scientific disciplines but will stimulate readers to think more critically and scientifically.Keith J. Laidler (1916 - 2003), Ph.D., was professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Ottawa and the author of eleven books, including To Light Such a Candle (Oxford University Press, 1998). He received numerous awards including the American Chemical Society's prestigious Dexter Award for outstanding contributions to the history of chemistry.

Joy Of Chemistry

Author : Cathy Cobb
ISBN : 9781615920198
Genre : Science
File Size : 87. 69 MB
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A Choice Outstanding Academic Title (2005)This is a wonderful and entertaining book. The title reflects the authors' desire that their work be considered a primer for the curious adult...I cannot think of any chemistry book I have read that has been more successful than this one in meeting such an ambitious goal...extremely well-written. The tone and pacing are reader-friendly...This would be a great book club selection...would also be a great book for the chemistry teacher at the high school level or introductory college level...I give the book my strongest recommendation.-Journal of Chemical EducationThink of this as a chemistry education condensed into a single book: a lightning tour of the field for the uninitiated.-Publishers WeeklyThe discussions presented are well written and accurate...It would be a useful supplemental text for an introductory high school or college chemistry course...the lab demonstrations alone would be an excellent resource for the junior high or high school science teacher.-Science Books & FilmsIf chemistry was never your cup of tea, you'll become a convert with The Joy of Chemistry ... With a simple set of grocery store chemicals and a good pair of safety goggles, adults can rediscover the basics of chemistry while having fun. Even though it's not written for students, this book's common sense safety advice and the sense of wonder that pervades every pages will inspire general science teachers to adapt many of these explorations for the classroom.-Science ScopeFor many, chemistry is perceived as a burdensome affair, weighed down with mathematics and restricted to well-guarded research facilities. While these facets of chemistry are certainly of paramount importance, laboratories and calculators do not necessarily convey the inherent beauty of chemistry or the excitement of chemistry at work.This book challenges the perception of chemistry as too difficult to bother with and too clinical to be any fun. Cathy Cobb and Monty L. Fetterolf, both professional chemists and experienced educators, introduce readers to the magic, elegance, and, yes, joy of chemistry. From the fascination of fall foliage and fireworks, to the functioning of smoke detectors and computers, to the fundamentals of digestion (as when good pizza goes bad!), the authors illustrate the concepts of chemistry in terms of everyday experience, using familiar materials.The authors begin with a bang-a colorful bottle rocket assembled from common objects you find in the garage-and then present the principles of chemistry using household chemicals and friendly, nontechnical language. They guide the reader through the basics of atomic structure, the nature of molecular bonds, and the vibrant universe of chemical reactions. Using analogy and example to illuminate essential concepts such as thermodynamics, photochemistry, electrochemistry, and chemical equilibrium, they explain the whys and wherefores of chemical reactions. Hands-on demonstrations, selected for their ease of execution and relevance, illustrate basic principles, and lively commentaries emphasize the fun and fascination of learning about chemistry.This delightful and richly informative book amply proves that chemistry can appeal to our intuition, logic, and-if we're willing to get down and dirty-our sense of enjoyment too.Cathy Cobb is the highly acclaimed author of Magick, Mayhem, and Mavericks: The Spirited History of Physical Chemistry and, with H. Goldwhite, Creations of Fire: Chemistry's Lively History from Alchemy to the Atomic Age. She is currently an instructor of calculus and physics at Aiken Preparatory School and an adjunct professor of chemistry at the University of South Carolina at Aiken.Monty L. Fetterolf is professor of chemistry at the University of South Carolina at Aiken.

The Joy Of Chemistry

Author : Cathy Cobb
ISBN : 1591027713
Genre : Science
File Size : 28. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Written for lay readers, provides an introduction to the principles of chemistry and includes quotations from popular literature to show how chemistry and everyday life intertwine.

The Chemistry Of Alchemy

Author : Cathy Cobb
ISBN : 1616149159
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A history of science combines 20 do-it-yourself experiments and brief profiles to demonstrate how ancient alchemists stumbled on the science of chemistry, revealing the unrealized theoretical understandings of Western European alchemists who discovered the properties and reactions of elements.

The Matter Factory

Author : Peter J. T. Morris
ISBN : 1780234422
Genre : Science
File Size : 82. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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White coats, Bunsen burners, beakers, flasks, and pipettes--the furnishings of the chemistry laboratory are familiar to most of us from our school days, but just how did these items come to be the crucial tools of science? Examining the history of the laboratory, Peter J. T. Morris offers a unique way to look at the history of chemistry itself, showing how the development of the laboratory helped shape modern chemistry. Chemists, Morris shows, are one of the leading drivers of innovation in laboratory design and technology. He tells of fascinating lineages of invention and innovation, for instance, how the introduction of coal gas into Robert Wilhelm Bunsen’s laboratory led to the eponymous burner, which in turn led to the development of atomic spectroscopy. Comparing laboratories across eras, from the furnace-centered labs that survived until the late eighteenth century to the cleanrooms of today, he shows how the overlooked aspects of science--the architectural design and innovative tools that have facilitated its practice--have had a profound impact on what science has been able to do and, ultimately, what we have been able to understand.

When Champagne Became French

Author : Kolleen M. Guy
ISBN : 0801871646
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 84. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Winner, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for English Wine, Best Wine History Book, and Best Book on French Wine Winner, Clicquot Wine Book of the Year Competition When Champagne Became French explains how nationhood emerges by viewing countries as cultural artifacts, a product of "invented traditions." In the case of France, scholars sharply disagree, not only over the nature of French national identity but also over the extent to which diverse and sometimes hostile provincial communities became integrated into the nation. Kolleen M. Guy offers a new perspective on this debate by looking at one of the central elements in French national culture -- luxury wine -- and the rural communities that profited from its production.

The Violet Hour

Author : Katie Roiphe
ISBN : 9780812988499
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 21. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From one of our most perceptive and provocative voices comes a deeply researched account of the last days of Susan Sontag, Sigmund Freud, John Updike, Dylan Thomas, Maurice Sendak, and James Salter—an arresting and wholly original meditation on mortality. In The Violet Hour, Katie Roiphe takes an unexpected and liberating approach to the most unavoidable of subjects. She investigates the last days of six great thinkers, writers, and artists as they come to terms with the reality of approaching death, or what T. S. Eliot called “the evening hour that strives Homeward, and brings the sailor home from sea.” Roiphe draws on her own extraordinary research and access to the family, friends, and caretakers of her subjects. Here is Susan Sontag, the consummate public intellectual, who finds her commitment to rational thinking tested during her third bout with cancer. Roiphe takes us to the hospital room where, after receiving the worst possible diagnosis, seventy-six-year-old John Updike begins writing a poem. She vividly re-creates the fortnight of almost suicidal excess that culminated in Dylan Thomas’s fatal collapse at the Chelsea Hotel. She gives us a bracing portrait of Sigmund Freud fleeing Nazi-occupied Vienna only to continue in his London exile the compulsive cigar smoking that he knows will hasten his decline. And she shows us how Maurice Sendak’s beloved books for children are infused with his lifelong obsession with death, if you know where to look. The Violet Hour is a book filled with intimate and surprising revelations. In the final acts of each of these creative geniuses are examples of courage, passion, self-delusion, pointless suffering, and superb devotion. There are also moments of sublime insight and understanding where the mind creates its own comfort. As the author writes, “If it’s nearly impossible to capture the approach of death in words, who would have the most hope of doing it?” By bringing these great writers’ final days to urgent, unsentimental life, Katie Roiphe helps us to look boldly in the face of death and be less afraid. Praise for The Violet Hour “A beautiful book . . . The intensity of these passages—the depth of research, the acute sensitivity for declarative moments—is deeply beguiling.”—The New York Times Book Review “Profound, poetic and—yes—comforting.”—People “Unconventional, engaging . . . [The Violet Hour] is at once scholarly, literary, juicy—and unabashedly personal.”—Los Angeles Times “Enveloping . . . I read it in bed, at the kitchen table, while walking down the street. . . . ‘What normal person wants to blunder into this hushed and sacred space?’ she asks. But the answer is all of us, and Ms. Roiphe does it with grace.”—Jennifer Senior, The New York Times “A beautiful and provocative meditation on mortality.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune “A tender yet penetrating look at the final days . . . Roiphe has always seemed to me a writer to envy. No matter what the occasion, she can be counted on to marry ferocity and erudition in ways that nearly always make her interesting.”—The Wall Street Journal “Here is a critic in supreme control of her gifts, whose gift to us is the observant vigor that refuses to flinch before the Reaper. . . . She knows that true criticism does not bother with the mollification of delicate sensibilities, only with the intellect as it roils and rollicks through language.”—William Giraldi, The New Republic From the Hardcover edition.

Faust In Copenhagen

Author : Gino Segrè
ISBN : 067003858X
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 52 MB
Format : PDF
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Documents the 1932 gathering of some forty of the world's top names in physics, placing the meeting against a backdrop of key scientific developments while citing the contributions of specific figures and offering insight into how their unsuspecting collaborations gave way to subsequent historical events.

Quanta Matter And Change

Author : Peter Atkins
ISBN : 9780199206063
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Quanta, Matter, and Change unravels a traditional course in physical chemistry and recasts it from this new molecular perspective. It provides the foundation for students to explore the subject from this new, intellectually engaging angle.Beginning with quantum theory, the book establishes the link with the macroscopic world by introducing statistical thermodynamics, before showing how thermodynamics is used to describe the bulkproperties of matter. Reformulating familiar concepts in new ways, the book also explores the latest practical tools, the most significant among them being computational chemistry.The attention to educational value has always been a hallmark of Peter Atkins' text, and nowhere more so than inQuanta, Matter, and Change. All aspects of the learning process are fully supported, including the understanding of terminology, notation, mathematical concepts, and the application of physical chemistry to other branches of science.

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