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Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

Author : Dieter Biskamp
ISBN : 1139441671
Genre : Science
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This book presents an introduction to, and modern account of, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence, an active field both in general turbulence theory and in various areas of astrophysics. The book starts by introducing the MHD equations, certain useful approximations and the transition to turbulence. The second part of the book covers incompressible MHD turbulence, the macroscopic aspects connected with the different self-organization processes, the phenomenology of the turbulence spectra, two-point closure theory, and intermittency. The third considers two-dimensional turbulence and compressible (in particular, supersonic) turbulence. Because of the similarities in the theoretical approach, these chapters start with a brief account of the corresponding methods developed in hydrodynamic turbulence. The final part of the book is devoted to astrophysical applications: turbulence in the solar wind, in accretion disks, and in the interstellar medium. This book is suitable for graduate students and researchers working in turbulence theory, plasma physics and astrophysics.

Nonlinear Mhd Waves And Turbulence

Author : Thierry Passot
ISBN : 9783540470380
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 29 MB
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The workshop "Nonhnear MHD Waves and Turbulence" was held at the - servatoire de Nice, December 1-4, 1998 and brought together an international group of experts in plasma physics, fluid dynamics and applied mathematics. The aim of the meeting was to survey the current knowledge on two main topics: (i) propagation of plasma waves (like Alfven, whistler or ion-acoustic waves), their instabilities and the development of a nonlinear dynamics lea ding to solitonic structures, wave collapse or weak turbulence; (ii) turbulence in magnetohydrodynamic flows and its reduced description in the presence of a strong ambient magnetic fleld. As is well known, both aspects play an important role in various geophysical or astrophysical media such as the - gnetospheres of planets, the heliosphere, the solar wind, the solar corona, the interplanetary and interstellar media, etc. This volume, which includes expanded versions of oral contributions pre sented at this meeting, should be of interest for a large community of resear chers in space plasmas and nonlinear sciences. Special effort was made to put the new results into perspective and to provide a detailed literature review. A main motivation was the attempt to relate more closely the theoretical un derstanding of MHD waves and turbulence (both weak and strong) with the most recent observations in space plasmas. Some papers also bring interesting new insights into the evolution of hydrodynamic or magnetohydrodynamic structures, based on systematic asymptotic methods.

Lecture Notes On Turbulence

Author : Jackson R. Herring
ISBN : 9971508273
Genre : Science
File Size : 87. 58 MB
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This book is a formal presentation of lectures given at the 1987 Summer School on Turbulence, held at the National Center for Atmospheric Research under the auspices of the Geophysical Turbulence Program. The lectures present in detail certain of the more challenging and interesting current turbulence research problems in engineering, meteorology, plasma physics, and mathematics. The lecturers-Uriel Frisch (Mathematics), Douglas Lilly (Meteorology), David Montgomery (Plasma Physics), and Hendrik Tennekes (Engineering) ? are distinguished for both their research contributions and their abilities to communicate these to students with enthusiasm. This book is distinguished by its simultaneous focus on the fundamentals of turbulent flows (in neutral and ionized fluids) and on a presentation of current research tools and topics in these fields.

Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

Author : Jason Maron
ISBN : OCLC:437115848
Genre : Electronic dissertations
File Size : 45. 19 MB
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We simulate incompressible, MHD turbulence using a pseudo-spectral code.

Progress In Turbulence Research

Author : Herman Branover
ISBN : 1600864155
Genre : Turbulence
File Size : 38. 48 MB
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Interdisciplinary Aspects Of Turbulence

Author : Wolfgang Hillebrandt
ISBN : 3540789618
Genre : Science
File Size : 43. 62 MB
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Written by experts from geophysics, astrophysics and engineering, this unique book on the interdisciplinary aspects of turbulence offers recent advances in the field and covers everything from the very nature of turbulence to some practical applications.

Iutam Symposium On Computational Physics And New Perspectives In Turbulence

Author : Yukio Kaneda
ISBN : 1402064721
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 59 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume contains the proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics and New Perspectives in Turbulence, held at Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan, in September 2006. With special emphasis given to fundamental aspects of the physics of turbulence, coverage includes experimental approaches to fundamental problems in turbulence, turbulence modeling and numerical methods, and geophysical and astrophysical turbulence.

Advances In Turbulence Xi

Author : J. M. L. M. Palma
ISBN : 3540726047
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 29. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume comprises the communications presented at the ETC 11, the EUROMECH European Turbulence conference held in 2007 in Porto. The scientific committee has chosen the contributions out of the following topics: Acoustics of turbulent flows; Atmospheric turbulence; Control of turbulent flows; Geophysical and astrophysical turbulence; Instability and transition; Intermittency and scaling; Large eddy simulation and related techniques; MHD turbulence; Reacting and compressible turbulence; Transport and mixing; Turbulence in multiphase and non-Newtonian flows; Vortex dynamics and structure formation; Wall bounded flows.

Broken Symmetry In Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

Author : John V. Shebalin
ISBN : NASA:31769000621113
Genre : Turbulence
File Size : 47. 23 MB
Format : PDF
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Hydrodynamic And Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulent Flows

Author : A. Yoshizawa
ISBN : 9789401718103
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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TUrbulence modeling encounters mixed evaluation concerning its impor tance. In engineering flow, the Reynolds number is often very high, and the direct numerical simulation (DNS) based on the resolution of all spatial scales in a flow is beyond the capability of a computer available at present and in the foreseeable near future. The spatial scale of energetic parts of a turbulent flow is much larger than the energy dissipative counterpart, and they have large influence on the transport processes of momentum, heat, matters, etc. The primary subject of turbulence modeling is the proper es timate of these transport processes on the basis of a bold approximation to the energy-dissipation one. In the engineering community, the turbulence modeling is highly evaluated as a mathematical tool indispensable for the analysis of real-world turbulent flow. In the physics community, attention is paid to the study of small-scale components of turbulent flow linked with the energy-dissipation process, and much less interest is shown in the foregoing transport processes in real-world flow. This research tendency is closely related to the general belief that universal properties of turbulence can be found in small-scale phenomena. Such a study has really contributed much to the construction of statistical theoretical approaches to turbulence. The estrangement between the physics community and the turbulence modeling is further enhanced by the fact that the latter is founded on a weak theoretical basis, compared with the study of small-scale turbulence.

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