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Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

Author : Dieter Biskamp
ISBN : 1139441671
Genre : Science
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This book presents an introduction to, and modern account of, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence, an active field both in general turbulence theory and in various areas of astrophysics. The book starts by introducing the MHD equations, certain useful approximations and the transition to turbulence. The second part of the book covers incompressible MHD turbulence, the macroscopic aspects connected with the different self-organization processes, the phenomenology of the turbulence spectra, two-point closure theory, and intermittency. The third considers two-dimensional turbulence and compressible (in particular, supersonic) turbulence. Because of the similarities in the theoretical approach, these chapters start with a brief account of the corresponding methods developed in hydrodynamic turbulence. The final part of the book is devoted to astrophysical applications: turbulence in the solar wind, in accretion disks, and in the interstellar medium. This book is suitable for graduate students and researchers working in turbulence theory, plasma physics and astrophysics.

An Investigation Of The Dynamics Of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

Author : Wenli Zhang
ISBN : UCSD:31822015456239
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Broken Symmetry In Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

Author : John V. Shebalin
ISBN : UIUC:30112058566602
Genre : Science
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Hydrodynamic And Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulent Flows

Author : A. Yoshizawa
ISBN : 9789401718103
Genre : Science
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TUrbulence modeling encounters mixed evaluation concerning its impor tance. In engineering flow, the Reynolds number is often very high, and the direct numerical simulation (DNS) based on the resolution of all spatial scales in a flow is beyond the capability of a computer available at present and in the foreseeable near future. The spatial scale of energetic parts of a turbulent flow is much larger than the energy dissipative counterpart, and they have large influence on the transport processes of momentum, heat, matters, etc. The primary subject of turbulence modeling is the proper es timate of these transport processes on the basis of a bold approximation to the energy-dissipation one. In the engineering community, the turbulence modeling is highly evaluated as a mathematical tool indispensable for the analysis of real-world turbulent flow. In the physics community, attention is paid to the study of small-scale components of turbulent flow linked with the energy-dissipation process, and much less interest is shown in the foregoing transport processes in real-world flow. This research tendency is closely related to the general belief that universal properties of turbulence can be found in small-scale phenomena. Such a study has really contributed much to the construction of statistical theoretical approaches to turbulence. The estrangement between the physics community and the turbulence modeling is further enhanced by the fact that the latter is founded on a weak theoretical basis, compared with the study of small-scale turbulence.

Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Sustained By Alfv N Wave Reflection In The Solar Atmosphere And Solar Wind

Author : Andrea Verdini
ISBN : OCLC:1045883370
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Nonlinear Mhd Waves And Turbulence

Author : Thierry Passot
ISBN : 9783540666974
Genre : Science
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The workshop "Nonhnear MHD Waves and Turbulence" was held at the - servatoire de Nice, December 1-4, 1998 and brought together an international group of experts in plasma physics, fluid dynamics and applied mathematics. The aim of the meeting was to survey the current knowledge on two main topics: (i) propagation of plasma waves (like Alfven, whistler or ion-acoustic waves), their instabilities and the development of a nonlinear dynamics lea ding to solitonic structures, wave collapse or weak turbulence; (ii) turbulence in magnetohydrodynamic flows and its reduced description in the presence of a strong ambient magnetic fleld. As is well known, both aspects play an important role in various geophysical or astrophysical media such as the - gnetospheres of planets, the heliosphere, the solar wind, the solar corona, the interplanetary and interstellar media, etc. This volume, which includes expanded versions of oral contributions pre sented at this meeting, should be of interest for a large community of resear chers in space plasmas and nonlinear sciences. Special effort was made to put the new results into perspective and to provide a detailed literature review. A main motivation was the attempt to relate more closely the theoretical un derstanding of MHD waves and turbulence (both weak and strong) with the most recent observations in space plasmas. Some papers also bring interesting new insights into the evolution of hydrodynamic or magnetohydrodynamic structures, based on systematic asymptotic methods.

Turbulence And Nonlinear Dynamics In Mhd Flows

Author : M. Meneguzzi
ISBN : 0444873961
Genre : Science
File Size : 79. 62 MB
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Topics discussed at this international workshop include: magnetic fields in astrophysical flows, slow and fast dynamos, MHD turbulence in space plasmas and in the laboratory, exact solutions to MHD, topology and chaos in MHD, helicity and velocity-magnetic correlations, turbulent reconnection and non-magnetic flows.

Advances In Wave Turbulence

Author : Victor Shrira
ISBN : 9789814520805
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 52. 12 MB
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Wave or weak turbulence is a branch of science concerned with the evolution of random wave fields of all kinds and on all scales, from waves in galaxies to capillary waves on water surface, from waves in nonlinear optics to quantum fluids. In spite of the enormous diversity of wave fields in nature, there is a common conceptual and mathematical core which allows to describe the processes of random wave interactions within the same conceptual paradigm, and in the same language. The development of this core and its links with the applications is the essence of wave turbulence science (WT) which is an established integral part of nonlinear science. The book comprising seven reviews aims at discussing new challenges in WT and perspectives of its development. A special emphasis is made upon the links between the theory and experiment. Each of the reviews is devoted to a particular field of application (there is no overlap), or a novel approach or idea. The reviews cover a variety of applications of WT, including water waves, optical fibers, WT experiments on a metal plate and observations of astrophysical WT. Contents:Wave Turbulence, A Story Far from Over (Alan C Newell and Benno Rumpf)Fluctuations of the Energy Flux in Wave Turbulence (S Aumaître, E Falcon and S Fauve)Wave Turbulence in Astrophysics (Sebastien Galtier)Optical Wave Turbulence (S K Turitsyn, S A Babin, E G Turitsyna, G E Falkovich, E V Podivilov and D V Churkin)Wave Turbulence in a Thin Elastic Plate: The Sound of the Kolmogorov Spectrum? (G Düring and N Mordant)Gravity Wave Turbulence in a Large Flume (R Bedard, S Lukaschuk and S Nazarenko)Towards a New Picture of Wave Turbulence (V I Shrira and S Y Annenkov) Readership: Researchers, professionals and graduate students in mathematical physics, energy studies, solid & fluid mechanics, and complex systems. Keywords:Wave Turbulence;Fluid Dynamics;Gravity Waves;Optical Turbulence;Capillary Waves;Wind Waves;Numerical Simulations;Random FieldsKey Features:Reflects recent formidable advances in, and presents a new picture of wave turbulence using a common mathematical modelExperimental and theoretical viewpoints on enhancing the predictive and descriptive powers of wave turbulenceReviews: “As a whole, this book is of high-quality, numerously illustrated and can be recommended for the specialists in the field, PhD students and all of readers who are interested in WT problems. The book will also be useful to academic teachers of nonlinear sciences.” Pure and Applied Geophysics

Solar And Interplanetary Dynamics

Author : Murrat Dryer
ISBN : 9789400991002
Genre : Science
File Size : 62. 19 MB
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Informal discussions in 1977 among a number of scientists asso ciated with solar and interplanetary physics revealed a need for a dialogue between the two often-divergent groups. It was clear that the latter group was dependent essentially on the sun for its raison d'etre. On the other hand it was also clear that the former group could benefit in its search for insight vis-a-vis solar activity by looking beyond the shell of the inner corona. Needless to add that the combined solar/interplanetary topic is relevant to astrophysics when one considers stellar winds and binary star flows. It was felt, there fore, that a symposium was essential to bring together, for the first time, leading solar and interplanetary physicists from the interna tional community to discuss and record herein their own research. The fundamental physical processes underlying our own capricious star's activity can be understood only by the coupling of solar and interplan etary topics in an intimate observational and theoretical structure. This book, intended for active research scientists and advanced grad uate students, is an important step in this direction. The background of solar and interplanetary dynamics is provided in Part I (The Life History of Coronal Structures and Fields) and Part II (Coronal and Interplanetary Responses to Long Time Scale Phenomena).


Author : Sergei S. Molokov
ISBN : 9781402048333
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book revises the evolution of ideas in various branches of magnetohydrodynamics (astrophysics, earth and solar dynamos, pinch, MHD turbulence and liquid metals) and reviews current trends and challenges. Uniquely, it contains the review articles on the development of the subject by pioneers in the field as well as leading experts, not just in one, but in various branches of magnetohydrodynamics, such as liquid metals, astrophysics, dynamo and pinch.

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