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Leading And Implementing Business Change Management

Author : David J. Jones
ISBN : 9781135106218
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 86. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Being change capable is the "new normal" for today’s growth-minded organizations. The "do more with less" strategies of the past are no longer effective in preparing organizations to meet the increasing challenges for growth, competitiveness and innovation required of them in this new era. Business change challenges including customer and market shifts, legal and regulatory requirements, strategic redirection, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and cultural transformation are demanding that organizations effectively and efficiently manage change across multiple dimensions. To reach this level of change capability, organizations must adopt an integrated, balanced and customized approach to change management. Change management is addressed from the unique perspective of both its foundational concepts as well as practical application. Using an integrated, scalable and flexible framework, this book provides tools which can be readily customized and applied to initiatives across or within stages of the business change management lifecycle, from assessing the need for change, through planning the change initiative, designing a balanced change solution which integrates the people, process, and project management elements, through deploying and institutionalizing the change. Common risks associated with failed or stalled change initiatives are presented with best practices and key topics associated with change management are explored and illustrated through real-life case studies. Aimed at both the professionals within organizations and post graduate students and researchers within business strategy, organizational behaviour and change management disciplines, this book will provide a conceptual understanding of change management and a roadmap with a supporting toolbox for leading and implementing change that sticks.

Making Change Stick

Author : Richard C. Reale
ISBN : 9780976850106
Genre : Organizational change
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Organizationally and individually, to change is to choose. These twelve principles make the choices easier.

Making Change Stick

Author :
ISBN : 9781422114704
Genre : Business & Economics
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Companies today are forced to transform almost continuously leaving managers faced with difficult questions. How soon can you initiate change as a new hire? Should you merge cultures after an acquisition? How can you create lasting results when the majority of change efforts fail? See how leading management experts weigh in on these and other crucial issues and find answers to your toughest challenges in this collection of the most popular Harvard Business Review cases. The HBR Case Studies series Every day, managers face challenges that put them to the test. When it comes to the thorniest dilemmas, there's never just one right answer. Get the guidance you need from our new HBR Case Studies series. Straight from the pages of theHarvard Business Review, each book breaks down your most familiar and formidable business problems. You'll get six engaging scenarios, each with several detailed solutions by today's leading experts. Read the cases, gain more perspective, and hone your instincts so you can finalize your plan and move forward more successfully.

Charting Change

Author : Braden Kelley
ISBN : 9781137536976
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Research shows that up to seventy percent of all change initiatives fail. Let's face it, change is hard, as is getting an organization on board and working through the process. One thing that has been known to be effective is onboarding teams not only to understand this change, but to see the process and the progress of institutional change. Charting Change will help teams and companies visualize this complicated process. Kelley has developed the Change Planning Canvas, which enables leadership and project teams to easily discuss the variable that will influence the change effort and organize them in a collaborative and visual way. It will help managers build a cohesive approach that can be more easily embraced by employees who are charged with the actual implementation of change. This book will teach readers how to use this visual toolkit to build a common language and vision for implementing change.

Making Organizational Change Stick

Author : Gabrielle O'Donovan
ISBN : 9781351735766
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 58. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Business needs change. And it needs it in ways, at a rate and on a scale that is unprecedented. Current success rates for business change projects are dismal and are likely to remain so until organizations learn how to integrate Change Management and Project Management successfully. Gabrielle O’Donovan shows you how to how to design strategy, structures and processes to realise this integration and deliver sustainable and commercially powerful business change. She opens the book by providing the context: describing the problem with change projects; the issues that feed the 40% - 70% failure rate; the strengths and weaknesses of the Project Management and Change Management disciplines and, crucially, the value proposition of these respective disciplines and the models and tools they employ. In the second half of the book she makes a change partners culture explicit and measurable, by articulating those cultural assumptions that will support an effective Change Management/Project Management partnership, and that relate to universal problems all organisations face regarding the macro environment, external adaptability and survival, and internal integration. From there, she describes how Project Managers and Change Managers can divide work packages and activities throughout the end-to-end project lifecycle, offering a toolkit to enable you to bring this change partners culture to life and ensure change is not only implemented - but embedded. Making Organizational Change Stick is written for Change Managers, Project/Programme Managers, design thinkers, business architects and anyone concerned with the structure, process and people of business change.

Emotional Intelligence Work

Author : Jolyon Maddocks
ISBN : 0992808901
Genre :
File Size : 53. 83 MB
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Making change stick can be difficult. All too often, following developmental coaching or inspirational training the individual will gradually revert back to their old ways of feeling, thinking and behaving. Emotional Intelligence @ Work explains how to make change sustainable by addressing the underlying attitudes that underpin a person's thinking and feeling that then drive their behaviour, habits and performance. Other approaches to Emotional Intelligence (EI) focus on personality traits and intelligence (which are relatively fixed) and competencies (that are relatively short-lived). Emotional Intelligence @ Work provides a fresh perspective on EI, based upon the latest brain science, and puts attitudes at the heart of achieving enduring change. This book provides the coach with a comprehensive overview of what defines EI, the underlying neuroscience of EI, along with a toolkit for putting EI into practice. It explains how using the EIP questionnaire one can measure and help develop emotionally intelligent attitudes; the missing link that turns an individual's potential into effective and sustainable performance.

Project Managing Change

Author : Ira Blake
ISBN : 0273720457
Genre : Organizational change
File Size : 56. 20 MB
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Are you responsible for getting results? Do you need to get things to change and then make sure that change sticks? Do you want to know the most effective ways to really get things to change – for the better? Project Managing Changegives you practical, sensible solutions to real business change issues. By combining best practice from change management and project management, it empowers you to select from a range of easy-to-use tools specially designed to uncover and resolve common problems and difficulties. Tested and proven to be effective, the emphasis is on the actual tasks and activities you need to get done to make sure that change happens. The logical, modular approach makes it easier to apply the advice and guidance to your own unique situation. It helps you assess the scope and scale of the change you need to make and plan what you need to do to make it happen. Typical changes that often mean you need to move from the way you do things now to doing things differently include: · Process – following different steps or using different methods to complete a task or activity · Product – developing new or improved products or services · Technology – using new or upgraded software, hardware, systems or equipment · Money – staying competitive in the market; managing with less (or more!) funding

Making Change Happen

Author : Jane Northcote
ISBN : 9780955776007
Genre : Organizational change
File Size : 27. 77 MB
Format : PDF
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Leading Successful Change

Author : Gregory Shea
ISBN : 9781613630198
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 44. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Why do as many as 75% of change initiatives fail? We live in an era where constant change is the norm rather than the exception. Given globalization, increased competition, and constant technological turnover, no organization can run in place: change is not optional. However, the sad fact is that the vast majority of change efforts fail. As authors Gregory P. Shea and Cassie A. Solomon argue, they do not fail for a lack of trying or leadership. Chances are you have led or been part of a failed change. But why did it fail and how can the next change be successfully implemented? In this essential guide, authors Gregory P. Shea and Cassie A. Solomon deal with the real reasons change efforts fail—and how that failure can be avoided. They argue that change—real change—means changes in behavior and that the work environment itself is the greatest obstacle to making behavioral change stick. They reveal a tested method for leading successful change, which they have developed over a combined 50 years of helping organizations do just that. In Leading Successful Change, they share the 2 tenets for making successful change; how to create a scene that will provide a vision of the future; the 8 Levers of Change, a tried-and-true method for designing the work environment to support the changes; and how winning companies—from IKEA to a hospital near you—are successfully implementing change. Change is not optional and it is difficult—but it is also not impossible. Shea and Solomon present a thorough, well-researched explanation of how to make change work.

Journey To Lean

Author : J. Drew
ISBN : 9781403948410
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the current climate attention has refocused on lean production. While books have looked at the principles of lean production and techniques, this book from McKinsey & Company, the world's most influential management consultancy, provides a unique approach, which is holistic in nature and argues that lean must be central to the strategy and mindset of the company or organization. It will be the most comprehensive book on the tangible and intangible aspects of lean transformation with a complete overview of how organizations should embark upon this arising from the cutting edge work done by the authors with leading companies worldwide.

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