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Man Vs Glory

Author : Dionny Baez Ministries
ISBN : 0981983707
Genre :
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Sea Of Glory

Author : Nathaniel Philbrick
ISBN : 0142004839
Genre : History
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Traces the 1838 discovery voyage that resulted in the western world's survey of 87,000 ocean miles, 280 Pacific islands, numerous zoological discoveries, and the finding of Antarctica, a journey that was marked by tragic deaths, the losses of two ships, and controversial court martials. Reprint.

Glory To The Lord

Author : Marvin McKenzie
ISBN : 9781300598992
Genre : Religion
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Explore the glory of the Lord, the glory of man and warnings against seeking glory. Learn what it is to give God glory as every Christian rightfully should. Consider whether you accept glory for yourself that should be deflected to the Lord. These chapters, originally a series of Sunday morning sermons. Take the reader from Genesis to Revelation in a Biblical expedition in search of glory.

Old Man Versus New Man

Author : Miguel Renteria
ISBN : 9781629112060
Genre : Religion
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Do you feel like you are in a constant boxing match with yourself? Is there a continual struggle between your old nature and your new nature in Christ? You are not alone. This book came about when Bishop Miguel Renteria began to pray and seek revelation concerning Ephesians 4:22-24. That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; and be renewed in the spirit of your mind; and that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. In this book you will understand what Paul was talking about in Ephesians chapter 4. You will discover amazing and practical truths about the natures of the old man and the new man. You will understand and become aware of why you continue to sin after your first spiritual birth, but how, after your second spiritual birth, the born again in Christ cannot sin.

The Four Dimensions Of The Ministry Of Christ

Author : Richard D. Harvey
ISBN : 9781606474365
Genre : Religion
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The purpose of this book is to provide a conceptual map by which to understand the past, present and future ministry of Jesus Christ. More importantly, this book was written to help us understand our role in this ministry. Thus, this book is a multidimensional treatise on key doctrinal issues and a discipleship guide. The main point of the book is that the totality of God's work through Jesus Christ can be sorted into four main dimensions: FOR US, IN US, THROUGH US, and TO US. In addition to presenting a range of crucial bible topics for each dimension, the chapters also discuss how we should respond to the work of Christ. As a bible study aid, the four-dimension structure provides a means by which to view scriptures in harmony with each other by appreciating the multidimensional nature of biblical topics. Richard D. Harvey, Ph.D. is a bible teacher and writer who currently serves as the director of the Counseling and Leadership/Organizational Development ministries at Metro Christian Worship Center in St. Louis, Mo. He is also an Associate Professor of Psychology at Saint Louis University, where he teaches and conducts research across a range of topics from prejudice to collective identification. He also works as a management consultant, specializing in Strategic Planning and Program Evaluation. Finally, and most importantly, he serves and works at being a husband to Kim, and a father to Alexandra, Krystani, Jessica, and Zahra.

Guts And Glory

Author : Lawrence H. Suid
ISBN : 9780813158082
Genre : History
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Guts and Glory: The Making of the American Military Image in Film is the definitive study of the symbiotic relationship between the film industry and the United States armed services. Since the first edition was published nearly two decades ago, the nation has experienced several wars, both on the battlefield and in movie theatres and living rooms at home. Now, author Lawrence Suid has extensively revised and expanded his classic history of the mutual exploitation of the film industry and the military, exploring how Hollywood has reflected and effected changes in America's image of its armed services. He offers in-depth looks at such classic films as Wings, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, The Longest Day, Patton, Top Gun, An Officer and a Gentleman, and Saving Private Ryan, as well as the controversial war movies The Green Berets, M*A*S*H, the Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and Born on the Fourth of July.

Man Versus Ball

Author : Jon Hart
ISBN : 9781612344157
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Jon Hart is not a professional athlete. His one major sports victory is a world championship in roller basketball, which is basketball on in-line skates. More than ten years ago, he started pursuing his own bucket list and embarked on a hilarious and insightful journey into the furthest reaches of the sports world.

Renovated For Glory

Author : Landen Dorsch
ISBN : 9781486614295
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82. 22 MB
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You were meant to be an encounter with the kingdom of God to the world around you.You were meant to live in in His glory.Many Christians fall short of living powerfully. Whether due to the constraints of religious misrepresentations of God’s grace or the deceptive web of lies sown by the enemy, scores of would-be world-changers are trapped in predictable, powerless, boring lives. It is not God’s intention that His children would live in anything less than life—and life abundantly.Renovated for Glory will allow you to participate in your personal transformation and equip you to live in the glory of God. Pastor Landen Dorsch simply yet profoundly unlocks exciting biblical truths about the renewed mind from Romans 12:2 that will equip you to create godly strongholds to radically transform your life.

Homosexuality Man Vs God

Author : Amos Sibanda
ISBN : 9781504993135
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 70. 51 MB
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There are many things in this world that people do, whether harmless or harmful. The habits that are not good in life are very appealing and good ones less appealing. Common examples of bad habits are in eating, drinking, smoking, sex, and use of drugs. Trying to give advice on the bad habits is interfering with the entertainment of the people concerned. For example in eating, there are many people who prefer junk food to good, healthy, and natural food. It takes the entirety of the whole universe to make them realize and concede that the practice is not good. Some practices or actions that are sin to God, no matter how we view them, are so exciting and appealing that the people concerned strongly feel delighted to commit them. So this book is about these practices, actions, and their solutions. It reveals that there is no sinful action less or greater than the other. All sins are the same before God and are self-entertainment. When the law of God is transgressed it becomes sin. Of course all of us have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Gods grace justifies us freely through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. No one is guiltless. How can a perpetual thief cast a stone at a homosexual? How can a murderer, with hands full of innocent blood, cast a stone at the homosexual? How can a coveter cast a stone at the homosexual? How can the fraudulent cast a stone at the homosexual? How can a homosexual cast a stone at these above? The list of those with planks in their eyes who see specks in other peoples eyes is long. The solution to this sad state of affairs is to be unbiased; to be willing to know God, that He is real; and to be willing to explore the other side of the cointhat is to regret to be conscience stricken about a past action or attitude. This change is only possible through Christ. It took God, the creator of the heavens, the earth, and the sea and everything in them to become flesh (named Jesus) for us to realize and concede that some of our practices or actions are not good before Him. This is about Salvation. Ultimately, it is about freedom from sin in this world and the world to come which will be inherited by those who are willing to hear what the Holy Spirit says. The meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).

To God Be The Glory

Author : Mz Jackson
ISBN : 9781477142431
Genre : Religion
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Names of God6) In God's redemptive relation to man, various compound names of Jehovah are found which reveal Him as meeting every need of man from his lost state to the end. These compound names are: Jehovah- jireh, "the Lord will provide" (Gn.22:13-14). Jehovah-rapha, "the Lord who healeth" (Ex.15:26); the deeper healing of soul malady is implied. Jehovah-nissi, "the Lord my banner" (Ex.17:8-15). Jehovah- shalom, "the Lord our peace", or "the Lord send peace" (Jud.6:24). Jehovah- tsidkenu, "the Lord our righteousness" (Jer.23:6). This name of Jehovah occurs in a prophecy concerning the future restoration and conversion of Israel. Jehovah- shammah, "the Lord is present" (Ezk.48:35). This name signifies Jehovah's abiding presence with His people. (Ex.33:14-15; 1Chr.16:27,33; Ps.6:11; 97:5; Mt.28:20; Heb.13:5). As Redeemer, emphasis is laid upon those attributes of Jehovah which the sin and salvation of man brings into exercise. These are: (a) His holiness (Lv.11:44-45; 19:1-2; 20:26; Hab.1:12-13); (b) His hatred and judgment of sin (Du.32:35-42, cp. Gn. 6:5-7; Ps.11:4-6; 66:18); and (c) His love for and redemption of sinners, but always righteously (Gn.3:21; 8:20-21; Ex.12:12-13; Lv.6:2-3; Is.53:5-6,10). Salvation by Jehovah apart from sacrifice is unknown in Scripture.1Sam.1:3, Jehovah Sabaoth (Heb.) Lord of Hosts. Sabaoth means simply hosts, but with special reference to warfare or service. Jehovah is Lord of (warrior) hosts. It is the name, therefore, of the Lord in manifestation of power (Ps.24:10).1) The word "hosts" in the Bible is related to (a) heavenly bodies (Gn.2:1; Neh.9:6; Is.40:26; (b) angles (Lk.2:13); (c) saints (Jos.5:15); and (d) sinners (Jud.4:2; 2Sm.10:16; 2Ki.5:1). As Lord of hosts God is able to marshal all these host to fulfill His purposes and to help His people.And 2) this is the distinctive name of Deity for Israel's help and comfort in the time of her division and failure (1Ki.18:15; 19:14; Is.1:9; 8:11-14; 9:13-19; 10:24-27, 31:4-5; Hag.2:4; Mal.3:16-17; Jms.5:4).1) This revelation of God by His name is invariably made in connection with some particular need of His people. Man's true resource is God. Even human failure and sin but evoke new and fuller revelations of the divine fullness.2) The O.T. Scriptures reveal the existence of a Supreme Being, the Creator of the universe and of man, the Source of all life and of all intelligence, who is to be worshipped and served by men and angels. This Supreme Being is One, in some manner not revealed in the O.T., is a unity in plurality.3) The incarnation is intimated in the theophanies, or appearances of God in human form (e.g. Gn.18:1,13,17-22; 32:24-40), distinctly predicted in the promises connected with redemption (e.g. Gn.3:15) and with the Davidic Covenant. The revelation of Deity in the N.T. so illuminates that of the O.T. that the latter is seen to be, from Genesis to Malachi, the foreshadowing of the coming incarnation of God in Jesus the Christ.4) The revelation of God to man is one of authority and of redemption. He requires righteousness from man, but saves the unrighteous through sacrifice; and in His redemptive dealings with man all the divine persons and attributes are brought into manifestations. The O.T. reveals the justice of God equally with His mercy, but never in opposition to His mercy. The flood, e.g. was an unspeakable mercy to unborn generations. From Gen. to Mal., He is revealed as the seeking God who has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, and who heaps up before the sinner every possible motive to persuade him to faith and obedience.5) The O.T. men of faith, their God inspires reverence but never slavish fear; they exhaust the resources of language to express their love and adoration in view of His loving kindness and tender mercies.6) Those passages which attribute to God bodily parts and human emotions (e.g. Ex.

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