managing environmental disputes network management as an alternative environment management

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Managing Environmental Disputes

Author : P. Glasbergen
ISBN : 9789401107662
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34. 74 MB
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The concept of sustainable development is a source of inspiration for many, who see it as a call to cooperative action. In practice, however, policies intended to further this goal often generate conflicts of interest. The ensuing disputes occur among governmental organizations, but disputes also arise between public authorities, private interest groups, and the environmental movement. In the opinion of the authors, the fact that environmental policy can provoke such conflict may be attributed largely to decision making procedures in our society. Accordingly, the authors are convinced that a new approach to managing environmental disputes is needed in order to deal effectively with environmental problems. Indeed, this book presents a viable alternative, which is called network management.

Staatliche Zukunfts Und Entwicklungsvorsorge

Author : Ivo Appel
ISBN : 3161478576
Genre : Law
File Size : 42. 93 MB
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English summary: Ivo Appel determines the legal status of sustainable development in international law, European law and German law. He specifies the objectives of sustainable development, describes the prerequisites and consequences of adequate decision-making and demonstrates the problems involved in the indispensable instrumentalization process. Pointing out the state responsibility for future generations and the environment, he develops the legal content, the capacity and the limits of the concept of sustainability as a model of legal regulation. German description: Wahrend zukunftsfahiges politisches Handeln das Konzept der nachhaltigen Entwicklung als Leitlinie fur das 21. Jahrhundert entdeckt hat, besteht in der Rechtswissenschaft ein betrachtliches Mass an Skepsis. Die grosse inhaltliche Weite, der betont internationale Ansatz und die intergenerationelle Ausrichtung begrunden den hohen Anspruch des Konzepts, stehen aber zugleich fur die spezifischen Schwierigkeiten einer Verwirklichung mit Mitteln des Rechts.Ivo Appel greift die unubersichtlich gewordene Diskussion auf und stellt sie in den grosseren Zusammenhang der staatlichen Verantwortung fur Zukunft und Entwicklung. Konkrete Ausformungen des Nachhaltigkeitskonzepts werden am Beispiel des Umwelt- und Planungsrechts untersucht. Dabei erweist sich das Konzept als Exempel und Anwendungsfall fur grundsatzlichere Entwicklungen im offentlichen Recht, die sich aus einer neu gewichteten Staatsaufgabe Zukunfts- und Entwicklungsvorsorge ergeben. Die Anforderungen des Konzepts stellen die Prozesse der Rechtsentstehung und Rechtskonkretisierung in den weiteren Kontext eines europaischen und internationalen Mehr-Ebenen-Systems, wobei der Kategorie des 'rechtssetzungsorientierten Rechts' und der (Wieder)Entdeckung der Ziele als einer Handlungsform Scharnierfunktionen zukommen. Vor diesem Hintergrund versteht sich der Band auch als Pladoyer, dem Nachhaltigkeitskonzept konstruktiv zu begegnen und die rechtlichen Moglichkeiten, die in der Aufstellung von Leitbildern und Zielen liegen konnen, systempragend zu nutzen.

Partnering For The Environment

Author : Eric C. Poncelet
ISBN : 0742501590
Genre : Science
File Size : 29. 76 MB
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Environmental policy domains are increasingly adopting strategies of cooperation over those of conflict. Decision-making processes founded upon collaboration and public participation are receiving more attention and favor and, in turn, engendering multistakeholder environmental partnerships. In his thoughtful analysis, Eric C. Poncelet seeks to illuminate the mechanics of these partnerships, especially at the level of social interaction. Drawing on ethnographic research performed with four case study partnerships in the European Union and the United States, Poncelet focuses on the diverging ways that stakeholders think, talk, and conventionally act with regard to the environmental issues at stake. Also explored are the roles of environmental partnerships as sites of personal transformation, where participants_and their perspectives, conceptualizations, and expectations_can and do change. Partnering for the Environment concludes by examining the broader implications of multistakeholder partnerships for the future of environmental decision-making and suggests ways by which these partnerships may be more effectively used and managed.

Municipal Waste Management In Europe

Author : N. Buclet
ISBN : 9789401594769
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22. 3 MB
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Nicolas Buclet and Olivier Godard In terms of economic scale, waste management is one of the two most important environmentally oriented sectors. 1 It stands at the cross-roads in the material organization of society, resource management, changing lifestyles and consumption patterns, and ecological issues. For many years waste management has been perceived as aresources and health issue, confined mainly to dense urban areas, and not an environmental issue. In contemporary affiuent societies, however, the scale reached by waste flows, the inheritance of accumulated deposits in soils from the waste of previous generations and increasing levels of public concern about environmental proteetion and quality of life have all conspired to impose a fresh look at what waste really implies for a modern society. We are obliged to focus our attention on such questions as how the circulation of matter is at present organized by society and can be modified and controlled if economic development is to become more environmentally sustainable. This is the period we live in. Significant changes in waste management in European countries have been introduced during the last decade or so. To some extent the transition between traditional regimes mainly based on local disposal and new regimes based on a revised organisation of flows of waste matter is still in the making, involving new attitudes, new activities, new technologies and new incentives, reducing the pressure on virgin natural resources and eliminating the huge dissipation of various pollutants into the environment.

The Waste And The Backyard

Author : B. Dente
ISBN : 9789401591072
Genre : Science
File Size : 47. 64 MB
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Controversies concerning the siting of facilities for the disposal and treatment of hazardous but also domestic waste are widespread in all of the industrialized countries. The paradoxical situation of projects that are needed for environmental reasons and are opposed on environmental grounds has been addressed by scholars and by policy-makers searching for solutions. However, only in a few cases have waste disposal facilities actually been built and made operational. The aim of the book (which illustrates the results of a research project financed by the EU-DGXII) is to investigate the decision-making processes for the siting and creation of waste facilities, in order to identify the factors for predicting success. Adopting a Public Policy Analysis approach the book presents six cases of successful decision-making on waste facilities siting in France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Slovenia, drawing lessons for the redefinition of public policy-making in the field of waste treatment. The conclusions of this book are interesting for all fields of public policy where conflict is a relevant problem. This book is also of interest to scholars in the environmental field, as well as in public policy analysis, and to practitioners and (public or private) actors involved in environmental policy.

Environmentally Improved Production Processes And Products An Introduction

Author : Lucas Reijnders
ISBN : 9789400915961
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 39. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Environmentally Improved Production Processes and Products introduces students at institutes of higher education, company management, civil servants, professional designers and process engineers to the field of environmentally oriented product and process improvement. The book deals with improvements that are integrated into processes and products. It differs from other books currently available in that it covers both production and products. It is also different because both social/economic and technical aspects of the improvement of products and production processes are dealt with, rather than the more usual focus either on technical or on social and/or economic aspects. Another characteristic is the wide range of production processes and products covered, ranging from bakeries to olive growing, from nuclear power plants to glues, from office chairs to breweries, and from television sets to steel plants. Geographical coverage ranges from Sweden to China and from India to Italy and the USA.

European Spatial Research And Policy

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105070699652
Genre : Environmental economics
File Size : 90. 96 MB
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Towards Sustainable Building

Author : N. Maiellaro
ISBN : 9789401735636
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 21. 71 MB
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This volume contains the extended versions of selected papers presented at the first Mediterranean Conference "Sharing Knowledge on Sustainable Building" held at the Polytechnic ofBari in December 1999, supported by the National Research Council of Italy. The publication of this book was made possible through the efforts of the contributing Authors. Other people have provided invaluable support for the conference and for the preparation of this volume; in particular, I wish to thank Antonella Lerario for providing support in the final editing of the text and images. 1 As reported in Boonstra and Rovers (200 I) , people spend a great deal of time inside buildings; therefore, decisions about design, construction, use, maintenance, renovation, demolition, reuse and recycling of buildings have a huge impact on the sustainable development of our society. Technical aspects, however, should be supported by adequate policies, developed with appropriate tools and driven by meaningful challenges. For people involved in sustainable buildings, the conceptual frameworks, studies and experiences collected in this volume, organized into three parts - "Policies", "Tools" and "Challenges" - will help to advance knowledge allowing them to adopt and more efficiently implement such innovations sooner.

Greening Society

Author : P.J. Driessen
ISBN : 9789401599580
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 25. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book can be regarded as a monograph on the debates and developments in Dutch environmental policy. It has been written with a specific perspective in mind. First and foremost, the line of approach we have taken was from a multidisciplinary social science point of view. The trend in environmental policy is looked at from the angle of sociology, policy studies and political science. Secondly, all analyses depart from the paradigm shift concept. This particular paradigm shift is based on the fact that a radical change has taken shape over the years in the way environmental issues are handled. Previously, environmental policy had always been characterised by is top-down approach in which government determined the actual objectives of policy and assumed that it could win over business, non governmental organisations and citizens to act in line with those objectives. There was also a great deal of faith in the technical solutions to environmental issues. Today's environmental policy is based on a totally different philosophy. Environmental objectives are now reached in association with business, non-governmental organisations and citizens. These actors are also involved in bringing environmental policy into practice. In other words, the implementation of policy has a more interactive nature. New relationships emerge between government, the market and civil society, and policy discourses also become integrated. The environmental interest is more often weighed against the econom1c interests, the spatial development and against social justice.

Frames In The Toxicity Controversy

Author : Arnold Tukker
ISBN : 9789401147569
Genre : Science
File Size : 70. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Preface When you write a book like this after ten years' working as an environmental specialist, you end up with something that reflects your career. Of course, when I started working at the Ministry of the Environment in the Netherlands, I could not foresee that I would now be at TNO, nor that I would have performed research into chlorine, PVC, waste, etc. , that would come to form the basis for this book. But step by step, with some coincidence and with the support of several people - who were probably unaware of the crucial role that, with hindsight, they played - I arrived at a position where I could start to consider this enterprise. At this point I shall try something dangerous - thanking a few of those people who gave that support. At the same time, it is obvious that I cannot mention them all. I hope that those whom I do not mention will forgive me. A first, crucial moment in this sequence of events came quite soon after I joined TNO in 1990. Just a few weeks later, all the senior staff in my section decided to leave in order to set up their own company. I decided to stay at TNO. As a consequence, I had to manage it on my own.

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