markov processes and related problems of analysis london mathematical society lecture note series

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Markov Processes And Related Problems Of Analysis

Author : Evgeniĭ Borisovich Dynkin
ISBN : 9780521285124
Genre : Mathematics
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The theory of Markov Processes has become a powerful tool in partial differential equations and potential theory with important applications to physics. Professor Dynkin has made many profound contributions to the subject and in this volume are collected several of his most important expository and survey articles. The content of these articles has not been covered in any monograph as yet. This account is accessible to graduate students in mathematics and operations research and will be welcomed by all those interested in stochastic processes and their applications.

London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series

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ISBN : UCAL:B5111466
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Non Autonomous Kato Classes And Feynman Kac Propagators

Author : Archil Gulisashvili
ISBN : 9789812774606
Genre : Mathematics
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This book aims to present the overall existing tsunami hazard in the Caribbean Sea region, a region which is typically only associated with hurricanes. It initially presents an overview of all of the existing tsunami-causing factors found in the region: earthquakes, sub-aerial and submarine landslides, and submarine explosions. This is followed by field evidence of recent and pre-historic tsunami events, which gives credibility to all of this effort. The next section is a description of the tsunami hazard mitigation efforts being carried out locally and in collaboration with national and international programs. The final part is dedicated to the presentation of related recent research results.

It S Stochastic Calculus And Probability Theory

Author : Nobuyuki Ikeda
ISBN : 9784431685326
Genre : Mathematics
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Professor Kiyosi Ito is well known as the creator of the modern theory of stochastic analysis. Although Ito first proposed his theory, now known as Ito's stochastic analysis or Ito's stochastic calculus, about fifty years ago, its value in both pure and applied mathematics is becoming greater and greater. For almost all modern theories at the forefront of probability and related fields, Ito's analysis is indispensable as an essential instrument, and it will remain so in the future. For example, a basic formula, called the Ito formula, is well known and widely used in fields as diverse as physics and economics. This volume contains 27 papers written by world-renowned probability theorists. Their subjects vary widely and they present new results and ideas in the fields where stochastic analysis plays an important role. Also included are several expository articles by well-known experts surveying recent developments. Not only mathematicians but also physicists, biologists, economists and researchers in other fields who are interested in the effectiveness of stochastic theory will find valuable suggestions for their research. In addition, students who are beginning their study and research in stochastic analysis and related fields will find instructive and useful guidance here. This volume is dedicated to Professor Ito on the occasion of his eightieth birthday as a token of deep appreciation for his great achievements and contributions. An introduction to and commentary on the scientific works of Professor Ito are also included.

Lond Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 81 Skew Fields

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Commutator Calculus And Groups Of Homotopy Classes

Author : Hans J. Baues
ISBN : 9780521284240
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 86. 61 MB
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A fundamental problem of algebraic topology is the classification of homotopy types and homotopy classes of maps. In this work the author extends results of rational homotopy theory to a subring of the rationale. The methods of proof employ classical commutator calculus of nilpotent group and Lie algebra theory and rely on an extensive and systematic study of the algebraic properties of the classical homotopy operations (composition and addition of maps, smash products, Whitehead products and higher order James-Hopi invariants). The account is essentially self-contained and should be accessible to non-specialists and graduate students with some background in algebraic topology and homotopy theory.

Homogeneous Structures On Riemannian Manifolds

Author : F. Tricerri
ISBN : 9780521274890
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 40. 21 MB
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The central theme of this book is the theorem of Ambrose and Singer, which gives for a connected, complete and simply connected Riemannian manifold a necessary and sufficient condition for it to be homogeneous. This is a local condition which has to be satisfied at all points, and in this way it is a generalization of E. Cartan's method for symmetric spaces. The main aim of the authors is to use this theorem and representation theory to give a classification of homogeneous Riemannian structures on a manifold. There are eight classes, and some of these are discussed in detail. Using the constructive proof of Ambrose and Singer many examples are discussed with special attention to the natural correspondence between the homogeneous structure and the groups acting transitively and effectively as isometrics on the manifold.


Author : H. N. V. Temperley
ISBN : 9780521285148
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 90. 26 MB
Format : PDF
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The articles collected here are the texts of the invited lectures given at the Eighth British Combinatorial Conference held at University College, Swansea. The contributions reflect the scope and breadth of application of combinatorics, and are up-to-date reviews by mathematicians engaged in current research. This volume will be of use to all those interested in combinatorial ideas, whether they be mathematicians, scientists or engineers concerned with the growing number of applications.

Coding The Universe

Author : A. Beller
ISBN : 9780521280402
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 83. 6 MB
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This is the first book devoted to the role of chemical synthetic techniques in the development of advanced ceramic materials. It bridges the gap between existing volumes dealing with the properties of ceramic materials, for example their mechanical properties, and those on chemistry. The author describes the variety of advanced ceramics and their conventional synthesis and fabrication. This is followed by a description of the range of non-conventional synthetic methods. The basic chemistry of the synthesis is described and well-illustrated by reference to ceramics made on both laboratory and industrial scales. This resource book will be of value to anyone working with advanced ceramics in research laboratories, and to postgraduate students and research workers in chemistry, material science, physics, metallurgy and mechanical engineering departments involved with ceramic materials.

Ordered Permutation Groups

Author : Andrew Martin William Glass
ISBN : 9780521241908
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 29. 62 MB
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As a result of the work of the nineteenth-century mathematician Arthur Cayley, algebraists and geometers have extensively studied permutation of sets. In the special case that the underlying set is linearly ordered, there is a natural subgroup to study, namely the set of permutations that preserves that order. In some senses. these are universal for automorphisms of models of theories. The purpose of this book is to make a thorough, comprehensive examination of these groups of permutations. After providing the initial background Professor Glass develops the general structure theory, emphasizing throughout the geometric and intuitive aspects of the subject. He includes many applications to infinite simple groups, ordered permutation groups and lattice-ordered groups. The streamlined approach will enable the beginning graduate student to reach the frontiers of the subject smoothly and quickly. Indeed much of the material included has never been available in book form before, so this account should also be useful as a reference work for professionals.

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