masculinities and the law

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Masculinities And The Law

Author : Ann C. McGinley
ISBN : 9780814723500
Genre : Law
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According to masculinities theory, masculinity is not a biological imperative but a social construction. Men engage in a constant struggle with other men to prove their masculinity. Masculinities and the Law develops a multidimensional approach. It sees categories of identity—including various forms of raced, classed, and sex-oriented masculinities—as operating simultaneously and creating different effects in different contexts. By applying multidimensional masculinities theory to law, this cutting-edge collection both expands the field of masculinities and develops new thinking about important issues in feminist and critical race theories. The topics covered include how norms of masculinity influence the behavior of policemen, firefighters, and international soldiers on television and in the real world; employment discrimination against masculine cocktail waitresses and all transgendered employees; the legal treatment of fathers in the U.S. and the ways unauthorized migrant fathers use the dangers of border crossing to boost their masculine esteem; how Title IX fails to curtail the masculinity of sport; the racist assumptions behind the prison rape debate; the surprising roots of homophobia in Jamaican dancehall music; and the contradictions of the legal debate over women veiling in Turkey. Ultimately, the book argues that multidimensional masculinities theory can change how law is interpreted and applied.

Masculinity Law And Family

Author : Richard Collier
ISBN : 9781134873357
Genre : Social Science
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Masculinity, Law and Family examines the construction of masculinity in a variety of areas of law pertaining to the family. Throughout, Richard Collier integrates recent theoretical developments in legal studies with a social theory of gender, the family and the social construction of masculinity. After an overview of theoretical positions and a critique of traditional legal theory, Richard Collier focusses on the legal regulation of homosexuality and transsexualism to show how confined the view of masculine sexuality is in legal discours. These arguments are further elaborated in a discussion of non-consummation, adultery and divorce, as well as fatherhood and paternity. Masculinity, Law and Family is of central importance to our understanding of the social and political dimension of masculinity.

Exploring Masculinities

Author : Martha Albertson Fineman
ISBN : 9781317137313
Genre : Law
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While masculinities theory has had much to say on relationships of subordination, few feminist legal scholars have examined the implications of masculinities theory for feminist legal theory. This volume investigates the ways in which emerging masculinities theory in law could inform feminist legal theory in particular and law in general. As many of the chapters in this collection illustrate, law is constantly in a dynamic interaction with masculinities: it has both influenced existing masculinities and has been influenced by those masculinities. The contributions focus feminist and critical theoretical attention on masculinities and consider the implications of masculinities theory for law and legal theory. The book sets out the theoretical trajectory of masculinities studies as a field and its application in law and uses insights from a masculinities approach to study socio-political construction of gender identities in specific settings. It also explores how understanding historical construction of gender identities can inform more effective public policy and activism. Written by leading experts in the area, the book poses important questions about the development of the relationship between feminisms and masculinities theory and will be essential reading for those working in law and gender and related areas.

Men Law And Gender

Author : Richard Collier
ISBN : 9781135309206
Genre : Law
File Size : 59. 87 MB
Format : PDF
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What does it mean to speak of ‘men’ as a gender category in relation to law? How does law relate to masculinities? This book presents the first comprehensive overview and critical assessment of the relationship between men, law and gender; outlining the contours of the ‘man’ of law across diverse areas of legal and social policy. Written in a theoretically informed, yet accessible style, Men, Law and Gender provides an introduction to the study of law and masculinities whilst calling for a richer, more nuanced conceptual framework in which men’s legal practices and subjectivities might be approached. Building on recent sociological work concerned with the relational nature of gender and personal life, Richard Collier argues that social, cultural and economic changes have reshaped ideas about men and masculinities in ways that have significant implications for law. Bringing together voices and disciplines that are rarely considered together, he explores the way ideas about men have been contested and politicised in the legal arena. Including original empirical studies of male lawyers, the legal profession and fathers’ rights and law reform, alongside discussions of university law schools and legal academics, and family policy and parenting cultures, this innovative, timely and important text provides a unique and important insight into the relationship between law, men and masculinities. It will be required reading for academics and students in law and legal theory, socio-legal studies, gender studies, sociology and social policy, as well as policy-makers and others concerned with the changing nature of gender relations.

When Men Were Men

Author : Lin Foxhall
ISBN : 9781134686773
Genre : History
File Size : 68. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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When Men Were Men questions the deep-set assumption that men's history speaks and has always spoken for all of us, by exploring the history of classical antiquity as an explicitly masculine story. With a preface by Sarah Pomeroy, this study employs different methodologies and focuses on a broad range of source materials, periods and places.


Author : Stefan Horlacher
ISBN : 3823361708
Genre : Masculinity in literature
File Size : 26. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Exploring Masculinities

Author : Professor Martha Albertson Fineman
ISBN : 9781472415127
Genre : Law
File Size : 70. 31 MB
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Written by leading experts in the area, this volume investigates the ways in which emerging masculinities theory in law could inform feminist legal theory in particular and law in general. As many of the chapters in this collection illustrate, law is constantly in a dynamic interaction with masculinities: it has both influenced existing masculinities and has been influenced by those masculinities. The contributions focus feminist and critical theoretical attention on masculinities and consider the implications of masculinities theory for law and legal theory.

M Nner Und M Nnlichkeiten

Author : Nina Jakoby
ISBN : 9783728135407
Genre : Masculinity
File Size : 64. 17 MB
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Der Mann bzw. "das Männliche" wurde im wissenschaftlichen Diskurs lange Zeit mit dem "Allgemein-Menschlichen" gleichgesetzt. Dies verhinderte in vielen Disziplinen eine explizite Auseinandersetzung mit der Bedeutung von Geschlecht sowie mit unhinterfragten Annahmen über das "spezifisch Männliche" an sich. Anknüpfend an die aktuelle Männerforschung stellt dieses Buch Männerbilder und Männlichkeitskonstruktionen in sozial-, geistes-, technik- und naturwissenschaftlichen Disziplinen ins Zentrum. Am Beispiel von Fächern wie der Biologie, der Pädagogik, der Jurisprudenz, der Informatik und vielen anderen wird normativen Vorstellungen von Männlichkeit in ihrer Bedeutung für wissenschaftliche Fragenstellungen, für die Theoriebildung und empirische Forschung nachgegangen. Kritisch reflektiert werden überdies die Konsequenzen hegemonialer Männlichkeitskonstruktionen für Wissensentwicklungen in den Disziplinen sowie für gesellschaftliche Transformationen. Die Beiträge eröffnen dabei nicht nur einen Blick auf die Vielfalt und die Grenzen von Männlichkeitsentwürfen, sondern auch auf potenziell innovative Konzeptionen des Mannes in der Wissenschaft.

Masculinity At Work

Author : Ann C. McGinley
ISBN : 9780814796139
Genre : Law
File Size : 56. 82 MB
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In late October 2013, the Miami Dolphins’ player Jonathan Martin walked out on his team and checked into a mental health institution. The original story implied that Martin could not take the professional pressure. Within days, the story changed. News sources reported that Martin’s teammates had repeatedly bullied him and as a result, the twenty-four year-old African American player suffered serious depression. The response was skeptical, and many opined the harassment involved was simply locker room banter that all players endure; essentially, that boys will be boys. Masculinity at Work uses the Jonathan Martin case and others to analyze Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 through the lens of masculinities theory. Illustrating how harassment and discrimination can occur because of sex even if the gendered nature of the behavior remains unseen to onlookers, this book educates readers about the invisibility of masculine structures and practices, how society constructs concepts of masculinity, and how men (and sometimes women) perform masculinity in different ways depending on their identities and situational contexts. Using a sophisticated mix of legal, gender, and social science analysis, the author demonstrates how masculinities theory can also offer significant insights into the behaviors and motivations of employers, as well as workplace structures that disadvantage both men and women who do not conform to gender stereotypes. Both a theoretical disposition and a practical guide for legal counsel and judges on the interpretation of sex and race discrimination cases, Masculinity at Work explains how this theory can be used to interpret Title VII in new, liberating ways.

Law Gender And Injustice

Author : Joan Hoff
ISBN : 9780814735091
Genre : Law
File Size : 73. 40 MB
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In 1782, J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur wrote, “What then, is the American, this new man? He is an American, who, leaving behind him all his ancient prejudices and manners, receives new ones from the new mode of life he has embraced.” In casting aside their European mores, these pioneers, de Crèvecoeur implied, were the very embodiment of a new culture, society, economy, and political system. But to what extent did manliness shape early America's character and institutions? And what roles did race, ethnicity, and class play in forming masculinity? Thomas A. Foster and his contributors grapple with these questions in New Men, showcasing how colonial and Revolutionary conditions gave rise to new standards of British American manliness. Focusing on Indian, African, and European masculinities in British America from earliest Jamestown through the Revolutionary era, and addressing such topics that range from slavery to philanthropy, and from satire to warfare, the essays in this anthology collectively demonstrate how the economic, political, social, cultural, and religious conditions of early America shaped and were shaped by ideals of masculinity. Contributors: Susan Abram, Tyler Boulware, Kathleen Brown, Trevor Burnard, Toby L. Ditz, Carolyn Eastman, Benjamin Irvin, Janet Moore Lindman, John Gilbert McCurdy, Mary Beth Norton, Ann Marie Plane, Jessica Choppin Roney, and Natalie A. Zacek.

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