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From Zero To Infinity And Beyond

Author : Mike Goldsmith
ISBN : 9781780550923
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 24. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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With this book, children can unlock the mysteries of maths and discover the wonder of numbers. Readers will discover incredible information, such as why zero is so useful; what a googol really is; why music, maths and space are connected; why bees prefer hexagons; how to tell the time on other planets; and much much more. From marvellous measurements and startling shapes, to terrific theories and numbers in nature - maths has never been as amazing as this!

Math Stuff

Author : William N. Bailey
ISBN : 9780595149032
Genre : Education
File Size : 61. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A must read for teachers of mathematics! The perrennial question, "When will I ever use this stuff," prompts a parent to look deeply into his son's math program. In his search for the scope and meaning of "stuff," he finds that the subject of math is totally unlike any other high school subject. Also apparent is that promoted reforms whether politically motivated, profit driven, or theoretically rooted in educational psychology, good or bad, generally have a poor long term success rate. The semi-fictional, often-humorous style of "Math Stuff" provides a multi-dimensional view of the diverse elements of reform that, to be effective, must be jointly addressed. Taking a cue from a good math teacher, the book does not give the answers but rather suggests what to think about while determining them.

Everyday Discoveries

Author : Sharon MacDonald
ISBN : 9780876597873
Genre : Education
File Size : 70. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Science and math concepts are embedded in the things children do every day. With this book, children learn the how, the why and the what happens next with these open-ended, self-directed activities. Everyday Discoveries shows how easily and naturally children can learn science and math in preschool programs, early primary classrooms, child care centers, and home care settings.

Math Stuff

Author : Theoni Pappas
ISBN : 1884550266
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 66. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 681
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Holyhedrons - e-paper and mathematics - Icosa shelters.

Math Drawings Good Stuff For Teachers

Author : Mary Smale
ISBN : 9781626750685
Genre : Art
File Size : 62. 18 MB
Format : PDF
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Mary originally created the Math Drawings to capture the imaginations of reluctant learners. It was a way to present an opportunity for those students -- who never seceded at anything academic -- to finally succeed at something. Since Mary believes that success builds on success, she surmised that this success could be the catalyst that ignites those students’ passion for the course. Going into to this project, she knew students loved to draw because she had been confiscating surreptitious art work -- created at inappropriate times in class -- for years. So, Math Drawings seemed to be a natural step boost enthusiasm for the course. The very first lesson, “Tin Cans,” proved her right. It was a smashing success. Quickly word spread until, all her students wanted to work with her Math Drawings. Soon Mary was forced to add a more advanced supplement to each drawing,-- which she called “Differentiation,”-- to challenge the older or more accomplished students. This latest edition of the book contains five drawings with their respective differentiations. The titles are, “Tin Cans,” “City by the Sea,” “Roman Arches,” “Country Road,” and the latest addition , “Eagle,” taken with permission from the work of artist, Marilyn Grame. Each drawing is created in as many as 30 illustrated steps, with the most current line in each step highlighted. Also, the caption for each illustrated step is laced with the vocabulary that forms the math lesson.

Mathematics And Logic

Author : Mark Kac
ISBN : 9780486670850
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 57. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Fascinating study of the origin and nature of mathematical thought, including relation of mathematics and science, 20th-century developments, impact of computers, and more.Includes 34 illustrations. 1968 edition."

Doing Math With Python

Author : Amit Saha
ISBN : 9781593276409
Genre : Computers
File Size : 60. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 548
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Doing Math with Python shows you how to use Python to delve into high school–level math topics like statistics, geometry, probability, and calculus. You’ll start with simple projects, like a factoring program and a quadratic-equation solver, and then create more complex projects once you’ve gotten the hang of things. Along the way, you’ll discover new ways to explore math and gain valuable programming skills that you’ll use throughout your study of math and computer science. Learn how to: -Describe your data with statistics, and visualize it with line graphs, bar charts, and scatter plots -Explore set theory and probability with programs for coin flips, dicing, and other games of chance -Solve algebra problems using Python’s symbolic math functions -Draw geometric shapes and explore fractals like the Barnsley fern, the Sierpinski triangle, and the Mandelbrot set -Write programs to find derivatives and integrate functions Creative coding challenges and applied examples help you see how you can put your new math and coding skills into practice. You’ll write an inequality solver, plot gravity’s effect on how far a bullet will travel, shuffle a deck of cards, estimate the area of a circle by throwing 100,000 “darts” at a board, explore the relationship between the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, and more. Whether you’re interested in math but have yet to dip into programming or you’re a teacher looking to bring programming into the classroom, you’ll find that Python makes programming easy and practical. Let Python handle the grunt work while you focus on the math.

Math Better Explained

Author : Kalid Azad
ISBN : 1479186724
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 64. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 410
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"Math, Better Explained" is a clear, intuitive guide to math topics essential for high school, college and beyond. Whether you're a student, parent, or teacher, this book is your key to unlocking the aha! moments that make math truly click -- and make learning enjoyable. The book intentionally avoids mindless definitions and focuses on building a deep, natural intuition so you can integrate the ideas into your everyday thinking. Its explanations on the natural logarithm, imaginary numbers, exponents and the Pythagorean Theorem are among the most-visited in the world. The topics in Math, Better Explained include: 1. Developing Math Intuition 2. The Pythagorean Theorem 3. Pythagorean Distance 4. Radians and Degrees 5. Imaginary Numbers 6. Complex Arithmetic 7. Exponential Functions & e 8. The Natural Logarithm (ln) 9. Interest Rates 10. Understanding Exponents 11. Euler's Formula 12. Introduction To Calculus The book is written as the author wishes math was taught: with a friendly attitude, vivid illustrations and a focus on true understanding. Learn right, not rote! Selected testimonials: "I have several books on calculus (Calculus for Dummys, Math for the Millions, etc. etc. - never was able to read them) but your explanation is what I have needed all these years." - D. Hogg, Former Principal "This is a great explanation! I am 49 years old and have never known what e is all about. It is thanks to your article that I get it and now can explain it to my son who is 13 years old..." - C. Dhaveji "I've been following you for nearly two years...I find the intuitive approach to the subject and lucid writing unparalleled." - D. Ezell

Visualizing Mathematics With 3d Printing

Author : Henry Segerman
ISBN : 9781421420363
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 73. 59 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 985
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Wouldn’t it be great to experience three-dimensional ideas in three dimensions? In this book—the first of its kind—mathematician and mathematical artist Henry Segerman takes readers on a fascinating tour of two-, three-, and four-dimensional mathematics, exploring Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, symmetry, knots, tilings, and soap films. Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing includes more than 100 color photographs of 3D printed models. Readers can take the book’s insights to a new level by visiting its sister website,, which features virtual three-dimensional versions of the models for readers to explore. These models can also be ordered online or downloaded to print on a 3D printer. Combining the strengths of book and website, this volume pulls higher geometry and topology out of the realm of the abstract and puts it into the hands of anyone fascinated by mathematical relationships of shape. With the book in one hand and a 3D printed model in the other, readers can find deeper meaning while holding a hyperbolic honeycomb, touching the twists of a torus knot, or caressing the curves of a Klein quartic. -- Carlo H. Séquin

Eight Days In An Inner City School

Author : Dan Golarz
ISBN : 9781434350084
Genre : Education
File Size : 57. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 839
Read : 367

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This book is written primarily in an authentic dialogue style. It fearlessly describes the consequences of the failure to appropriately prepare a student to become an inner-city teacher. While doing so, the book also exposes a system that has been slammed to the ground by policies, practices, and court decisions that protect the rights of everyone except those who teach and those who desire to learn, but leave these dedicated individuals constantly vulnerable to the violence, anger, hostility, and hopelessness that seem to be a hallmark of so many of our inner-city schools. As this young teacher closes the classroom door and stands alone, a stark picture emerges, a picture that, for the reader, will provoke anger, occasional outrage, and most certainly controversy. At the heart of this story, the author reconstructs, sometimes minute-by-minute, the events and interactions that combine to compel him to leave this first teaching assignment abruptly with a profound sense of confusion, self-doubt, and betrayal. Not limited to the classroom, this tale includes interludes that are informative, occasionally humorous, and sometimes amazingly frank. But what becomes obvious is that the recounting of this experience reveals an open wound and is a plea to the reader to recognize deep pain and justifiable anger. In so doing, it reflects the same quandary and frustrations that continue to be felt by millions of teachers and other educators who are frequently and severely criticized by those who simply do not understand why students and educators trapped in this environment so frequently fail to thrive and succeed and finally choose to leave.

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