mechanical vibrations theory and application to structural dynamics

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Mechanical Vibrations

Author : Michel Geradin
ISBN : 9781118900208
Genre : Science
File Size : 77. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mechanical Vibrations Theory And Application An Introduction To Practical Dynamic Engineering Problems In The Structural Field

Author : R. K. Bernhard
ISBN : 9781473381230
Genre : Science
File Size : 26. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The aim of this book is to give to students and practicing engineers who have not studied dynamics and who are interested in mechanical vibrations a sound introduction to this important field of engineering science. It must be emphasized that it is not the purpose of this book to give a complete treatment of this subject which would require an extensive application of higher mathematics. The bibliography lists books and articles where this aim has been achieved in an excellent way.

Applied Structural And Mechanical Vibrations

Author : Paolo L. Gatti
ISBN : 9780203014554
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 58. 91 MB
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The fundamental concepts, ideas and methods underlying all vibration phenomena are explained and illustrated in this book. The principles of classical linear vibration theory are brought together with vibration measurement, signal processing and random vibration for application to vibration problems in all areas of engineering. The book pays particular attention to the dynamics of structures, but the methods of analysis presented here apply readily to many other fields.

Mechanical And Structural Vibrations

Author : Demeter G. Fertis
ISBN : 0471106003
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Covering the whole spectrum of vibration theory and its applications in both civil and mechanical engineering, Mechanical and Structural Vibrations provides the most comprehensive treatment of the subject currently available. Based on the author s many years of experience in both academe and industry, it is designed to function equally well as both a day–to–day working resource for practicing engineers and a superior upper–level undergraduate or graduate–level text. Features a quick–reference format that, Mechanical and Structural Vibrations gives engineers instant access to the specific theory or application they need. Saves valuable time ordinarily spent wading through unrelated or extraneous material. And, while they are thoroughly integrated throughout the text, applications to both civil and mechanical engineering are organized into sections that permit the reader to reference only the material germane to his or her field. Students and teachers will appreciate the book′s practical, real–world approach to the subject, its emphasis on simplicity and accuracy of analytical techniques, and its straightforward, step–by–step delineation of all numerical methods used in calculating the dynamics and vibrations problems, as well as the numerous examples with which the author illustrates those methods. They will also appreciate the many chapter–end practice problems (solutions appear in appendices) designed to help them rapidly develop mastery of all concepts and methods covered. Readers will find many versatile new concepts and analytical techniques not covered in other texts, including nonlinear analysis, inelastic response of structural and mechanical components of uniform and variable stiffness, the "dynamic hinge," "dynamically equivalent systems," and other breakthrough tools and techniques developed by the author and his collaborators. Mechanical and Structural Vibrations is both an excellent text for courses in structural dynamics, dynamic systems, and engineering vibration and a valuable tool of the trade for practicing engineers working in a broad range of industries, from electronic packaging to aerospace. Timely, comprehensive, practical––a superior student text and an indispensable working resource for busy engineers Mechanical and Structural Vibrations is the first text to cover the entire spectrum of vibration theory and its applications in both civil and mechanical engineering. Written by an author with over a quarter century of experience as a teacher and practicing engineer, it is designed to function equally well as a working professional resource and an upper–level undergraduate or graduate–level text for courses in structural dynamics, dynamic systems, and engineering vibrations. Mechanical and Structural Vibrations: ∗ Takes a practical, application–oriented approach to the subject ∗ Features a quick–reference format that gives busy professionals instant access to the information needed for the task at hand ∗ Walks readers, step–by–step, through the numerical methods used in calculating the dynamics and vibration problems ∗ Introduces many cutting–edge concepts and analytical tools not covered in other texts ∗ Is packed with real–world examples covering everything from the stresses and strains on buildings during an earthquake to those affecting a space craft during lift–off ∗ Contains chapter–end problems––and solutions––that help students rapidly develop mastery of all important concepts and methods covered ∗ Is extremely well–illustrated and includes more than 300 diagrams, tables, charts, illustrations, and more

Matlab Und Simulink In Der Ingenieurpraxis

Author : Wolf Dieter Pietruszka
ISBN : 9783658064204
Genre : Computers
File Size : 35. 64 MB
Format : PDF
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Dieses Lehrbuch führt grundlegend in die Programmierumgebung MATLAB® ein und zeigt, wie damit die numerische sowie symbolische Berechnung und Visualisierung zur Lösung von Fragestellungen aus dem Maschinenbau eingesetzt werden kann. Dabei stehen die mathematische und physikalische Modellbildung sowie die Berechnung und Simulation dynamischer Systeme im Vordergrund. Wichtige Säulen der MATLAB®-Umgebung wie die Computeralgebra mit dem Symbolic Math Tool, die grafische Entwicklungsumgebung Simulink® mit den Erweiterungen Stateflow® und SimMechanicsTM werden ebenfalls behandelt, dazu kommen Anwendungsbeispiele aus den Bereichen Maschinendynamik, Schwingungslehre und Mechatronik. Die aktuelle Ausgabe basiert auf der MATLAB-Version R2014a. Das Kapitel zur physikalischen Modellbildung mit SimscapeTM und SimMechanicsTM der 2. Generation wurde völlig neu gestaltet. Eine Randwertaufgabe mit verschiedenen Lösungswegen ergänzt die neue Auflage. Programme und weitere Übungen zu den einzelnen Kapiteln sind auf unserer Homepage beim Buch zu finden.

Mechanical Vibrations

Author : Rudolf Karl Bernhard
ISBN : 1258578662
Genre :
File Size : 71. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An Introduction To Practical Dynamic Engineering Problems In The Structural Field.

System Dynamics And Mechanical Vibrations

Author : Dietmar Findeisen
ISBN : 9783662042052
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A comprehensive treatment of "linear systems analysis" applied to dynamic systems as an approach to interdisciplinary system design beyond the related area of electrical engineering. The text gives an interpretation of mechanical vibrations based on the theory of dynamic systems, aiming to bridge the gap between existing theoretical methods in different engineering disciplines and to enable advanced students or professionals to model dynamic and vibrating systems with reference to communication and control processes. Emphasizing the theory it presents a balanced coverage of analytical principles and applications to vibrations with regard to mechatronic problems.

Theory Of Vibration With Applications

Author : William Thomson
ISBN : 0748743804
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 61. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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This edition features a new chapter on computational methods that presents the basic principles on which most modern computer programs are developed. It introduces an example on rotor balancing and expands on the section on shock spectrum and isolation.

Fundamentals Of Mechanical Vibrations

Author : Liang-Wu Cai
ISBN : 9781119050124
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 60. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This introductory book covers the most fundamental aspects of linear vibration analysis for mechanical engineering students and engineers. Consisting of five major topics, each has its own chapter and is aligned with five major objectives of the book. It starts from a concise, rigorous and yet accessible introduction to Lagrangian dynamics as a tool for obtaining the governing equation(s) for a system, the starting point of vibration analysis. The second topic introduces mathematical tools for vibration analyses for single degree-of-freedom systems. In the process, every example includes a section Exploring the Solution with MATLAB. This is intended to develop student's affinity to symbolic calculations, and to encourage curiosity-driven explorations. The third topic introduces the lumped-parameter modeling to convert simple engineering structures into models of equivalent masses and springs. The fourth topic introduces mathematical tools for general multiple degrees of freedom systems, with many examples suitable for hand calculation, and a few computer-aided examples that bridges the lumped-parameter models and continuous systems. The last topic introduces the finite element method as a jumping point for students to understand the theory and the use of commercial software for vibration analysis of real-world structures.

Vom Calculus Zum Chaos

Author : David J. Acheson
ISBN : 9783486598995
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 81. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Eine spannende Abhandlung zu ausgewählten Fragen der Mechanik quer durch die Jahrhunderte der Physik. Ohne großen mathematischen Ballast zeigt Acheson, wie hier die Infinitesimalrechnung - oder auch Calculus - den passenden Schlüssel zum Verständnis liefert. Das dynamische Verhalten der vorgestellten Systeme wird sowohl analytisch als auch mit Simulationen untersucht. Dazu werden QBasic-Programme verwendet, die so einfach sind, daß sie jeder leicht zum Laufen bringen und seinen Fragestellungen entsprechend anpassen kann. Der Inhalt wird durch historische Darstellungen der Mechanik und durch Bilder berühmter Physiker und Faksimiles ihrer Originaltexte bereichert. Das Buch für Studenten und Dozenten der Mathematik und Physik ist auch für interessierte Schüler der Oberstufe geeignet.

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