metal catalyzed oxidations of organic compounds mechanistic principles and synthetic methodology including biochemical processes

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Metal Catalyzed Oxidations Of Organic Compounds

Author : Roger Sheldon
ISBN : 9780323150040
Genre : Science
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Metal-Catalyzed Oxidations of Organic Compounds: Mechanistic Principles and Synthetic focuses on the oxidative transformations of functional groups. This book explores oxidation as being extensively used in the laboratory synthesis of fine organic chemicals and in the manufacture of large-volume petrochemicals. Organized into two parts encompassing 13 chapters, this book starts with an overview of the mechanistic principles of oxidation–reduction in biochemical, organic, and inorganic systems. This text then proceeds with a discussion of the use of molecular oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, and alkyl hydroperoxides as primary oxidants. Other chapters explore stoichiometric oxidations with metal oxidants, which include permanganate and chromic acid. This book discusses as well the synthetic applications of catalytic oxidations as well as the technology of petrochemical oxidation. The final chapter deals with the autoxidations of sulfur, phosphorus, and nitrogen compounds. This book is intended for chemists involved in organic synthesis, catalysis, and organometallic chemistry, both in academic institutions and in industrial laboratories.

Metal Catalyzed Oxidations Of Organic Compounds Mechanistic Principles And Synthetic Methodology Including Biochemical Processes

Author : RA. Sheldon
ISBN : OCLC:985776200
Genre :
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Modern Amination Methods

Author : Alfredo Ricci
ISBN : 9783527613199
Genre : Science
File Size : 37. 13 MB
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Organic compounds containing amino groups are at the center of modern organic chemistry, and are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, crop protection, natural product chemistry, and in advanced materials. Modern methods for the introduction of the amino group are therefore of major importance to synthetic chemists and product developers. Over the last decade, many methods have been developed to generate new C-N bonds. At the same time, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry was rapidly moving away from the development of racemic compounds to the direct synthesis of enantiomerically pure materials. The articles of this book, written by internationally recognized experts, thus focus on asymmetric synthesis. The most recent catalytic amination methods have particularly revolutionized the chemistry of amino compounds - and you find them all in this first comprehensive overview.

Selenium And Tellurium Chemistry

Author : J. Derek Woollins
ISBN : 3642206999
Genre : Science
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Our knowledge of the chemistry of selenium and tellurium has seen significant progress in the last few decades. This monograph comprises contributions from leading scientists on the latest research into the synthesis, structure and bonding of novel selenium and tellurium compounds. It provides insight into mechanistic studies of these compounds and describes coordination chemistry involving selenium and tellurium containing ligands. Contributions also describe the theoretical and spectroscopic studies of selenium and tellurium compounds. Additionally, this monograph outlines the applications of selenium and tellurium in biological systems, materials science and as reagents in organic synthesis and shows how these applications have been a fundamental driving force behind the research into the inorganic and organic chemistry these fascinating elements.

Metal Organic Frameworks As Heterogeneous Catalysts

Author : Fransesc X. LlabrÚs i Xamena
ISBN : 9781849735728
Genre : Science
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Catalysis has always been part of the development of mankind; from the fermentation of alcoholic drinks, through the development of fertilisers in the agricultural revolution and production of bulk chemicals in the 20th Century. Today, society demands improved production routes with greater product output and energy efficiency; the ultimate goal to achieving this would be having all catalytic reactions in concert, effectively functioning like a biological cell. Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are a relatively new type of hybrid material. Their crystalline porous structure, built up from organic and inorganic building blocks, presents a vast array of composition, porosity and functionality offering enormous potential in catalytic systems. This book examines the latest research and discovery in the use of MOFs in catalysis, highlighting the extent to which these materials have been embraced by the community. Beyond presenting a digest of recent research by major players in the field, the book presents the strategies behind recent developments, providing a lasting reference for seasoned researchers and newcomers to the field.

Solvents As Reagents In Organic Synthesis

Author : Xiao-Feng Wu
ISBN : 9783527341962
Genre : Science
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Written by highly renowned and experienced authors, this is the only reference on the application of solvents as reagents. Clearly structured, the text describes various methods for the activation and reaction of these small molecules, highlighting the synthetic opportunities as well as process-oriented advantages. To this end, all relevant types of solvents are covered separately and emphasized with numerous synthetic examples, while taking care to explain applications so as to avoid undesired side reactions. The result is a unique resource for every synthetic chemist and reaction engineer in industry and academia working on the methodical optimization of synthetic transformations.

Green Chemistry And Catalysis

Author : R. A. Sheldon
ISBN : 9783527611010
Genre : Science
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This first book to focus on catalytic processes from the viewpoint of green chemistry presents every important aspect: ? Numerous catalytic reductions and oxidations methods ? Solid-acid and solid-base catalysis ? C-C bond formation reactions ? Biocatalysis ? Asymmetric catalysis ? Novel reaction media like e.g. ionic liquids, supercritical CO2 ? Renewable raw materials Written by Roger A. Sheldon -- without doubt one of the leaders in the field with much experience in academia and industry -- and his co-workers, the result is a unified whole, an indispensable source for every scientist looking to improve catalytic reactions, whether in the college or company lab.

Heterogeneous Catalysis In Organic Chemistry

Author : Gerard V. Smith
ISBN : 008052480X
Genre : Science
File Size : 65. 47 MB
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The features of this book which will be of special interest to academic organic chemists are the introduction (Chapter 1), which presents a short course on the concepts and language of heterogeneous catalysis, covers organic reaction mechanisms of hydrogenation (Chapter 2), hydrogenolysis (Chapter 4), and oxidation (Chapter 6), a presents problems and solutions specific for running heterogeneous catalytic organic reactions in solution. These materials can supplement advanced chemistry courses. Most synthetic organic chemists use a variety of "protecting groups" which they attach to functional groups (reactive groups of atoms) while some reaction is being conducted on another part of the molecule. These protecting groups prevent reactions of the functional groups during other reactions and are removed later by a heterogeneous catalytic method called hydrogenolysis. One unique feature of this book, not found in other books on catalysis, is an exhaustive chapter (Chapter 4) on hydrogenolysis, which is dredged from the recent synthetic literature published by modern organic chemists. Academic organic chemists should find this chapter extremely useful and may wish to adopt the book as a supplement for advanced organic chemistry courses designed for seniors and for graduate students. It will also be useful for professors and their research groups engaged in synthetic organic chemistry. Many academic organic chemists are not aware of recent advances in heterogeneous enantioselective catalysis (Chapter 3) or in selective low temperature, liquid phase heterogeneous catalytic oxidations by hydrogen peroxide (Chapter 6). These specialty topics are timely and may be new to academic organic chemists and can be used to supplement their advanced courses. Several features of this book will also be of special interest to industrial chemists who are unfamiliar with heterogeneous catalysis. Many good organic chemists are hire by industry. They synthesize a new compound using standard organic synthetic techniques but are informed by their supervisor that they must convert some of their synthetic steps into heterogeneous catalytic steps. They may not have been exposed to heterogeneous catalysis and have few places to turn. This book offers them a crash course in heterogeneous catalysis as well as many examples of reactions and conditions with which they can start their search. Those industrial organic chemists already familiar with heterogeneous catalysis will find this book useful as a reference to many examples in the recent literature. They will find recent surface science discoveries correlated with heterogeneous catalysis or organic reactions and mechanistic suggestions designed to stimulate innovative nontraditional thinking about organic reactions on surfaces. Written by organic chemists for organic chemists Introduces heterogeneous catalysis concepts and language Presents a comprehensive compilation of protecting group removal procedures Covers liquid-phase hydrogenations, hydrogenolysis, and oxidations Addresses heterogeneous methods for producing pure enantiomers of chiral products Examines the emerging field of heterogenized homogeneous catalysts Mixes practical applications with mechanistic interpretations

Organic Mechanisms

Author : Xiaoping Sun
ISBN : 9781118507919
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Instills a deeper understanding of how and why organic reactions happen Integrating reaction mechanisms, synthetic methodology, and biological applications, Organic Mechanisms gives organic chemists the tools needed to perform seamless organic reactions. By explaining the underlying mechanisms of organic reactions, author Xiaoping Sun makes it possible for readers to gain a deeper understanding of not only chemical phenomena, but also the ability to develop new synthetic methods. Moreover, by emphasizing biological applications, this book enables readers to master both advanced organic chemistry theory and practice. Organic Mechanisms consists of ten chapters, beginning with a review of fundamental physicochemical principles that are essential for understanding the nature of organic mechanisms. Each one of the remaining chapters is devoted to a major class of organic reactions, including: Aliphatic C–H bond functionalization Functionalization of the alkene C=C bond by cycloaddition reactions Nucleophilic substitutions on sp3-hybridized carbons Nucleophilic additions and substitutions on carbonyl groups Reactivity of the α-hydrogen to carbonyl groups Rearrangements A brief review of basic organic chemistry begins each chapter, helping readers move from fundamental concepts to an advanced understanding of reaction mechanisms. Key mechanisms are illustrated by expertly drawn figures highlighting microscopic details. End-of-chapter problems enable readers to put their newfound knowledge into practice by solving key problems in organic reactions with the use of mechanistic studies, and a Solutions Manual is available online for course instructors. Thoroughly referenced and current with recent findings in organic reaction mechanisms, Organic Mechanisms is recommended for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in advanced organic chemistry, as well as for practicing chemists who want to further explore the mechanistic aspects of organic reactions.

Comprehensive Organic Synthesis

Author : Paul Knochel
ISBN : 0080977421
Genre : Science
File Size : 54. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The second edition of "Comprehensive Organic Synthesis" winner of the 2015 PROSE Award for Multivolume Reference/Science from the Association of American Publishers builds upon the highly respected first edition in drawing together the new common themes that underlie the many disparate areas of organic chemistry. These themes support effective and efficient synthetic strategies, thus providing a comprehensive overview of this important discipline. Fully revised and updated, this new set forms an essential reference work for all those seeking information on the solution of synthetic problems, whether they are experienced practitioners or chemists whose major interests lie outside organic synthesis. In addition, synthetic chemists requiring the essential facts in new areas, as well as students completely new to the field, will find "Comprehensive Organic Synthesis, Second Edition" an invaluable source, providing an authoritative overview of core concepts. Winner of the 2015 PROSE Award for Multivolume Reference/Science from the Association of American PublishersContains more than170 articles across nine volumes, including detailed analysis of core topics such as bonds, oxidation, and reductionIncludes more than10,000 schemes and images Fully revised and updated; important growth areas including combinatorial chemistry, new technological, industrial, and green chemistry developments are covered extensively"

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