methods of applied mathematics for engineers and scientists

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Methods Of Applied Mathematics For Engineers And Scientists

Author : Tomas B. Co
ISBN : 9781107244467
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 31. 56 MB
Format : PDF
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Based on course notes from over twenty years of teaching engineering and physical sciences at Michigan Technological University, Tomas Co's engineering mathematics textbook is rich with examples, applications and exercises. Professor Co uses analytical approaches to solve smaller problems to provide mathematical insight and understanding, and numerical methods for large and complex problems. The book emphasises applying matrices with strong attention to matrix structure and computational issues such as sparsity and efficiency. Chapters on vector calculus and integral theorems are used to build coordinate-free physical models with special emphasis on orthogonal co-ordinates. Chapters on ODEs and PDEs cover both analytical and numerical approaches. Topics on analytical solutions include similarity transform methods, direct formulas for series solutions, bifurcation analysis, Lagrange–Charpit formulas, shocks/rarefaction and others. Topics on numerical methods include stability analysis, DAEs, high-order finite-difference formulas, Delaunay meshes, and others. MATLAB® implementations of the methods and concepts are fully integrated.

Advanced Analytic Methods In Applied Mathematics Science And Engineering

Author : Hung Cheng
ISBN : 0975862510
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 76. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Methods Of Applied Mathematics

Author : Francis B. Hildebrand
ISBN : 9780486138381
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Offering a number of mathematical facts and techniques not commonly treated in courses in advanced calculus, this book explores linear algebraic equations, quadratic and Hermitian forms, the calculus of variations, more.

Applied Mathematics For Science And Engineering

Author : Larry A. Glasgow
ISBN : 9781118749838
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 49. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Prepare students for success in using applied mathematics for engineering practice and post-graduate studies • moves from one mathematical method to the next sustaining reader interest and easing the application of the techniques • Uses different examples from chemical, civil, mechanical and various other engineering fields • Based on a decade’s worth of the authors lecture notes detailing the topic of applied mathematics for scientists and engineers • Concisely writing with numerous examples provided including historical perspectives as well as a solutions manual for academic adopters

Applied Mathematics For Engineers And Physicists

Author : Louis A. Pipes
ISBN : 9780486794990
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 26. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Suitable for advanced courses in applied mathematics, this text covers analysis of lumped parameter systems, distributed parameter systems, and important areas of applied mathematics. Answers to selected problems. 1970 edition.

Essentials Of Applied Mathematics For Engineers And Scientists

Author : Robert Watts
ISBN : 9781608457816
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 44. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Second Edition of this popular book on practical mathematics for engineers includes new and expanded chapters on perturbation methods and theory. This is a book about linear partial differential equations that are common in engineering and the physical sciences. It will be useful to graduate students and advanced undergraduates in all engineering fields as well as students of physics, chemistry, geophysics and other physical sciences and professional engineers who wish to learn about how advanced mathematics can be used in their professions. The reader will learn about applications to heat transfer, fluid flow and mechanical vibrations. The book is written in such a way that solution methods and application to physical problems are emphasized. There are many examples presented in detail and fully explained in their relation to the real world. References to suggested further reading are included. The topics that are covered include classical separation of variables and orthogonal functions, Laplace transforms, complex variables and Sturm-Liouville transforms. This second edition includes two new and revised chapters on perturbation methods, and singular perturbation theory of differential equations. Table of Contents: Partial Differential Equations in Engineering / The Fourier Method: Separation of Variables / Orthogonal Sets of Functions / Series Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations / Solutions Using Fourier Series and Integrals / Integral Transforms: The Laplace Transform / Complex Variables and the Laplace Inversion Integral / Solutions with Laplace Transforms / Sturm-Liouville Transforms / Introduction to Perturbation Methods / Singular Perturbation Theory of Differential Equations / Appendix A: The Roots of Certain Transcendental Equations

Mathematical Methods In Science And Engineering

Author : Selçuk S. Bayin
ISBN : 9781119425458
Genre : Education
File Size : 78. 69 MB
Format : PDF
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A Practical, Interdisciplinary Guide to Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, Second Edition, provides students and scientists with a detailed mathematical reference for advanced analysis and computational methodologies. Making complex tools accessible, this invaluable resource is designed for both the classroom and the practitioners; the modular format allows flexibility of coverage, while the text itself is formatted to provide essential information without detailed study. Highly practical discussion focuses on the “how-to” aspect of each topic presented, yet provides enough theory to reinforce central processes and mechanisms. Recent growing interest in interdisciplinary studies has brought scientists together from physics, chemistry, biology, economy, and finance to expand advanced mathematical methods beyond theoretical physics. This book is written with this multi-disciplinary group in mind, emphasizing practical solutions for diverse applications and the development of a new interdisciplinary science. Revised and expanded for increased utility, this new Second Edition: Includes over 60 new sections and subsections more useful to a multidisciplinary audience Contains new examples, new figures, new problems, and more fluid arguments Presents a detailed discussion on the most frequently encountered special functions in science and engineering Provides a systematic treatment of special functions in terms of the Sturm-Liouville theory Approaches second-order differential equations of physics and engineering from the factorization perspective Includes extensive discussion of coordinate transformations and tensors, complex analysis, fractional calculus, integral transforms, Green's functions, path integrals, and more Extensively reworked to provide increased utility to a broader audience, this book provides a self-contained three-semester course for curriculum, self-study, or reference. As more scientific disciplines begin to lean more heavily on advanced mathematical analysis, this resource will prove to be an invaluable addition to any bookshelf.

Advanced Mathematical Methods For Scientists And Engineers I

Author : Carl M. Bender
ISBN : 9781475730692
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 77. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A clear, practical and self-contained presentation of the methods of asymptotics and perturbation theory for obtaining approximate analytical solutions to differential and difference equations. Aimed at teaching the most useful insights in approaching new problems, the text avoids special methods and tricks that only work for particular problems. Intended for graduates and advanced undergraduates, it assumes only a limited familiarity with differential equations and complex variables. The presentation begins with a review of differential and difference equations, then develops local asymptotic methods for such equations, and explains perturbation and summation theory before concluding with an exposition of global asymptotic methods. Emphasizing applications, the discussion stresses care rather than rigor and relies on many well-chosen examples to teach readers how an applied mathematician tackles problems. There are 190 computer-generated plots and tables comparing approximate and exact solutions, over 600 problems of varying levels of difficulty, and an appendix summarizing the properties of special functions.

A Course Of Mathematics For Engineers And Scientists

Author : Brian H. Chirgwin
ISBN : 9781483184517
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 30. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Course of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists, Volume 3: Theoretical Mechanics details the fundamentals concepts of theoretical mechanics. The title first covers the foundations of mechanics, and then proceeds to tackling plane statics and virtual work. Next, the selection talks about continuously distributed forces. The text also deals with kinematics, along with particle dynamics. Chapter VII covers systems of particles, while Chapter VIII tackles the uniplanar motion of a rigid body. The ninth chapter discusses stability, and the last chapter details impulsive motion and variable mass. The book will be of great use to students of engineering and pure and applied mathematics.

Principles And Techniques Of Applied Mathematics

Author : Bernard Friedman
ISBN : 9780486664446
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 42. 95 MB
Format : PDF
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Stimulating, thought-provoking study shows how abstract methods of pure mathematics can be used to systematize problem-solving techniques in applied mathematics. Topics include methods for solving integral equations, finding Green’s function for ordinary or partial differential equations, and for finding the spectral representation of ordinary differential operators.

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