migration and health in the european union european observatory on health systems and policies

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Migration And Health In The European Union

Author : Rechel, Bernd
ISBN : 9780335245673
Genre : Education
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"This book can be read by anyone with an interest in migration and health, whether as an advocate for migrants health, as a student in a health profession, researcher or policy maker. It provides an ample orientation to the field in the European context. Among other important raised issues, it underlines an all too often neglected fact; health is a human right. By involving broad issues and problem areas from a variety of perspectives, the volume illustrates that migration and health is a field that can not be allocated to a single discipline." Carin Bjrngren Cuadra, Senior Lecturer, Malm University, Sweden Migrants make up a growing share of European populations. However, all too often their situation is compounded by problems with accessing health and other basic services. There is a need for tailored health policies, but robust data on the health needs of migrants and how best these needs can be met are scarce. Written by a collaboration of authors from three key international organisations (the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, the EUPHA Section on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health, and the International Organization for Migration), as well as leading researchers from across Europe, the book thoroughly explores the different aspects of migration and health in the EU and how they can be addressed by health systems. Structured into five easy-to-follow sections, the volume includes: Contributions from experts from across Europe Key topics such as: access to human rights and health care; health issues faced by migrants; and the national and European policy response so far Conclusions drawn from the latest available evidence Comprehensive information on different aspects of health and migration and how they can best be addressed by health systems is still not easy to find. This book addresses this shortfall and will be of major value to researchers, students, policy-makers and practitioners concerned with migration and health in an increasingly diverse Europe.

Migration And Health In The European Union

Author : Bernd Rechel
ISBN : 9780335245680
Genre : Medical
File Size : 51. 52 MB
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This book, part of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policy series, focuses on the different aspects of migration and health and how they can be addressed by health care systems. This is a key text for health policy makers and advisers.

Health In The European Union

Author : Philipa Mladovsky
ISBN : 9789289041904
Genre : Medical
File Size : 39. 82 MB
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Good health is a fundamental resource for social and economic prosperity and Europe has seen improvements over the past few decades in both health status and living and working conditions. But this study investigates differences in health status within and between European countries and examines some of the challenges faced by those seeking a healthier and more equitable society. Within the context of the European Union, the range of living conditions has widened tremendously in recent years as the Union has gone through an enlargement process. This diversity has translated into varied patterns of health across the region. Inequalities in income, education, housing and employment have directly or indirectly affected public health. In addition, certain diseases and causes of death are more likely to affect young people, whereas most are associated with older ages. All these factors need to be taken into account, and this study addresses some of the complexities involved. This book discusses and analyzes the relationship between living conditions, socioeconomic factors and health, with the objective of framing a debate and policy action to create a healthier and fairer society across Europe. This study will stimulate focused discussion by offering an essential overview of key issues affecting European nations and the health and well-being of their peoples.

Cross Border Health Care In The European Union

Author : Matthias Wismar
ISBN : 9289002212
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 26. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Cross-border health care has become a much more prominent phenomenon in the European Union. When in need of medical treatment, patients increasingly act as informed consumers who claim the right to choose their own providers, including those beyond borders. This book explores such trends and also looks at the legal framework for cross-border care as well as examining some of the uncertainties surrounding it. After the adoption of the Directive on the application of patient rights in cross-border care, Member States will now have to start implementing these provisions. One of the challenges will be to see how various national practices related to access, benefits and tariffs, quality and safety, patient rights, cooperation etc. will be affected by these new rules. The information and analysis presented in the study can be of considerable use to policy-makers and those with an interest in key aspects of cross-border health care to accompany or follow this process.

Health Professional Mobility In A Changing Europe

Author : J. Buchan
ISBN : 928905025X
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 58. 86 MB
Format : PDF
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Health professional mobility in Europe has become a fast moving target for policy makers. It is evolving rapidly in direction and magnitude as a consequence of fundamental change caused by EU enlargement and the financial and economic crisis. Health professional mobility changes the numbers of health professionals in countries and the skill-mix of the workforce, with consequences for health system performance. Countries must factor in mobility if they are forecasting and planning their workforce requirements. To this end they need clarity on mobility trends and the mobile workforce, and effective interventions for retaining domestic and integrating foreign-trained health workers. Health professional mobility remains an unfinished agenda in Europe, at a time when the repercussions of the financial crisis continue to impact on the European health workforce and its patterns of mobility. This book sheds new light on health professional mobility in this changing Europe. It is the second volume of the PROMeTHEUS project, following the previously published country case study volume. The 14 thematic chapters in this book are grouped in three parts: * The changing dynamics of health professional mobility * The mobile individual * Policy responses in a changing Europe The book goes well beyond situation analysis as it presents practical tools such as a yardstick for registry methodology, a typology of mobile individuals, qualitative tools for studying the motivation of the workforce and a set of concrete policy responses at EU, national and organizational level including bi-lateral agreements, codes and workplace responses.

Health Policy And European Union Enlargement

Author : McKee, Martin
ISBN : 9780335213535
Genre : Education
File Size : 82. 33 MB
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· What are the implications of the different levels of health in an enlarged EU? · Will free movement of goods, services and people within an enlarged EU be good for health and health care? · What have we learned from past enlargements? European national policy-makers broadly agree on the core objectives that their health care system should pursue. The list is straightforward: universal access for all citizens, effective care for better health outcomes, efficient use of resources, and high quality services responsive to patient’s concerns. It is a formula that resonates across the political spectrum and which, in various, sometimes inventive configurations, has played a role in most recent European national election campaigns. While there may be consensus on the broader issues, expectations differ between EU countries, and with the enlargement of 2004 matters become more complex. This book seeks firstly to assess the impact of the enlargement process and then to analyse the challenges that lie ahead in the field of health and health policy. Written by leading health policy analysts, the book investigates a host of areas including: · Health care investment· International recruitment of nurses and doctors· Health and safety· Communicable disease control· European pharmaceutical policy Health Policy and European Union Enlargementwill be of interest to students of health policy, economics, public policy and management, as well as health managers and policy-makers. Contributors:Tit Albreht, Roza Adany, Ivana Bozicevic, James Buchan, Richard Coker, Evgenia Delcheva, Carl-Ardy Dubois, Anna B. Gilmore, Antero Heloma, Rainer Hess, Elke Jakubowski, Nicholas Jennett, Panos Kanavos, Manuel Lobato, Karen Lock, Laura MacLehose, Martin McKee, Sally Nicholas, Ellen Nolte, Stjepan Oreskovic, Esa Osterberg, Anne Marie Rafferty, Magdalene Rosenmöller, Alison Wright-Reid, Monika Zajac, Witold Zatonski.

Health Professional Mobility And Health Systems

Author : Matthias Wismar
ISBN : 9289002476
Genre : Medical
File Size : 33. 43 MB
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The mobility of health professionals affects the performance of health systems, and increasingly so since the European Union (EU) enlargements in 2004 and 2007. This publication presents research on the gaps in knowledge about the numbers, trends, impacts and policy responses to this dynamic situation, in particular in Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Conducted within the framework of the European Commission s Health PROMeTHEUS project, the research posed a set of questions of key interest to policy-makers: * What are the scale and characteristics of health professional mobility in the EU? * What have been the effects of EU enlargement? * What are the motivations of the mobile workforce? * What are the resulting impacts on health system performance? * What is the policy relevance of those impacts? * What are the policy options to address health professional mobility issues? In answering these questions, this publication offers policymakers evidence of the nature and extent of health professional mobility in the EU, analyzes its impact on country health systems and outlines some major policy strategies to address mobility.

The Palgrave International Handbook Of Healthcare Policy And Governance

Author : E. Kuhlmann
ISBN : 9781137384935
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 25. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Starting with more general issues of healthcare policy and governance in a global perspective and using the lens of national case studies of healthcare reform, this handbook addresses key themes in the debates over changing healthcare policy.

Civil Society And Health

Author : Scott L. Greer
ISBN : 9289050438
Genre : Medical
File Size : 74. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can make a vital contribution to public health and health systems, but harnessing their potential is complex in a Europe where government-CSO relations vary so profoundly. This study is intended to outline some of the challenges and assist policy-makers in furthering their understanding of the part CSOs can play in tandem and alongside government. To this end it analyzes existing evidence and draws on a set of seven thematic chapters and six mini case studies. They examine experiences from Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, the Russian Federation, Slovenia, Turkey and the European Union and make use of a single assessment framework to understand the diverse contexts in which CSOs operate. The evidence shows that CSOs are ubiquitous, varied and beneficial, and the topics covered in this study reflect such diversity of aims and means: anti-tobacco advocacy, food banks, refugee health, HIV/AIDS prevention and cure, and social partnership. CSOs make a substantial contribution to public health and health systems with regards to policy development, service delivery and governance. This includes evidence provision, advocacy, mobilization, consensus building, provision of medical services and of services related to the social determinants of health, standard setting, self-regulation and fostering social partnership. However, in order to engage successfully with CSOs, governments do need to make use of adequate tools and create contexts conducive to collaboration. To guide policy-makers working with CSOs through such complications, and help avoid some potential pitfalls, the book outlines a practical framework for such collaboration. This suggests identifying key CSOs in a given area; clarifying why there should be engagement with civil society; being realistic as to what CSOs can or will achieve; and an understanding of how CSOs can be helped to deliver.

Patient Mobility In The European Union

Author : Magdalene Rosenmöller
ISBN : 9289022876
Genre : Europeans
File Size : 59. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is an attempt to inform the debate that is already taking place between Europe's policy-makers, looking at a series of case studies that illustrate the different aspects of patient mobility within the European Union and how Europe's health systems have responded to them. Most of the case studies presented in this book have been analysed within a project funded by the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme - Europe for Patients (e4p).

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