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A Reading Diary

Author : Alberto Manguel
ISBN : 1841958212
Genre : Books and reading
File Size : 73. 94 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 494
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While traveling, Manguel was struck by how the novel he was reading seemed to reflect the social chaos of the world he was living in. He decided to keep a diary of these moments, reading a book a month and recording his observations, which provides an enthralling adventure in literature and life.

Diary Of A Farting Creeper

Author : Wimpy Fart
ISBN : 0692600302
Genre :
File Size : 66. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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$9.95 *Amazon Minecraft DISCOUNT for Limited Time* Minecraft: Diary of a Farting Creeper is a hilarious must-read for any kid who loves Minecraft. Kids ages 7+ can't wait to jump into to these Minecraft adventures! Why does the Creeper fart? Creepers are supposed to EXPLODE, but something went wrong! In the first book of this hilarious Minecraft adventure series, we get to read the diary of an actual young Minecraft Creeper. Take a peek at what is really going on in this Creeper's life and how he overcomes trouble and bullying at school. Are Creepers really different from us? You'll be surprised at what you discover. So, jump into this Minecraft adventure and find out! Scroll up and Grab your copy NOW! You'll be so happy you did: -)

Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie Alex

Author : MC Steve
ISBN : 1946525308
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 87. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Read : 969

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When zombies are entranced by a wicked wizard, nothing will ever be the same... When a courageous human girl named Alex who always does the right thing wakes up, things have certainly changed. Her little town has been pillaged, and when she looks in the mirror, she is shocked to realize that she is now a zombie! To her chagrin, the only other survivor is Steve, her arrogant yet kind hearted new partner in crime.Alex and Steve have to get to the bottom of what happened - and quick. Things seem to be getting weirder and weirder. Bravely maneuvering their way through entranced zombies, giant spiders, and other creepy creatures, Alex and Steve finally come upon the house of a kindly witch - whose brother happened to have enslaved the zombies that are wreaking havoc. Before they part ways with the witch, she reveals to Alex it is possible for them to become human again. Petulant Steve is more concerned about getting revenge on the wizard for causing such destruction.What will Alex do? Read "The Witch" to see if she chooses to restore her humanity, or fight for the rest of it. Vivacious and spirited, this book will have any child on the edge of their seat - even the most stubborn non reader you know!

Diary Of An 8 Bit Warrior Crafting Alliances

Author : Cube Kid
ISBN : 1449482287
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 38. 44 MB
Format : PDF
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Book 3 in the very popular 8-Bit Diary series where Minecraft meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in this journal of a young Minecraft villager who dares to dream of becoming a Minecraft warrior. THESE ARE THE REAL BOOKS BY CUBE KID! DIARY OF AN 8-BIT WARRIOR: CRAFTING ALLIANCES WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AS WIMPY VILLAGER KINDLES 9 & 10. Competition stiffens in book three of the 8-Bit Diary series, as Runt's training is intensifying! After the recent mob attacks, the entire village decides to prepare for the next offensive. Fortifying the defenses, tracking down a spy, searching for new alliances . . . But Herobrine isn't having any of it . . . Can Runt increase his efforts to be one of the five best students in school and finally become the warrior of his dreams? With the help of his friends--Breeze, Max, Emerald, and Stump--Runt will face a peril greater than anything he has ever known.

Diary Of An 8 Bit Warrior

Author : Cube Kid
ISBN : 1449480098
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 37. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 260
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In book 4 of the highly popular 8-Bit Diary series, Minecraft meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in this journal of a Minecraft villager who dreams of becoming a Minecraft warrior. THESE ARE THE REAL BOOKS BY CUBE KID! DIARY OF AN 8-BIT WARRIOR: PATH OF THE DIAMOND ​WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AS WIMPY VILLAGER KINDLES 11 & 12. In the fourth in this series of four unofficial Minecraft adventure books, it's time for our 12-year-old hero to choose his future vocation to study at the Minecraftia school. His options are less than tantalizing: farmer, butcher, crafter, miner. What this noob really wants is to be a warrior like his hero, Steve. So when he learns that the five best students in school that year will get the chance to start warrior training, it's ON.

Minecraft Diary Of An Enderman Ninja Trilogy

Author : Skeleton Steve
ISBN : 1540507262
Genre :
File Size : 57. 14 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 489
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Love MINECRAFT? **Over 61,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book BOX SET is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game! All THREE "Elias the Enderman NINJA" Minecraft Diary Books in ONE!!! Box Set - Book 1 Elias was a young Enderman. And he was a NINJA. As an initiate of the Order of the Warping Fist, Elias is sent on a mission by his master to investigate the deaths of several Endermen at Nexus 426. Elias is excited to prove himself as a novice martial artist, but is a little nervous--he still hasn't figured out how to dodge arrows!And now, when the young Enderman ninja discovers that the source of the problem is a trio of tough, experienced Minecraftian players, will he be in over his head? And what's this talk about a 'Skeleton King' and an army of undead? Box Set - Book 2 They're off to kill the Skeleton King! After Elias the Enderman Ninja discovered the source of the Endermen murders near Nexus 426, he learned that the Minecraftians' presence was just a symptom of an even bigger problem--the Skeleton King and his army of skeleton archers! Will a temporary alliance between the Enderman and the Minecraftians be enough to take down the warlord abomination and restore balance to the area? And will Elias even be able to fight the giant skeleton boss without having completed his ninja training? Box Set - Book 3 Elias the Enderman Ninja must redeem himself! After suffering defeat in Book 2 by letting his ego lead the battle against the Skeleton King, Elias and the three Minecraftians are scattered and downtrodden. While healing his broken body in The End, Elias decides to return to Nexus 426 after some training with his master, to rejoin his friends and finish the battle he started...This time, they'll do it right.But will an Enderman initiate ninja and three rough-and-tumble Minecraftians, even with their new resolve and the power of the Beacon, be able to defeat such a strong adversary? Love Minecraft adventure? Buy this BUNDLE of books and read the "Enderman Ninja" Trilogy TODAY! Join the Skeleton Steve Club! Check out my main website for details--it's in the book!(Get free Minecraft goodies, tips, books, maps, skins, seeds, and more!)Author's Note: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not approve, endorse, sponsor, or authorize this book.Minecraft(r)/TM & (c) 2009-2016 Mojang AB/Notch***Tags: Minecraft Book, game fiction, Minecraft Books for Kids and Teens, minecraft games, game stories, game books, game story books, minecraft tips, minecraft secrets handbook, Minecraft Stories, kids books, minecraft free

Minecraft Diary Wimpy Adventures Of Steve And Alex Book 3

Author : Wimpy McWimpenstein
ISBN : 1541323769
Genre :
File Size : 77. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 628
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What is it like to live your life as Steve inside the Minecraft world? Read his diary and experience it for yourself! Minecraft Diary: Wimpy Adventures of Steve and Alex Book 3 takes you on a journey through the world of Minecraft as a complete noob and wimp named Steve seeks out adventure in his new world. But is it really his world? Or does it belong to Alex? Grab your copy now and have fun reading about the wimpy adventures of Steve and Alex including: Escaping from the Nether world Things get awkward between Alex and Steve Riding horses through the Minecraft world Darkness falls on the woods while Steve is still out Hunting for sheep Battling the mobs at night And much more! Join Steve on his epic adventure when you grab your copy of Minecraft Diary: Wimpy Adventures of Steve and Alex Book 3 by scrolling up and clicking the buy button! Read this entire book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited or Prime subscription! Don't have a Kindle device? You don't even need one! Read it on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone! Disclaimer: Minecraft is a trademark registered by Notch Development and owned by Mojang Synergies. This is an unofficial work of fiction. The publisher is not affiliated in any way with Notch Development and/or Mojang Synergies.

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