molecular and cellular basis of metastasis road to therapy advances in cancer research

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Molecular And Cellular Basis Of Metastasis Road To Therapy

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Molecular and Cellular Basis of Metastasis: Road to Therapy, the latest in the Advances in Cancer Research series, provides invaluable information on the exciting and fast-moving field of cancer research. Here, once again, outstanding and original reviews are presented on a variety of topics, with this volume covering the molecular and cellular basis of metastasis. Presents groundbreaking information on the molecular and cellular basis of metastasis Provides information on cancer research Outstanding and original reviews Suitable for both researchers and students

Cancer Metastasis

Author : David Lyden
ISBN : 9781139498753
Genre : Science
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Metastasis is responsible for a large burden of morbidity and mortality among cancer patients, and currently few therapies specifically target metastatic disease. Further scientific dissection of the underlying pathways is required to pave the way for new therapeutic targets. This groundbreaking new text comprehensively covers the processes underlying cancer metastasis and the clinical treatment of metastatic disease. Whereas previous volumes have been compendia of laboratory research articles, the internationally renowned authors of this volume have summarized the state-of-the-art research in the metastasis field. A major section covers the cellular and molecular pathways of metastasis and experimental techniques and the systems and models applied in this field. Subsequently, the clinical aspects of the major cancer types are considered, focusing on disease-specific research and therapeutic approaches to metastatic disease. The focus is on novel pathophysiological insights and emerging therapies; future directions for research and unmet clinical needs are also discussed.

The Molecular Basis Of Cancer

Author : John Mendelsohn
ISBN : 9780323261968
Genre : Medical
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Stay current with the latest discoveries in molecular and genomic research. Sweeping revisions throughout include eight brand-new chapters on: Tumor Suppressor Genes; Inflammation and Cancer; Cancer Systems Biology: The Future; Biomarkers Assessing Risk of Cancer; Understanding and Using Information About Cancer Genomes; The Technology of Analyzing Nucleic Acids in Cancer; Molecular Abnormalities in Kidney Cancer; and Molecular Pathology.

Cancer Research

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Genre : Cancer
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Introduction To The Cellular And Molecular Biology Of Cancer

Author : Leonard Maurice Franks
ISBN : 0198548540
Genre : Medical
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The third edition of this repected textbook has been extensively revised and updated by the authors and editors to achieve the same objectives as the two earlier editions -- to provide a relatively brief but comprehensive introduction to the initiation, development, and treatment of cancer.After an introduction describing the pathology and natural history of the disease, subsequent chapters survey particular areas of research, concentrating on the principles involved and recent developments. Each topic is reviewed authoritatively by acknowledged experts, in a way that will beunderstood by non-experts in the field.The chapters on epidemiology, genetic and chromosome changes, oncogenes, chemical and radiation carcinogenesis, growth factors, the biology of human leukaemia, and hormones and cancer have been rewritten and/or extensively revised and new developments resulting from the wide application of currenttechniques in cellular and molecular biology to the study of cancer are included. Other chapters have been revised and brought up to date, and new chapters are inclueed on cytokines and cancer, the molecular pathology of cancer, and cancer prevention and screening.Introduction to the Molecular and Celluar Bilogy of Cancer provides a general survey of the whole field of cancer as a basis for research and will serve as a valuable introduction to students and scientists new to the field.

Bone Cancer

Author : Dominique Heymann
ISBN : 0080953883
Genre : Medical
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The epidemiological and clinical importance of bone metastasis has long been recognized, but the past decade has seen an explosion in the fields of bone biology and bone cancer research. This period of time has been marked by a number of key discoveries that have led to the opening up of entirely new areas for investigation as well as new therapies which combine surgery and biological therapeutic approaches. Bone is a common site of cancer metastases - cancer cells commonly develop in bone and spread to other organ systems through the bloodstream. For example, the incidence of bone metastases in breast and prostate cancers is 70%, whereas it is only 30 to 40% in metastatic lung cancer. In clinical terms, bone metastases have substantial negative effects on a patient's quality of life and are a main cause of patient mortality. Given the global prevalence of breast and prostate cancers, knowledge of bone biology has become essential for the medical and cancer research communities. This book provides, all in one resource, the most recent data on bone cancer development (cellular and molecular mechanisms), genomic and proteomic analyses, clinical analyses (histopathology, imaging, pain monitoring), as well as new therapeutic approaches and clinical trials for primary bone tumors and bone metastases. Feature Presents a comprehensive, translational source for all aspects of bone cancer in one reference work Bone cancer experts (from all areas of research and practice) take readers from the bench research (cellular and molecular mechanism), through genomic and proteomic analysis, all the way to clinical analysis (histopathology and imaging) and new therapeutic approaches. Clear presentation by bone biologists of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying bone tumors and bone cancer metastasis as well as the genomic and proteomic assays used in detecting cancer within given organ systems Clear presentation by oncologists and radiologists of how histopathology, imaging, and pain monitoring can lead to new therapeutic approaches Benefit Saves researchers and clinicians time in quickly accessing the very latest details on a broad range of bone cancer issues, as opposed to searching through thousands of journal articles. Provides a common language for cancer researchers, bone biologists, oncologists, and radiologists to discuss bone tumors and how bone cancer metastases affects each major organ system Correct diagnosis (and therefore correct treatment) of cancer depends on a strong understanding of the molecular basis for the disease – both oncologists and radiologists will benefit Bone biologists will gain insight into how clinical observations and practices can feed back into the research cycle and will, therefore, be able to develop more targeted genomic and proteomic assays

Anticancer Research

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ISBN : UCLA:L0090603622
Genre : Cancer
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Early Stage Breast Cancer New Developments And Controversies An Issue Of Surgical Oncology Clinics E Book

Author : Eleftherios P. Mamounas
ISBN : 9781455700707
Genre : Medical
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This issue of the Surgical Oncology Clinics will focus on new advances in Breast Cancer Surgery, and will include articles on Chemoprevention, Breast MRI, Genomics, Sentinel Node Biopsy, Extra-axillary Sentinel Nodes, Skin-Sparing and Nipple Sparing Mastectomy, Oncoplastic Techniques, Neoadjuvant Hormonal Therapy, Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy, Adjuvant Hormonal Therapy, Adjuvant Chemotherapy, and Biologic Targeted Therapies.

Principles Of Cancer Biotherapy

Author : R.K. Oldham
ISBN : 9789400900295
Genre : Medical
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At the time of the first edition of Principles of Cancer Biotherapy, this book represented the first comprehensive textbook on biological therapy. Whereas in 1991, when the second edition was published, there was still some doubt on the part of many oncologists and cancer researchers as to the therapeutic value of these new approaches, it is now generally agreed that biopharmaceuticals are producing major opportunities for new cancer therapies. Cancer biotherapy has truly matured into the fourth modality of cancer treatment. The third edition is now needed as a result of the tremendous progress that has been made in recent years using biologicals in cancer treatment. The book summarizes an evolving science and a rapidly changing medical practice. As we near the millennium, it now becomes possible to envision a much more diversified system of cancer research and treatment that will afford greater opportunities for patients. Some forms of cancer biotherapy use the strategy of tumour stabilization and control through continued biological therapy, akin to the use of insulin in the treatment of diabetes. This textbook illustrates new methods of thinking and new strategies for control of cancer. It is always difficult to move from past dogma to future opportunity, but this third edition of Principles of Cancer Biotherapy illustrates why it is so important to the patients, for researchers and clinicians to explore and apply these new opportunities in cancer biotherapy.

New Concept And New Way Of Treatment Of Cancer

Author : Xu Ze Xu Jie Bin Wu
ISBN : 9781481732710
Genre : Health & Fitness
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This book is the scientific summary of the author’s treatment experience on oncology surgery during his 50 years of oncology surgical practice and of the author's research achievement during his 20 years of animal cancer experimentation and clinical research. The book is divided into 38 chapters in which the author demonstrates innovative concepts of cancer therapy including a new cognition of cancer etiology and pathogenesis, new concepts and methods of cancer therapy and anti-cancer metastasis and recurrence. The author also demonstrates experimental information and analysis of clinically testified results and new ways of conquering the cancers from many aspects. The cancer existing in the human body has three forms: the two points and a line, and “eight steps” and “three stages” of carcinoma metastasis, the third field of anti-carcinoma-metastasis and recurrence treatment, three Steps of therapy of carcinoma metastasis, etc. It includes both the review and recall of traditional surgical and chemotherapy and radioactive therapy and the summary and analysis of the experimental information and clinical testifying results for XZ-C immunologic regulation and control anti-carcinoma traditional Chinese’s medicine which the author purified from the Chinese herbs. In addition, in this book the author added the scientific methods of the cancer therapy and the strategies and suggests for the overcoming the cancer development. Some part contents of this book have generated great attention in the international field of oncology. In this book the contents are creative and the ideas are new and the theories are related to the practices. There are extremely high scientific value and clinical application, which is a value reference for clinical oncologist, oncology specialists and oncology scientific researcher and the family and caregivers of the cancer patients.

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