moving to opportunity the story of an american experiment to fight ghetto poverty

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Moving To Opportunity

Author : Xavier de Souza Briggs
ISBN : 0199741867
Genre : Social Science
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Moving to Opportunity tackles one of America's most enduring dilemmas: the great, unresolved question of how to overcome persistent ghetto poverty. Launched in 1994, the MTO program took a largely untested approach: helping families move from high-poverty, inner-city public housing to low-poverty neighborhoods, some in the suburbs. The book's innovative methodology emphasizes the voices and choices of the program's participants but also rigorously analyzes the changing structures of regional opportunity and constraint that shaped the fortunes of those who "signed up." It shines a light on the hopes, surprises, achievements, and limitations of a major social experiment. As the authors make clear, for all its ambition, MTO is a uniquely American experiment, and this book brings home its powerful lessons for policymakers and advocates, scholars, students, journalists, and all who share a deep concern for opportunity and inequality in our country.

Why Don T American Cities Burn

Author : Michael B. Katz
ISBN : 9780812205206
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 59. 91 MB
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At 1:27 on the morning of August 4, 2005, Herbert Manes fatally stabbed Robert Monroe, known as Shorty, in a dispute over five dollars. It was a horrific yet mundane incident for the poor, heavily African American neighborhood of North Philadelphia—one of seven homicides to occur in the city that day and yet not make the major newspapers. For Michael B. Katz, an urban historian and a juror on the murder trial, the story of Manes and Shorty exemplified the marginalization, social isolation, and indifference that plague American cities. Introduced by the gripping narrative of this murder and its circumstances, Why Don't American Cities Burn? charts the emergence of the urban forms that underlie such events. Katz traces the collision of urban transformation with the rightward-moving social politics of late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century America. He shows how the bifurcation of black social structures produced a new African American inequality and traces the shift from images of a pathological black "underclass" to praise of the entrepreneurial poor who take advantage of new technologies of poverty work to find the beginning of the path to the middle class. He explores the reasons American cities since the early 1970s have remained relatively free of collective violence while black men in bleak inner-city neighborhoods have turned their rage inward on one another rather than on the agents and symbols of a culture and political economy that exclude them. The book ends with a meditation on how the political left and right have come to believe that urban transformation is inevitably one of failure and decline abetted by the response of government to deindustrialization, poverty, and race. How, Katz asks, can we construct a new narrative that acknowledges the dark side of urban history even as it demonstrates the capacity of government to address the problems of cities and their residents? How can we create a politics of modest hope?

The Undeserving Poor

Author : Michael B. Katz
ISBN : 9780199978953
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 71. 17 MB
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First published in 1989, The Undeserving Poor was a critically acclaimed and enormously influential account of America's enduring debate about poverty. Taking stock of the last quarter century, Michael B. Katz's new edition of this classic is virtually a new book. As the first did, it will force all concerned Americans to reconsider the foundations of our policies toward the poor, especially in the wake of the Great Recession that began in 2008. Katz highlights how throughout American history, the poor have been regarded as undeserving: people who do not deserve sympathy because they brought their poverty on themselves, either through laziness and immorality, or because they are culturally or mentally deficient. This long-dominant view sees poverty as a personal failure, serving to justify America's mean-spirited treatment of the poor. Katz reminds us, however, that there are other explanations of poverty besides personal failure. Poverty has been written about as a problem of place, of resources, of political economy, of power, and of market failure. Katz looks at each idea in turn, showing how they suggest more effective approaches to our struggle against poverty. The Second Edition includes important new material. It now sheds light on the revival of the idea of culture in poverty research; the rehabilitation of Daniel Patrick Moynihan; the resurgent role of biology in discussions of the causes of poverty, such as in The Bell Curve; and the human rights movement's intensified focus on alleviating world poverty. It emphasizes the successes of the War on Poverty and Great Society, especially at the grassroots level. It is also the first book to chart the rise and fall of the "underclass" as a concept driving public policy. A major revision of a landmark study, The Undeserving Poor helps readers to see poverty-and our efforts to combat it--in a new light.

Our Kids

Author : Robert D. Putnam
ISBN : 9781476769912
Genre : History
File Size : 60. 75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A New York Times bestseller and “a passionate, urgent” (The New Yorker) examination of the growing inequality gap from the bestselling author of Bowling Alone: why fewer Americans today have the opportunity for upward mobility. Central to the very idea of America is the principle that we are a nation of opportunity. But over the last quarter century we have seen a disturbing “opportunity gap” emerge. We Americans have always believed that those who have talent and try hard will succeed, but this central tenet of the American Dream seems no longer true or at the least, much less true than it was. In Our Kids, Robert Putnam offers a personal and authoritative look at this new American crisis, beginning with the example of his high school class of 1959 in Port Clinton, Ohio. The vast majority of those students went on to lives better than those of their parents. But their children and grandchildren have faced diminishing prospects. Putnam tells the tale of lessening opportunity through poignant life stories of rich, middle class, and poor kids from cities and suburbs across the country, brilliantly blended with the latest social-science research. “A truly masterful volume” (Financial Times), Our Kids provides a disturbing account of the American dream that is “thoughtful and persuasive” (The Economist). Our Kids offers a rare combination of individual testimony and rigorous evidence: “No one can finish this book and feel complacent about equal opportunity” (The New York Times Book Review).

The Cultural Matrix

Author : Orlando Patterson
ISBN : 9780674967304
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64. 17 MB
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The Cultural Matrix seeks to unravel an American paradox: the socioeconomic crisis and social isolation of disadvantaged black youth, on the one hand, and their extraordinary integration and prominence in popular culture on the other. This interdisciplinary work explains how a complex matrix of cultures influences black youth.

Housing Policy Debate

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32435076821495
Genre : Housing
File Size : 75. 19 MB
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Hastings Law Journal

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32437123229763
Genre :
File Size : 39. 66 MB
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Hillbilly Elegie

Author : J. D. Vance
ISBN : 9783843715775
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 68. 95 MB
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Seine Großeltern versuchten, mit Fleiß und Mobilität der Armut zu entkommen und sich in der Mitte der Gesellschaft zu etablieren. Doch letztlich war alles vergeblich. J. D. Vance erzählt die Geschichte seiner Familie — eine Geschichte vom Scheitern und von der Resignation einer ganzen Bevölkerungsschicht. Armut und Chaos, Hilflosigkeit und Gewalt, Drogen und Alkohol: Genau in diesem Teufelskreis befinden sich viele weiße Arbeiterfamilien in den USA — entfremdet von der politischen Führung, abgehängt vom Rest der Gesellschaft, anfällig für populistische Parolen. Früher konnten sich die »Hillbillys«, die weißen Fabrikarbeiter, erhoffen, sich zu Wohlstand zu schuften. Doch spätestens gegen Ende des 20sten Jahrhunderts zog der Niedergang der alten Industrien ihre Familien in eine Abwärtsspirale, in der sie bis heute stecken. Vance gelingt es wie keinem anderen, diese ausweglose Situation und die Krise einer ganzen Gesellschaft eindrücklich zu schildern. Sein Buch bewegte Millionen von Lesern in den USA und erklärt nicht zuletzt den Wahltriumph eines Donald Trump.

Employment And Training Reporter

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924112304559
Genre : Manpower policy
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Sanktionierung Von Submissionsabsprachen In Der Vergangenheit Gegenwart Und Zukunft

Author : André-M. Szesny
ISBN : 9783638303200
Genre : Law
File Size : 74. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Examensarbeit aus dem Jahr 2001 im Fachbereich Jura - Strafrecht, Note: 15 (gut+), Universität Osnabrück, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die Arbeit untersucht die rechtshistorische Entwicklung der Sanktionierung kartellrechtswidrigen Verhaltens nach GWB und StGB und nimmt dabei auch die Versuche von Reichsgericht und Bundesgerichtshof, Preisabsprachen unter den Tatbestand des Betruges zu subsumieren, wie auch die Schaffung des Tatbestandes es Submissionsbetruges (§ 298 StGB) im Jahr 1998 kritisch in Blick. Ob das GWB 1957 Sanktionen gegen wettbewerbswidriges Verhalten enthalten sollte, war lebhaft umstritten. Man entschied sich letztlich für eine bußgeldrechtliche Lösung – eine Sanktionierung durch Strafmaßnahmen erschien unangemessen. Im Laufe der Jahre mehrten sich jedoch die Bestrebungen, einzelne Verhaltensweisen, die durch das GWB (nur) bußgeldbewehrt waren, unter Strafe zu stellen. Diese waren mit Implementierung des § 298 StGB (Submissionsbetrug) im Jahr 1998 in das Kernstrafrecht letztlich von vermeintlichem Erfolg gekrönt. Doch der neue Straftatbestand bleibt umstritten. Die Untersuchung gliedert sich in drei Hauptteile: Nachdem die Entwicklung der gesetzlichen Voraussetzungen für die Ahndung kartellrechtswidrigen Verhaltens und deren praktische Anwendung dargestellt wird, folgt eine Untersuchung im Hinblick auf Sinn und Legitimität dieser Entwicklung. Abschließend wird geklärt, ob eine Strafbewehr kartellrechtswidrigen Verhaltens über die heute geltenden Regelungsinstrumente hinaus sinnvoll, zweckmäßig und legitim ist. Dr. André-M. Szesny ist Rechtsanwalt in einer auf das Wirtschaftsstrafrecht spezialisierten Kanzlei in Düsseldorf.

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