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Mysticism And The New Physics

Author : Michael Talbot
ISBN : 0140193286
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 62. 96 MB
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An account of how quantum physics is putting forward ideas that confirm the perceived beliefs of mystics who think the world is an illusion

The Oneness Otherness Mystery

Author : Sutapas Bhattacharya
ISBN : 8120816544
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 88. 98 MB
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this is a work about our very existence, about Reality, about the relationship between the individual personality and the cosmos in which that personality exists, showing how the person is a microcosm, a little part of the cosmos, subtly reflecting his `w

Pushing Ultimates

Author : Lew Paz
ISBN : 0977373398
Genre : Authenticity (Philosophy)
File Size : 32. 59 MB
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"To be truly ignorant, be content with your own knowledge." This dictum, attributed to Chuang Tzu circa 300 BC, is more relevant than ever today. Research gathered from various directions has shown far too many people remain content with a limited input of knowledge, relying on what they glean from mass media, formal education and church, without any idea that continuing philosophical inquiry is a significant aspect of inner growth. As the 21st century dawns, it has become apparent that authentic self- knowledge requires revelations from varied fields of research which would take years to accumulate. Is there a solution? Yes. Author, poet, artist, Lew Paz set out forty years ago to pursue a life of Zorba the Greek adventure merged with Socratic questioning of all knowledges, which developed into a spiritual quest of the most compelling sort. After four decades of hard road travel over half the earth, including countless sunup to sunset days in libraries great and small, deeply delving for truth and wisdom, Paz spent seven years condensing his accumulation of knowledge into one truly informative work, 'Pushing Ultimates'. This book was chosen as Editors Choice by James Cox, Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious Midwest Review, and is gradually being internationally recognised for it's original approach to the ultimate questions concerning the human situation. This is a challenging, enriching journey, encompassing the evolution of consciousness, while skilfully weaving mysticism, theology, psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, neurology, music, art, into meaningful and relevant patterns of clarification. Throughout this amazing odyssey, Paz never loses sight of the central theme -- the endeavour to realise bottom line truths concerning our place amid the wild wonder of it all, and he accomplishes this without succumbing to New Age credulity or sterile scientific scepticism. His book skilfully condenses the essential elements of all vital fields of knowledge into 400 clarifying pages. Every person truly concerned with the essence of philosophical inquiry and spiritual growth should have a copy close at hand.

Ancient Egypt And Modern Psychotherapy

Author : Todd Hayen
ISBN : 9781317307488
File Size : 33. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Ancient Egypt and Modern Psychotherapy, Todd Hayen explores what the spiritual concepts of the enigmatic ancient Egyptians can teach us about our own modern psyches and the pursuit of a meaningful life. Hayen examines the ancient Egyptians’ possession of a concept contemporary academics have labeled "consciousness of the heart": an innate knowledge of the entirety of the universe. While all human beings possess this consciousness of the heart, our modern culture has largely lost the ability to tap into this inborn knowledge. By examining the material accomplishments of ancient Egypt, and how their seemingly deeper awareness of their inner world created a harmonious outer world, we can begin to understand how modern psychotherapy, through a Jungian perspective, could be instrumental in achieving a more profound and meaningful personal experience of life. Ancient Egypt and Modern Psychotherapy will be insightful reading for analytical psychologists in practice and in training, Jungian psychotherapists and psychologists, and academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian studies and ancient spirituality.

The Mystic Heart

Author : Wayne Teasdale
ISBN : 157731316X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Drawing on experience as an interreligious monk, Brother Wayne Teasdale reveals the power of spirituality and its practical elements. He combines a profound Christian faith with an intimate understanding of ancient religious traditions.

Spider Speculations

Author : Jo Carson
ISBN : 9781458781321
Genre :
File Size : 65. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Jo Carson lays bare her personal investigation into her own creative process after a spider bite on her back begins a series of life-altering events. Spider Speculations applies cutting edge mind-body science, quantum physics and ancient shamanistic techniques to describe how stories work in our bodies and our lives, and what happens when real stories are used in a public way. Carson, whose ability to capture the spoken word hallmarks her community-based work, sets down this story in her own distinctive voice, interspersing the journey with examples of her performance work. This truly original American book will speak to anyone thinking about art and community or engaging with people's stories.

Learning To Survive Infinity

Author : Steven J. Bingel
ISBN : 9781504928601
Genre : Science
File Size : 40. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Some things are like this and our attempts to scrutinize only make the obscurity worse. For those of us always on this edge is where we function best. Chaos, erratic behavior, it all adds fuel to the fire. Makes us keep chasing the elusive answer, always there, right on the tip of your tongue. Like a familiar face sharing some space on a crowded subway in Manhattan while visiting your daughter, you nod your head, smile and say “how you been?”, hoping that the face will divulge who he is so you won’t feel terrible because he remembered you, but you can’t remember his name. Like the human psyche going through a mid-life crisis, where the divergence of two opposing behaviors causes one to have a nervous breakdown, quantum physics seeks to lie on the outskirts of our imagination. The outskirts are it’s perturbation point as referred to by physicists. The place where we barely are cognizant of it’s existence. Like our unconscious mind, small glimpses appear fleetingly that titillate our conscious mind. They may appear in a Jungian dream. They may appear as synchronicities, or de-ja vu. There is something guttural in human nature about new discovery. It has been inside all of us, a sleeping giant awakened occasionally. It teases us, gives us a view that is obscured like flying IFR on a socked in day. The instruments can only tell you so much and you are forced to their attention, giving in to stolen glances outside the cockpit window at the elusive ground below. It is a hair-raising experience albeit---thrilling.

The Episode Of Life Consciousness Creation And The Universe

Author : Amjad Fatemi Phd
ISBN : 9781432769628
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 26. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Episode of Life "Consciousness, Creation, and the Universe" " The journey of life is about how consciously a person reflects upon the stream of light and sound that surges from the trinity of Ultimate Consciousness." That guides a seeker of truth to understand where he has come from, why is here, and where is his destination. It is facts base of human finding, undiscovered time, and function of consciousness on journey of self-discovery, as they seek to understand the formation of the universe, creation, and the meaning of life. Consciousness is the reality of existence from that reality truth can be recognized. Part One: Human Background and Knowledge The ladder of human knowledge reveals how knowledge has been built up through three eras to the scientific approach of general knowledge, classical knowledge, and quantum knowledge. Part Two: Beyond Human Knowledge It explains the concepts of truth, the ocean of existence, the mind, form and image, and passions, desires and needs, and it unfolds the process whereby the human mind deals with knowledge by fragmenting any reality into pieces and then restructuring each concept in order to build up a concrete truth. Human mind is an evolved inherited animalistic mind from which human behavior and character have developed, and it deals with two groups of images: Basic Images and Abstract Images, through those human consciousness has been evolved. Part Three: Consciousness, Mind, and Duality Duality based on the concepts of Twin-times and Virtual space in effect sets up layers of an information system pattern which unifies sub-particles, planets, and the entire universe. Part Four: Evolution of the Mind and the Dawn of Human Consciousness Delving further into the evolution of the human mind, this section discusses the dawn of human evolutionary consciousness through the second memory. This brings up the mindset of thought form based on basic fear, abstract fear, social fear, and mind passions. Part Five: Beyond Egoistic Mind This section focuses on the still mind, the inner self, recognition, acceptance, society, and education. Part Six: Beliefs and Spiritual Consciousness Crossroad Part Six is concerned with spirituality, the fourth stage of knowledge after that deals with new era of human consciousness, and discusses beliefs, higher and lower consciousness, concepts of deity and devil, mission of enlightened soul, logic, emotion, and the process of consciousness expansion. Part Seven: Physical Body and Awareness Our body is a biochemical time machine that harmonizes at every moment with every level of awareness, and its timing sequence synchronizes every aspect of life without divergence. Biochemical time machine patterns alter at every moment in regards to attitude and awareness. Consciousness Atom (Soul) on its continuity of life at different gender creates psychological behavior. Part Eight: Creation of Consciousness This part deals with the composition of ultimate consciousness, spiritual consciousness, cosmic consciousness, format of creation, soul and gender, and spiritual psychology. Conceptualizing creation through Abstract Conscious Mind leads us to theorize how the universe is created from big bang or many other speculations. Part Nine: Creation of the Universe Understanding the existence of the universe depends on how the microcosmic mind can perceive the macrocosm. This is the culmination of bases of knowledge, and it brings the focus to Electrosonic field as a connecting aspect of the every pattern in the universe and answers to the questions of the origin and formation of the universe, space and time, Big Bang, black holes, puzzle of awareness, Electrosonic field and it is the wave of Gravitation model of the universe, form of the universe, and life. The conclusion is life and love.

The Emerald Tablet

Author : Dennis William Hauck
ISBN : 9781101157183
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 52. 56 MB
Format : PDF
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The Emerald Tablet?an ancient document that contains the essence of the alchemical teachings?has had an important influence on many Western spiritual and religious traditions. Ostensibly concerned with turning base metals into gold, alchemy was in fact dedicated to transforming the lead of self into the gold of spirit. This brilliant history of alchemy traces its sources back to ancient Egypt, and presents alchemy as a useful, practical system of self-transformation. Each of the seven steps of alchemical transformation is explained, with hands-on techniques and exercises, treating alchemy as a living discipline for achieving a spiritual awakening.

An Integrated View Of Health And Well Being

Author : Antonio Morandi
ISBN : 9789400766891
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 63. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Concepts like Health and Well-being are not exclusive products of the Western culture. Research has widely demonstrated that the representation of the body and of its pathologies, as well as treatment and healing practices vary across cultures in relation to social norms and beliefs.The culture of India is a melting pot of nine main Darshanas, or philosophical systems, that share the common core of a realization of the self in society. India’s traditional health system, Ayurveda, is a result of the practical application of the Darshanas to the observation of human nature and behavior. Ayurveda conceptualizes health, disease and well-being as multidimensional aspects of life, and it seeks to preserve a balance in individuals among their biological features, their psychological features and their environmental demands. The Ayurveda approach to health is remarkably similar to the eudaimonic conceptualization of well-being proposed by positive psychology, and the basic tenets of Ayurveda are deeply consistent with the latest developments of modern physics, which stresses the substantial interconnectedness among natural phenomena and their substrates. This text shows how the approach to health developed in Ayurveda can be fruitfully integrated in a general view of health and well-being that encompasses cultural and ideological boundaries. Specifically, it details the conceptualization of health as an optimal and mindful interaction between individuals and their environment.

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