nanostructured titanium dioxide materials properties preparation and applications

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Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide Materials

Author : Alireza Khataee
ISBN : 9789814374736
Genre : Electronic books
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During the past decade, research and development in the area of synthesis and applications of different nanostructured titanium dioxide have become tremendous. This book briefly describes properties, production, modification and applications of nanostructured titanium dioxide focusing in particular on photocatalytic activity. The physicochemical properties of nanostructured titanium dioxide are highlighted and the links between properties and applications are emphasized. The preparation of TiO2 nanomaterials, including nanoparticles, nanorods, nanowires, nanosheets, nanofibers, and nanotubes are primarily categorized by their preparation method (sol-gel and hydrothermal processes). Examples of early applications of nanostructured titanium dioxide in dye-sensitized solar cells, hydrogen production and storage, sensors, rechargeable batteries, electrocatalysis, self-cleaning and antibacterial surfaces and photocatalytic cancer treatment are reviewed. The review of modifications of TiO2 nanomaterials is mainly focused on the research related to the modifications of the optical properties of TiO2 nanomaterials, since many applications of TiO2 nanomaterials are closely related to their optical properties. Photocatalytic removal of various pollutants using pure TiO2 nanomaterials, TiO2-based nanoclays and non-metal doped nanostructured TiO2 are also discussed.

Nanoscience And Plant Soil Systems

Author : Mansour Ghorbanpour
ISBN : 9783319468358
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 51. 52 MB
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This book provides in-depth reviews of the effects of nanoparticles on the soil environment, their interactions with plants and also their potential applications as nanofertilizers and pesticides. It offers insights into the current trends and future prospects of nanotechnology, including the benefits and risks and the impact on agriculture and soil ecosystems. Individual chapters explore topics such as nanoparticle biosynthesis, engineered nanomaterials, the use of nanoclays for remediation of polluted sites, nanomaterials in water desalination, their effect on seed germination, plant growth, and nutrient transformations in soil, as well as the use of earthworms as bioremediating agents for nanoparticles. It is a valuable resource for researchers in academia and industry working in the field of agriculture, crop protection, plant sciences, applied microbiology, soil biology and environmental sciences.

Nanomaterials In Energy Devices

Author : Jun Hieng Kiat
ISBN : 9781498763523
Genre : Science
File Size : 58. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book provides up-to-date information on the application of nano-sized materials in energy devices. A brief overview on the properties of nano-sized materials introduces the readers to the basics of the application of such materials in energy devices. Among the energy devices covered include third generation solar cells, fuel cells, batteries, and supercapacitors. The book places emphasis on the optical, electrical, morphological, surface, and spectroscopic properties of the materials. It contains both experimental as well as theoretical aspects for different types of nano-sized materials, such as nanoparticles, nanowires, thin film, etc.

Novel Preparation Of Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Particles Films Membranes And Devices For Environmental Applications

Author : Hyeok Choi
ISBN : OCLC:153886654
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Precise manipulation of matter at the nanoscale will enhance our potential to synthesize materials with tailor-designed properties and functionalities for their environmental applications. This dissertation explores the development of innovative nanotechnological procedures for the preparation of highly efficient visible light-activated nanostructured TiO 2photocatalytic particles, films, membranes, and devices for environmental applications. Nanocrystalline TiO 2particles and immobilized films and membranes with mesoporous inorganic network were prepared via a sol-gel method modified with surfactants as pore-directing agents. Not only did we manipulate the physicochemical properties of TiO 2such as crystallographic structure, particle size, and defect structure but also tailor-design its structural properties such as surface area, pore volume, and pore size distribution. Asymmetric mesoporous multilayer TiO 2photocatalytic membranes exhibiting hierarchical changes in pore diameter and materials porosity were also fabricated. These TiO 2films and membranes inherently possessed multiple and simultaneous functions including photocatalytic decomposition of organic pollutants, inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms, physical separation of contaminants, and anti-biofouling action. In addition, for the design of solar-driven treatment technologies, highly efficient visible light-activated TiO 2photocatalysts with mesoporous structure and narrowed band gap energy were synthesized by introducing nitrogen-containing surfactant as a pore templating material as well as a nitrogen dopant in the sol-gel method of TiO 2. For the development of highly sensitive and stable electrochemical sensors to detect a neurotransmitter, catechol, sonogel carbon electrodes were modified with the nanostructured TiO 2acting as an adsorbent for catechol and a redox mediator for electron transfer. We also elucidated the formation of nanocrystalline TiO 2particles at ambient synthesis conditions via sol-gel method employing water immiscible room temperature ionic liquid as reaction medium and modified with surfactant as pore template. Detail information on the preparative method, synthesis route and mechanism, crystallographic and structural properties, and photocatalytic activity of the nanocrystalline TiO 2particles with thermal stability was investigated. From a scientific point of view, this study will provide new nanotechnological and materials chemistry procedures to synthesize highly efficient photocatalytic TiO 2particles, films, and membranes that can be used for the treatment and disinfection of water and wastewater under even visible light irradiation, and highly sensitive TiO 2-based devices for the development of new type of sensors.

Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles

Author : Yucheng Lan
ISBN : 1536110736
Genre :
File Size : 76. 12 MB
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Over the past few decades, titanium dioxide has been an important material for different sectors of modern technology. More precisely, this ceramic has been synthesised in the form of nanomaterial and applied in buildings, dye-sensitised solar cells, hydrogen production, sensors, rechargeable batteries, electrocatalysis, self-cleaning, environmental pollution, and antibacterial actions based on its enhanced optical properties. This book describes preparation, photocatalytic properties, and applications of nanostructured titanium dioxide with a particular focus on non-traditional syntheses and brookite. Titanium oxide nanoparticles are produced by hydrothermal processes, ionic liquid-assisted reactions, biological approaches, ball-milling techniques, etc. Physical properties and potential future applications of the produced nanostructured titanium dioxide nanoparticles are reviewed. Toxicity of titanium oxide nanoparticles and titanium oxide nanowires are also discussed.

Nanorods Nanotubes And Nanomaterials Research Progress

Author : Wesley V. Prescott
ISBN : 160456122X
Genre : Nanostructured materials
File Size : 50. 35 MB
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Nanotechnology is a 'catch-all' description of activities at the level of atoms and molecules that have applications in the real world. A nanometer is a billionth of a meter, about 1/80,000 of the diameter of a human hair, or 10 times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. Nanotechnology is now used in precision engineering, new materials development as well as in electronics; electromechanical systems as well as mainstream biomedical applications in areas such as gene therapy, drug delivery and novel drug discovery techniques. This new book presents the latest research from around the world on nanorods, nanotubes and nanomaterials.

Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology Iii

Author : Sanjay Mathur
ISBN : 047058436X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 73. 85 MB
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This useful resource will help you understand the most valuable aspects of nanostructured materials and nanotechnology. Containing 16 peer-reviewed papers, this issue covers various aspects and the latest developments related to processing, modeling and manufacturing technologies of nanoscaled materials including CNT and clay-based composites, nanowire-based sensors, new generation photovoltaic cells, plasma processing of functional thin films, ceramic membranes and self-assembled functional nanostructures.

Inorganic And Metallic Nanotubular Materials

Author : Tsuyoshi Kijima
ISBN : 3642036228
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 30. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book describes the synthesis, characterization and applications of inorganic and metallic nanotubular materials. It covers a wide variety of nanotubular materials excluding carbon nanotubes, and explains their potential for future technologies.

Processing Of Nanoparticle Structures And Composites

Author : Tom Hinklin
ISBN : 0470551518
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 37. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume features papers from the Controlled Processing of Nanoparticle Structures and Composites symposia held during the 2008 Materials Science and Technology conference (MS&T08). It provides a useful one-stop resource for understanding the most important issues in controlled processing of nanoparticle structures and composites. Logically organized and carefully selected articles give insight into controlled processing of nanoparticle structures and composites, covering topics such as nanoparticle-based bulk material templating, the structure of nanoparticulate aggregates of titania as a function of shear, and the role of lattice vibrations in a nanoscale electronic device.

Processing Of Nanoparticle Materials And Nanostructured Films

Author : Kathy Lu
ISBN : 9780470931004
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 45. 35 MB
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There have been extraordinary developments in nanomaterials in the past two decades. Nanomaterial processing is one of the key components for this success. This volume, titled Processing of Nanoparticle Materials and Nanostructured Films, is a collection of the papers presented at Controlled Processing of Nanoparticle-based Materials and Nanostructured Films symposium held during the Materials Science and Technology 2009 conference (MS&T’09), October 25-29, 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA. It summarizes the progress that has been achieved most recently in understanding and processing nanoparticle-based materials and nanostructured films. Nanoparticle-based materials and nanostructured films hold great promise to enable a broad range of new applications. This includes high energy conversion efficiency fuel cells, smart materials, high performance sensors, and structural materials under extreme environments. However, many barriers still exist in understanding and controlling the processing of nanoparticle-based materials and nanostructured films. In particular, agglomeration must be controlled in powder synthesis and processing to enable the fabrication of homogeneous green or composite microstructures, and microstructure evolution must be controlled to preserve the size and properties of the nanostructures in the finished materials. Also, novel nanostructure designs are highly needed at all stages of bulk and thin film nanomaterial formation process to enable unique performances, low cost, and green engineering. This volume focuses on three general topics, 1) Processing to preserve and improve nanoscale size, structure, and properties, 2) Novel design and understanding of new nanomaterials, such as new synthesis approaches, templating, and 3D assembly technologies, and 3) Applications of nanoparticle assemblies and composites and thin films.

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