napoleon vs the old and new world orders

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Napoleon Vs The Old And New World Orders

Author : M. S. King
ISBN : 1523257067
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We all know, at least vaguely, the story about Napoleon Bonaparte. You know -- the one about the self-professed son of a republican revolution against monarchy, who then installed himself as a monarch. Napoleon was, we are told, an egomaniacal tyrant with "short man's inferiority complex" who tried to enslave the European continent. Led by the brave British, a coalition of "The Good Guys" banded together to thwart the ambitions of the great "usurper" and trouble-maker of Europe. There is just one problem with this official narrative of the giant historical figure of the 1800's. To put it gently - it's a damn lie. (surprise - surprise). Now, one can easily understand the reason for the propagation of lies and slanders aimed at Napoleon being perpetuated by the entrenched monarchies of Europe at the time. Quite simply, Napoleon's philosophical vision of good governance (which we will explore later on) posed a direct threat to their 'Old World Order' of running things. Oddly enough, long after the old monarchies have either gone extinct or been neutered, the name of Napoleon Bonaparte still carries a negative, though diminished, stink to it. This seems very strange - that is until we realize that the forces behind the 'New World Order', which were already in operation at the time, had just as much reason to oppose Napoleon as the old Royal Houses of Europe, such as the International Bourbon Family, did. You see, Napoleon, like the early Illuminati / Jacobin Reds may have opposed the Vatican-affiliated French Monarchy, but unlike the controlled agents of the Rothschild New World Order gang, Napoleon was not an anti-Church atheistic Jacobin per-Communist by any means - not even close! Indeed, had Napoleon been able to withstand the numerous coalitions arrayed against him, both the 'Old World Order' and the "New World Order' would have been put "out of business" a long time ago. And that is why this illustrated historical summary is titled: 'Napoleon vs the Old and New World Orders'. Enjoy the show.

Outsourced World

Author : G. R. Wilson
ISBN : 9781946765253
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 66. 85 MB
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This forthright narrative chronicles the author’s 1996 experiences as he adjusts to a massively transformed world. Emerging from 3 years in Saudi Arabia, and the 2 years prior cocooned in academia, he lands in Abu Dhabi to be hit with the triple-whammy of the NWO (1991), the WTO (1995), and the spigot of “India Inc.” opened wide. Considered too old (at 40) by his feminized native land, and too white-skinned by the Zio-Globalists, he must now face hostile (multicultural) politics and the economic subterfuge orbiting a liberal American empire dedicated to outsourcing and open borders. Follow this Engineer’s eclectic adventures from the U.A.E., Malaysia, and England [Book-1] then on to India [Book-2] as he somehow negotiates a series of traps, obstacles, and near calamities while occasionally pausing to seduce a few of the world’s most exotic women. This true, instructional, and entertaining testimony delivers a slew of lessons about how the 1990s cemented the fiscal and “chronically unemployed” quagmire plaguing the Western World since Y2K. Mesmerized by the “Clinton White House”, most people refused to listen back then. Twenty or more years on, could this book open your eyes now?

The Truth About Freemasons Illuminati And New World Order

Author : S.D.S C.M.W
ISBN : 9781105607882
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The End Of The Old Order

Author : Frederick Kagan
ISBN : 9780306816451
Genre : History
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In this monumental account and brilliant new analysis of the Napoleonic era in Europe, Frederick W. Kagan, distinguished historian and military policy expert, reveals the complex interaction of continental politics and war that dominated Europe in the early nineteenth century. Using hitherto untapped archival materials from Austria, Prussia, France, and Russia, Kagan tells the story of Napoleon and Europe that is vastly different from previous histories. He presents these crucial years from the perspective of all the major players of Europe, as well as countless others. With clear and lively prose, Kagan deftly guides the reader through the intriguing and complex web of international politics and war. The End of the Old Order is the first in a new and comprehensive series of studies of Napoleon and Europe.

History Of The Apocalypse

Author : Catalin Negru
ISBN : 9781365486869
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Napoleon S Empire

Author : Ute Planert
ISBN : 9781137455475
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 60 MB
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The Napoleonic Empire played a crucial role in reshaping global landscapes and in realigning international power structures on a worldwide scale. When Napoleon died, the map of many areas had completely changed, making room for Russia's ascendency and Britain's rise to world power.

The Complete Idiot S Guide To The New World Order

Author : Alan Axelrod, PhD
ISBN : 9781101443149
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 86. 61 MB
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The good, the bad, and the ugly behind the NWO. The "New World Order" (NWO) is a conspiracy theory; describing the evolution, or existence of one-world government administered by the powerful elite. Now Alan Axelrod offers an understandable look at what the NWO really means to people and lets the reader decide which theories are correct- or whether perhaps it's a little bit of every proposed theory. He discusses: ?The Knights of Templar, the Illuminati, the Masons, ancient and modern-day religionists and how they paved the way for a possible Fourth Reich ?The link between the lost island of Atlantis, Hitler, and the first President Bush with the concept of a future one-world government ?The United Nations, Yale University's Skull and Bones society, the Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds, and Kennedys

Constantine Versus The Bankers

Author : Nicholas C. Eliopoulos
ISBN : 9780595503667
Genre : History
File Size : 70. 40 MB
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Constantine Versus the Bankers is the epic of what went wrong and still goes wrong in a seemingly Christian setting. In spite of setbacks, it examines what is yet to be accomplished toward Peace in this world. There is, nevertheless, a de facto kind of oneness in politics, religion, education and public ethos, albeit, as four distinctly separate Estates, and not always in harmony. This results at times in human failure and more often in pernicious conspiracies at work. Constantine still is maligned, from contemporary world leaders to historians, while Christians still are selectively being killed with evermore-imaginative cunning. Consider the sources vilifying Christianity: they are the same agencies hunting down the Holy Apostles on their Mission, with the same combination of Murky Forces and modern internationalist adepts. While considered a "sacred cow," the Bankers of all grades are popularly held on the highest pedestal and glorified as saviors, greater than God. As matters today stand, the only solutions to cultural, political, social, economic and educational impasses come through going deeper into private, national and international debt, sinking down into the cavernous jaws of the interest-bearing Vipers. To believe in an irreversibly coming doom is to question whether there is a God, or not.

International Politics And State Strength

Author : Thomas J. Volgy
ISBN : 1588261174
Genre : Political Science
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Although it has been more than a decade since the Cold War global structure collapsed, neither scholars nor policymakers have clearly identified its replacement. What is the new world order, ask Thomas Volgy and Alison Bailin; and in the midst of declining state strength, who sustains it? They find their answers in the system collectively constructed by the major powers. The authors consider both the nature of state strength and the changing capabilities of the states most likely to construct global architecture. Demonstrating that the traditional structures of global order - hegemony, bipolarity, and multipolarity - are inconsistent with existing and projected patterns of state strength, they present a provocative alternative model that reflects the creeping incrementalism of multilateral institutions and the institutionalized group hegemony of the G-7 states. In their final chapter, they explore the weaknesses of the present architectural arrangements and discuss alternative scenarios.

Big Red S New World Order

Author : Lloyd R. Adams
ISBN : 9781524531829
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72. 90 MB
Format : PDF
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I Am the Big Red Barn, part I, begins this trilogy. It is a factual fantasy of the life and times of Big Red, told in his own words when it was discovered by a three-year-old boy that this sixty-five-foot majestic barn could telepathically converse with him. Yes, walls can talk, and Big Red tells his life story from the time he was constructed in 1919 on a small dairy farm in Mormon Country, Utah, until it approached its one hundredth birthday. The Impossible Campaign, part II, contains a series of articles and stories based on the authors perspective, which depict the phenomenal circumstances surrounding a nonexperienced politician yet successful business mogul who lays waste to a field of career Republican presidential politicians, captured every news cycle for over eleven months, and consequently created a ground-swell movement by millions of his supporters to become victorious in his primary campaign. 2021 Our New World Horizon, part III, continues where part I left off and continues to the futuristic time of 2021 when Big Red became the inspirational conduit to help change the entire landscape by creating a new world horizon.

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