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Author : Philip J. Bigger
ISBN : 0934223858
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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James B. Donovan (1916-70) was an intrepid lawyer and a skillful negotiator. In his defence of unpopular causes he has been likened to Thomas Erskine, who represented Thomas Paine during the French Revolution and Harold Medina, who defended an accused accomplice of Nazi saboteurs during World War II. His courage was apparent in facing down demonstrators, hecklers, racists, and pickets, and in dealing with calculating Russian agents, hostile Cuban officers, and angry students, writes Phil Bigger, in this exciting tale of Donovan's life.

The Negotiator

Author : Dee Henderson
ISBN : 9781414355054
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27. 96 MB
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Chicago hostage negotiator Kate O'Malley meets FBI agent Dave Richman while she's talking a bank gunman into releasing hostages. Impressed by her professionalism and attracted to her personally, Dave starts courting Kate, only to discover that she's not a Christian, a major stumbling block for him. He's also about to find out that falling in love with a hostage negotiator is one thing, but keeping her safe is another!

Manager As Negotiator

Author : David A. Lax
ISBN : 9781439105207
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 57. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This fine blend of Harvard scholarship and seasoned judgment is really two books in one. The first develops a sophisticated approach to negotiation for executives, attorneys, diplomats -- indeed, for anyone who bargains or studies its challenges. The second offers a new and compelling vision of the successful manager: as a strong, often subtle negotiator, constantly shaping agreements and informal understandings throughout the complex web of relationships in an organization. Effective managers must be able to reach good formal accords such as contracts, out-of-court settlements, and joint venture agreements. Yet they also have to negotiate with others on whom they depend for results, resources, and authority. Whether getting fuller support from the marketing department, hammering out next year's budget, or winning the approval for a new line of business, managers must be adept at advantageously working out and modifying understandings, resolving disputes, and finding mutual gains where interests and perceptions conflict. In such situations, The Manager as Negotiator shows how to creatively further the totality of one's interests, including important relationships -- in a way that Richard Walton, Harvard Business School Professor of Organizational Behavior, describes as "sensitive to the nuances of negotiating in organizations" and "relentless and skillful in making systematic sense of the process." This book differs fundamentally from the recent spate of negotiation handbooks that tend to espouse one of two approaches: the competitive ("Get yours and most of theirs, too") or the cooperative ("Everyone can always win"). Transcending such cynical and naive views, the authors develop a comprehensive approach, based on strategies and tactics for productively managing the tension between the cooperation and competition that are both inherent in bargaining. Based on the authors' extensive experience with hundreds of cases, and peppered with a number of wide-ranging examples, The Manager as Negotiator will be invaluable to novice and experienced negotiators, public and private managers, academics, and anyone who needs to know the state of the art in this important field.

The Negotiator In You

Author : Joshua N. Weiss, Ph.D.
ISBN : 9781620641941
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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The Negotiator in You is an introduction to negotiation specifically for people who don’t tend to view themselves as negotiators. In this eBook original, Joshua N. Weiss, Ph.D. co-founder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University, gives us the tools to enter into a myriad of negotiations with confidence. For workplace negotiations, Weiss coaches us how to effectively negotiate externally with our customers and internally with our boss, colleagues, and subordinates. In a downturned economy, Weiss pays special attention to salary negotiations and finding value among many other factors currently facing everyone in organizations. Beyond the workplace, there are two other critical areas where we negotiate frequently—at home and in life. Turning his eye inward on how we interact at home, Weiss gives us headache-saving tips on how to navigate our way through the holidays and in everyday interactions with our loved ones. And in the negotiations we find ourselves in with the world around us—whether buying a car or house or negotiating with credit card companies—this is essential reading so you don't get taken advantage of. With personalized worksheets for each section you can turn to time and again, the Negotiator in You is the primer you need for smooth sailing at work, home and in life in general.

Shadow Negotiator

Author : Foad Forghani
ISBN : 9783732229574
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 56. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Exotisch mutet der Begriff ,Shadow Negotiator‘ an. Dahinter verbirgt sich eine hochinteressante Tätigkeit: Verhandlungen im Auftrag eines Mandanten abwickeln und selbst im Verborgenen bleiben. Knifflige Fälle, oft mit delikaten Seiten, sind dabei nicht selten. Foad Forghani gehört zu den erfolgreichsten Shadow Negotiators Deutschlands. In seinem Buch „Shadow Negotiator – Der Spezialist für besondere Fälle“ plaudert er anonymisiert aus dem Nähkästchen. Die spannenden Fälle zeigen einen Beruf, der Verhandlungs-Know-how und Menschenkenntnis voraussetzt.

Illustrated Negotiator S Glossary

Author : Donald A. Wiesner
ISBN : 0971169500
Genre : Negotiation
File Size : 61. 54 MB
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The Practical Negotiator

Author : I. William Zartman
ISBN : 0300030975
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 88. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Practical Negotiator draws upon both theory and practice to present a model of the negotiation process. This text focuses primarily upon international negotiations. The Practical Negotiator will be of interest to those who seek a better understanding of the basic process and strategies of negotiation. This work is divided into six chapters with a foreword by Alvin Eurich. Eurich reviews the historical development of negotiation as a field of academic study. Chapter One serves as an introduction to the text. The authors' research has drawn upon three sources of data: the historical record, theories and experiments on bargaining behavior, and interviews with diplomats and UN ambassadors. Historical, experimental and personal cases are used throughout the text to illustrate their theoretical model. The authors also introduce the three key stages in their model of negotiation. In the first stage participants diagnose their situation. Secondly, they attempt to negotiate a formula or common understanding of their conflict, in terms which permit its resolution. The third stage settles the details of the conflict by applying the formula. In practice these stages may overlap. Chapter Two focuses on the skills and personality traits needed by the practical negotiator. Helpful personal characteristics include empathy, patience, self-assurance, ingenuity, and stamina. The authors consider briefly how these traits operate in personal interactions. They then discuss the importance of enabling trust in the negotiation process, and describe the skills needed to build trust. Of central importance is the credibility of the negotiators or participants.

Negotiator Evangelicus Das Ist Evangelischer Kauffmann

Author :
ISBN : BSB:BSB10464307
Genre :
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Negotiator Evangelicus Das Ist Evangelischer Kaufmann

Author :
ISBN : BSB:BSB10458382
Genre :
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Negotiator Evangelicus Das Ist Evangelischer Kauffmann Handlend Mit Kurtzer Aber Guter Waar Oder Kurtze Predigen Aus Denen Ber Hmtesten Predigeren Diser Zeit Heraus Gezogen Und Zu Geschwindern Und Bequemlichern Gebrauch In Dise Form Eingerichtet

Author :
ISBN : BSB:BSB10464297
Genre :
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