never thought id love a dope boy

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Loves Comes With A Price

Author : Bianca
ISBN : 152393235X
Genre : African Americans
File Size : 54. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Kadee Brown has been dealing with her boyfriend Jayce for the last 6 years and he has put her through hell and high water, and she has finally had enough! Will she be able to finally move on after Jayce commits the one discretion that she never thought he would commit, but will Jayce let her move on peacefully? Kadee's parents have been keeping a secret from her ever since she was born, and when the secret comes out, she worries how the secret will affect her friendship with her girls. Briana Jackson is the HBIC. She has a bad attitude and she does what she wants and when she wants and does not care who she hurts in the process. She has everything that she could possibly want in life, but she feels like she is missing one thing, the love of her biological father, Tristan "Triple T" Thompson. Briana turns to different men looking for that love and affection that she has never gotten from Trip. Will that missing love and affection cause Briana to turn to a man who does not have her best interest at heart? Shanice Miller and Briana are sisters and they are nothing alike. Shanice has always been in her sister's shadow and she hates it. Shanice starts to hang out with a different crowd and starts doing things that she knows no one would be proud of. She meets someone who she believes has her best interest at heart and will help her get her life back on track. Will he help her get her life back on track or will he lead her down a path of more destruction. Jaslyn Roberson is the quiet and rational thinker of the group. Jaslyn find herself in an abusive relationship and along with home issues she sometimes doesn't know which way is up. After an tragic event she seeks solace into the arms of another man. Jaslyn can sense that this new guy is keeping a secret from her, but can't quite put her finger on it.

A Thug S Love

Author : Jessica N. Watkins
ISBN : 1515182134
Genre : African Americans
File Size : 69. 77 MB
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"If angels wear Vicki's and the devil wears Prada, I guess I was a taste of heaven & hell back then, because King had completely turned daddy's little angel into a hell of a rider..." My name is Kennedy Desiree Carter. I met the love of my life, Damion "King" Carter, five years ago. Back then, you would not have been able to convince me of the way that he would change my life, in good ways and bad. I was a good girl; on my way to college with a high GPA and big dreams of becoming a Child Psychologist. Yet, as soon as I met King, I also dreamed of being the best rider that any street nigga had ever seen. I was a good girl with a bad boy fetish, and King was the ultimate bad boy that came to love me in ways that I had never felt before. They say ride or die is the highest level of loyalty that you will find in a person, and King had found that in me; even though it eventually meant my own suffering. Yet, the suffering never fazed me because I knew that we loved each other. Some would say too much, and I couldn't argue with that because loving him sent me to a place that I thought I would never be, all because he put his trust in the wrong people. Every dope boy needs to realize that sometimes the realest person on his team is his girl, and King found that out the hard way.

The Preacher S Daughter

Author : Kendra Dunn
ISBN : 9780979265679
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58. 82 MB
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My father's church was on one end of the block and Slay conducted his business on the other. It was a street that, depending on which direction you were going, led you to heaven or to hell. At the time, I didn't have the fortitude to tell that as a disciple of the Lord, down on the corner is exactly where he needed to be - slinging scriptures as the dope boys slung rocks. I disobeyed my father's commandment and followed my heart... a decision that, indeed, led me to hell.

Stickup Boy Young Hustler

Author :
Genre :
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An Index To Poetry And Recitations

Author :
Genre :
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Some Things I Never Thought I D Do

Author : Pearl Cleage
ISBN : 0307547051
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 35. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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With the unique blend of truth and humor that made her first novel, What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day . . ., a huge bestseller, Pearl Cleage returns with an extraordinary novel that is rich in character, steeped in sisterhood, and bursting with unexpected love . . . and maybe just a little magic. Depending on the time of day, Regina Burns is a woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown or an overdue breakthrough. One shattered heart and six months of rehab have left her wary and shell-shocked—especially with the prospect of taking a temporary consulting job in Atlanta, a move that would allow Regina to rescue the family home that she borrowed against when she was “a stomp down dope fiend.” Her stone-faced banker has grudgingly agreed to give her sixty days to settle her debts or lose the house. Returning to Atlanta is a big risk. Last time Regina was there, she lost track of who she was and what she wanted. There’s a lot of emotional baggage with her new employer, Beth Davis. Can she really forgive Beth for breaking up her wedding plans on New Year’s Eve because she just didn’t think Regina was good enough to marry her son? Meanwhile, Regina’s visionary Aunt Abbie has told her to be on the lookout for a handsome stranger with “the ocean in his eyes” who has a bone to pick and a promise to keep. Then a blue-eyed brother appears on the streets of Afro-Atlanta wearing a black cashmere overcoat, flashing a dazzling smile, and lending a helping hand when Regina needs it most. But between falling for Blue Hamilton and dealing with Beth, secrets will emerge that will threaten to send her life twisting in surprising new directions. Like a conversation with a good friend, Some Things I Never Thought I’d Do shares hope, love, and laugher. As always, it is Pearl Cleage’s unforgettable characters and her gift for dialogue that will earn this provocative new novel a place in the hearts of her growing family of readers. From the Trade Paperback edition.

A World Interrupted

Author : Chico DaVincci Gillum
ISBN : 9781481763707
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 52. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A World Interrupted is the kind of book that will inspire, uplift and motivate you in ways that you could have never imagined. I admire the fact that I took stories of struggles and brought them to life and was able to inspire someone in need of a voice. I feel that most of the people reading this book could relate to some of its content or know someone who has been through similar situations. I wrote this book with faith, my heart, hard work, persistence, love, and I’m truly proud of myself, the man that I am becoming, and those that God have put into my life to help me in every step of the way. If I never meet you in passing, please know that you are the reason that I continue to wake up every morning and make it my job to empower and inspire someone in this world to be the best person that they can become. I never wanted to be more than what God has planned for my life. I want to be God’s walking vessel and with that being said, I want to ask people for forgiveness in advance, if I one day act out of character or lose myself in this world trying to find the way back to who I am. We as people get so caught up in what others have created us to be that we never really have time to get to know a person for everything that they are. I don’t want you to ever feel as if I am one of those people who forget that I am human or that you are human or that we all are a work in progress. My sole purpose for writing this book is to empower and inspire people, to help release any built up feelings or pain that someone may have inside them, that they don’t feel like sharing it with others, or maybe they do want to share it with others but don’t know who that other person is. I want to help you find yourself and know that no matter what it is that you have been through, I can relate to not only your pain, but personally to your feelings. In closing, thank you for giving me a chance because chance is the reason I am here today. I may live in A World Interrupted, but one day I know a change is going to come for us all. I will continue to pray to God for strength and courage to do my part and hopefully those of you inspired will walk away attempting to do yours. With Love, Chico DaVincci Gillum

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