non lethal weapons the law and policy of revolutionary technologies for the military and law enforcement

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Non Lethal Weapons

Author : David A. Koplow
ISBN : 9781139456968
Genre : Law
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Too often, military and law enforcement authorities have found themselves constrained by inadequate weaponry. An emerging category of 'non-lethal weapons' carries promise for resolving this dilemma, proffering new capabilities for disabling opponents without inflicting death or permanent injury. This array of much more sophisticated technologies is being developed, and could emerge for use by soldiers and police in the near future. These augmented capabilities carry both immense promise and grave risks: they expand the power of law enforcement and military units, enabling them to accomplish assigned missions with greater finesse and reduced casualties. But they may also be misused - increasing maligned applications and inspiring leaders to over-rely upon a myth of 'bloodless combat'. This book explores the emerging world of non-lethal weapons by examining a series of case studies - recent real-world scenarios from five confrontations around the world where the availability of a modern arsenal might have made a difference.

The Future Of Non Lethal Weapons

Author : Nick Lewer
ISBN : 0714653098
Genre : History
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These essays explore the increase in interest in non-lethal weapons. Such devices have meant that many armed forces and law enforcement agencies are able to act against undesirables without being accused of acting in an inhumane way. Topics for discussion in this volume include: an overview of the future of non-lethal weapons; emerging non-lethal technologies; military and police operational deployment of non-lethal weapons; a scientific evaluation of the effectiveness of non-lethal weapons; changes in international law needed to take into account non-lethal technologies; developments in genomics leading to new chemical incapacitants; implications for arms control and proliferation; the role of non-lethal weapons in human rights abuses; conceptual, theoretical and analytical perspectives on the nature of non-lethal weapons development.

Military Ethics And Emerging Technologies

Author : Timothy J. Demy
ISBN : 9781317661665
Genre : History
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This volume looks at current and emerging technologies of war and some of the ethical issues surrounding their use. Although the nature and politics of war never change, the weapons and technologies used in war do change and are always undergoing development. Because of that, the arsenal of weapons for twenty-first century conflict is different from previous centuries. Weapons in today’s world include an array of instruments of war that include, robotics, cyber war capabilities, human performance enhancement for warriors, and the proliferation of an entire spectrum of unmanned weapons systems and platforms. Tactical weapons now have the potential of strategic results and have changed the understanding of the battle space creating ethical, legal, and political issues unknown in the pre-9/11 world. What do these technologies mean for things such as contemporary international relations, the just-war tradition, and civil-military relations? Directed at readers in the academic, scientific, military, and public policy communities, this volume offers current thought on ethics and emerging technologies from internationally-recognized scholars addressing the full spectrum of issues in present warfare technology. It includes current and ongoing topics of multi-discipline and international interest, such as ethics, law, international relations, war studies, public policy, science and technology. This book was originally published in various issues and volumes of the Journal of Military Ethics.

War Peace And Christianity

Author : J. Daryl Charles
ISBN : 1433524198
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49. 23 MB
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With issues of war and peace at the forefront of current events, an informed Christian response is needed. This timely volume answers 104 questions from a just-war perspective, offering thoughtful yet succinct answers. Ranging from the theoretical to the practical, the volume looks at how the just-war perspective relates to the philosopher, historian, statesman, theologian, combatant, and individual—with particular emphases on its historical development and application to contemporary geopolitical challenges. Forgoing ideological extremes, Charles and Demy give much attention to the biblical teaching on the subject as they provide moral guidance. A valuable resource for considering the ethical issues relating to war, Christians will find this book's user-friendly format a helpful starting point for discussion.

Assessing The Threat Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Author : John L. Finney
ISBN : 9781607500841
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 20. 29 MB
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Assessing the Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction is a collection of papers delivered at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop of the same name, which examined the role of independent scientists in assessing WMD threat. Such threat assessment has a profound impact on the policies of governments and international organizations. It raises numerous questions: What exactly is an independent scientist and what threatens their independence? What role do cultural dependencies play within assessments?

Global Security

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Foreign Affairs Committee
ISBN : 0215530721
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 26. 62 MB
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The control of arms by means of non-proliferation and disarmament is one of the most important aims of Government foreign policy. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, chemical and biological - poses a grave threat to UK and global security. This report was prompted by recent developments relating to nuclear weapons but also examines wider issues. The Committee examine: the Government's approach to non-proliferation and the institutional and policy issues relevant to the UK, the EU, NATO and the United States; nuclear weapons including the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and nuclear disarmament; biological and chemical weapons; ballistic missiles and missile defence; terrorism and physical security; and conventional weapons. Finally the report assesses the Government's overall strategy, which is characterised by a commitment to a rules-based international system.

Civilians And Modern War

Author : Daniel Rothbart
ISBN : 9780415693936
Genre : History
File Size : 36. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book explores the issue of civilian devastation in modern warfare, focusing on the complex processes that effectively establish civilians’ identity in times of war. Underpinning the physicality of war’s tumult are structural forces that create landscapes of civilian vulnerability. Such forces operate in four sectors of modern warfare: nationalistic ideology, state-sponsored militaries, global media, and international institutions. Each sector promotes its own constructions of civilian identity in relation to militant combatants: constructions that prove lethal to the civilian noncombatant who lacks political power and decision-making capacity with regards to their own survival. Civilians and Modern Warprovides a critical overview of the plight of civilians in war, examining the political and normative underpinnings of the decisions, actions, policies, and practices of major sectors of war. The contributors seek to undermine the ‘tunnelling effect’ of the militaristic framework regarding the experiences of noncombatants. This book will be of much interest to students of war and conflict studies, ethics, conflict resolution, and IR/Security Studies.

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