nonlinear dynamical systems and control a lyapunov based approach

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Nonlinear Dynamical Systems And Control

Author : Wassim M. Haddad
ISBN : 9781400841042
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 41. 98 MB
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Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control presents and develops an extensive treatment of stability analysis and control design of nonlinear dynamical systems, with an emphasis on Lyapunov-based methods. Dynamical system theory lies at the heart of mathematical sciences and engineering. The application of dynamical systems has crossed interdisciplinary boundaries from chemistry to biochemistry to chemical kinetics, from medicine to biology to population genetics, from economics to sociology to psychology, and from physics to mechanics to engineering. The increasingly complex nature of engineering systems requiring feedback control to obtain a desired system behavior also gives rise to dynamical systems. Wassim Haddad and VijaySekhar Chellaboina provide an exhaustive treatment of nonlinear systems theory and control using the highest standards of exposition and rigor. This graduate-level textbook goes well beyond standard treatments by developing Lyapunov stability theory, partial stability, boundedness, input-to-state stability, input-output stability, finite-time stability, semistability, stability of sets and periodic orbits, and stability theorems via vector Lyapunov functions. A complete and thorough treatment of dissipativity theory, absolute stability theory, stability of feedback systems, optimal control, disturbance rejection control, and robust control for nonlinear dynamical systems is also given. This book is an indispensable resource for applied mathematicians, dynamical systems theorists, control theorists, and engineers.

Nonlinear Systems Stability Analysis

Author : Seyed Kamaleddin Yadavar Nikravesh
ISBN : 9781466569294
Genre : Science
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The equations used to describe dynamic properties of physical systems are often nonlinear, and it is rarely possible to find their solutions. Although numerical solutions are impractical and graphical techniques are not useful for many types of systems, there are different theorems and methods that are useful regarding qualitative properties of nonlinear systems and their solutions—system stability being the most crucial property. Without stability, a system will not have value. Nonlinear Systems Stability Analysis: Lyapunov-Based Approach introduces advanced tools for stability analysis of nonlinear systems. It presents the most recent progress in stability analysis and provides a complete review of the dynamic systems stability analysis methods using Lyapunov approaches. The author discusses standard stability techniques, highlighting their shortcomings, and also describes recent developments in stability analysis that can improve applicability of the standard methods. The text covers mostly new topics such as stability of homogonous nonlinear systems and higher order Lyapunov functions derivatives for stability analysis. It also addresses special classes of nonlinear systems including time-delayed and fuzzy systems. Presenting new methods, this book provides a nearly complete set of methods for constructing Lyapunov functions in both autonomous and nonautonomous systems, touching on new topics that open up novel research possibilities. Gathering a body of research into one volume, this text offers information to help engineers design stable systems using practice-oriented methods and can be used for graduate courses in a range of engineering disciplines.

Nonlinear Control Of Engineering Systems

Author : Warren E. Dixon
ISBN : 9781461200314
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 89. 88 MB
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This practical yet rigorous book provides a development of nonlinear, Lyapunov-based tools and their use in the solution of control-theoretic problems. Rich in motivating examples and new design techniques, the text balances theoretical foundations and real-world implementation.

Stability And Control Of Large Scale Dynamical Systems

Author : Wassim M. Haddad
ISBN : 9781400842667
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 24. 30 MB
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Modern complex large-scale dynamical systems exist in virtually every aspect of science and engineering, and are associated with a wide variety of physical, technological, environmental, and social phenomena, including aerospace, power, communications, and network systems, to name just a few. This book develops a general stability analysis and control design framework for nonlinear large-scale interconnected dynamical systems, and presents the most complete treatment on vector Lyapunov function methods, vector dissipativity theory, and decentralized control architectures. Large-scale dynamical systems are strongly interconnected and consist of interacting subsystems exchanging matter, energy, or information with the environment. The sheer size, or dimensionality, of these systems necessitates decentralized analysis and control system synthesis methods for their analysis and design. Written in a theorem-proof format with examples to illustrate new concepts, this book addresses continuous-time, discrete-time, and hybrid large-scale systems. It develops finite-time stability and finite-time decentralized stabilization, thermodynamic modeling, maximum entropy control, and energy-based decentralized control. This book will interest applied mathematicians, dynamical systems theorists, control theorists, and engineers, and anyone seeking a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of large-scale interconnected dynamical systems and control.

Nonnegative And Compartmental Dynamical Systems

Author : Wassim M. Haddad
ISBN : 9781400832248
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 30. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This comprehensive book provides the first unified framework for stability and dissipativity analysis and control design for nonnegative and compartmental dynamical systems, which play a key role in a wide range of fields, including engineering, thermal sciences, biology, ecology, economics, genetics, chemistry, medicine, and sociology. Using the highest standards of exposition and rigor, the authors explain these systems and advance the state of the art in their analysis and active control design. Nonnegative and Compartmental Dynamical Systems presents the most complete treatment available of system solution properties, Lyapunov stability analysis, dissipativity theory, and optimal and adaptive control for these systems, addressing continuous-time, discrete-time, and hybrid nonnegative system theory. This book is an indispensable resource for applied mathematicians, dynamical systems theorists, control theorists, and engineers, as well as for researchers and graduate students who want to understand the behavior of nonnegative and compartmental dynamical systems that arise in areas such as biomedicine, demographics, epidemiology, pharmacology, telecommunications, transportation, thermodynamics, networks, heat transfer, and power systems.

Nonlinear Dynamical Control Systems

Author : Henk Nijmeijer
ISBN : 038797234X
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This textbook on the differential geometric approach to nonlinear control grew out of a set of lecture notes , which were prepared for a course on nonlinear system theory , given by us for the first time during the fall semester of 1988 . The audience consisted mostly of graduate students , taking part in the Dutch national Graduate Program on Systems and Control . The aim of this course is to give a general introduction to modern nonlinear control theory (with an emphasis on the differential geometric approach), as well as to provide students specializing in nonlinear control theory with a firm starting point for doing research in this area . One of our primary objectives was to give a self-contained treatment of all the topics to be included. Since the literature on nonlinear geometric control theory is rapidly expanding this forced us to limit ourselves in the choice of topics . The task of selecting topics was further aggravated by the continual shift in emphasis in the nonlinear control literature over the last years . Therefore, we decided to concentrate on some rather solid and clear-cut achievements of modern nonlinear control , which can be expected to be of remaining interest in the near future. Needless to say, there is also a personal bias in the topics we have finally selected.

Nonlinear Control Systems Design 1995

Author : A.J. Krener
ISBN : 9781483296876
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 72. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The series of IFAC Symposia on Nonlinear Control Systems provides the ideal forum for leading researchers and practitioners who work in the field to discuss and evaluate the latest research and developments. This publication contains the papers presented at the 3rd IFAC Symposium in the series which was held in Tahoe City, California, USA.

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